man i just loved the animation and everything

The Soldier -  Chapter 1

***Edited as of 3/25/2017***

He hadn’t been holding on that tight but when he let go, the ghost of the pressure still lingered on my skin. “Hm, I guess we’re not as similar as I thought.” He stepped back, took another drag of his cigarette, and crossed his arms.

“Guess not.” I replied, but there was a part of me that knew I was lying. A part of me that recognized the truth in his words, however small it was, and was excited by it.

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M


I blocked the fist that was heading towards me with a forearm and began my attack. My pulled punches quickly found their mark on his jaw and temple before I stopped and stepped back.

“Again.” He commanded as we broke apart, his fists coming up into position. I lifted my hands in response and closely observed his body language, anticipating his next move. His tongue became visible as it pressed down into his lower lip. His face was full of concentration as we slowly circled each other, both waiting for the other to make the first move. He had the advantage in height, towering over me by almost a full foot, which would have been intimidating if I didn’t have full knowledge of how to counter his moves from our months of training.

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  • yuri on ice animator 1: dude thats really gay
  • yuri on ice animator 2: i know dude
  • yuri on ice animator 1: but do u know what we can do
  • yuri on ice animator 2: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Stuff I Love About Voltron

There’s this stereotype that shippers only care about romantic relationships in works of fiction and reduce everything to shipping. That is not always the case, of course. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of things I love in Voltron: Legendary Defender (unrelated to shipping):

A racially diverse cast
Epic fight scenes (Keith in the Trials of Marmora)
Beautiful animation
Top notch voice acting (musical episode when?)
Interesting and badass female characters (Pidge guys. Pidge.)
Hunk. Just… Hunk.
No more L@ngst, please
Red is Best Mom
Team Voltron being a family
Bex Taylor calling Pidge an icon for aspecs like me
The mice! So cute!
Coran, Coran, the gorgeous man~!
Shiro inspiring me to be a better older brother
Keith’s Blade of Marmora suit (it’s a good look) The fact that you can refer to most characters as “Space [ATLA character]”
Hunk’s fixation on the “Space Taco”
Voltron is a giant robot, several times taller than Optimus Prime
Platonic bonding with Keith and Lance
Allura wanting something sparkly
Food fight!
Keith and Shiro’s smiles
The Decontamination scene
Literally anything Josh Keaton posts on his Twitter
Form Blazing Sword!
Keith’s hoverbike
Pidge in a ponytail
Shiro’s hair floof
Hunk’s headband
Allura growing to accept Galra!Keith
“Patience yields focus”
Keith being awkward “Vol… tron?”
Takashi Shirogane is the coolest name
Keith’s swords (Dual wielding Keith, please?)
Team Voltron = Seven cinnamon rolls
Rover (Rest In Pieces)
Lance and the Yupper
Mermaid Lance needs no pants
Shiro’s robot arm being the coolest weapon (in my humble opinion)
Shiro winning over the Black Lion
What happened to Kaltenecker?
Shay needs more love, guys
King Alfor
Pidge, Hunk, and Lance being bros (and sis)
Shiro is alive!!!111!

Reasons Why Bebop & Rocksteady RULE OOTS
  • Yannow, our very first look at them you take em seriously.  They’re all chained up in the back of a high security vehicle, ready to be escorted to prison.  Rocksteady’s all grim and that ultra close-up on Bebop’s profile is sinister as fuck. These guys are dangerous! They’ve done some serious crime and now they’re gonna do some serious time. Why else are they being transported with the Shredder? Just the three of them?
  • Then they both sigh in relief he’s shackled up away from them. Okay, they’re knuckleheads. Dangerous knuckleheads, maybe, but knuckleheads all the same. <3
  • Rocksteady’s all fangirling and Bebop’s just supportive af of it. How many times has he listened to Rocksteady sigh and swoon over the Shredhead? Now the moment has come and he won’t let his man miss his chance.
  • That POP on BeBOP is cute af
  • omg they just slide right into a little banter easy as pie and holy shit they’re already having a fucking great time! you can see straight away nothing amuses these guys more than each other and they don’t give a damn if everyone else around them is baffled or bewildered. 
  • “My man!” “My man!” o m ggggggggggggggggg (●♡∀♡)
  • they can’t fist-bump so they foot-bump. Nothing will stop these guys showing their physical appreciation for each other! they’re in love and they don’t care who knows it!
  • wait, their truck is being bombed? explosions all around? mayhem and chaos and possible imminent death? Time to PARTAAAAY! they are all into it and loving every minute. This is the shit these guys live for and you can’t help but revel right along with them. Can you imagine when these guys first started dating? Say what you will, but they sure know how to show a fella a good time. ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭
  • They might not be that bright, but they know an opportunity when they see one.
  • And there’s some serious satisfaction in watching them bash the snot out of that bland, banal excuse for Casey Jones. or was that just me?
  • “Heeeeey, my name is Be BOP!” I LOVE that moment cos it really shows these guys are mad, bad and dangerous to know. That’s a nasty kick to the face and it’s done in a nastily gleeful way. The fun here is they’re so much damn fun but… you really should take ‘em seriously too. They’re bad guys. 
  • “Hi”. Ditto this moment. He kicks that cop right out the damn truck into the middle of a highway.
  • And the next thing you know, they’re sitting around laughing and toasting each other over it all. Make no mistake, these boys love what they do - especially the nasty bits.
  • Also, it’s so fucking adorable they just go right back to their favourite bar, no disguises, in broad daylight. Dweebs. <3
  • Every single damn thing about them is so boisterous and unrestrained and flamboyant and it is a beauty and a joy forever.
  • Bebop deathstaring the barkeep and cautioning him against making eye contact. It’s hilarious cos it’s hard to take him seriously, but the ironic part is the barkeep probably should…
  • ROCKSTEADY’S WISTFUL LITTLE DREAMY MOMENT OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGFGGGGGGGGGG IT IS SO SWEET THE WAY HE STARES OFF IN YEARNING AND DREAMS SO BIG!  (。♥‿♥。) er… even if his dreams are to start a major crime syndicate. it’s still cute af!
  • And Bebop is right on board with it all, spinning the dream into an even grander fantasy. We know they’re way too incompetent to ever get their shit together and make it happen, but they’ve got each other’s backs all the way. These two would stick together to the bitterest of ends.
  • The way Bebop polishes his knife is hot, shutup. 
  • They’re so very scared of Shredder and it’s so very cute.
  • Look at these dweebs; they’re thrilled to be on board with the big bad Shredhead. Look at his digs, they’re schmick af and what was that he was saying about ultimate power? They’ve hit the jackpot this time! 
  • Looming in the back looking all beefy and badass. If we didn’t know they were such utter dorks, they might even be intimidating.
  • Kids in a candy store, messing around with Baxter’s undoubtedly super expenno and very important equipment. No matter where they are, or what they’re doing, these boys are focused on fun, fun, fun, the messier and naughtier the better. That childlike charm jars oh so deliciously with their thuggery and viciousness. <3
  • AND THEY LOVE IT! Instantly, completely, wholly and unhesitatingly embrace the ever loving fuck out of that shit.  I did NOT expect that, but it makes them all the more delightful. They’re ecstatic, amped up on the new power throbbing through their veins, thrilled by their new bodies. They completely accept each other’s new looks as well, laughing together as Rock squeezes Beebs’ shoulder, not grossed out or put off in the slightest, affirming how strong and deep their bond goes. They’re keen as mustard to find out what all they can do, roughhousing without restraint or rancour, just love, love, love, LOVE.
  • And hey, you wanna know what? I’ve just pegged onto what makes this duo so damn appealing. It’s love. Everything they do, everywhere they go and every dream they have, it’s out of love. Love for each other, love for violence, love for mayhem, love for what they are, love for fun. There’s no hate or spite or anger or bitterness to them. Just joy and amusement and sheer, sweet love.
  • Also their reactions are just so cute. Rocksteady’s waggly ears, the kiss he blows his own dick. Bebop’s dangling jaw and flickering ears, the huge grins they give each other and, of course, the delighted MY MAN. Ooohhh, and Bebop points to Rock. 🎶I know what they’re gonna do laaa-terrrrrr! 🎶 (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • “Check out my tail! Wiggle wiggle wiggle!” I die.
  • Pigging out on drums filled with spaghetti and meatballs and we can see just how easily they’ve adjusted to their new lifestyle. We all know these guys were slobs before and they’ve just embraced this opportunity to really just unleash their wild sides! 
  • Woah and if you look close, you see it now - Bebop looks upset and confused when it seems at first Rock is telling him he’s not fat! And a big smile just races up his face when Rock tells him he looks REALLY fat! Can these two get any more gorgeous?
  • But - but that means that Rock knew what Bebop wanted to hear and that kind sensitivity in his voice was to reassure his man he’s got nothing to worry about, he’s fat as fuck. OMG THEY JUST GOT EVEN MORE GORGEOUS.
  • Also that whole scene is so obviously foreplay. Slapping that belly, Bebop’s ‘blubby blubby’ sounds, the big grins, the cries of ‘my man!’ - it’s intensely erotic and if Shredder and Karai hadn’t interrupted them, this movie would’ve been x-rated.
  • Also can we celebrate the animation detail? All. that. jiggle. hnnnnnnnng.  ( ♥ ټ ♥ ☚)
  • I’m sure Rocksteady deeply appreciates the suction skills Bebop is showing off right there. *ahem* 
  • The way Beebs grabs Rock for them to charge that meteor shard together, it’s just so cute! <3
  • “Smash it” “That’s what we do!” - and you do it SO well. <3 But seriously, I love that everything they do can basically be boiled down to those two simple words. And I mean everything.
    (ie: each other’s butts)
  • “My speedo’s already packed!” - eeeeeeeee, don’t tease, I wanna see THAT! (๑ ิټ ิ) But omg all that excitement is just too friggin’ cuuuuuute!
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHH they’re destroying the Amazon rainforest yet somehow it is so damn cute??? Bebop singing along to his tunes, the relaxed happiness on Rocksteady’s face as he joins in, their uninhibited and unrestrained joy as they live it the fuck up!
  • Oooohhhh that fistbump after they blast open the meteor is somehow sexy as fuck??? It’s just so casual, so second nature to them, swoooooon! <3
  • To say nothing of their huge, lumbering forms as they stride towards it.
  • The turtles first look at them. Lost for words. <3
  • Bebop smoothing his ‘hawk, and Rocksteady ain’t too impressed at Mikey’s dig about it either. They got each other. 
  • Their squeaks and snorts and growls and grunts are just <3 <3
  • That clothesline Beebs floors Leo with is BRUTAL.  It’s not fat, it’s POWER.
    Okay, it’s fat too. 
  • And Rocksteady bodyslams Raph like it’s no big thing. Woof!
  • “Woah, MUMMMMYYYYYYYY!” I’m sorry, but it’s beyond adorable that Rock calls for his mum when Raph chucks him across the hull.
  • That little chuckle as he climbs up behind that machine gun! <3
  • “Dude! Seriously?” That’s the closest we ever get to seeing one of them cranky at the other, and he sounds irritated more than anything else. Nothing comes between these two.
  • OMG Rocksteady owns his fuckup like a man. That is a rare thing to see. Hell, not even the tmnt are capable of doing that 90% of the time! Between this, the body positivity, and the unstinting emotional support they show each other, these guys are just about the most adorably social justice warrioring violent, ruthless villains around! ヽ(o♡o)/
  • “This pig is flyinnnnnnnng!” - it’s sheer, solid, 24 carat gold. Bebop, you chubby delight.
  • He just fell 30,000 feet out of a plane and Bebop is still laughing and rearing to go. That bellyflop is the most adorable thing ever. <3
  • Rocksteady is having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE riding that tank down the river, firing the cannon, punching the sky. That is some fine living.
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the way Rock catches Beebs, “thanks buddy!”, Rock’s hand on his shoulder, Beebs fixing his ‘hawk, the adoring way they gaze at each other, the fistbump, just, just, just, EVERYTHING, god, how are they so fucking perfect??? ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
  • BUT HERE’S A GOOD POINT: Beebs and Rock work amazingly as a team. They don’t beat the turtles here because they’re as smart, or as skilled, but because they know how to work together and they’ve always got each other’s backs. From the start of the film that team work has been in effect and serving them hella well. It’s yet another key indication to how functional and actually healthy their relationship with each other is - at this point in the film, more so than the turtles have got!
  • H O L Y S H I T those two big fat boys on their big fat boys, help me, I’m swooning so hard the world is topsy turvy Σ_( ♡ ཀ ♡ 」∠)_
  • Bebop flipping cars easy as that. The mighty power of all that brawn. Hubba hubba. 
  • Rocksteady kicking Casey clear across the room. POW.
  • “Get over here, little boy. Put down that popsicle stick”. (✽´ཫ`✽) *panting heavily*
  • Rocksteady charging whilst Bebop follows close behind on his bike.
  • Rocksteady charging. I mean, WOW. I mean, that’s fucking awesome. I mean, I need a cold shower.
  • The looks on the faces when they realise that’s one of their own damn grenades! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
  • And that final “my man”, complete with the unmistakeable slap of Bebop’s hand on Rocksteady’s shoulder. Even here, when they’re outsmarted, blown up, trapped and defeated, they’re not bickering or blaming each other. They’re still just as affectionate and supportive. The ultimate power couple. <3
  • In conclusion, Bebop and Rocksteady steal a truck, steal an artifact, steal our hearts and ultimately steal the show. They’re two dangerous and vicious criminals who’s idea of a good time is destroying shit, kicking butts and crushing skulls, who show no signs of remorse for any bad deed they’ve done and yet they’re also insanely supportive of each other, totally loyal and devoted, celebrate each other’s bodies, are completely at ease with themselves and easily embrace the dramatic changes they undergo, love to have fun, work brilliantly together as a team without having a single serious squabble or fight, look out for each other all the way and are all too obviously truly, madly, desperately in love. They’re a glorious study in healthy, happy romance and light up our lives every second they’re onscreen, sharing their joy. They’re a precious, precious gift we must all remember to treasure forever, because Bebop and Rocksteady remind us all what it means to live, love and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and thank god for that. 

MHA dub episode 4 commentary 

  • i think it’s interesting that Endeavor is known as the “Legendary Peace-Keeper” considering what an asshole he is
  • also his fire beard is animated nicely
  • Best Jeanist’s clothes annoy me
  • i wonder how much money UA gets that they can build separate mock-cities for entrance exams 
  • ok i think i’m getting used to Present Mic’s dub voice but he still sounds too much like Usopp to me
  • he’s got. so many bad puns. it’s perfect
  • how many bad puns can you fit into one character
  • jfc Iida you have zero chill Izuku is just trying to thank Uraraka, my tall rectangular boy
  • “Why do I feel like everyone’s already written me off…” i’m sorry my boy
  • Aoyama’s fucking frilly track suit tho
  • ok i’ve swallowed a single strand of hair before by accident and it is THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING EVER so i feel for you Izuku my child, i feel for you, it is not a good feeling
  • it is so gross
  • the “clench your buttcheeks” like always makes me laugh lmao
  • i like Aoyama’s dub voice lmao
  • also his goddamn shoujo-level sparkly laser
  • Aoyama’s staring at the fucking school camera as he attacks villains
  • i swear to god i’ve heard Nedzu’s voice somewhere before
  • *giant-ass fucking terrifying robot appears* Izuku: “ISN’T THIS A LITTLE EXTREME??” that’s the point, my boy
  • once again: i wonder how much money UA has to make a giant ass mecha 
  • i really like how Izuku’s eyes are super green with everything sorta faded out in this scene, where Uraraka is trapped and he’s remembering when she helped him earlier
  • ok i think i’m getting used to Uraraka’s voice
  • ugh i love this background music
  • “That’s right. Show who you are!! Embody what it means to be a hero!!” All Might is a proud dad
  • “Nothing is nobler… than self-sacrifice!!” idk man i don’t think that’s exactly correct there but ok
  • All Your Limbs Are Broken: Starring Izuku Midoriya
  • the animation of Izuku’s broken body just flapping in the wind is fucked up yo
  • Izuku is so ready to break his arm to soften his landing and Uraraka just comes outta no where and slaps him
  • i mean i know she’s doing it so he can float and all but out of context it’s like she’s slapping him for trying to hurt himself by using OFA again
  • i love Uraraka’s rainbow sparkly barf
  • Izuku 3 of your limbs are broken and yet you’re still worried about if Uraraka is ok. god what a sweetheart
  • Izuku is fucking crawling with one hand. my boy. my child. no don’t do that
  • i love how Aoyama always looks at the camera
  • i just noticed that Iida has a little cup (probably full of orange juice) strapped to his belt
  • i kinda love how Iida is mentally berating the other kids for not understanding exactly what Izuku did (which was sacrificing everything to save Uraraka)
  • Recovery Girl’s voice is perfect
  • ok i think i’m used to Iida’s voice now
  • Inko has the perfect worried mom voice
  • “Why are you smiling at that fish??”
  • i mentioned this before but i enjoy how Izuku just absent-mindedly picks up that fucking huge dumbbell weight
  • i fucking love Izuku’s fucking All Might themed door name
  • “BOOYAH I AM HERE AS A PROJECTION-MAN NOW!!” what a f ucking dork
  • “I KNOW IT’S BEEN A WHILE, BUT WITH GREAT POWER COMES A GREAT AMOUNT OF PAPERWORK!!” i’m pretty sure Spidey never said it like that, Toshi
  • what a dork
  • All Might can’t take camera directions i love him
  • fuck i love him
  • so much
  • “Um… do you know he guy with the really messy hair and freckles? Um. He doesn’t really stand out… it’s kinda hard to describe his face really?” Izuku: “SHE MEANS ME”
  • ugh i love this angel chorus bg music
  • i enjoy Mic’s headpat to Uraraka
  • ok i’m just gonna say the focus on Self Sacrifice is a Bad Thing (thankfully the manga starts to deconstruct this later on but yeah)
  • i enjoy how Izuku’s All Might doll from when he was a kid is on his desk, and there’s like… very slight signs of wear on it
  • also fuck i love the music in this series
  • poor Inko is worrying her little heart out outside of Izuku’s room
  • also i’m not sure if i’ve said this but i actually like the ending song more than the opening
  • “Your teacher will show no mercy, and will expel students who do poorly…. BUT NO PRESSURE!!!!” Toshi no
  • All Might: “OH NO…. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR INDEX FINGER?? AUAUUUGHHHH!!!! *horrified scream*” i’m sorry but out of context this sounds very, very odd

ok that’s it for ep 4 lmao

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something i love about the animation: they're not afraid to make their characters ugly. so much anime nowadays is focused on cute/pretty/conventionally attractive characters Staying that way. but in mp100 not only do the characters make exaggerated poses and facial expressions often, it makes everything even more visually interesting and i just. love this show a lot. god damn. studio bones owns my ass and so does ONE

heck YEAH MAN i appreciate that ONE and BONES stick with these goofy character designs. i too am tired of the overly cute uguu characters in anime and im glad ONE doesnt follow the crowd


Judgement - Judgement, Inner Calling, Rebirth.

*sees something not about space* *makes it about space*

So I didn’t even know the Royal Theatre was having their Tangled and BatB shows replaced by Frozen???

Like I only knew bc someone posted something on instagram the other day.

Man, I love Frozen, but it just makes me SO sad. Why is it having to replace everything?!

I know it’s said the shows might return at a later date, but I mean c'mon! Frozen takes over Maelstrom, Frozen takes over Animation Academy, Frozen takes over the Royal Theatre?!

For goodness’ sake, pretty much every time I went to Disneyland during my DCP I looked forward to catching a show of Tangled and meeting Flynn and Punzie.

We should just rename the parks Frozenland and Frozen World.

Given what’s crossed my dash and what I’ve seen in the tags, it seems like fandom is about 50/50 split on whether they like the new Sailor Moon Crystal designs or they hate them, so neither side should feel too entirely alone with their reactions.

I’m still reserving some judgement, seeing them in animation will make a big difference, but so far I’m cautiously optimistic about them, I like that kind of art style, and I think it could be just the right mix of pretty and cute and beautiful and adorable and everything else I associate with Sailor Moon.  I like that they look just a little bit stylized and, oh, man, I am super excited about having an anime that’s closer to the manga storyline and personalities.

I enjoyed what the original anime did, but I love the manga characters so much more, they’re the ones that really and truly stole my heart.  And I cannot wait for the promos and the gifs that will result and the screencaps and getting to hear the voices and just–  asdlkfjlak still excited, okay!