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"I thought you hated me" (Loki Smut/Fluff)

Asgard was beautiful and when you are best friends with Odin’s son you get to see every inch of it. Thor has been my friend since we were both 2. But when Odin took me in after my parents died that friendship grew. Loki on the other hand was a little mean to me. But I had always been attracted to him. But I was never able to talk to him because I was sacred. Until one day I noticed the little things he does. He gave the poor people of Asgard the leftovers from the feast they had, helped the servants, upon many other things. I think I may have fallen in love with this man. But someone pulled me out of my daydream.
“Lady Y/N?” Thor waves in front of my face.
“Yes. I am so sorry.” I said.
“It’s fine. Would you like to join us at the ball later?” He asks.
“Oh yes. I have to go get ready.” I say standing up.
I get up to my room and start to decide what dress to wear. This is the ball that Odin is throwing so his sons can meet women worthy of his sons.
I choose a ball gown that Thor and Loki’s mother had made for me. It was a green ball gown and had touches of black and gold. She always wanted a daughter and when moved in she spoiled me more than her own children.
I heard a knock at my door.
It was Thor to my surprise.
“Lady Y/N, are you ready?” He asked.
“I am.” I replied.
“Well would you do me the honor of letting me escort you?” He offered his arm.
“Of course” I smile.
“I thought this was a ball for you to find a wife?” I ask him.
“It is but I didn’t want you to be alone walking in. Believe it or not but there are some creepy men here too.” He said.
“Really. I thought it was only women?” He said.
“Well they I guess need escorts.” Thor laughed.
We reached the ballroom. When we walked in all the girls looked at us.
“I’m gonna do something else you go meet your future wife.” I say.
“Alright. If you need me come find me.” He said as I walked off.
I felt very out of place. I was a bit more curvy as these other girls were very skinny.
“Hello Lady Y/N.” I hear a voice come from behind me.
“Hello Loki. Aren’t you supposed to be finding a wife?” I ask.
“Yes. But all of these women are not interested in me. Thor is the only one they want.” He said.
“I’m sorry.” I say.
“It’s alright. I am used to it. Would you like to come to the balcony with me?” He asks.
“Sure.” I reply. He offers his arm and I follow him.
I am actually confused I thought he hated me. Once we reach the balcony I look at the view they have. It is absolutely beautiful.
“May I ask you something Loki?”
“Of course.” He replies.
“I thought you hated me. Why are you being so nice to me.”
“Well. I am trying to be nice because I realized the reason I was mean to you.” He said still looking at the view.
“And why is that?” I ask.
“I am in love with you.” He says looking at me.
“Oh. Well I’m glad I feel the same.” I smile.
He looked at me wide eyed.
“What?” He says.
“I love you Loki.” I say.
“Well I was not expecting that. I thought you would be disgusted and many other things…”
I just kissed him.
“That was another thing I wasn’t expecting.” He says.
Well the rest of the conversation was a blur and I found myself naked kissing him.
“Are you okay?” He asked
as he pushed his length into me. It was so big. I was in complete bliss after a few thrusts.
“Faster.” I moaned.
On queue he thrusters faster into me.
“You feel great Y/N.” Loki moaned.
“I’m gonna come.” I said.
“Go ahead.” He whispered.
As I came he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. After a few seconds he came also. He pulled out and cleaned up. He pulled me close.
“Be mine?” He asked.
“Of course.” I replied.


ayeshaskhokhar: Loving how the background blurred naturally 😍👌🙌All three actors were honestly so sweet. They were drenched but still tried to meet as many fans as possible

(x) (x) (x) (x)

yoantriset: He was the first one to approach the crowd and invited us to cheer out loud. Literally the kindest man I’ve ever seen.

bubbayyyy: Won’t ever forget this moment. ❤️❤️

marvelous.superfangirls: He’s so sexy 💚

duncanfilm: Tom bomb


okay okay i’ll do this first bc i love talking about myself lol
one of those tag memes, i was tagged by @jeshire-katt :3c

Name: andi
Nickname: loki or pup
Zodiac sign: sagittarius
Height: like 5′6″ apparently (idk i thought i was shorter)
Ethnicity: im white 
Favorite fruit: PINEAPPLE!
Favorite season: SUMMER!
Favorite book: Marlfox or Martin the Warrior (or really any Redwall book, or Guardians of Ga’Hoole, that was so good)
Favorite flower: Yosuke Hanamura i dunno man i dont know many flowers, i like anything weird looking with bright colors though haha
Favorite color: orange and pink :3c good color combo
Favorite animal: rats or cockatoos
Coffee, tea, or hot Cocoa: water… wait hot cocoa is p good but only with marshmallows ok
Average sleep hours: man i sleep like 16 hours a day leave me alone
Cats or dogs: i like cats better but i AM a dog haha
Favorite fictional characters: I have a… list… aa
Number of blankets you sleep with: one :(
Dream trip: anywhere i can play jubeat and sound voltex regularly ;u;
Number of followers: 560 soemthing
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Can I Just Say

how much I love Jessica Jones and Trish Walker? I think my favorite moment was when Trish told Simpson, “Last night was fun but doesn’t mean I want your opinion.” BEST MOMENT EVER.

It got me thinking about how in so many instances (when a man like Simpson would usually be the main character) this is said to women in movies and TV , but much more subtly. How the women’s opinion is ignored or shut down and we don’t even think twice about it. I love how unapologetic, how brash and honest this whole show is. I love that Jessica and Trish can be so blunt and honest  in similar and in different ways. The two of them are such incredible foils to each other. I love this show more than I love Loki. And that is really saying something. I love this show and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re really missing out on some serious kick-ass-ery, good storytelling and a great villain, and some just fucking awesome-ness.