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Omg, the way u draw Zen is so pretty. Can u draw more of him? All your art is really beautiful💜💜💜


Honestly thank you so much. I’m glad you think I draw him pretty. I really don’t think I capture Zen’s beauty well enough O_O;; I mean look at the man! He’s the King of 2D Korean Perfection!!

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Commissioned my main boy Cobalt Falcon from one of my favorite artists @theasgardiandetective!!!! It looks amazing and I love it!
(If you’re thinking of getting art I definitely recommend this guy he’s the best)


KH Week - Day Seven (Favorite Game)
Kingdom Hearts 2

What’s important isn’t how often we see each other, but how often we think about each other.


shinra week ◦ day i ◦ favorite soldier

Boy oh boy… the price of freedom is steep.

Shadow took her, and suddenly I was alone. I stood, the smell of her still in the air around me, the warmth of her just fading from my hands. I could still feel the tremor of her heart, like a caged bird beating inside my chest.

Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear

Because if that’s not the perfect description of what it feels like to watch the person you love disappear I really don’t know what is.