man i have so many backstories for all of these


April’s Featured Game: ARCADEA

GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure, Puzzle
SUMMARY: In the world of Arcadea, people can accomplish their dreams. How? Through video games of course! Everybody who lives in Arcadea has a special arcade machine they can visit in their dreams that lets them fulfill their strongest wishes. Whether it’s to go on an adventure, or make friends, or fall in love, or solve a mystery, or completely start a new life, there’s a game made just for them..
The game follows Maisie, a new arrival to Arcadea. She’s not very interested in all this gaming stuff; her only goal is to find an important person. But along the way, she can’t help but be roped into other people’s problems. She also can’t help that the arcade machines seem to glitch around her. A lot.

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there is a general unspoken rule that you can make a character the worst person on earth but as long as they are good at what they do, the audience will find something redeeming in them and i dont think i have seen this trope manifested in any character as realistically as it has been done with joe caputo in oitnb

joe is not a morally pure human being, he screws up and screws over (and sometimes just screws) people, he’s made mistakes, listened to the wrong people and taken the wrong advice, but the one thing joe does again and again and again is put the inmates first 

yeah joe hires bad people, has gross hate sex with fig, tries to please too many people at once but he also has pot plants, is in a cruddy band he’s proud of and at the end of the day he fights for the inmates in his care to the best of his ability better than ANYONE else on that show and tries to fix his mistakes as quick as possible

i kno oitnb is not a perfect show and so many of the subplots involving white dudes come off as thinly veiled white supremacist propaganda (see: poussey’s “accidental” murder, piscatella’s sad gay sociopath backstory, pensatucky’s crush on her rapist, etc.) but caputo is kinda the diamond in all that shit cos he might be a gross man in a lot ways, but he’s self reflective on his behavior and actions, he actively listens to people 99% of the time and is almost always working with someone else’s best interests at heart

(p.s. i have a dumb headcanon that he is jake peralta’s distant uncle and occasionally caputo runs into jake on the subway and they talk about criminals and why they love their jobs and what’s the grossest thing they’ve seen on the job, etc)

Ok but haggar tho


Okay, ever since it was revealed that Haggar was altean 
*Insert allura’s surprised face too* - I have been so damn curious as to what she would look like;; so doodled some ideas? 
(Lowkey reminds me of Prince Lotor uh-oh)

If I’m honest from all the bad dudes in Voltron, Haggar is one of the many who has caught all of my interest. What’s her backstory? Why is an Altean whose home was destroyed by the very man she is serving, with him?

But there’s no doubt I have some sort of theories or ideas? 
I’m sure we can all agree that she has some sick ass powers; which led me to think:
1. Being Banished: What if back in Altea, Haggar was someone who was wise beyond her years and began dwelling in some sort of dark magic or even was trying to find a way to get quintessence faster for Altea (The whole stripping planets of it gig as seen in the show)- but King Alfor caught wind of it and told her to stop but she didn’t then was banished. Hence how she probably agreed to just destroy Altea with Zarkon.

2. Haggar ran away with Zarkon? I don’t know if you guys saw it but the scene where you see Zarkon unconscious: 

You see Haggar standing by his side and watching over him, not to mention this specific scene

I ain’t gonna lie, this kind of hurt my heart- Maybe its a stretch but.. From what I see it almost looks like she’s in Love with Zarkon??? I don’t know those don’t look like yellow eyes of just a mere Servant and Master, thing-o.
Maybe, when the Black Lion was being made she was present and had met Zarkon. Just falling head over heels for the Ex-Black Paladin.Only quiznaking thing is, Zarkon just whispered sweet nothings into Haggar’s ear after he found out about her skills and powers. Leading to her following him. So it’s just an unrequited love ))’: 
That or, she was just like *sigh* “useless” nEXT.

3. Possible spy???? Seems like another big stretch seeing that she practically was ready to kill Allura..but it looks kinda like she’s been brainwashed?? After all her Altean marks, had turned into just lines like how here eyes are Yellow, like a Galran? Even using her shape shifting abilities that Altean’s are known for?

4. Mother of Lotor (PFFF): Kay this seems like just me making up a damn AU in my head LMAO- it’s just the drawings I drew of an Altean Haggar just reminded me of Prince Lotor. After all /cough I do ship Zarkon and Haggar (gtgtgtgtgtgtg)  

I haven’t really come up with more but there’s no doubt that Haggar’s backstory is really interesting. There must be a bunch of things she knows- what was she like on Altea? She has worm-holed *finger guns* her way into my heart. I like Haggar. Mysterious Haggar. 

anonymous asked:

give me that sweet sweet john silver headcanons i want to know how far do you think his terribleness goes because like i know he was so cute in the beginning he was so cute that for a while i forgot that the first thing he did was literally murder a man

oh boy anon i’m not sure you’re gonna like my answer. 

because i don’t have one.

i have several.

you see, i’m in what may be a small camp of people who LOVED the non-reveal of silver’s backstory. because i’ve written a ton of fics by this point, and each silver i’ve given a different backstory. sometimes i’m more explicit about it, sometimes i’ll allude with one line or two, but i have so many and i love them all. my headcanons for john silver are many, and they are all true, and also, none of them are true. john silver contains multitudes. 

this is some of who john silver is:

– Johnny was eleven when he decided he didn’t like the water, a fact which upset the mistresses of the Totttenham Home for Orphan Children something awful. They’d whip him whenever they found him hiding in a closet, avoiding his weekly bath, but he preferred the slice of a switch on his skin over running water over his face. The orphanage ran right beside the River Lea, a wide ugly stream. Sometimes they’d hang criminals over it from the willow trees, let them sway there until their bloated bodies dropped from the branches like fruit and were swept away by the current. He’d lay awake at night, hearing the brush of bodies, the rustle of their clothes against the leaves, and the babbling of the water over rocks, and then suddenly, he’d hear – the splash.

– Anthony is in Seminary School when he falls in love with Marcus, another student with thoughtful gray eyes and freckles all over his hands and nose. It’s Hell, until he learns Marcus loves him too, or at least wants him the same way, and then, oh, then it is Heaven. Father Grey walks in on them together, and they insist they were just scraping. They can’t tell if Father Grey believes them, but any touch, any act not in the service of the Lord must be punished. Father Grey sticks Anthony under the floorboards, below the pulpit’s crucifix. He is still small for his age, but the wood touches the tip of his nose. He feels spiders and beetles crawling in his clothes, but he can’t see them because it is so, so dark under the floor. It isn’t long before he’s screaming, but that’s not what Father Grey wants to hear. It’s only when he begins to pray does Father Grey let him out.

– Philip was closing down his practice for the night when a man stumbled through the doors, bleeding from the neck. Philip’s expertise was in childbirth and women’s health, but he helped the man as best he could. The man survived the night, but died the next morning, when the Royal Guards found him in Philip’s parlor and shot him in the head. No one listened when Philip said he was just doing his job, and it didn’t make him a traitor to the crown because he saved the life of a traitor to the crown. They still slapped the shackles on and sent him south. Hell, he knew, was truly in the Caribbean. No where else could be this hot, no where else could his hands – hands that had brought life into this world – be beaten by rock, by sun, but work. But Philip was a good man, and felt no qualms with escaping before his sentence was up, after being so wrongfully imprisoned. And when he killed the guard standing between him and his freedom, he felt so guilty – for a little bit. He felt the guilt slip from him as swiftly as he slipped into the night. God didn’t care if he saved anyone’s life or took it, so why should he?

– Jonathan’s father is an accountant in Philadelphia. His mother loves to knit. He is unremarkable in school, and has no friends. He graduates college with no prospects for the future, no goals, no dreams. No anything. One day he goes down to the docks. He likes to skip rocks. A man mistakes him for someone else and offers him a job on a merchant ship. He leaves without saying goodbye to his parents, and never thinks about them again.

– The Prince stood beside his father, the King, once a year since he was old enough to stand, and watched while his father executed prisoners. At first, they were clean deaths – hangings or beheadings with little ceremony. But the King’s mind was not what it used to be. It was going, and all that was left behind was madness, and cruelty, and loathing for all his subjects. The Prince is twenty when the courtyard was awashed with blood, the torsos of his country’s enemies fitting onto spikes throughout the Square, and that’s when the Prince realizes he needs to go. He tells his mother, the Queen, that he wants to take a pilgrimage for a year and see the world before taking over for his father. Like Jesus, he says, he wants to walk among them and understand them, so he might lead them. The Queen is tight-lipped, but agreeing, as long as he promises not to walk among them here, in his own land. His face is too well-known. He has the same eyes as a Mad King. The Prince says he’s always wanted to try sailing on a ship.

– Gregor’s brother Theophilus is much more handsome than Gregor, even though they are twins. All the girls in Naxos only ever want to go with him, even though Theo is a brute and a drunk. But it just the two of them left of their family, and Gregor is helpless without his brother. Theo is the smart one, the gifted one, the strong one. Theo gets him jobs because he can’t find his own. Theo is Loved by God. Theo reminds Gregor of this when he hurts him, and then he reminds Gregor again when he touches him afterwards, too soft to ever be soothing. Gregor likes to look out on the sea when he gets to be alone. The Aegean is a different kind of blue from his eyes, from Theo’s eyes, and it calms him to see how dark it can be. He often thinks one day about jumping in and seeing how far he could go until he got tired, and could finally rest. He’s there, one evening, when Theo arrives, drunk and angry. Gregor lost another job, a job he couldn’t do because Gregor had trouble walking that day. Because Theo. His brother had stormed up the empty beach in a rage, the sky pink, the water dark, and Gregor had bashed his brother’s head in with a stone, and pushed his body out into the sea.

– José enlisted in the Army once Charles II was dead and his wife had died in childbirth, along with his newborn daughter, and he had no desire to live anymore. Or so he thought. But as soon as he’d been handed a musket, taught to clean it, taught to load it, taught to aim it, taught to fire it — and he thought that maybe just because he didn’t want to live anymore didn’t mean he wanted to fucking die either. His superior officers told him never aim for the legs because a man survive that, could still hold and aim and fire their own weapon. You want to stop them, not slow them down. José deserted his infantry two months into his service, with nothing but the remains of his lousy pay, his shitty uniform, his musket, and no clear idea where he was. Somewhere in Gibraltar. He left in the night and he was spotted by another soldier, a friend of his. But his friend ran to alert an officer, and without thinking too hard about it, José aimed his gun, and he did not aim for the legs.

– Silver is a ship’s cook, and a bad one, but the men he serves are pirates, and so he tries his best to keep them fed. Silver is a cook on a pirate ship, when he finally finds a God worth loving.

Idol Couple with Jungkook

And now, to finish off the series as he always does, the other half of the Busan line, the half cheetah half bunny maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Backstory time bc I have got a plan for this !!!!!
  • You two meet when your groups collaborate
  • You know how they did that commercial with Gfriend and they did one with Jessi as well
  • That’s where you two would meet
  • It would be a commercial for something, both of your groups showing up bright and early much to many people’s complaints
  • Okay so here’s the thing
  • Jungkook isn’t shy but kookie is
  • We all know there’s a big difference between confident “I’m a man” Jungkook we see on stage and “I literally just planted an umbrella and am playing with rocks” kookie
  • So on camera, kook has no issues with talking to you, delivering his lines perfectly and all of that
  • But off camera he’s hiding behind Jin bc of all the groups in the world, they had to choose the one group that has a member he’s got a crush on
  • Like if it was anyone else, he could be somewhat okay but no it’s you who he’s been crushing on since your debut
  • He still remembers the one time that you two accidentally bumped into each other on stage and he felt guilty for like a week
  • Bc even though he hadn’t been paying attention and was laughing at something Taehyung was doing, he still felt bad that he was literally walked straight into you
  • So when you two are on break, he goes over to you and starts apologizing his lil heart out
  • You’re so ??? bc did you miss something did something happen while filming what’s happening
  • He explains that he had bumped into you during a show a few weeks ago and just wanted to apologize and that he hoped you weren’t pissed off at him
  • You kinda just have to laugh bc he’s so cute ?? like of course I’m not mad it was an accident chill out dude
  • He gets a lil shy smile on his face when you laugh bc he likes your laugh and he likes knowing he’s the one that caused it
  • Throughout the filming, he loosens up a ton and is talking to you in between takes
  • The boys are just watching bc this is gonna be great material to tease him with later on so they gotta pay attention
  • Bc kookie is just giving you these shy smiles and can’t keep his eyes off you and it’s just all really really really cute and sweet lil bby kook
  • You two exchange numbers before you leave and he just about screams
  • He does scream once you’ve left bc obviously he can’t just scream right in front of you as you give him your number
  • But little does he know, you’re just as !!! the second you get to the car bc holy shit did that really just happen
  • You two start off as friends for a while but literally everybody knows that won’t last too long
  • Like everyone
  • Your members, his members, your stylists, his stylists, anyone that sees the way you two interact are just placing bets on how long it’ll take for you two to jump from platonic to really really not platonic at all
  • Spoiler it takes a month
  • Another spoiler, Yoongi and Namjoon win the bet bc they were the closest
  • There’s a lot of texting between you two for the entire month, it’s a daily thing
  • Like you get really excited when you wake up bc you know you’re gonna have a text from him and he gets the same way and the members are just planning away at how they’re gonna tease you bc theRE IS SO MUCH MATERIAL
  • Whenever you two see at each other at shows, you both get so :D
  • He walks up to you after one show, as you’re packing up and getting ready to go
  • He’s super nervous and you can tell bc he’s rubbing the back of his neck and he won’t look up from his shoes
  • “Hey do you wanna sneak out and go get something to eat with me?? Like as a date maybe but nah nah it’s okay if it isn’t a date jk gotta blast bye”
  • You agree though bc you’ve been considering how you should ask him out but him asking you out works perfectly too
  • Jungkook would probably be really good at keeping the relationship hidden but also horrible at it
  • Like there are a few slip ups here and there but they’re kinda big slip ups
  • “Last night, I went to get some ice cream with my babe…who’s obviously Jin duh”
  • Most people know it isn’t Jin but he tried to cover it up that’s good enough
  • But besides the occasional slip ups, no one has a single clue that he isn’t single
  • The most evidence they’d have is the fact that you two happen to wear similar looking beanies (it’s actually the same beanie but it’s black so it’s kinda a stretch if someone points it out)
  • You two do have matching necklaces though
  • They don’t match in an obvious way, like you don’t have the same necklaces but they go together
  • It’s like a lil secretive way of showing you two are together without making it super obvious
  • He can be seen in the background of Bangtan bombs watching something on his phone and most people assume it’s like a performance they’d done or maybe a show of some sort but it’s actually your group’s videos
  • Bc he’d lowkey be a huge fanboy which tbh he isn’t very lowkey about at all
  • His favorite place to go on those late night dates is the park
  • Bc no one’s there, it’s just you two and you can either be romantic and just stroll through the park or you can be playful and play on the swings or the slides or whatever else they have at that particular park
  • The park does change though, depending on which one’s the closest and emptiest
  • He’d probably take the longest to reveal the relationship
  • It’d take like three years bc I feel like he’d want his personal life to be private but he also gets tired of having to sneak around everywhere
  • He’d announce it through his company but he’d also post a video to confirm it
  • He wouldn’t say anything in the video but he just shows your hand holding onto his as you two are chilling and watching some anime or a show
  • “Friday nights are my favorite”

[A Promise Between Brothers] 

Highschool Kristoph (17) and Elementary School Klavier (10)

I want to make a doujinshi on the Gavin brothers because Capcom won’t make an AJ sequel I have so many feels about these two and ugh. AA4 is such a good game but man do I want more Gavin interactions. I want to expand on the future of the Gavins and possibly some backstory. 

Personally I don’t think Kris was always the way he is now. Something must have happened, I want to believe that he was once a very caring big brother to Klavier. 

Why do I make things that make me cry?

How the Turin/Beleg storyline should have ended

Turin: woah hang on

Beleg: easy bro, it’s me

Turin: hey I totally almost stabbed you with your own sword

Beleg: I know it’s a good thing I woke you up and told you who I was before using my giant cursed sword to cut your bonds after being warned that it would probably turn on its master.

Turin: especially since you know all about my messed up tragic backstory

Beleg: imagine if I hadn’t taken that simply precaution

Turin: thanks man you’re the coolest

Beleg: I really am



Fandom: One Punch Man 

Pairing: SaiGenos

Warning: NSFW, lazy editing, AU

Summary: A true pet constantly seeks his master’s affections, and Genos is no exception to this. 

A/N: So anyway, I’m sure you’ve all seen that incredible SaiGenos pic that @last-heroine drew. So long story short, I said that if she drew it, I would write something to go along with it. And that’s what this is. I wanted it to be much longer because there’s some interesting backstory, but I am only human and have neglected a lot of stuff today, so… Yeah. 

Though he’s taken this path many times before, the walk from the arena back to his bedchamber seems longer than he remembers. The floor feels cool against his heels, the soles of his feet pressed flat against smoothed stone.

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A comprehensive ranking and review of all 33 Nancy Drew games

In light of unsuccessfully trying to finish RAN and feeling the need to express my anger about its quality, I wrote this unprompted, totally biased and subjective ranking of all the games. (spoilers, of course):

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Kingsmanniversay Day 6: Reconnaisance Mission: What would you like to see in the sequel?

With Chester King and several agents dead, Merlin assigns himself as the temporary Arthur while still maintaining his Merlin duties. He goes back to being a field agent to make up for the lack of other Knights, often working with the newly appointed Lancelot and Galahad.

Then one morning he recieves an anonymous tip about a man seeking revenge against the spy organization. He goes alone to find the man…but instead finds a ghost from the not-too-distant past.

more fee&kee larping headcanons

Anon: oh man i know you haven’t read the silmarillion but if you’ve got all the profs playing you gotta have them start their own campaign that’s like the backstory. and sauron’s hubby morgoth joins and wants to join and be partners in crime with sauron except he’s a bit more outgoing and ends up being the antagonist with sauron as his lieutenant and then the fee&kee gang find out and they’re like “YOU’RE PLAYING WITHOUT US” and so the teachers are like, “fine fine you can join”, and suddenly they have so many characters that it’s hard to keep track and somehow they drag thorin in again and he’s mahal, god of the dwarves, and bilbo is yavanna, goddess of nature (he wanted to mix it up with the genders they needed more ladies) and aragorn and arwen make beren and luthien and “yOU GUYS CAN’t BE THE EXACT SAME CHARACTERS OMG!” and somehow fee and kee become a joint team as eru who is god of everything

Anon: But BEFORE they start LARPin the major plot of lotr, there will be a brief larp prologue of the Last Alliance, and idk who will be Isildur but then Bad Ass Elrond XD and everybody will be like whoah ok. Ahh, also take your time with the doodles, im sorry if we overwhelmed you too much!

silentunicornspeaks: LOTR LARPing: Everyone’s super into the storyline and things are getting exciting but poor Boromir is a double major business and economics and a couple of big tests/projects come up and he can’t spend hours LARPing with the others, so he tells them he can play one more session and then has to get to work, so imagine his surprise when they all conspire and plan out the most dramatic death scene they could imagine for him to send him out in style.

Anon: Prof LARP-ing: OMG YES to Saruman being PD/Chemistry teacher. Like basically they got dragged into it by Gandalf (who no really knows how they got invited in the first place (he invited himself obv.)) and only agreed because he got a chance to kick Professor Gandalfs ass - they have a big silly rivalry going on at the college, bacically what is better/ more necessary, natural sciences/math or societal sciences/ languages. It’s super ridiculous and childish, kind of “my subject is better than your subject” level and Professor Elrond always gets these huge facepalm-Marks in his face and migraines when they really get going.

Anon: Fee and Kee wanted to be Treebeard (Fili, so he could carry Merry and Pip on his shoulders and talk really slowly and annoy everyone so much but they couldn’t say anything about it because hello, authenticity) and the nazgul/orcs (Kili, so he could pretend to stab everyone), so they say they died along with Thorin.


• Long haired Yuuri pls Kubo-sensei
- It doesn’t even have to be Teenage Victor Long but like pls

• On that note, longer haired Yurio
- plsplsplsplsplsplspls

• Otabek shows up in Russia a lot to see Yurio
- Make him a more recurring character pleasepleasepleaseplease

• I know I don’t really have control over this but maybe more episodes?
- imaaaaagine what they could do with 25 episodes guyyyyysssss
• like we could have so many more cups and competitions before the next Grand Prix?? Like guys

- and women’s singles means MORE LADIES. MORE LADIES DOIN THE SKATE

• I wanna know who Chris’ man is? His boyfriend?? Husband??? 2nd Coach????Friend?????
- at least his name. Also what’s his cats name?

• victuri wedding
- and/or JJ/Isabella wedding
• I just want a wedding

• o shit I just had a thought. Only one Russian can go onto the Grand Prix. Yurio and Victor can’t both skate in next years Grand Prix. Shit son that’s heavy
- #suspense

• at least one new character
- I know we have so many already but I just want to fall in love with a new character(s) again it’s so fun

- especially for Victor bc we got FUCK all backstory on him
• I wanna meet his relatives (if he has any)

• I want Yakov and Yuuri to bond
- love Yuuri like u love ur Russian children Yakov pls. Love ur son in law

• Do my boy seung-gil justice please
- I want him to be happy and to have more development please
• he has so much Potential it’s just sitting there

• phichit. Always more phichit forever and ever amen

• there was lots of wonky stuff with the skating. I want them to take their time with season 2 so we have the most beautiful animation their budget will allow

• speaking of skating, I wanna see an even more diverse library of music that the boys (and girls 🙏🏾🤞🏾) skate to
- also even m o r e exciting/interesting/cool routines
• also also. Keep it up with those outfits bc hell yeah

• A L L T H E S U G A R
- Victor and Yuuri are obviously living together so this is my #1 expectation of season 2

• more food porn

• we’re in Russia now so it’s inevitable that we’re gonna get more Georgi and Mila but I’ll say it anyway: more Georgi and Mila
- and any other Russian skaters that train under Yakov
• especially other skaters
- New characters pls I’m beggin

And probably more but this is all I can think of. What else do you guys wanna see?

Dod you REALLY need it?

I’m currently planning a 5e Lost Mine of Phandelver/Tyrrany of Dragons campaign with some online friends. At the moment, 3 of our 4 characters are rolled, including the CN Lizardfolk Barbarian and the CN Human Sorcerer.
The Barbarian orignally only had a 6 Int, and the Sorcerer took up a con artist background. The Sorcerer and I imagined this scenario.
Sorcerer: “I just want us to be walking through town and [Barbarian] just chops a guys arm off with his axe.”
Me (DM), laughing, as villager: “HEY! You just took off my arm!”
Sorcerer: “Well, let’s be honest, how many arms do you usually use at once?”
Villager: “Well, just the one I guess…”
Sorcerer: “See?”
Sorcerer: “Well, haven’t you ever wanted to learn how to be left-handed?”
Villager: “Well, I guess…”
Sorcerer: “See? If anything, we helped you. You should be paying US.”
All the while the Barbarian is standing there, chewing on the arm he has just ripped off of this poor man.
This is now a canonical event that happened in the backstory, despite the Barbarian now having double-digits in Int, and I am so excited to see how this so far entirely Neutral party will handle saving the world from an evil dragon cult.

anonymous asked:

I thoroughly enjoyed the series finale. But there are so many questions that are still unanswered. Firstly, WHO IS SUYIN'S DAD? Secondly, who is Kanto? Fandom needs a backstory! Then, what about Sokka? All we know he was the Cheif and a council man. What else? Is he Su's dad? And what about the fire nation? Wanted to at least get to Have a LOOK at the fire nation. What about Zuko? And then, Fire Lady Izumi? I need to know about them. And finally, do Toph, katara and Zuko get a reunion?

I know there are so many questions and all these characters were introduce and dropped like hot cakes and i just want it ALL.  I was talking to someone and said we needed a Avatar site that’s equivalent to Pottermore so that Bryke can satisfy all our needs like now.

anonymous asked:

What would you say are the most noticeable and/or important differences regarding personality between MCU!Steve and 616!Steve and MCU!Tony and 616!Tony?

This is a tough one I’ve been turning over in my head for a while, Anon. 

The thing is, a lot of times these characters have set traits, like age or position or (to some extent) backstory, but not necessarily set personalities, because so many hands have been on them. I mean, they’ve had a handful of writers in the movies, but TONS of writers in the comics. So like, the Steve Rogers of the 40s is really a separate animal from any of the others, and the Cap of the 60s-70s is much darker and gloomier than the happy domestic Steve of the 80s, and all of them are…gentler than the 90s-early 00s. I haven’t read Iron Man as extensively as I have Captain America, but Tony varies quite a bit as well and Tony, especially, varies from book to book at the same time – in one month he can be three very different-seeming people from Iron Man to Avengers to, say, Ant-Man (where he’s a fuckin’ jerk). (He’s actually rather sweet, the little we see of him in Squirrel Girl.) 

So it’s difficult to say, well, comics Steve is X, but MCU Steve is Y. Especially since depending on the writer, he can also be rather different from film to film. Tony’s a little more consistent film-to-film, but that’s because Tony’s dominant personality traits are a bit less subtle than Steve’s – as a person, Tony Stark takes up a lot more space and visible emotional acreage than Steve Rogers does. Steve as a person is a lot more confined, and thus as a character has a more subtle expression on the screen. It’s not a criticism of Tony (or of RDJ), it’s just the guidelines for his character are a lot more boldly written and thus more easy to regulate. 

In a general sense, I think MCU Steve is trying a bit harder to integrate; he has very strong beliefs and he’s stubborn about them, but they’re specifically humanitarian, political beliefs, rather than “Well this is the way my life was before the ice, that’s the way it’s gotta be now”. 616 Steve spent literal decades trying to work out how to fit into modern society; MCU Steve seems to be working harder to adjust himself to it. Part of which could be that technically MCU Steve missed a lot more; 616 Steve came out of the ice in the sixties, so really only missed twenty years. It seems easier to me to adjust to an entirely alien world than to a world that has endless slight tweaks to it. Which could be why contemporary 616 Steve seems more comfortable in the 21st century than he did in the 20th (in 616 comics, the “origin point” of superheroes is always “about ten years ago”).  

As for Tony, I think the biggest different between 616 and MCU is the alcoholism – for 616 Tony, it’s a hugely defining trait, it’s something that was a turning point in his life and it’s a demon he constantly struggles with (also it has on occasion been a reason for him to make something that is not about him All About Him by comparing his alcoholism to someone else’s tragedy, which drives me up the god damned wall but is also something I have seen real life alcoholics do a lot, so it’s not inaccurate). 

In the films, Tony has addictions, and he clearly uses them to cope with his traumas and his emotional issues, which is very true to life. But alcohol in specific is not the huge deal that it is in the comics. I’ve heard, though I can’t cite sources, that they pared back the drinking in the later films because RDJ was having a hard time with acting it out, which makes sense but I don’t know if that’s true; certainly we see a lot more drinking from him prior to Avengers, where he has it very well under control, to the point where he doesn’t actually drink the drink he pours while talking to Loki. It feels like 616 Tony is an alcoholic, while MCU Tony just had a party animal phase that lasted longer than it should. Both are addicted to their armors, in ways that can be harmful, but for MCU Tony even the climax of IM3 with him blowing the suits is not the life-destroying, relationship-ending, rock-bottom-hit that 616 Tony had to have before he could get sober. 

So it’s difficult to point at any character who is the product of decades-long work by multiple creators and pick out ultimate, defining traits; comic books are a bit like the Bible in that if you read long enough and have enough determination you can make them say basically anything about anyone. But I think for Steve, the question is often how well (or if) he integrates to modern society, and for Tony, the question is what his addictions are and how he handles them. 

I’m not really into Elliot/Angela getting together per say but I don’t mind them kissing considering after Shayla’s death, Elliot hasn’t had anyone to feel close with. And he didn’t want to bring in Angela to his schemes with fsociety. He wanted to keep her safe. And this series likes to have a lot of holes in the backstory plot. We do know however that they were close as that can grow. 

Anyway I get it, I don’t want a forced heterosexual couple either. But don’t tell me Elliot/Angela is wrong then tell me Tyrelliot is somehow good. Tyrell killed a woman, beat a man basically to death, has done many things we don’t even know of and is basically a psychopath yet you’re cool with him with Elliot? Even after knowing all the anxiety Elliot feels? I’m all for Elliot being bisexual but not to him. Never to him.

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To the anon who said Magic man is just a butt with no backstory I would just like to inform him that Magic man does indeed have a past. It's revealed in the episode Son of Mars that Magic man had a girlfriend/fiance/wife who fell into a volcano on mars called mount Olympus (and died) before his decent into madness and buttitude, many in the fandom speculate he blames himself so he feels the need to go all over Ooo letting everybody know he's a bad person. Actually kinda sad if you ask me.

On why I am done with OUAT or How to murder some of the only decent characters on your show (No hate intended)

   So as a devout Frankenwolfer, I can understand the pain of the fandom after last night’s crapisodes. I didn’t even watch the whole thing – in fact, I haven’t been keeping up with OUAT at all past the first 3 episodes this season. I just skipped to the Ruby/Victor parts.
   And all the excitement and hope I had been feeling since I found out that David and Meghan were returning burned to ashes and blew away. I’m not even going to get started on how mad I am at A&E for slapping us in the face with the ship we had been waiting for for three years. There have already been so many things said about how it was teased by Adam, Meghan, and David, how the story got shelved for Never-ending-land, how there was so much potential for the plot and characters that was wasted.
   But really, last night’s episode was just ridiculous. And the reason I have stopped watching is not just because Frankenwolf didn’t happen (although that is the primary reason) but because I am infuriated at how A&E treat characters who are not the Holy Mains.

First – Ruby:
   Okay, so she wanted to go back to the EF because she all of a sudden felt like she didn’t fit in, even though she was perfectly fine in previous episodes? And even in the season three finale, she was laughing and joking around, surrounded by all her friends, in the place which she said she loves. That was the whole point of her character. In ‘Red Handed,’ she finally found the place where she belonged; she was ecstatic when Granny told her that she was inheriting the diner.
   And in ‘In the Name of the Brother,’ (which I will probably never be able to watch again because of the pain) she found someone who she could confide in, someone who got her. And now, just like that, she wants to go back to her wolf pack where she didn’t fit in and leave her Granny, diner, and friends, to whom she had been unconditionally devoted to? What the whaaaa????
   And the fact that she had been growing magic beans with Tiny? Then what the hell was all that fuss with the wand about?
   But the thing that makes me so angry is that Ruby was my favorite character, and A&E completely retconned all the things I loved about her. Her fierceness, her devotion, the fact that she was a little broken inside, but had begun to heal. And making her feel as if she didn’t belong in Storybrooke, and by forcing her with Mulan, they overrode her entire character. She was never shown to be into women. And after her talk with Victor, she realized that she was a monster and that was okay. It didn’t make her a bad person, just different. I don’t blame her at all for wanting to fit in, but the whole point was that she didn’t need to. She was proud about who she was. So in one blow, they not only killed Frankenwolf, but destroyed the entire premise behind it.

   I have no words. The fact that they took the protagonist from arguably my favorite Disney movie of all time and screwed her up… I will never forgive that. Again – they completely got rid of everything that made Mulan… Mulan. In the movie she was a strong, independent, progressive young woman, who wouldn’t let anyone, either male or female, keep her down.
   And you’re telling me that this same Mulan, Ms. F-the-patriarchy-and-its-stupid-laws-Imma-do-what-I-know-is-right, would abandon her entire moral honor code and for what? Because she was rejected by a married pregnant woman who knew nothing of her affections? I’m not saying that she doesn’t have the right to be hurt. She does, 100%. But never in a million years would I expect her to react like that. I know that characters in OUAT are not carbon copies of their film/book characters, but their underlying personalities are undoubtedly the same.
    And in the movie, Mulan, despite being yelled at by her father to “know her place” and later being revealed and humiliated in front of the Imperial Army still fights to protect her kingdom and her honor. Where is all that in OUAT? She was a badass warrior, and A&E reduced her to nothing more than a scorned woman.
   And there is so much more to her than that. There’s so much more to Ruby. Most of the Disney stories are centered on love, but theirs was not. Even Emma’s story somewhat makes sense because all the men she has ever loved have abandoned her and/or died, and she is trying to hold onto what she has now. But slapping these two women together practically out of the blue makes them nothing more than love interests, and defeats the purposes of their entire arcs before this.

   My heart weeps tears of blood for this guy. When I skipped to his parts and he lit up the screen in all his snarky glory, I was so happy I was actually giddy. But in retrospect, the way they treated his character after all this time was so disgusting I was shocked David even agreed to guest star.
   Whale went from being a respectable doctor to a baby-delivering prop. Out of all the characters A&E have screwed over, his is one of the worst. Again, there are so many could/should/woulds out there about all his lost potential, but last night just convinced me that the showrunners have absolutely no respect for his character (like when he returned after a prolonged absence in season two just to spend 10 seconds under Rumple’s boot). At least with Ruby, they had the decency to create a backstory, no matter how crappy. But what about Whale?
   Like FrankensteinMD pointed out, “this was a man who attempted suicide, and now he’s cracking jokes.” I get that David was probably still in ‘Blaine mode,’ but he is a fantastic actor. If the writers cared enough to give him something to work with, I have no doubt he could have pulled it off. But instead we see that Victor has regressed back to his cursed-Whale-persona, and even though sassy David is the best David (and I will admit that I loved his one-liners and attitude) it just does not fit with where his character left off.
    Where has he been? What has he been doing? If Ruby left, has he had anyone with whom to talk about his problems? Why he seemed sort of, dare I say it, happier? I think? Did he ever get resolution with his brother? I mean, Victor was such a complex, layered character with so much to offer the show, and now he’s just the poster child for Storybrooke General Hospital.
   And the wall throwing? I will admit it. I laughed. But I was caught up in the moment, and when I think back on it, it was such a cheap shot. They used the man as his own punch line. And it made absolutely no sense in the context of the scene. So Emma walks in, but instead of attacking
a) the one woman in the room capable of using magic
b) the admittedly badass-former-thief-turned-puppy-dog-love-interest who would fight her being the father of the child
What does she do? She hurls the poor (un)suspecting doctor against the wall and knocks him unconscious. Like why? What was the point? I mean what the hell was he gonna do, diagnose her into submission?  Ugh.
   David deserves so much better than this. He’s incredible, and anyone who’s seen his performances in any of his other shows, especially Alias and now iZombie has little room to argue. I hope he never comes back to the show, because I can’t bear to see him or his character treated like this again. May iZombie boost his career, and give him the long overdue recognition he deserves.

Bottom line – I’m done with OUAT, and nothing will get me to come back short of them fixing what they did to their minor characters, and making Frankenwolf canon. But since neither is going to happen, well… And what hurts the most is that they could have left Ruby and Victor alone. Yes, they were unresolved, but at least I could take comfort in the dreams I had for them and imagine that they were off being adorable monsters together. But no – they couldn’t even let us have that. Merida was right there and they still had to steal Ruby away. They destroyed a relationship we have been crying out for for three years to slap together one that has barely been a possibility for three weeks.

When the news of Ruby coming back first broke, many people were speculating that she would be the sacrificial lamb who the Dark Swan killed to further her arc. I was terrified and hoped with every fiber of my being that wouldn’t happen. Now I sort of wished it had. It would have been much less painful than the death they are dealing her now, and taking Victor and Frankenwolf with her.