man i have so many backstories for all of these

Ok but haggar tho


Okay, ever since it was revealed that Haggar was altean 
*Insert allura’s surprised face too* - I have been so damn curious as to what she would look like;; so doodled some ideas? 
(Lowkey reminds me of Prince Lotor uh-oh)

If I’m honest from all the bad dudes in Voltron, Haggar is one of the many who has caught all of my interest. What’s her backstory? Why is an Altean whose home was destroyed by the very man she is serving, with him?

But there’s no doubt I have some sort of theories or ideas? 
I’m sure we can all agree that she has some sick ass powers; which led me to think:
1. Being Banished: What if back in Altea, Haggar was someone who was wise beyond her years and began dwelling in some sort of dark magic or even was trying to find a way to get quintessence faster for Altea (The whole stripping planets of it gig as seen in the show)- but King Alfor caught wind of it and told her to stop but she didn’t then was banished. Hence how she probably agreed to just destroy Altea with Zarkon.

2. Haggar ran away with Zarkon? I don’t know if you guys saw it but the scene where you see Zarkon unconscious: 

You see Haggar standing by his side and watching over him, not to mention this specific scene

I ain’t gonna lie, this kind of hurt my heart- Maybe its stretch but.. From what I see it almost looks like she’s in Love with Zarkon??? I don’t know those don’t look like yellow eyes of just a mere Servant and Master, thing-o.
Maybe, when the Black Lion was being made she was present and had met Zarkon. Just falling head over heels for the Ex-Black Paladin.Only quiznaking thing is, Zarkon just whispered sweet nothings into Haggar’s ear after he found out about her skills and powers. Leading to her following him. So it’s just an unrequited love ))’: 
That or, she was just like *sigh* “useless” nEXT.

3. Possible spy???? Seems like another big stretch seeing that she practically was ready to kill Allura..but it looks kinda like she’s been brainwashed?? After all her Altean marks, had turned into just lines like how here eyes are Yellow, like a Galran? Even using her shape shifting abilities that Altean’s are known for?

4. Mother of Lotor (PFFF): Kay this seems like another big stretch or just me making up a damn AU in my head LMAO- it’s just the drawings I drew of an Altean Haggar just reminded me of Prince Lotor. After all /cough I do ship Zarkon and Haggar (gtgtgtgtgtgtg)  

I haven’t really come up with more but there’s no doubt that Haggar’s backstory is really interesting. There must be a bunch of things she knows- what was she like on Altea? She has worm-holed *finger guns* her way into my heart. I like Haggar. Mysterious Haggar. 

Idol Couple with Jungkook

And now, to finish off the series as he always does, the other half of the Busan line, the half cheetah half bunny maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Backstory time bc I have got a plan for this !!!!!
  • You two meet when your groups collaborate
  • You know how they did that commercial with Gfriend and they did one with Jessi as well
  • That’s where you two would meet
  • It would be a commercial for something, both of your groups showing up bright and early much to many people’s complaints
  • Okay so here’s the thing
  • Jungkook isn’t shy but kookie is
  • We all know there’s a big difference between confident “I’m a man” Jungkook we see on stage and “I literally just planted an umbrella and am playing with rocks” kookie
  • So on camera, kook has no issues with talking to you, delivering his lines perfectly and all of that
  • But off camera he’s hiding behind Jin bc of all the groups in the world, they had to choose the one group that has a member he’s got a crush on
  • Like if it was anyone else, he could be somewhat okay but no it’s you who he’s been crushing on since your debut
  • He still remembers the one time that you two accidentally bumped into each other on stage and he felt guilty for like a week
  • Bc even though he hadn’t been paying attention and was laughing at something Taehyung was doing, he still felt bad that he was literally walked straight into you
  • So when you two are on break, he goes over to you and starts apologizing his lil heart out
  • You’re so ??? bc did you miss something did something happen while filming what’s happening
  • He explains that he had bumped into you during a show a few weeks ago and just wanted to apologize and that he hoped you weren’t pissed off at him
  • You kinda just have to laugh bc he’s so cute ?? like of course I’m not mad it was an accident chill out dude
  • He gets a lil shy smile on his face when you laugh bc he likes your laugh and he likes knowing he’s the one that caused it
  • Throughout the filming, he loosens up a ton and is talking to you in between takes
  • The boys are just watching bc this is gonna be great material to tease him with later on so they gotta pay attention
  • Bc kookie is just giving you these shy smiles and can’t keep his eyes off you and it’s just all really really really cute and sweet lil bby kook
  • You two exchange numbers before you leave and he just about screams
  • He does scream once you’ve left bc obviously he can’t just scream right in front of you as you give him your number
  • But little does he know, you’re just as !!! the second you get to the car bc holy shit did that really just happen
  • You two start off as friends for a while but literally everybody knows that won’t last too long
  • Like everyone
  • Your members, his members, your stylists, his stylists, anyone that sees the way you two interact are just placing bets on how long it’ll take for you two to jump from platonic to really really not platonic at all
  • Spoiler it takes a month
  • Another spoiler, Yoongi and Namjoon win the bet bc they were the closest
  • There’s a lot of texting between you two for the entire month, it’s a daily thing
  • Like you get really excited when you wake up bc you know you’re gonna have a text from him and he gets the same way and the members are just planning away at how they’re gonna tease you bc theRE IS SO MUCH MATERIAL
  • Whenever you two see at each other at shows, you both get so :D
  • He walks up to you after one show, as you’re packing up and getting ready to go
  • He’s super nervous and you can tell bc he’s rubbing the back of his neck and he won’t look up from his shoes
  • “Hey do you wanna sneak out and go get something to eat with me?? Like as a date maybe but nah nah it’s okay if it isn’t a date jk gotta blast bye”
  • You agree though bc you’ve been considering how you should ask him out but him asking you out works perfectly too
  • Jungkook would probably be really good at keeping the relationship hidden but also horrible at it
  • Like there are a few slip ups here and there but they’re kinda big slip ups
  • “Last night, I went to get some ice cream with my babe…who’s obviously Jin duh”
  • Most people know it isn’t Jin but he tried to cover it up that’s good enough
  • But besides the occasional slip ups, no one has a single clue that he isn’t single
  • The most evidence they’d have is the fact that you two happen to wear similar looking beanies (it’s actually the same beanie but it’s black so it’s kinda a stretch if someone points it out)
  • You two do have matching necklaces though
  • They don’t match in an obvious way, like you don’t have the same necklaces but they go together
  • It’s like a lil secretive way of showing you two are together without making it super obvious
  • He can be seen in the background of Bangtan bombs watching something on his phone and most people assume it’s like a performance they’d done or maybe a show of some sort but it’s actually your group’s videos
  • Bc he’d lowkey be a huge fanboy which tbh he isn’t very lowkey about at all
  • His favorite place to go on those late night dates is the park
  • Bc no one’s there, it’s just you two and you can either be romantic and just stroll through the park or you can be playful and play on the swings or the slides or whatever else they have at that particular park
  • The park does change though, depending on which one’s the closest and emptiest
  • He’d probably take the longest to reveal the relationship
  • It’d take like three years bc I feel like he’d want his personal life to be private but he also gets tired of having to sneak around everywhere
  • He’d announce it through his company but he’d also post a video to confirm it
  • He wouldn’t say anything in the video but he just shows your hand holding onto his as you two are chilling and watching some anime or a show
  • “Friday nights are my favorite”

Fandom: One Punch Man 

Pairing: SaiGenos

Warning: NSFW, lazy editing, AU

Summary: A true pet constantly seeks his master’s affections, and Genos is no exception to this. 

A/N: So anyway, I’m sure you’ve all seen that incredible SaiGenos pic that @last-heroine drew. So long story short, I said that if she drew it, I would write something to go along with it. And that’s what this is. I wanted it to be much longer because there’s some interesting backstory, but I am only human and have neglected a lot of stuff today, so… Yeah. 

Though he’s taken this path many times before, the walk from the arena back to his bedchamber seems longer than he remembers. The floor feels cool against his heels, the soles of his feet pressed flat against smoothed stone.

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you know what sometimes drives me crazy? the fact that there are so many stories that i will never know the ending to.

For example: this morning when my roommate and i were working out, a man on one of those rented bikes rode up and asked us how to get to the airport.

it’s a tuesday morning. 9:30am. he is in a full suit and only has a tiny, leather briefcase with him. he is riding a rented bike only like 3 miles from the airport but doesn’t know how to get there.

he doesn’t seem to be in a rush at all. he actually seems to be in an almost giddy mood. he doesn’t get annoyed when we argue between ourselves which way is the fastest to get there, just nods and smiles when we settle on “go back the way you came, turn right at this sign, then turn right again.” does not seem alarmed by how vague these directions are. does not ask any clarifying questions. does not seem concerned when we tell him it is kind of hilly on the way.

just smiles, thanks us, and rides off. 

(slowly. because it is a rented bike and they are big and bulky.)

and i just… i hate that i don’t get to know the ending of the story! like, why are you going to the airport? why don’t you have luggage? why are you so calm and happy? are you delivering something for someone? are you not concerned that you are going to be late and their flight will have boarded? are you not worried that if you are picking someone up you are going to be all sweaty? why would you pick someone up only to take a cab with them? seriously, dude, why are you going to the airport like this?

we basically decided that he was a corporate drone who worked in the city and that everyday, he looked at those rental bikes and sighed a little bit before going into his office. we decided that, today, he looked over and realized it was a beautiful 80 degrees out and perfectly sunny and he also realized he had not got to enjoy a single day of summer so far because he was trapped in a cubicle. we decided that today, he looked up at that office building and decided he couldn’t do it and said “fuck it” and rented one of those goddamn bikes and just headed off to find the airport. we decided that he was going to just ride up, abandon the bike (because there is no rental stop at the airport) and buy a ticket to somewhere else. we decided that that man was basically in the first fifteen minutes of completely changing his life and going on an adventure

but, still, i’ll never get to know for sure and that bums me out.

Okay so first of all: if you DON’T WANT TO SEE ANT-MAN, don’t see Ant-Man. If you ONLY WANT TO SEE ANT-MAN BECAUSE PEGGY CARTER IS IN IT FOR TWENTY SECONDS, don’t see Ant-Man. If you hated the first Iron Man, don’t see Ant-Man. If you’re like super invested in villains having complex backstories and understandable personalities, DON’T SEE ANT-MAN.

If you find yourself helplessly endeared by Paul Rudd’s face and you miss Marvel movies actually being fun to watch, YES GO SEE ANT-MAN.

More of the pro/con breakdown under the cut, along with spoilers if you want to avoid those.

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