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My memory is really fuzzy on past SPN eps, what exactly is the "sacred oath"? I personally don't see Cas ever caring about sex like dean does but other angels on the show sure were frisky lol.

Hey! So I wrote a post about it here and I have answered a couple of questions about it all in my tag “sacred oath breaking”. But the basics are that in 12x10 when Castiel reads out Akobel’s crimes he lists “laying with a human” as breaking their sacred oath. 

So we explored how if that were true, it would affect previous canon. You say the other angels were frisky, but actually you are literally referring to Gabriel and Balthazar only. Gabriel, who hated heaven so much he ran away to join the pagan gods. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that one of the many reasons Gabriel left were the ridiculous rules that the angels put in play when it came to humans. Balthazar actually supports the theory because of this conversation:

CASTIEL: What… is all this? What are you doing?

BALTHAZAR: Whatever I want. This morning I had a ménage à – what’s French for 12?

BALTHAZAR: You’re the one who made it possible. The footsteps I’m following – they’re yours. What you did, stopping the big plan, the prize fight? You did more than rebel. You tore up the whole script and burned the pages for all of us. [ Laughs. ] It’s a new era. No rules, no destiny. Just utter and complete freedom.

CASTIEL: And this is what you do with it?

BALTHAZAR: Hey, screw it, right? I mean, dad’s not coming back. You might as well blow coke and jump on the bed. You proved to me we could do anything, so I’m trying everything. What difference does it make?

This actually heavily implies that there WERE rules against sleeping with humans and after Cas rebelled Balthazar decided that he was gonna follow in Cas’s footsteps. But he had to fake his own death to do it, just like Gabriel. Which also supports the theory that if you do have sex with a human, you better hope the other angels think you are dead because otherwise they will come and kill you.

No other angels have been canonically shown having an interest in sex except for Anna, who explicitly stated that sex with humans was one of the reasons she chose to fall. Which is a huge fucking deal really. 

So sex is something that is forbidden for angels. Castiel hasn’t ever shown an interest in sex really, except when he was human when he probably felt the rules didn’t apply to him anymore. Castiel hasn’t shown interest in casual sex but he has been intrigued at least by the idea of sex with Meg, and took an interest in the Pizza man pornography. 

Its just my headcanon, but the way I see it, after the horrific thing that happened to him as a human, I reckon he associates casual sex with anyone he doesn’t trust as dangerous and distances himself from it. His complete lack of response to Dean’s teasing about the waitress in 12x12 is certainly evidence of his lack of interest in casual sex. Though I don’t think he would be opposed to the idea were it with someone he loved. The issue of course is the sacred oath, which even after all this time, is something that Castiel at least appears to want to uphold. Though I really don’t know why since all the other angels already think he’s boning Dean and want to punish him for it. 

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Hello love, i really hope this doesn't bother you but I'm trying to understand this skam season😊 could you pretty please explain how Muslim relationships work? I've seen a few people saying yousana can't happen or that they don't want them to get married but i don't understand why? Can't Muslims date? How can you get married without dating the other person first? How do you know you want to marry them? idk if these are the correct questions but explaining how relationships work would help a lot

hehe no problem! Well as I’ve said before in a post. The rules in Islam stay the same and whether or not someone follows - that is their journey, decision and test. Muslim relationships are really tricky. ya’ll ask good questions. I myself as a teenager get flustered at the thought of marriage and all these questions on how do I choose someone for the rest of my life through a couple of meetings? how will I know? ect. But I’m going to explain it from my personal views and how I view my religion and follow it.

(To my fellow Muslims. I’m not a scholar or a fiqh scholar // and if I do say something wrong I apologize my friends)

1. In Islam we are told to lower our gazes and to not mingle with the opposite gender. Because those things / temptations - Can eventually lead up to sex (lets be honest here) and pre-martial sex and intimacy is 100% not allowed. Whether you follow that or not is not my business and I’m not one to judge. But I firmly believe in this and don’t participate in acts where I’m tempted too act upon my desires because that’s the test right? I want to remind that Islam is all about battling worldly desires and to combat that by earning as many good deeds you can in this life however That does not mean it’s forbidden for me to have those feelings, wants or desires.

2. How do Muslim relationships work? Well once again I’m speaking from my pov and personal experiences. I feel like in the world of Muslims most ‘oh shoot I like that guy I might be interested in him seriously is not just a crush anymore’ happens around the college and last year of high school time. So you know all the secret glances each of them hinting at each other until either one of you, and yes this is what many young Muslims do is to tell your parents (gasp) (Ikr I have no idea how i’ll tell my dad ..RIP the male I have a crush on ) anyway. you tell your parents that you’re interested in one another! Telling your parents is such an important thing because they’ve been through this experience know how do get in contact with his parents set up the meetings ect ect and most parents want whats best for you.

3. Muslim ‘dating’  starts at this stage

But everybody’s parents are involved the guys parents and yours.. Now you start ‘ supervised dating’ ?? you still don’t touch and you have to keep it to minimal flirting. but zaynub if you dont flirt how do you find out if you want him in your life???  you ask question ya gotta get to know the guy right? what his goals in life are, how his family beliefs are, same level of spirituality, kids?, jobs? stay at home wife?, have you had a relationship before this? what do you like? ect. you ask all these questions. Usually after 5-10 meetings around this stage the girl/guys gets the idea of whether or not they can imagine their lives together in the future or not. If it doesn’t work out then it wasn’t in your qisamat (fate) and you move on.

We don’t date because we believe it saves us from many things. Same reason why we are not supposed to smoke or drink alcohol.

Another point In our religion the mosque is our central area. Just as for Christians and Jews they have churches and synagogues.  Muslims are very community people. Aunties and uncles watch us grow up the Imam at the masjid watches, youth groups and weekly meetings basketball games. Through all of these they watch us from kids to teenagers then adults - as we grow people point out ‘oh hey hes single and a good man try talking to him’ They suggest because they’ve seen and know how your families are like your personality ect. (aunties are spies lol no jokes I love them haha)

I’ve been raised up by my community and trust those around me. I feel like marriages are like that in Islam and some are not! but from my perspective it is for me. It’s a very beautiful and soft thing to watch. I recently saw two amazing people get married. she was the youth groups director - always working and helping people around the community and she got married to an amazing man who also helps the comm. and loves god. In the end we love each other for the sake of Allah. and if we do that then our marriages, friendships, and life’s are taken care of.

I know that was extremely long and complicated  (there is so much more to say) but I hope I explained it the best I could!

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a). Yes, yes, and yes to everything you said about Damon, Defan, De! I'm sorry this may be a long post. I've heard people say it's because he loves Elena so much that he does these things, no Damon doesn't love Elena. I really want people to get this Damon doesn't know how to love, he doesn't know what real love is. If you love someone you don't hurt their friends and family when the person you supposedly love does something to hurt your feelings. Again and again Damon has proven he doesn't

“Yes, yes, and yes to everything you said about Damon, Defan, De! I’m sorry this may be a long post. I’ve heard people say it’s because he loves Elena so much that he does these things, no Damon doesn’t love Elena. I really want people to get this Damon doesn’t know how to love, he doesn’t know what real love is. If you love someone you don’t hurt their friends and family when the person you supposedly love does something to hurt your feelings. Again and again Damon has proven he doesn’t love Elena. If he did he wouldn’t have done the things he did in the first place. His version of ‘love’ is screwed up because of his experiences with his parents and Katherine. That’s why for years I’ve wanted character development for Damon. If you want us to believe in this so called ‘epic’ love that DE have then Damon’s going to need a transformation. (i.e. Grow the heck up!) Although imo if Damon does I think he would move on from his relationship with Elena because they wouldn’t fit. anymore. Which is exactly what should happen but we know it won’t so… As far as the stone goes I haven’t heard anything about Stefan’s experience I think they are focusing on Damon because of what he has to do to get out. (It’s been spoiled and believe me you are going to roll your eyes) Warning: be ready for more man pain in real time. I’m wondering how many episodes they are going to drag it instead of showing Stefan. I am so sick of Damon’s whiny pathetic man pain, we don’t need more.“

Hey, anon!  Thanks for writing in! This is going to be a LONG response, lol, so settle in.

OK here is one of the many issues surrounding Damon and Elena. The way Damon feels about Elena isn’t unique to her. He spent over a century pining for Katherine and was willing to kill and manipulate anyone and everyone who got in his way when it came to getting her back. He attacks Bonnie because Emily possesses her and destroys the crystal that could get him into the tomb; he tries to team up with Logan so he can get into the tomb; he force-feeds Elena his blood so Stefan can give him the grimoire to get him into the tomb. Or he turns Vicki because he’s thinking about Katherine and he’s in feels.

And he does things like that with Elena. He kills Aaron because he thinks she broke up with him; he chokes Matt (or was it Tyler?) with chains because he wants Jeremy to let him out so he can go to Elena etc. etc.

So when the show packages the feelings he has for Elena as something specific to her, I sit there like but it’s not, though. Season 1 was all about how Damon would do anything to get Katherine back — it’s not like Elena awakened in Damon the capacity to feel because he’d been feeling and waiting for Katherine for over 100 years. So when Stefan and Damon have that exchange in 2x01 when Stefan goes on and on about how Damon feels something for Elena and he won’t let Katherine come in and destroy that part of him, I’m sitting there like but that part of him was NEVER destroyed! Damon’s problem is that he can’t handle what he feels so he kills people because it’s easier than dealing with his shit. If anything it was Stefan who was unwilling to feel, unwilling to be vulnerable and let someone in and meeting Elena forced him to do that:

And the other issue with Damon and Elena which is entwined with the first issue is that Damon actually just transplanted his obsession with Katherine onto Elena. He can’t even bear to see her dressed in old-fashioned clothes because it reminds him too much of Katherine.

Elena was the Katherine that he always wanted because what exactly is it about Elena that Damon falls in love with?

When Stefan discusses Elena and Katherine, there are clear distinctions in what he feels for each woman; he speaks of Katherine, he speaks of her beauty, of her penchant for having a good time, of her laugh. When he speaks about how he felt about her, it’s this need to “have” her, this want that obliterates all of his selfless tendencies because he just HAS to be with her. But when he talks about Elena: “Elena is warm and she’s kind and she’s caring and she’s selfless and it’s real and honestly when I’m around her I completely forget what I am”, “I met a girl and we talked. It was epic…” What he feels for Elena is grounded and it’s emotional and it’s kindling and it’s intimate. It’s a very different love.

But with Damon … he falls for Elena because she is a woman who essentially takes a chance on him, his love for her is rooted in her investment in him:

which is why in season 4 he wasn’t too pressed about her having no humanity, he wasn’t too pressed about her getting the cure until he realized she wasn’t fawning over him anymore. She seduced him and teamed up with Rebekah who snapped his neck and they stole his car and after that he referred to Elena as a “bitch”.

And with Delena it’s always “getting the girl”, she’s a target for Damon, she’s a representation, a symbol. 

So it’s actually not really a relationship, it’s therapy for Damon and furthermore it’s therapy that isn’t working because you have this:

and this

How can it be that DE is a relationship in which Damon is redeemed when feeling what he feels for Elena leads to him attacking Andie or killing Jessica or killing Aaron or snapping Jeremy’s neck or kidnapping Jeremy or crushing Matt’s windpipe? How can it be love when those feelings compel him to hurt people? And how can the show justify Elena loving him back considering all that carnage and considering that as Stefan mentioned Elena is meant to be “warm and kind and caring and selfless”? And they don’t because really, Delena isn’t about Elena or about what Damon does for Elena (which is honestly, truly nothing) or about it being a symbiotic dynamic, it’s about Damon finally “getting the girl” and it’s like …

I agree that if Damon were allowed to grow as a character, he wouldn’t be with Elena, he wouldn’t need to be because his sense of redemption and morality wouldn’t be symbolized in her and the fact that she’s meant to be an embodiment of his better nature is the only reason why they’re together in the first place. And in the beginning of season 6, you can sort of see that Damon has outgrown his need for Elena and you see the show redirect him to it. When I was into Bamon, I shipped them because a) Ian and Kat have incredible chemistry b) Damon actually grows with Bonnie when the show doesn’t hinder it and it’s because Bamon was a relationship that was based in a respect, it was a begrudging respect but it was there. In fact, I don’t think Damon respected anyone on the show but Bonnie, which is why originally there was prickliness there because she demanded his best behaviour by not excusing him or coddling him and I think he resented that and yet appreciated that because he grows to care for her, “Careful, Damon, I might think you actually care…” and in season 1 and in season 2 he would thank her whenever she helped him and you could tell that he meant it and he respected her enough to say it because when did Damon ever say thank you to anyone on the show? (Except for Elena). and in the prison world, you know, when Kai shoots Bonnie with the arrow and Damon has a choice between the ascendant and saving Bonnie, he chooses Bonnie.  So he grows with Bonnie (of course the issue with that is that Bamon is still inherently about Damon and about what Bonnie can do for Damon and make Damon better).

Which leads to my final point; every relationship Damon has is always ultimately about Damon because the show refuses to make him grow up on his own, the show refuses to really make him pay for what he’s done i.e. have the other characters abandon him so he can figure his shit out and feel the loss of having no one and being confronted with his man-childness and so because of that, the show will drag out Damon’s man pain and centre everything around it and call it “development.”

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paladins playing dnd - who would be what do you think? *if you aren't familiar with dnd you don't have to answer this lol

I’m passingly familiar with the concept at least.  So here goes!

Pidge - Bard. She doesn’t roleplay much, and she can’t even be bothered to do an accent usually (because she sucks at it, but she won’t admit it).  But Pidge knows how to rig a game, and bards have a lot of potential in terms of how to break things in the most spectacular way.  But she wants everyone to stop insisting she talk in rhyme.  It’s not going to happen.  Shut up or eat lyre. (And this is assuming she’s not DM)

Lance - Paladin.  He’s the Hero, dammit, and he’s going to save all the damsels and fight all the monsters and be the strongest and the handsomest.  Probably roleplays the most out of the bunch, but it’s not usually what one would call deeply characterized.  Still, he has a lot of fun, and he has terrible luck with the dice, which leads to a lot of amusing situations.  He’s also the one to remember all the stupid jokes that crop up and bring them back up later, and he sits there beaming like a smug loon while everyone else loses their shit.

Keith - Ranger.  He wasn’t really familiar with any of it to start, and so he had Pidge help set him up with something pretty easy to understand.  His backstory is being a feral child because Pidge thinks she’s funny and Shiro makes Disappointed Faces at her whenever she smirks about it.  But he gets into it, and not only does he have good instincts about how to apply his stats for the best results, but he barely ever rolls badly (but when he does, it’s a SPECTACULAR failure and they never let him live it down).  Has gotten into the more roleplay-ish aspects as time goes on, and he likes coming up with clever solutions to problems.

Hunk - Wizard.  “Really?  Good luck in combat, man,” Pidge says.  Hunk just arches an eyebrow and smirks.  Because he can hold in own in combat, but where Hunk shines?  There is no obstacle that Hunk cannot best.  Is there something blocking the way that’s supposed to be saved for later?  Too bad, Hunk is getting over it.  Does the party have a map but no idea where to go?  Hunk has a spell for that.  And besides, he gets to be a wizard!  It’s fun, you guys.  Has officially been banned from using the phrase ‘A wizard did it’ ever again.  EVER.

Shiro - Thief/Rogue.  Originally he picked it because of it’s use, but after breaking up at least four fights between Lance and Keith, trying to stop Pidge from making every conflict moot and stopping Hunk from totally undoing the narrative, Shiro gives up.  Just utterly.  He goes full Chaotic Neutral and there’s not a single thing anyone can do to stop him.  There’s a sleeping enemy on the field?  Shiro throws a knife at it.  The palace guard is looking for a bribe to let them in?  Shiro throws a punch.  Fuck responsibility, fuck the narrative, fuck doing the right thing, that’s not Shiro’s job anymore.  Is personally responsible for most of the ‘Totally Avoidable Stupid Shit’ that’s gone down.  And if any of them have anything to say about it, he has the Goddamn Receipts, and his are from real life.  Try it.  He’s waiting.  Shiro remembers everything they’ve said and done in the field that made him want to give up and let Zarkon take over the universe.  Now it’s their turn.
You know what Voltaire said...

…But I did find find this post on my dash this morning while drinking my coffee and it haunt me since then. It’s not because I agree with her right to give her opinion that I can’t say that her opinion is bullshit.

First of all, it is always out of place and disrespectfull to talk shit about dead people before they are even buried. So this shock me and the fact that she says that:

“As an artist, a person who works in magazines, a human, and as a French woman I feel their pain.”

only makes me think of people saying “I’m not racist but…” and all those kind of puny excuses for verbal dhiarea.

Now let’s come to the core of her speech :

this newspaper was infamously known for being racist, homophobic, and highly islamphobic. I am not one to laugh at a blatant racist comic as “oh lol free speech”

As far as I know she just drop that with “I need it to be known” and with only proof the drawings that she uses as illustration. She put those drawings absolutly out of context and expect (quite accuratly) that people will take them as proof of her words.

The problem is that context is everything here to understand those drawings.

First of all, Charlie Hebdo is a lair of atheist and anarchist. They always had proudly, loudly and fearlessly gave their opinion and most of the time in the most shocking way they could find in order to make people react and think. I’m quiet and peaceful person so I didn’t read them on a weekly basis. But I did heard their words and claims and they are nothing like that she’s saying.

Now, let’s take some examples shall we ?

SO here anyone who is not French sees a black man ridiculised and think about racism. What they ignore is that the person which is drawed here is Dieudonné, an horrible anti jew. He even denies what happened to them during WWII. He invented the “signe de la quenelle” which as now becomed a well known sign for facist and racist in Europe, equivalent (and I’m not kidding) to the nazi salute. Originally, the quenelle is an innocent and rather tasteful sausage and if anyone deserves to have on giant one shove up his ass then it’s certainly Dieudonné.

For this one I’m just going to send you to this post :

What people on tumblr so busy being offended about everything without bothering to educate themselves about the context think it means: “OMG drawing a black woman as a monkey! So racist!”

What the drawing ACTUALLY means: Do you see the flame logo on the left? This is the Front National logo a far right party of France who’s rallying cry was “Rassemblement bleu Marine” litterally meaning “navy blue gathering” a play with word with the navy blue color of their party and the name of their leader Marine Le Pen. The text above the drawing proclame “Rassemblement Bleu Raciste” meaning “Blue racist gathering”, now do you understand what it means or do I need to spell it for you? It is Charlie Hebdo calling out the FN, Marine Le Pen and their so called “democratic rassemblement” for what they are AKA A BUNCH OF RACISTS! This people are actually ON THE SIDE YOU’RE PRETENDING TO BE ON, but go on and be offended at them!


(only addition: the one about Christiane Taubira (the woman pictured as a monkey, who is the Minister of Justice) is particularly powerful because a woman elected under the “Rassemblement Bleu Marine” front said stuff comparing Christiane Taubira to a monkey) (so yeah they’re showing how awful these people are)

II’ll finish with this one. this is a christian cross so it’s the proof that they did attack everyone and are not against Islam in particular. They are both white so it’s not racism.  so maybe it’s sexist? Actually no it’s none of the above. The 2 women represented here have both use the argument of their religion to justify their oposition to same sex mariage. So they are represented here as what they are disgusting bigot.

SO TO CONCLUDE : Excuse my french but : FUCK THIS SHIT! She insulted their memory with that bullshit.

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Btw Pidge, about AUs: The Kylux fandom is so huge and a lot of ppl have AUs and a lot of these AUs are really great but the thing is: it's hard to get noticed in such a huge pond. In all honesty, I felt like I wanted to leave this fandom for a while now bc nothing I do seems to matter. I know a lot of people say 'don't do it for the notes' but what's the point if you can't connect to people? (1/2)

I’m so depressed about this, tbh. I just wished I could create smth that ppl love so much that they would draw fanart or even write fics or whatever but nah it’s not happening. It also didn’t help that the kylux-positivity week blog reblogged like 90 % of artists that were already super popular in the fandom and didn’t need the publicity. I’m just sort of down about this and the only reason I’m taking this to you is bc you’re a positivity hub - sort of. Sorry. (2/2)


ohhh man… this is one of the most difficult Asks i’ve ever received… (o   0 o) in a perfect world, i want everyone in the fandom to feel happy and loved and enjoy their time here! but i know that just isn’t how it is in reality. I’m really happy you find solace in the positive vibe of my blog though! thank you! <3 but i’m also really sorry that you find yourself feeling this way Anon, and also that i don’t quite know how to respond to this… hmmm… (=  3 =);;;

I don’t run the kind of blog that has thousands of followers, and i don’t get thousands of notes per post ~ but i DO feel loved and appreciated, and have dear, dear friends in the community! so regardless of my perceived status, i’m just here because i love being here! <3 fandom is a complicated beast and i’m only just learning about it myself. this is my very first fandom! and my very first blog! i’ve only been on Tumblr for a little over five months! so i can’t claim to have much wisdom or insight about the way things work; i can only talk about my own experience.

though… (O ___O);;; even then… my experience hasn’t been the kind of one a lot of other people CAN have. i don’t go to school anymore, and i don’t have to leave home to work for half of my week, so i have more time than the average person to devote to my art and my relationships here, which is a big part of how i started to have the confidence and inspiration to keep drawing and growing as an artist ~ and also how come the wellspring in my heart for this fandom never runs dry! what i think i might mean is… (and omg… i really hope this doesn’t sound mean, or awful, or like i’m saying you don’t work hard, or try hard ~ cuz dear gawd, that’s not what i mean!!!) you get out of the fandom what you put into it.

If you want to eat cake, you gotta have a cake to eat. You can go out and buy that cake from someone else - and it’ll be perfect, and beautiful, and you’ll enjoy the fuck out of it!!! but if you want the satisfaction that comes from eating a cake you made yourself, then you’re gonna have to not only bake that cake, but get all the ingredients, skills, and tools necessary to make it in the first place!

the “i just wanna eat cake” crowd, are the people who just LOVE the fandom! all the people who like and reblog and enjoy the works of others! they’re so, SO important to the health and vitality of the fandom as a whole! people who leave comments and thoughtful tags are the ones spurring creators into creating more! and it sounds like you’re searching for the feeling of baking a cake that everybody wants a slice of! (-^ O^-) the fulfilling feeling of creating content that people want to talk with you about! but people aren’t gonna eat your cake just because you baked it… which is the sad part… so you just have to keep making cakes over and over and over until they are either SO fancy that nobody can miss them, or you’ve made SO much cake that nobody can help but notice your passion for cake making!

(O   A O);;; this cake metaphor is making me realize that i’m starving… omg… lol lol lol XD it’s 6am! this is no time for cake! (^ ___^) i’m sorry… lol… i’ll try to be more serious… Ummmm… (O  vO) anyway… the things is… you just gotta keep doing what you’re doing. there is a rule i believe exists in the world, one that i hate because it’s incredibly exploitable… but one that is also very positive with the right intentions: “it’s not what you do. it’s how much you do it.” When you make your work, and keep on making it, and keep on making it, regardless of how people value it or don’t value it… regardless of the feedback… you just keep creating and being positive about your own experience - i think THAT is how we build the foundations for our own success and growth. My work when i first came here was NOT spectacular, and i didn’t have single follower on day one ~ just like everybody else ~ but i just kept making things, and making things, and making things, and now it’s nearly been half a year!

You know who i really admire and think is an amazing example of being passionate about the fandom no matter what? @katherine1753 !!! i ADORE her. she doesn’t get tons of notes or have thousands of followers, but she is SO passionate and SO positive! in the short time i’ve been following her work, she has already created so much and grown so much as an artist! she also gives of herself without expecting anything in return and people around her see this and want to interact with her! she gives and gives and gives to the fandom, and we are all lucky to have her, even if not everybody knows it. because you just have to keep growing and changing with positive intentions for YOURSELF, and THAT is what people find engaging! when you believe in yourself other people want to support you; and that’s the thing about this fandom! making friends is easy if you try! (^ O^) we’re all here for the same reasons!!!

now… i don’t want this next part to sound like grandstanding… ((oO ^Oo)) or like i’m trying to talk myself up… i’m just trying to say what it’s been like for me…

i don’t care about the number of followers i have or the amount of notes i receive; the core group of followers and friends who show me undue kindness and love every day, are already more than i deserve <3 <3 <3 <3 but the REAL amazing thing has been my own personal growth as an artist and how much much positivity this experience makes me feel! and i think THAT is what people follow me for. Every day i feel SO in love with the fandom, and with my own ever-changing work, and with the chances i get to talk to people! and i think others pick up on that! <3 doing what you love for YOU is what will make other people enjoy loving the experience of it along with you <3

the very first piece i posted to Tumblr was this:

character sketches for @no-hux-given ‘s high school AU! (-^  v ^-) i didn’t find her because she was running a high-profile blog, and i wasn’t making work that was seen by tons of people! i just found her by accident and fell in love with her work! and now, the experience of her friendship is one i wouldn’t trade for anything! her positivity towards my work fostered my own positivity towards my work! and it’s just grown and grown from a tiny sapling to a huge tree since then!!!

so just now i drew this:

and i think it’s safe to say that i have grown and changed a lot since that first post! (-^ O^-) and so has my blog!!! (o   w o) <3 i’ve made wonderful friendships along the way, enjoyed the kindness of strangers, and learned so much from all the wonderful and talented people around here!!! but it took a HUGE investment of time and love and never giving up!

it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows! nobody gave a crap what i made or what i did - nobody @’d me in posts or wrote about me - and that was fine! it didn’t stop me from making things! i’ve always been here for me and my own growth first. and regardless of my timeline, the fact still remains that i’ve drawn over 130 piece for this fandom, and drawn over 140 reaction selfies to interact with people on my blog. i put in time and effort and withstood the slings and arrows that come along with doing things that not everybody agrees with… but… you don’t get to eat the cake unless you make it! and if you’ve never made a cake before… the first one sure as hell isn’t going to be perfect! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! (-^ O^-)

so don’t get discouraged!!! people are right when they say “don’t do it for the notes”. no matter what fandom you go to, it will always start the same. you will always be a small fish in a big pond in the beginning! we all are! and that isn’t a bad thing! you just need to grow! and you grow and get stronger the more you do! <3 just like anything in life, you’re going to get out of it what you put in. if you put in time and positivity, other people are going to give you their time and positivity back. not right away. but eventually (-^ ___^-) building up a following and growing your blog, those are things that happen a tiny bit at a time with every piece of original content you make. so if you want to grow… you gotta just keep going! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) it takes a long time! it really does! there is no easy answer and no short cut to take! but everything you do will help you to grow and change, and THAT is the really, really valuable stuff!

Good luck with all of your projects in the future! never stop doing what you love! if you don’t love it… move on to the next thing. and keep moving forward and moving forward with love, passion, and positivity!!! <3

I didn't ask for these feels: a Consumed recap.

(Ok so this is all very silly and long. It was originally written by request for a friend and no one is properly in character and I forgot to post it here which is likely a sign that it should remain unposted but oh well)

We open on Carol thinking about ditching these fools, it’s night. From behind her a branch snaps. She turns.

Daryl: Oh um hi, definitely not stalking you, just walkin’ ‘round in the dark for no reason. You know.


Daryl: Um, so, watcha doin’?

Carol: I dunno. I’m basically feeling too many feels, I don’t want these feels and I didn’t ask for these feels so I’m leaving.

Daryl: squinty-eyed love

Carol: Not helping.

-Black car, white cross, vroom-

Daryl: Holy shit, I totally forgot about Beth.

Maggie (From the distance): Hm, why does that name sound so familiar…Oh well, off to Washington!

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