man i hope this hasn't been done before

steve not showing up to tony’s party bc he wasn’t invited (uninvited)

tony thinking that steve really doesn’t want to see him again

tony being a lil sad and dejected in his workshop after the party

friday being a blessing™ and telling tony that happy took the opportunity to remove steve from the guest list for his emotional safety

tony huffing out a small laugh and a sigh of relief bc there is still hope

  • Person: So what genre is Blurryface?
  • Me: wellll…
  • Me: *thinks about Ride*
  • Me: Jamaican alternative
  • Me: *thinks about Doubt*
  • Me: but it's also R&B with hints of electronica
  • Me: *thinks about Polarize*
  • Me: but it could also be pop with a slight hip hop influence
  • Me: *thinks about Lane Boy*
  • Me: but ya know Jamaican dance definitely could fit
  • Me: *thinks about heavydirtysoul*
  • Me: but alternative with a influence of early 90's rap might work
  • Me: *thinks about We Don't Believe What's On TV*
  • Me: no it's definitely dark pop punk
  • Me: *thinks about stressed out*
  • Me: but it could definitely be hip hop
  • Me: *thinks about The Judge*
  • Me: eh dark pop works
  • Me: *thinks about-* Hey where are you going
  • Person: *running far away from me*
  • Me: Wait come back we still have six more songs left before we can even start to define a genre. And what are your blurryface theories?

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Danny and Vlad for number 2 if it hasn't already been done!

it has not anon uwu

I hope you enjoy~


Danny felt his core pulse in an almost forgotten pattern. All his brain managed to process was Vlad before the man phased into the room, an irritated scowl on his face. And the younger hybrid resisted his immediate urge. An urge he should have been able to suppress easier than what he was currently doing.

But it had been so long.

The man’s arms were crossed as he walked towards him, stopping only a few mere steps away. “What was the point of it?”

“The point of what?” Danny managed to mutter out without stumbling, glad his voice remained even. Suddenly his tux feeling too tight and suffocating in the otherwise cool room.

A hand held up the wedding invitation, Danny’s fiancé and him on the front with the information for their wedding. An invitation made specially for the billionaire but sent only days before the date of the occasion. And may or not make it on time.

But he had been too nervous to send it.

And he had done it for another reason. 

“I thought you would want to come.”

“Why would you think that?”

Danny swallowed thickly, attempting to keep his heart and breathing calm and even.

It didn’t work.

A silver eyebrow rose, waiting for an answer.

But he didn’t have one.

At least one he wasn’t going to say out loud. Never. Because if he did, then that would ruin what he currently had. And Danny wasn’t about to ruin it if nothing waited for him after he ruined it.

“Daniel?” A shiver ran down his spine at the voice, old emotions quickly bubbling to the surface.

“I wanted you to come, okay?”


Light blue eyes snapped up to darker. Biting his lip, he couldn’t speak now even if he wanted to, his words stuck in his throat. A warm hand cupped his cheek, thumb stroking his skin.

“Did you want me to come, or did you want me to stop it?”

Danny moved his head down, feeling his whole body tense. The words sat on his tongue, vile and shameful. But somehow he knew, that if he uttered those words, that Vlad would make it right. That Vlad would fix his mistake, the mistake he was currently living and making.

A mistake that had been done in fear.

“To stop it,” he muttered out brokenly, tears forming in his eyes as he moved them down in pain and shame and guilt and-

Lips touched his roughly, urging his face up to have a better position.

They pulled away much too soon, but when they did, words filled the air that wanted to make Danny crumple to the floor in relief.

“All you ever had to do was say so.”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Robin didn't even get to bury her in England, he'll never be able to see the spot where she is unless he goes back to the Holy Land. And she only pulled the blade out because she knew he couldn't. And they had just finished getting married! He couldn't use his own ring either, because even that was taken from him. Marian was finally free and the man who had caged her in in the first place and stalked her as well as emotionally manipulating her and using her took it all away because she was happy with someone that wasn't him. Plus, this is the second time in the end of the season she has died. Marian deserved better than this.

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Hey! I've come up with a prompt for you! I hope you like it, and I hope it hasn't been done before. Beast boy and Raven go on a mission somewhere in the jungle and they get lost and without communication with the rest of the group. Raven's powers are useless in the nature and they have to rely on Beast boy's animal instincts of survival. Then Raven, who always thought she was the most powerful and smart in the relationship, see her man's true power and fall i love even more.

Okay! Thank you so so so much for the prompt, I really appreciate it! Sorry it took a bit, and to everyone else who gave me prompts, they will be posted soon! Without further ado, here we go!

“Raven? Raven, are you okay?” Raven opened her eyes, pressing her hand to her temple. 

“I’m fine.” she said, looking around. Beast Boy crouched in front of her, their pod in pieces to the left. Bright green plants surrounded them everywhere. “How did we crash?” Beast Boy looked down.

“Um… I flew us over Doom Patrol jungle… I sprung a rocket kinda thing…” Raven groaned, then looked at her hip for her communicator. Smashed. Raven assumed Beast Boy’s was too.

“But what we need to pick up is with the Doom Patrol!” said Beast Boy, always optimistic. “It can’t be to far.” Raven stood up, out of habit levitating. But she didn’t. She tried again, clearing her mind, but staying planted on the ground. No.

“Beast Boy.” she said, trying not to let the panic show through her voice. “I don’t have my powers.”

“What?!” exclaimed Beast Boy. “Why?!” 

“I… I don’t know! Beast Boy, you have to get us to the Doom Patrol.” Beast Boy’s mouth dropped open.

“Me? How?! Our communicators are smashed and we don’t even have a map!”

“Beast Boy, you lived here for over a year! One of your animal forms must remember something, it’s instinct!” Beast Boy closed his mouth, knowing what Raven said must be true.

“You’re right… Um, let’s go this way and see what happens.” Raven threw her hands up.

“Okay Beast Boy.” she said. They walked in silence, Beast Boy’s emotions… Out of focus. “Beast Boy, you never told me what we’re here for.” the changeling sighed, looking at his feet.

“The Doom Patrol-Rita-found a letter for me. From my Mom.” now it made sense. That was why Beast Boy was slightly on edge. He was always guarded when it came to his family, both birth and adoptive. Raven put her hand on Beast Boy’s arm.

“I’m… Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m just nervous, I don’t know what it’ll say.”Raven nodded. “Stay here. I’m gonna look ahead.” not knowing what to do, Raven removed her hood and leaned against a nearby tree. She squinted, seeing a figure move in the bushes. Raven gasped as a large figure pounced at her. A large jaguar bared its teeth and hissed at her. 

“Beast Boy!” Raven screamed as the predator charged toward her. Raven jumped and grabbed a branch above her, hauling her body up. The cat leaped, but its claws only caught Raven’s cloak. She coughed as her fingers searched for the clasp, then let it fall from her neck. Raven kept climbing, stealing a glance below her. To her horror, the cat was climbing after her. “BEAST BOY!” suddenly, a green gorilla hand reached up and threw the jungle cat to the ground. It took one look at the giant green gorilla in front of it and ran off. Raven jumped out of the tree, the gorilla catching her and taking form of the Raven’s green team member.

“Are you okay?!” Beast Boy asked. Raven took one look at Beast Boy’s concerned face and just couldn’t help it. She leaned forward and kissed him.

Then she landed on the ground.

“ohmygoshRavenI’msosorryIforgotIwasholdingyou!!!” Beast Boy really looked terrified now. Raven bit her lip…

And let out a laugh.