man i love clay mann's art

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If you could pick a Marvel Affiliated Artist on an Iron Man title, who would it be?

Olivier Coipel, 

Clay Mann who I personally love for Magneto not a Hero but he drew somme nice Steve and Tony (I think he worked on Cap for a while)

Lineil Yu (he’s currently doing Secret Empire which is a major bummer bc it…kinda sucks but HIS ART IS SO PRETTY) He worked on ultimates and Secret Invasion(he drew a very sweaty and sick tony. he was beautiful) and he is NOT SHY of a nice bootay or beautiful eyelashes.

David Aja would be pretty cool just to see what he could do with him. But I think his style seems to work for quirky grungy boys like Iron Fist or Hawkeye bc of how clean the backgrounds/designs are

Annie Wu. Also worked on Hawkeye and did some work for the Venture Bros. Its another case where I’m not sure if its her bag exactly but it would be really cool to see what she could do with Tony. Especially if it was like a One Night in Madripoor kinda story

Anyway I love Annie Wu a lot lot lot lot so she could draw a turd dancing around and I’d be pretty happy about it

She did an Alternate cover for Superior Iron Man <3

Chris Samnee would be pretty cool. He’s going to be working on the newest Cap story (hopefully they’ve done away with that dumb nazi storyline by then) I keep forgetting that Chris Samnee isn’t in the same age group as Don Heck or Kriby bc his art is SOOOOOO Classic Marvel. 

Phil Noto would be pretty cool. He’s best as a pinup artist or cover artist in my opinion but I love what he’s doing with the Poe Dameron comic and I like how soft he made the Black Widow comic so it’d be cool to see. Plus he does 60s 

Millionaire Playboy Industrialist Tony to a T

or Kris Anka but especially if everyone just sorta lost all their shirts and hit the gym alot or did fashionable shopping covers by Kevin Wada OBVS.

(BTW Whoever got this commission from Kevin Wada god bless you)

Sara Pichelli, David Marquez, the artist that did 1872 and the artist that worked on the Bunn Magneto story (where he was inexplicably bald????) just….this is a huge sausage fest right now but that’s more the fault of major comic companies hiring the same old group of neckbeards instead of tapping into the VAST RESOURCES of artists (especially female artists, ESPECIALLY POC FEMALE ARTISTS, ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY BLACK FEMALE ARTISTS)  that love these characters and have the skills.

The other issue is that a lot of these artists ARE in demand and they can only do so much work for the unfortunately low pay that they get at a time. A lot of these artists are already working on other titles and I don’t think??? Iron man is currently running right now??? If it is its swept up in yet another event story which honestly is crushing a lot of readers interest in picking up comics/single hero titles. But even with events taking hold of a lot of titles there’s always the issue that authors can write a lot faster than artists can draw. Which is why its not that common to see artists do the coloring AND the penciling/inking.

There’s another problem and its much more noticeable in older artists, especially the artists that DUUUUUDES really like because they draaw BEEEWWBBBBBSS, is kind of a general laziness to their work. I’m not sure if its a “We’re over it” kind of attitude or they just don’t understand when “THESE SJW KEEP COMING AFTER ME FOR DRAWING VAGINAS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE SUPER SUITS! “ but because they’re Old School they still have that draw to them and the demand to see their work .

yknow. Bc boobs.

The OTHER OTHER problem with Tony Artists is that there seems to be this ….comic book…..thing?…to make him as generically macho as say…Cap or Thor. Its weird when you see them all lined up and they all look like a bunch of sausages shoved into a Glad Bag. Its one reason I like Olviier Coipel’s Tony so much bc of how slight he is. He’s not skinny. But he’s not beef either.