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okay,, so I took a small break from memes to draw that Dimentio and Sitch fusion,,


Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.


I really wanted to draw their cowlick/antenna.


@gabo-gabo-reyes I’ve…I’ve come so far…I’m on the path to becoming a Hanzo main…

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Uhhhh I'm swerving jb isn't even my fave (no offense!!) but like.....gotdamn do I love a well read man 😭😣🙌🏻


So I’m finally all caught up with Gotham and way in over my head in Nygmobblepot Hell™. This show, man. These writers. Idk what they’re doing, but I’m loving it so far, and I have nothing but high hopes for tonight’s episode!

That being said, I know there’s some of us who are fearing for our dear birb’s life right now. I also know some of us are upset with Ed’s actions, some who can’t see a way out of this that doesn’t involve all kinds of heartbreak. A lot of us are worried about what the future holds for Gotham and our ship, but I promise you, WE WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Above all, I want us to remember these three truths going into episode 13 tonight:

  1. In Gotham, no one dies forever.
  2. This is especially true of supervillains.
  3. If all else fails, canon IS NOT and HAS NEVER BEEN the end-all be-all of ship validity.

My fellow Nygmobblepotheads, let’s keep our hopes up, our fingers crossed, and our arms around each other in a big fandom group hug. <3

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Aw man, I love reading about this Mob Psychonauts crossover! Do you have other headcanons about interactions (inside or outside the mental worlds)?

Thank you! I have a couple:

  • Power-wise I’d say Raz is somewhere around Teru’s level, especially since he knows so many techniques. Low-key he probably has the potential to be as powerful as Mob outside of 100% mode when he gets older.
  • Ritsu’s mind continues his cactus theme with a horror twist as a more monstrous version of ???% stalks you throughout the maze-like level. He’d also be the most resistant to letting someone into his mind.
  • Teru’s mind would look completely different before and after his fight with Mob. The way the timeline for this AU works means it’d be impossible for Raz to see the before, but remnants/elements from of it would still be present (revisiting brain worlds way later, aaah I hope they try that for Psychonauts 2, maybe with one of the counselor’s brains 👀).
  • Sasha and Reigen Do Not like each other. Reigen doesn’t trust a man who’s with some shady government organization that willingly employs children, esper or not, and Sasha Nein thinks Reigen is an irresponsible, reckless conman who shouldn’t have four gifted middle schoolers hanging around him. They keep their squabbles to a minimum for their students’ sakes.
  • Mob is low-key jealous that Raz already has a girlfriend at age 10.
  • Lilli acts Unimpressed but gets along fine with everyone, she mostly stays in Reigen’s office/the park and talks to the plants unless the boys decide to do something stupid/dangerous so she can join in.
  • The Psychonauts’ original purpose for going there is completely forgotten when they find out all the activity was caused by Mob and Claw, so Raz and Lilli convince Sasha to turn it into a mini-vacation (they all need it tbh).
  • Raz teaches everyone how to do the levitation ball and some low-level acrobatics and it results in chaos. Just imagine five kids bouncing around the city on multi-colored balls of energy with varying degrees of success. Mob and Ritsu keep crashing into each other/the walls. Teru’s trying to do the equivalent of a kickflip. Shou’s laughing his ass off.
  • Raz’s personality is pretty close to Shou’s, they’re both pyromaniacs, and have some dad issues, so they get along pretty well (and almost burn down several more houses in the process).
  • Everyone eventually takes a crack at trying to expel Raz’s curse. Unfortunately it seems it can only be undone by a member of the Galochio family, so no dice.
  • The Awakening Lab kids + everyone else get invited to visit Whispering Rock next summer (there’ll be no more brain-stealing incidents this time, they swear).

Climb, climb. Tower of beloved corpses.


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