man i don't know what i'm doing anymore


I don’t care that they’re evil!!! I LOVE THEM!!


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You’re all going to think I’m exaggerating but just hearing Aaron Tveit singing in any of Les Mis is enough to make me cry. Literal tears have rolled down my face as soon as Enj’s part in One Day More starts, I swear to god I’m that extra. I keep thinking I’m over it but then ABC Cafe plays and I’m crying and I can’t help it


Cristiano Ronaldo’s alphabet —-> K is for (being a) Kid

  • Miss Flemming: Well, I'll have to see how much of your essay you have done before I give you girls an extension.
  • Heather McNamara: *perks up* Hey, I'll tell you what. You can take a good look at a butcher's ass by sticking your head up there, but wouldn't you rather take his word for it?
  • Miss Flemming: What? *Heather looks panicked* I'm, uh, failing to make the connection here, dear.
  • Heather McNamara: No, uh, what I meant was that you can get a good look at a t-bone by sticking your head up a BUTCHER'S ass-----but no, it's gotta be your bull....
  • Heather Duke: Wow.
  • Heather McNamara: So here's the deal, if I want you to---
  • Heather Duke: You have derailed.
  • Heather McNamara: Shut up, Heather!
  • Miss Flemming: Heather, I'm really at a loss for words here...
  • Heather McNamara: Forget it! I quit! I can't do this anymore, man! My head's about to explode! My whole life sucks! I don't know what I'm doing! I don't know where I'm going! My best friend just died, we just killed Bambi, I'm out here getting my ass kicked and every time I drive down the road I wanna jerk the wheel into a GOD DAMN BRIDGE ABUTMENT!!!
  • Miss Flemming:
  • Heather McNamara:
  • Heather Duke:
  • Heather Duke: *takes out slip of paper* We'll be in touch...
Despite everything he's done, I will forgive Ward if something like this happens:
  • Fitz: *is holding Daisy at gunpoint* NOBODY TAKE ANOTHER STEP OR THE INHUMAN GETS IT!
  • Jemma: Fitz, stop! Please! You need to remember us-
  • Ward: *takes a step* Easy bro, we just wanna talk-
  • Fitz: -I SAID STOP!
  • Ward: You're saying it? Are you sure that's you talking...or your father.
  • Jemma: Ward, don't-
  • Ward: Easy Simmons...I got this.
  • Fitz: What?! I don't...I don't...I don't know what you're talking about *hand starts to shake*
  • Ward: You do know what I'm talking about. I know...because I've been there. I know what it's come from a broken home. To have a father who could care less about you. But you still have a choice. You don't need to be this man anymore.
  • Fitz: But...this is all I've got left. Without dad...I'm nothing.
  • Ward: You're not alone, not anymore. But to tell you the truth, I don't think you ever were.
  • *intense silence. Eventually, Fitz breaks down and throws his gun. Jemma and Daisy look at Ward, surprised that he was the one who broke Fitz from his brainwashing*

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ALLIE CAN U BELIEVE YOUR ICONIC HQ DRAWING IS !! FUCKING !! ICONIC !! JUST LIKE YOU AND YOUR PERSONALITY OKAY FFS IM ALREADY EMOTIONAL I'M GONNA START CRYING IF I TYPE OUT HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU.. CRAP. lajsdl i don't even make proper sentences anymore when i'm messaging you can u believe it's gonna be our 7 month anniversary soon? As always, keep a lookout my angel, you never know what i might spring onto you one fine day <3 I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU TAKE CARE -your Jiminnie

❤❤❤ GAAAAH my personality?????? man kpop fandom has been stressing me out lately so slowly assimilating back into animu has been such a good stress reliever i used to be so free, interpreting the characters, ships and AUs.. so thankyou for feeling the same nostalgia i do for my active haikyuu days jiminnie :’)

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So I tried to come out to my mom the other day. She kicked me out for a literal week, and I came back yesterday, horribly sick from sleeping whenever I could for 7 whole days, and today she tells me she's putting me on freaking ESTROGEN because I "must be trans because I'm not getting enough Estrogen and we have to get that Testosterone under control!" because she refuses to allow me to "Destroy such a beautiful girl!" and i don't know what to do anymore. I just wanna sleep and cry....

I’m actually fucking crying, this is breaking my heart.

You’re a boy. She can put you on estrogen for a million years and she can’t take away the fact that you’re a man. You’re my son. She may force you to do things to your body you don’t want but don’t ever let her break your spirit. Always remember, you are a man. Always.

The estrogen won’t do anything, she’s not “saving a beautiful girl”, she’s just hurting and bullying her son. I’m so sorry. I’m so honest to God sorry.

sapphic moodboard//what-e-ver

whenever you need my hand; i’ll hold you down, oh … listening to “sky is the limit” on my walkman; thinking if biggie can make it through it, man then i can – “hold you down,” childish gambino

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Heat (1995) Starters
  • "You know, you can ball my wife if she wants you to. You can lounge around here on her sofa, in her ex-husband's dead-tech, post-modernistic bullshit house if you want to. But you do not get to watch MY FUCKING TELEVISION SET!"
  • "Ain't a hard time been invented that I cannot handle"
  • "And all I know is... all I know is there's no point in me going anywhere anymore if it's going to be alone... without you."
  • "Because she's got a...GREAT ASS!"
  • "Bon voyage, motherfucker."
  • "But I tell you, if it's between you and some poor bastard whose wife you're gonna turn into a widow, brother, you are going down."
  • "Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner."
  • "Don't waste my motherfucking time!"
  • "For me the sun rises and sets with her, man."
  • "He knew the risks, he didn't have to be there. It rains... you get wet."
  • "I ain't lying. You're a hot dog. A regular rodeo rider. And this was the monster fuck of my young life."
  • "I ain't your cousin, you rat motherfucker."
  • "I am never going back."
  • "I don't even know what I'm doing anymore."
  • "I don't want to wear the blue ones. They don't match!"
  • "I gotta hold on to my angst. I preserve it because I need it. It keeps me sharp, on the edge, where I gotta be."
  • "I have one where I'm drowning. And I gotta wake myself up and start breathing or I'll die in my sleep."
  • "I know life is short, whatever time you get is luck."
  • "I love you. I love you fat, bald, money, no money, driving a bus - I don't care."
  • "I may be stoned on grass and Prozac, but you've been walking through our life dead."
  • "I mean - is this guy something, or is he something?"
  • "I say what I mean, and I do what I say."
  • "I told you, when we hooked up, baby, that you were gonna have to share me with all the bad people and all the ugly events on this planet."
  • "I'd like to know what's behind that grim look on your face."
  • "I'm alone, I am not lonely."
  • "I'm angry. I'm very angry, _____."
  • "It's like risk versus reward, baby."
  • "So you never wanted a regular type life?"
  • "That's pretty vacant, you know."
  • "Well I am... over-fuckin' whelmed."
  • "Well ya know, for me, the action is the juice."
  • "What am I doing? I'm talking to a blank telephone, cause there is a dead man on the other end of this fucking line..."
  • "What are you, a monk?"
  • "When are you gonna get a lady?"
  • "Where's your empathy, brother? It's a substance abuse problem."
  • "Who? Who? What are you, a fucking owl?"
  • "Why'd I get mixed up with that bitch?"
  • "You do what you do, and I do what I gotta do."
  • "You know, we are sitting here, you and I, like a couple of regular fellas."
  • "You see me doin' thrill-seeker liquor store holdups with a "Born to Lose" tattoo on my chest?"
  • "You're proud of me? What the hell're you proud of me for?"
  • "You want to walk? You walk right now. Or on your own... on your own you choose to come with me."
Sentence Meme: It's Not Me, It's You
  • "Are you mine?"
  • "Do you get a little kick out of being slow-minded?"
  • "Fuck you!"
  • "He treats me with respect."
  • "How did I get here?"
  • "I cannot apologise enough."
  • "I could say that I'll always be here for you but that would be a lie."
  • "I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore."
  • "I don't know what's right and what's real anymore."
  • "I don't want to be friends."
  • "I know it doesn't seem so fair."
  • "I never wanna see you again."
  • "I think you're really mean."
  • "I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds."
  • "I want to be rich and I want lots of money."
  • "I want to get to know you."
  • "I'd like to go to bed now."
  • "I'll always have feelings for you."
  • "I'll take my clothes off."
  • "I'm doing all that I can."
  • "I've never met a man who's made me feel quite so secure."
  • "It's all my fault. I'm sorry, you did absolutely nothing wrong."
  • "It's been weeks since I got laid."
  • "Let's just stay, I wanna lie in bed all day."
  • "Maybe I'm just overreacting."
  • "Maybe you're the one for me."
  • "No one wants your opinion."
  • "Now please can we leave?"
  • "Please can you stop calling?"
  • "Please take me away from this place."
  • "This just doesn't feel right."
  • "When we go up to bed, you're just no good."
  • "You always made it clear that you hated my friends."
  • "You always will be the taller and the prettier one."
  • "You and I have come to our end."
  • "You are my hero in disguise."
  • "You never make me scream."
  • "You're supposed to care."
  • "Your point of view is medieval."

Hwarang was a mistake. I’m just here for Taehyung, not all these emotions and crying my eyes out by episode two.

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Sentence Starters: Archer Edition
  • [Feel free to add!]
  • "Bitch, I got ants all over me!"
  • "Sorry, ignore me. My whole thing is I just crave attention."
  • "Let's go, bitches! Tiger tranqs!"
  • "If I don't get something to eat, I'm literally going to die."
  • "Why do you always never shut up?"
  • "Private Me, reporting for sploosh!"
  • "Phrasing, boom!"
  • "Stop. Stop. My penis can only get SO erect."
  • "Maybe you can shut your dick holster!"
  • "I am literally wet with jealousy."
  • "Goddamn it, shut up, John Williams!"
  • "Girl, please. Nobody's THAT gay."
  • "Eat a dick, jungle."
  • "Who are you supposed to be? Topper Bottoms, stern yet sensual skipper of the U.S.S. Rough Service?"
  • “Something, something, danger zone! I know. I’m not even trying anymore.”
  • "Oh, you don't look like a whore. An idiot maybe? Or both! Yes. A whorediot."
  • "What the shit, _______?!"
  • "Your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass."
  • "That... got a little dark."
  • "She is riddled with herpes."
  • "Just the tip!"
  • "No words. My words have failed me."
  • "I gotta go make an old man eat a big bowl of spiderwebs."
  • "Now who do I have to screw to get a drink around here?"
  • "Sorry, that's just a sympathy boner."
  • "I'm scared that if I stop drinking all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me."
  • "It's pretty hard to stay anonymous when you're the world's greatest secret agent."
  • "Hey, we're out there risking our lives every—many of the days!"
  • "Come on! Run like you're younger!"
  • "Seriously, ______, call Kenny Loggins, because you're in the DANGER ZONE."
  • "There's not enough liquor and therapy in the world to undo that."
  • "We touched penises."
  • "Oh... I thought we were laughing at the dead people we set on fire."
  • "Bloody Mary, full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. Pray for me now, at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon. Amen."
  • "Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants."
  • “Does Internet porn know you’re cheating on it?”
  • “Are you kidding? Dude. Bros before apparent threats to national security.”
  • “I can’t hear you over the sound of my giant, throbbing erection!”
  • "Wait... I had something for this."
  • "Can't or won't?"
  • "Every single noun and verb in that sentence sexually arouses me."
  • "Just like the gypsy woman said!"
  • "Grill me a cheese."
  • "Holy shitsnacks!"
  • "Do you think this is a game?!"
  • "Who are you, Comrade Question?"
  • "Just let me clear off the ol' browser history..."
  • "For shit's sake."

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hi! I've been reading up on your blog, as well as a few others, and I don't know what to think about harry (and 1d) anymore. I would love to believe that harry would never purposely write lyrics that talks about being with underage girls or that he wouldn't use queerbaiting as a tactic to be successful, but now I'm just confused? but I have to realize he's a grown man who has to take some responsibility for what's going on. I've been a fan since 2012 and I just feel lied to at this point

Hi! So many people, including myself, feel the exact same way you do. Up until about a week and a half ago I had a clear distinction between the building up of HarryStylesTM, the brand and the product launch of Harry.Styles debut album. I was highly critical of the brand roll out and impressed with the product launch campaign.

But after this last week and a half, I can honestly say I no longer care about Harry Styles as a fan but from a business perspective I feel like I’m watching a train wreck and I can’t take my eyes off of it. The very real fact is he has enormous creative control over the music on his album.

If he wanted to write an entire album about sex, I would have no problem with it. He could talk about how it’s the most important thing in his life, that he thinks about it 24/7, he could go into detail about his personal kinks. I literally would not care. What has crossed the line is that he knows his reputation and he’s choosing to get into specifics about enjoying under age sex. NO NO NO!!!

On one hand we have him slut shaming, talking about one night stands, and enjoying sex with underage girls. And then we have him wearing a rainbow jacket. The most important thing when building a brand is consistency. Is he hoping his fans will just focus on the aspect of his personality that they are most attracted to. Does he want people to have blinders on so he can be all things to all people? Train wreck!🌻


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Look at this man struttin his stuff

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Don’t “ey” me “ey” yourself

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Grrrr to you too, Vamp Boy

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T…try not to kill little ole Woobin…kay?

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*no comment*

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Oh how I wish I was Young Kwang so I could put Soo Hyuk into a headlock…

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You are too precious, never let that smile fade…

the signs as blue lyrics
  • aries: i'm sick of looking after you
  • taurus: give me one more night, one last time
  • gemini: i need a man to hold on to
  • cancer: i don't wanna feel blue anymore
  • leo: give me everything, all your heart can bring, something good and true
  • virgo: i don't know why but i can't forget it
  • libra: give me good and pure, what you waiting for?
  • scorpio: i just wanna be held when i'm scared
  • sagittarius: i'm bored of everything we do, but i just keep coming back to you
  • capricorn: i even cried but i never meant it
  • aquarius: no i don't love you, i don't care
  • pisces: give me love, give me dreams, give me a good self esteem
How are you?
  • Jungkook: *flexing* I'm great~ *muscles rip through shirt*
  • Taehyung: gosh I'm supercalafragilisticespialidocious!!
  • Jimin: no, no, how are you?(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Namjoon: how are any of us? deep down inside? how are are we all really? ... i just don't know sometimes...
  • Hoseok: I'M!! FANTASTIC!!! THANKS!!! *grabs Jimin and screams for an hour*
  • Yoongi: *sighs loudly for 5 minutes* yeah, I'm good.
  • Seokjin: oh I'm fine, I mean I'm a little hungry and no one fucking listens to me even though I'm the oldest and have you met my band mates it's like looking after 5 kids and an old man but I still try, i try my fucking hardest i haven't slept in 3 years do you even understand how hard single parenting is i swear to god - but I'm great :)

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🐹 🌟 🎁 🐇 ⚡️ 🍀 💫 🎬 for the emoji asks !

🐹 what are some of your favourite Pokémon and why?

Oh man, I only know the first and second generation Pokemon;;; If I have to choose, then Cyndaquil, Vulpix, Ninetales and Growlithe. Reasons? Nothing in particular, I just really liked fire type pokemon back then :”))

🌟 what do you like about yourself? (must choose at least 3 things!)

Oh no…. Ehm, I’ll try?

  • I like how my art is still improving significantly
  • I’m Independent (well, at least in my family standard)
  • …..?

Sorry I can’t really think for the last one :”)))))))

🎁 what never fails to make you happy?

When people said they like my art and comics and reading their comments on them :”D

🐇 what do you always daydream about?

Ehm…. except for the sad stuffs, I often daydream about what kind of story/art I should do next, mostly comics though. Hopefully I can do all of them and not just stay in my thoughts :”))

⚡️ if you had any superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation. No more tiring travelling :”))))))

🍀 if you could be any fictional character’s best friend/lover, which fictional character would you be?

For best friend, I would like Leonardo Watch because he’s a really sweet character and cares about his friends dearly. For lover, no doubt, Klaus Von Reinherz. He’s a kind, honest and amazingly strong character, also a real gentleman! Despite his scary appearance, he’s a real teddy bear and he would be the guy who can see through the goods in you that you can not see or you think don’t exist. 

💫 who inspires you?

A lot of people inspired me until now, but the one that has the most impact would likely be ONE-Sensei. Despite lacking in the art department, he’s able to deliver such amazing stories and blew everyone’s mind, breaking all stereotypes. Because of his works, I started to enjoy making comics even more and become more confident to create and experimenting on my comics, such as flow, pacing etc. He’s definitely an inspiration! :D

🎬 what are some of your favourite films?

Wreck It Ralph; Inside out; Meet The Robinson… They’re mostly animated movies, yeah.  :”))