man i just love this scene so much help me

My thoughts about episode 7x25

This episode. Oh, my God, this episode.

I searched “emotional roller coaster” on the Merriam Webster dictionary and this whole episode was there. 

Amazing, painful, heartbreaking, heartwarming. It leaves you full of fear and yet full of hope.

It’s an episode that literally oozes love out of every frame.

I will start talking about Steve and Danny, because I have so many things to say about them…

I loved how Steve shows up in Danny’s office as soon as he arrives, like he was impatiently waiting to show him his gift. How sweet can this man be? Same goes for Danny, so protective of Steve, constantly worrying about him, constantly checking – silently or explicitly – how he is. This scene is loaded with hints that foreshadow what will come later in the episode, it’s like Danny can’t help but feel something is wrong, and we start feeling the same way: the acting, the way the episode is built make you feel that way and it gets stronger and stronger minute by minute, and it’s so gut wrenching.

Plus, the way Danny and Steve act around Charlie is adorable. The way they look like a married couple, obviously, but – even more than that, if possible – the way they protect him, talking in code about Rachel and Stan’s divorce, because this little guy has been through so much already… To think they both were there the day Charlie was born, looking at him through the glass, loving him already even if they didn’t know yet he was Danny’s child… it makes me emotional.

And what about that scene in the car, when Steve starts talking about Rachel, out of nowhere, as if it’s something he can’t help thinking about… he’s worried, maybe even angry. He’s bitter, he’s jealous, most of all he’s still the man who, back in season one, told Danny: ““I don’t want you to get hurt. Okay? I just want you to be happy, Danny. That’s all”. 

Steve tries to joke – he tries so hard, how painful is that? – and says “if you ain’t got nothing nice and positive to say, keep your hole shut … unless you’re “talking” to your ex-wife”. He knows that Danny, out of his good heart – too good sometimes – is trying to put under the rug all the bad things Rachel did to him, but … they’re just under the rug, they’re still there, they can’t be ignored, or he’s going to suffer again, to be manipulated and walked over, again!

And so Steve says it, honestly… “I don’t think this thing with you and Rachel is a healthy thing”. It’s not healthy, he says. I think it’s a very meaningful choice of words. Both Steve and Danny have been dealing with toxic relationships that sucked the joy out of their lives and I hope with all my heart they’re done with those relationships for good. Please, let these guys be finally, truly happy, please let them heal each other’s heart with the love they have for each other. They deserve that.

What about Steve telling Danny “I know that I’m out of my mind, but I also know that you’re in love with your ex-wife […] you got a shot to make things right”? First of all, Rachel was the one who put Danny through hell with her constant threats of taking Grace away from him and not letting him see her and then lying to him for three years about Charlie, so it’s really not up to Danny to make things right, he didn’t do anything wrong, he was a victim! 

And I think that what we have here it’s Steve voicing his worst fears in the hope that Danny will prove him wrong. And I so hope Danny will prove him wrong. I believe he will prove him wrong. He already told Steve “you’re out of your mind” for thinking he might be still in love with Rachel and I think he was being honest, I think he’s just being civil and kind with her, he’s tired of fighting, he doesn’t want that for himself and most of all he doesn’t want that for his kids. I hope I’m not wrong.

Then Danny sees Steve taking some pills and his alarm bells start ringing, but his focus shifts on trying to talk Steve out of risking his life pulling probably the most dangerous stunt he has every pulled.

And just moments before Steve jumps, risking his life, the writers start working a whole new kind of magic, in my opinion, giving us some of the most subtle and yet most romantic and emotional moments I’ve ever seen.

How? The chef’s hat. Yes, the chef’s hat. I really believe they masterfully wrote some of the best, most touching declarations of love ever to be heard, just playing with words around that chef’s hat.

Even if he’s trying to pretend he’s not scared of the consequences of that jump, Steve knows that it could go horribly wrong. He didn’t want Danny to open the gift when he wasn’t there and now, thinking that jump could kill him, he needs to tell Danny those words before it could be too late.

Chef’s hat”, he says. Meaning: there‘s nothing I care about more than you, more than your happiness and your dreams, because I love you. 

And Danny understands what Steve means, he promises him he will be there when he’ll open his restaurant (when they’ll open their restaurant?) and, later, he says: “thank you for the hat, seriously”. Meaning: thank you for loving me the way you love me. And Steve closes his eyes for a moment and then says “You’re welcome, seriously”. Don’t tell me that wasn’t a “I’m in love with you”, because it was. I’m so sure it was.

And I obviously loved that adorable scene with them walking away together, holding each other, talking about Steve’s feelings and how the last thing on Earth Danny wants to do is hurt Steve’s feelings. The way these two guys cherish and love each other is so beautiful and it warms my heart.

And then… oh my God, my poor heart bled seeing Steve so tired, so pale, so scared… call me crazy, call me stupid, but I worry about him even if I know he’s just a fictional character… it makes me cry to see how he tries to minimize, how he tried to keep things for himself, to hide his health issues.. but he couldn’t hide from Danny, because Danny wouldn’t let him. 

Life made Steve believe that he was undeserving of love, that there always was someone or something more important than him, someone or something that made people walk away from him, and now that he needs love more than ever, now that he needs someone next to him more than ever, he tries to hide it… but Danny won’t let him. 

It broke my heart to see the look in Danny’s eyes, to see him so lost at the mere thought of Steve being sick. I so hope, with all my heart, there will soon be… I don’t know, another doctor’s opinion, something that will take this terrible sword hanging over their heads away from them. 

One thing I’m sure of is that Steve and Danny will be together through all of this, and together they can face and overcome everything. Danny will show Steve how deserving of love, how important he is, how much he needs him and can’t even imagine a life without him. More than ever, Steve needs to be loved, to feel indispensable for someone, and Danny will be there reminding that he is, every step of the way.

I talked a lot about Steve and Danny, for obvious reasons, but there was so much else to be loved in this episode.

Abby and Chin, their sizzling chemistry and their growing love for each other.

The party to celebrate Jerry getting his badge… it was so endearing to see him so happy because these people love him. He was so lonely when we met him back in season 4 and now he really has a big family.

That super sweet scene with Kono and Sara at the market, Sara being absolutely adorable and Kono buying a pregnancy test… a moment that sheds an even more meaningful light to many other moments in the episode… her scene with Moani, that chilling, heartbreaking moment where she found that doll in the girls’ room, the talk she has with Lou about being a parent … I loved, so much, what she told Lou: “I could feel them in that room. Their pain and trauma. The fear they went to bed with every night”, because it was my same feeling watching that scene. She wants to make the world a better, safer place for these girls and thinking she might be pregnant makes that purpose even stronger, even more urgent. And I know she will succeed, she’s a force of nature, so compassionate, so strong, so brave. I hope we will get to see her fighting this horrible crime, but I also hope she will be back in Hawaii soon. Maybe, and hopefully, the two things aren’t incompatible. Her Ohana - and we - needs her.

As I wrote when I started with this review, this episode leaves you full of fear and yet full of hope. I will hold on to that hope that makes me believe that these people will get the happiness they deserve. Steve will be fine. Kono will succeed in making the world that better place she desperately needs right now. And true love will conquer all, because today, more than ever before, I’m sure that Steve and Danny share the purest and truest love of all.

Thank you for this episode and for all the emotions!


this is scene for me is the real culmination of this conversation. i understand patrick so fucking much but god when i hear this desperation from kevin i can’t help but burst into tears. i mean look patrick this man wants to be with you forever until the end and all you can think about that your hearts work differently?
i swear to god my heart just breaks everytime, because it’s scary to see how kevin really loves patrick. how scared he is to be in love with him. i really hope that patrick will understand this, because i don’t know how you should see all things in black and white to not to see that this man can die for you.

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so the reviews were right frank sarah scenes were so awkward and unnecessary. ugh it almost ruined the series for me! :(

Aww, I’m sorry to hear that!

I disagree though, I don’t think they were entirely unnecessary and I think the awkwardness was intentional? When Frank talked of using Sarah’s number as leverage to Micro afterwards, he admits it with almost a bit of guilt or shame. He recognizes that Sarah’s a woman struggling in grief, they’re a family missing part of its heart. It’s the flip-side of his situation – not only who survived, but their lack of the truth/answers. So the way that Frank personally invests in helping out so much made complete sense for him IMO and then that half of the situations are also propelled by Micro, make this above and beyond your typical well-meaning person.

And for Sarah, who is struggling without her partner, her husband, the father of her kids, and struggling with her son’s grief-spawned anger and adolescent power-rebellion, Frank is almost like a sight for sore eyes. He’s a genuinely nice guy that keeps showing up, that’s in the back of her mind as ‘the innocent big guy I almost took down with my car’, he’s “a good listener” which she’s been sorely without, he shows fondness for her kids, he shows up with flowers. He’s just a person that doesn’t get off-put by all her problems in general. And then when she gets tipsy, he becomes the man that’s not off-put by her problems.

I think both sides of their actions made sense, contextually. Like Frank showing up with flowers – he needed an excuse to check on the house for Micro and most don’t physically go to make an apology or to thank empty-handed, so flowers are the go-to. Nothing more to it from his side. And Sarah going in for the kiss – it’s after she’s wallowed in thinking about the rest of her life, if she’ll always be alone, if she’ll ever have love again, and Frank’s just there listening, offering stuttered but real words of support for her to give herself a break. He’s probably the first person to say stuff like that to her in a while.

The way they addressed that kiss in the moment in person too was something I actually appreciated? Sarah hugs him, probably first physical contact she’s had close like that beyond her kids in a while, again, and she doesn’t open her eyes before kissing him. “Woah, that was weird.” She’s the one that immediately says it, she’s feeling that same awkwardness “Second guy I’ve kissed in 15 years.” And it only happened when she was very tipsy. We see the glasses of wine drunken, but it’s in her other movements too, and Frank helps her write that off as well with the “No, that is some strong shit.” “Right?” “Yeah.”

And with her calling it just a moment….It was a very human moment, especially for how unknowing Sarah was in all this, IMO? It shows how adrift she is without Micro and reaffirms how desperate she is to restore balance and find a way to move on back to normalcy. But the moment’s just a moment and Frank’s not the man she loves. She’s very aware herself how different and uncomfortable it immediately is as soon as he’s pulling her away and snapping her out of it, what with her “woah, woah, woah” with her hand over her mouth and all.

The way Frank behaves here, and the way he snaps at Micro later when making it clear that none of those feelings exist in him for Sarah, I think the lack of reciprocation for anything possibly lingering after on her side is very obvious. He didn’t hug her back, her barely kissed her back, he stepped away and put his own hands up. He stays to make it clear that he doesn’t return that with her, if she feels anything specific for him in the first place. Because he’s once again that well-meaning.

It’s like one of the first moments he has with her and Leo, when he helps Leo fix the sink and Sarah talks about not having a man around to check it. When Frank says she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore, Micro jolts behind the screen and Sarah looks confused, but Frank is right after gesturing to Leo and praising the girl’s skills. I think the possibility of that being interpreted as anything more, anything romantic, went completely over Frank’s head, same as most of his interactions with them leading up to this one. But he was aware of needing to extricate himself for quite a while before this bit in the kitchen, he simply didn’t because – well-meaning. She’s lonely and latching onto the opportunity to vent. He can’t begrudge her that and now that he’s been living with Micro, well, he’s got some pity/guilt to contend with too.

For a show that really put its all in exploring the many sides of and reactions to grief, I actually kind of liked this? And I think it helps add to the pay-off of when Sarah and Micro finally reconnect just the two of them (sexually) in that bathroom scene? The way she kisses him and is so much more passionate with a “yeah” before pulling him closer again because they fit, this is love, this is the man she’s missed and been wanting.

So yeah, that’s my take from it? I’m sorry for the rambling response, anon! This just kind of gave me the chance to push out my thoughts on it for good somewhere. I hope on rewatch the negativity of these scenes lessens so it doesn’t taint any of the rest of the show for you :)

Being Prince!Jin’s Guard

I can’t actually believe I’m about to type this out but thank you all so fucking much for 4,900 followers !!! How why what thank you I wanna give you all big hugs you’re all so sweet and wonderful to me and I appreciate it so so much and I can’t thank you enough so thank you thank you thank you !!! Okay so this was requested so long ago but I just I ne e d it in my life, I’ve been loving prince!BTS so much lately like I just keep wanting to write it and this sounded like a great way to do it, my first ever series was guard!BTS so this is like a lil nod to that, to start us off as he always does is the amazing, ever-so-loving first member of the hyung line who is looking sup e r c ute as always, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • For the reverse situation (Jin as the guard) click here, part two is here
  • In the first guard AU, I left it up to the reader to decide whether the love was strictly platonic, whether it was like a family type of thing or whether it was romantic (part two of the guard series was written in a romantic light so if you wanna see that, the link is up there as well) so I’ll be doing the same thing here
  • Okay so I just wanna do a visual aspect to this bc I don’t think I did a visual bit with prince!BTS and that’s really just a shame I lo v e visuals so much bc I feel like they help me picture the entire beyond the scene
  • Realistically speaking here, any version of Jin is automatically a prince bc have you seen that man he holds himself tall, he’s got charm, he’s got those pretty puppy dog brown eyes that I love so fucking much I’m getting !!! just thinking about how much I love this man
  • You could literally picture this whole AU with any hair color he’s had and it’d work
  • Blonde?? oh hell yeah
  • Shaggy War of Hormone hair??? F o r s u r e
  • The greenish brown from I need you??? Y U P
  • For the sake of choosing just one color, I’m gonna use the pink hair bc that was just a beautiful look that can make a comeback any fucking time he wants it to and in the Wings jacket photo shoot, he looked like a prince I will fight for this concept
  • Okay but this look i s prince!Jin entirely, the white shirt, the black pants, it all fits so well
  • Jin as a prince is overall very kind, very down to earth, he know that he’s the future king so he spends a lot of time with everyone in his city/village/town whatever you wanna call it and gets a really good grasp on what they actually want and need so that when it’s his turn to rule, he can help them
  • Like he has a lil journal that he keeps secret and every time he visits his people and gets a feel of what they want, he writes it down in his journal along with a couple of ideas on how to fix the problem
  • You catch him writing in it one day and if your heart wasn’t already his, it definitely is now bc he genuinely doesn’t have to do all of that, he could just stick to what he wants to city to look like, what he wants to do as a king but instead, he focuses on making sure his people are well taken care of and that they’re happy and content with life
  • Being his guard is actually really fun bc he doesn’t make it feel like a job at all
  • He’s one of those people that are s o welcoming like I feel like he could sit next to a stranger and just become best friends with them bc he’s so funny, he’s outgoing, he’s s w e e t as can be, he’s the whole package he’s such a good best friend
  • He makes it really easy to forget that you’re supposed to be guarding him bc you spend so much time just joking around and being friends
  • He’s so down to earth, even though he’s quite literally got a crown on his head and he’s so playful like he keeps you laughing a l l d a y l o n g
  • You’re still smiling when you walk back to your room bc he’s just such a ball of sunshine and jokes and you two have so many inside jokes with each other and his la uGH is so cute you gotta laugh along with him
  • You have to go through a shit ton of training just to become a guard and then even more training to become the prince’s (and in the future, king’s) guard so it takes a wh il e to get to the point where you can guard him alone without any of the other guards with you
  • So at first, you have to take the job really really seriously and you have to pay attention to everything his old guard tells you, you have to know Jin’s schedule at all times, you have to know where’s he at and who he’s with, you have to be ready to protect him if anything goes wrong
  • It’s a lot of stress at first bc it’s all so new but tbh, once you get to know Jin and see how amazing he is, you don’t mind it bc he deserves the protection, he’s worth being busy all day and night
  • It gets a l o t easier once you find your rhythm and figure out a schedule for yourself and get used to all of it
  • Like every night before bed, you double check his schedule for the next day and make sure everything is lining up okay, you check to see if he’s meeting up with anyone
  • Jin also makes it so much better, he’s really really good at distracting you from the stress
  • Like you thought, after all of the training from the royal guards, that the job was gonna be su p e r stressful and that you wouldn’t last long at all before you had to quit but here you are, a couple years later, still going strong
  • The thing that really brings you two closer is this one night where he comforts you and you open up to him and he opens up to you
  • There’s this one day where Jin gets really really close to getting possibly crushed by a statue after someone bumps into it and he moves them out of the way and tries to shield them but thankfully the statue misses the both of them by a couple of inches
  • You’re so ?? bc it all happens so quickly and you have zero time to actually protect him, which is your job and he could’ve been seriously injured
  • He sees you crying that night and of course, Jin just being Jin, he can’t walk away once he hears you sniffling so he sits down with you and you two start talking
  • He’s got his arm over your shoulders (which is technically a no no but he doesn’t really care) so he can keep you close and make you feel safe, even though you’re supposed to be the one making him feel safe
  • You two start talking about the stress of your jobs, his as a prince and yours as his guard of course, and you realize he’s under a lot of pressure too?? like he’s got an entire kingdom to run in just a couple months and he has to worry about laws, etiquette, marriage, making sure he can be both stern and giving
  • You promise each other to help each other through it all and that’s the day where you two form this really close bond and it kinda re-energizes you and makes you wanna work even harder to help him out as much as you can, not just as a guard but also as a friend
  • His hugs become something you look forward to bc you just feel so safe when you’re in his arms and you know he feels the same
  • It’s really hard not to love being around him bc he’s so amazing and so so sweet and thoughtful
  • He gives you a lot of days off even though technically guards don’t really have “days off” they have shifts where like one guard will watch over him during the day or for a couple of hours and then the next guard will come in but since you’re his personal guard, your shifts are a bit longer and you’re kinda the boss of the team of guards for him so you have to be on site at all times just in case of any emergencies
  • But he still bends all of those rules and sends you out to places on “official castle duty” even though the reality is he’s just telling you to go into town and enjoy your day, go to the park if you want to, get some ice cream, hang out with friends or family or go see some animals, anything you want to do
  • You two are just really really close and you’d do everything you possibly could to keep him safe
When We Got Scared

Here is Part Five of “Our Love Story”  

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1123

Read When We Met
Read When We Hid Our Feelings
Read When We Admitted Our Feelings
Read When We Fell In Love

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        It had been almost six months since you had been dating Jared. You had clothes and things at his place. He had clothes and things at yours. You never really knew who’s place you would be at, so you were always ready no matter what.

           You slid out of your bed, out from under Jared’s arm, to get ready to go to work. He apparently didn’t have to film, or at a late call time, because he hadn’t stirred when your alarm went off.

           You walked into the bathroom and stood at the sink. Jared’s toothbrush was next to yours in the cup. His razor was on the edge of the sink. One of his t-shirts was in the floor behind you. His shampoo and soap was in the shower.

           All of a sudden, it was a little too much. And you didn’t know why or how you felt that way. And it scared you.

           You hurriedly got dressed, wanting to get out of the apartment before Jared woke up. You needed to think and clear your head.

           You were heading out the door when you heard Jared’s alarm. You closed and locked the door before he could even get out of bed.

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i’m so fucking upset. when tfa was coming out i was at the lowest point in my life, just diagnosed with depression and shit was just… bad. star wars was like… idk man, it was fucking everything to me then, it helped me out so much. i fell in love with rey and finn from the very first scene. to see this, whatever this is, happening now, all the bullshit that rian pulled……….. i feel like i’m gonna be sick. thanks for that, lf fuckers


My Reaper x Lucio fanfiction that I finally translated into English.

Words: 490

Rating: M

I guess it’s M, since there is a sex scene though I didn’t describe it in details, it’s just a hint… sort of. Anyway, hope you enjoy because there is so few LuciPer/Reapcio content it hurts me I love this ship so much please help

Despite rumors and popular beliefs his body is actually very warm.

It probably has something to do with his cells – the never-ending process of decay and regeneration creates so much energy, that every time Lucio happens to be nearby, he is washed over by a burning wave of heat. For some reason the man reminds him of the sun in Rio-de-Janeiro, familiar and dear, and his common sense is screaming at him not to give in to this weird, but alluring feeling. However, Lucio is not known for his self-preservation – breaking into Vishkar’s office and all – so he constantly takes the risk and hangs around the infamous Reaper every time he gets a chance.

Turns out they have a lot in common, though it is difficult to imagine just what exactly could connect a terrorist and a famous DJ. They understand each other well, thanks to Spanish and Portuguese being somewhat similar. They are both familiar with the battlefield, they both are adrenalin junkies and, as it turns out, they are both annoyed by Jack Morrison. Lucio always complains about just how meticulous this „strict old man“ can be and Reaper laughs, his voice low, warm and a little bit sad, and Lucio guesses that he has his reasons to dislike the old soldier, but he doesn’t want to get into someone else’s business, even though he is burning with curiosity.

The touch of those black gloves feels like stage lights after a concert - searing hot. So are the kisses – it feels like they would cover his skin in blisters, but there is no pain. On the contrary, Lucio feels lightheaded, being surrounded by such warm hands and hums approvingly, biting down slightly on the long tongue exploring his mouth. Reaper laughs silently, and this movement makes Lucio’s chest warm and fuzzy inside.

When Lucio feels this heat inside him for the first time, he lets out a shuddering breath and digs into the muscular shoulders with his fingers. The once dark and tanned, now pale skin looks almost white-hot in the darkness of the hotel room, and the fingernails draw long red lines on it, which immediately heal themselves, dissolving into black smoke. Crimson eyes narrow quizzically and a hot chuckle burns the lips, and Lucio feels like he’s drowning in molten steel. A scream is bubbling up in his throat and fireworks are going haywire under his eyelids and he thinks that he is burnt to ashes. He presses his entire body closer and can’t force himself to open his eyes, afraid that he might go blind because of the heat around him, on the inside, on the outside, everywhere. He is so exhausted that he immediately falls asleep once the heat gives in to the usual warmth, and when he wakes up, the space beside him is empty and the pillow is a bit squished. Lucio pulls it closer.

The pillow is still warm.

Lucio smiles.

13 Reasons Why You Should Ship Valkubus

Technical Aspects:

1) Tamsin is fae. This means that Bo can release every sexual urge upon her she wants and never has to worry about killing her. With Lauren she had to abstain and be careful. The consequences of this have been shown when it lead to her to bleed internally and not being able to fully heal. With Tamsin, she can let loose and feed as much as she needs.

2) Tamsin is fae. This one is a shakier argument, but Tamsin is fae and fae have incredibly long life spans. We don’t know how long this incarnation of Tamsin will last, but theoretically she could still live a VERY long time and potentially much longer than Lauren whereas with Lauren would die far before Bo.

3) Tamsin would be comfortable with a polyamorous relationship. As a succubus Bo has to sleep with other people. We see Lauren TOLERATE Bo having sex with other people, but it was an awkward and short-lived phase that she was never really comfortable with. Tamsin seems like she’d be genuinely comfortable with Bo sleeping with other people based on her personality and willingly sharing that guy in her bed in the most recent episode, 5x05.

Personal Reasons:

4) Tamsin was the only one to believe Bo when Kenzi was kidnapped by the Kitsun and let her out of the cell in the Dahl and also let Bo feed off of her. She could’ve let Bo starve or die with the Kitsun, but she didn’t. She could’ve said, “You need to feed? Too bad so sad.” And didn’t. It would’ve made her life so much easier.

5) Tamsin clearly loves Bo. She risked her life multiple times for Bo. She was shot in the stomach during 3x13. She could’ve just warned Bo and helped for the best, but she physically jumped out and stopped the bullet. She is also well aware that betraying the man who hired her, Bo’s father, is practically a death sentence. Yet, she still betrays him.

6. During the Bathtub Scene:

Bo: I’m alright, but I’m not perfect.

Tamsin: Yes you are. To me you are.

I can’t speak for Bo’s other love interests, but they’ve always had their qualms with her. Lauren has often noted that Bo wasn’t there enough and was that Bo’s life was too centric around Bo, the reason they broke up in season 3. There’s also a major differentiate between their intelligence and Lauren has noted and insulted that before. Tamsin doesn’t care how smart Bo is or if maybe stuff is about Bo a lot because all she cares about is Bo’s heart and to her, Bo is perfect.

7. Because beyond a romantic love, they also have a platonic love. They weren’t just built on simple attraction because they’re also just friends. When baby Tamsin was discovering her wings at Massimo’s she says, “That’s what love feels like.” Granted they had kissed a few times before this, but they were never truly romantic any time previous. They started out making them love each other, flaws and all, before even adding romance or sex.

8. Speaking of, Tamsin has been in love with Bo for some now. To be honest, I can’t say exactly when. If I had to choose a point where it was very clear, I’d say the bath tub scene. In 4x08, Groundhog Fae, Tamsin kissed Bo as soon as she saw her because she thought she wouldn’t remember. And when they kissed again Bo says, “Nada,” referring to the predicament around them. Tamsin responds, “Speak for yourself” but in response to the kiss and clear emotions she felt from it. She clearly loved Bo in a romantic sense for some time, and yet she never tried to pursue her. Tamsin’s love is a selfless love for Bo. She never tried to stop Bo from loving others and she never tried to be better than her other love interests because all that mattered was Bo’s happiness.

9. All of season 5 episode 4, thanks. To clarify: the entire episode Tamsin is sort of madly in love with Bo and kisses her to heal her which shows a) a regard for Bo’s health and b) she wants to kiss Bo. When it isn’t working at first she says in a desperate voice, “No it is. Just feed more,” because she wants to kiss her. As well as the fact that after Lauren and Bo share a moment, Tamsin clearly goes in and steals the moment, kissing Bo using it as an excuse for her to heal, and clearly marks her territory for Lauren to see.

10. In episode 5x05 Tamsin is doing everything to help Bo and she is the only one that gives her a proper birthday gift - one that Bo enjoyed (not just the sex, but also a sweet cupcake). She also states something along the lines of them having a ‘special connection.’ After her birthday gift (I am referring to the sex) she can tell that something is wrong with Bo, the only one the entire episode who can, and she knows exactly what to say.

11. Looking at a couple clips, Dyson and Bo seemed to have a sort of rabid, dirty sex life whereas Lauren and Bo had a more tame and sweet sex life. With Tamsin, I think she’s the perfect mixture of in between. In 5x05 Tamsin’s vulnerable face as she stood before Bo, wearing only a bow, showed the adorable Tamsin that could have tame and sweet sex. But at the same time in 4x08 Bo and Tamsin have heavy and intense insinuated sex that looks more rabid and dirty like Bo’s sex with Dyson.

12. Tamsin lets her make her own decisions. When Lauren and Dyson found the black smoke jar in 4x08 they kept it from Bo, deciding what they should do with it instead of giving it to her and letting her choose (I did not come up with this one, someone else did but I don’t remember who).

13. Tamsin, although harsh and abrasive sometimes, is also able to have heart-to-hearts with Bo and admit her feelings and be honest seen in like 50 different scenes. They literally just had a whole 'open conversation’ thing going in 5x04, although it was more comedic it showed they were comfortable with each other and talking. The biggest problem with Bo’s relationship with Dyson in season 1 was that they never communicated and they never talked. They were only really established as an in-love relationship like two episodes before the finale where he lost his love.


i know that edna can’t hear me. and yet, it brings you comfort. why else do it? well, i suppose, talking to the old girl makes me feel like she’s here in a way. maybe she is. i thought you’d given up on all that? i want to. rubbish! wanting to change your faith is about as pointless as me wanting to have edna back here. there’s no choice. i’m struggling to believe in a god who’s this cruel. who takes, and takes, until there’s nothing left. edna would have said that that is part of god’s plan. no. no, no. she wouldn’t. she’d tell me that life is to blame, not god. edna believed that he helped us by guiding us through life’s struggles. how? by giving comfort and strength. the tools to face what life threw at us. what tools? blessings. to help us cope. i may have dementia, but i have laurel to spend the rest of my life with. and arthur. and gabby. and you. do you hear that my dear, he’s just called me a tool! god helped me get my family back, right when i needed you all most. you think you have to thank god for that? yes. i do. 

Initial Thoughts--5x21: Last Rites

1.  I loved, loved, LOVED this episode!  Easily my favorite episode in a good long while–which kind of surprised me.  I was expecting to have a lot more mixed feelings about it because of Robin’s death–but I even loved that scene!

2.  It’s hard to know where to start because there was so much I liked about what happened here.  How about with Killian?  I think every episode he’s in, I love him more.  He was just at his heroic best in this episode!  The emotion he showed…his franticness at the thought of Emma being in trouble.  His absolute conviction that no matter what, he had to help her.  His willingness to move on afterwards.  His joy when CS was reunited.  This man is everything!

3. Anyone who still doubts Killian’s hero status, let me point to that little scene next to the river of souls.  Arthur was about to get dragged in, and Killian turned away from his task to save Arthur!  Arthur who was pretty much responsible for his death in the first place.  That, folks is the action of a true and complete hero.

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destiel high school au

you ever get that nasty feeling in your gut? that feeling that is telling you someday soon all hell is going to break loose? that doomsday is inevitable? i get that all the time, and it never stops, but it’s even worse sundays.
sundays mean church and church means castiel.

the kid is the biggest pain in my ass, and no, not because we are fucking each other in the church’s coat closet. as much as i would love to defile the bible-thumper, it’s exactly that reason i won’t go near that kid with a 10ft pole. the kid is just as god-crazed as father novak, who just so happened to be castiel’s old man. father novak may see me as the devil incarnate, but that never stopped castiel from harassing me every chance he gets.

dean wasn’t that a great sermon?
dean, i think it would be great if you–
dean, would it be too much to ask if–
dean, is it possible that you could help out with setting up the nativity scene?
dean, maybe you’d like to join our bible club? 

it’s like castiel was trying to lead me to god so he could get that golden trophy up in heaven that read on the plate: DID THE IMPOSSIBLE. hell, i know i have long since passed the road of redemption. i smoke too much, i drink too much, and fuck too much. if god was anything like the almighty, wrathful entity that father novak went on and on about, he wouldn’t want me anywhere near heaven’s gates. it was pointless for castiel to try so hard, and to be completely honest, he’s just really fucking annoying.

i don’t believe in god, i don’t believe in angels, and there sure as hell ain’t a heaven. 

if there was a god, he wouldn’t have screwed me over big time. if there was a god, he wouldn’t have taken mom or sammy. if there was a god with an excuse for all the bullshit he’s put me through, i sure would like to hear it.

(i had this sudden urge to make an edit and this may or may not be a revived version of something i wrote a long time ago. if people like it enough i will edit it and post it on ao3. i know it seems cliche but the finished product/the idea i have is really GOOD!)

EDIT: for whatever reason tumblr keeps fucking with this post and putting all of the paragraphs in random order, so if you read it within the past 10hrs, i am so sorry. i have fixed it and hopefully it stays,