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How do you think Gabe was to Sally? Like, behind closed doors? What was their first date like? When did Sally decide she just HAD to merry Gabe to protect Percy? Was there a build up? Just curious what your headcannon is.

Yo I’m just going to do their meeting and the beginning of the abuse because I had so many head canons it was getting too long

  • When Sally met Gabe, it was at the point she was growing desperate - Percy was growing older, his aura becoming more radiant, his smell stronger, and attracting enough danger that even he was starting to realize something was up.
  • Not to mention the fact that she was a single mother barely making enough to cover the rent, much less take care of a growing boy with anger issues and a tendency to get kicked out of every school he’s enrolled in.
  • They’re walking down the street when she sees the monster coming the other direction, sniffing wildly, eyes narrowing suspiciously on the two of them, and Sally takes Percy by the wrist and drags him into the nearest store - an electronics mega mart.
  • She’s panicking, dragging Percy down the aisles and praying the monster won’t walk in. And because the world has been anything but gracious to Sally Jackson, she sees the monster walk through the front doors, eyes searching.
  • That’s when the smell hits her - it’s pungent, disgusting, and is positively the worst thing she has ever smelled in her entire life.
  • The manager walks around the corner and as he nears the smell only grows worst. He’s a pudgy man, balding, and Sally reads the name Gabe before he talks to them
  • “Welcome to Electronics Mega Mart, how may I help you?”
  • And Percy, in all of his seven year old glory, replies “You smell like moldy garlic pizza. Wrapped in gym shorts.” 
  • Sally reprimands Percy, apologizing to the man, and is about to excuse them when she sees the monster at the end of the aisle.
  • Fear crosses over her face and as the monster stalks towards them something strange happens - as the monster grows near, his face falters, a look of pure disgust forming, and she can’t believe it when the monster turns on its heel and leaves.
  • And that’s when the idea sparks. She glances at the putrid-smelling manager with a sense of appraisal.  It couldn’t be that simple could it?Then she puts the warmest smile she can on her face.
  • Sally Jackson knows she’s attractive. (She had Percy when she was only nineteen, and now at twenty-six she’s more than capable of utilizing her appearance to her advantage.)
  • Gabe’s helpless really.
  • They date for two months before she gets the ring on her finger.
  • And that’s when the switch goes off.
  • Gabe Ugliano had been a suitably nice man for the first two months she knew him. Someone who was disgusting - but someone she could tolerate and even like at times. 
  • She feels guilty at times for faking her half of the relationship - but when she sees monsters give them a broad berth on the street and purposefully move out of their path, she knows the relationship is going to be her savior… Percy’s savior.
  • But when they move into his apartment after their engagement, everything changes. 
  • Gabe’s always had a short temper but it now flairs at every single little thing that irritates him.
  • Percy and Gabe disagree over every little thing and just pick at one another, and Sally has to remind herself that this is all for Percy when her child comes crying to her, begging her to leave Gabe.
  • She notes how there are weird sections of discoloration on his wall - almost like holes had been punched in them and then haphazardly plastered over… she doesn’t realize how obvious the warning signs were until it’s to late.
  • The first time Gabe hits her it’s because she told him she wanted to keep her last name. It’s an argument that quickly grows heated, and she says that it’s the last connection to her family (not to mention she doesn’t want to take the name Ugliano but she doesn’t say that to him) and that’s when his hand meets her face.
  • She crumples to the floor, her mind trying to sort through the confusion and the reality of the events that just happened. And while he’s stands over her, heaving in anger and his hand still outstretched, a sick sense of dread begins to grow in her stomach because she realizes that it’s only the beginning. 

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Oh klaroline+#7kiss prompt

“routine kisses where the other person presents their cheek/forehead for the hello/goodbye kiss without even looking up from what they’re doing”

AN: Post around s6 of TVD and no magical babies bc that’s the only way I roll xD

Hope you like it ;)

This time, it’s Tuesday.

Caroline moves around the studio, her gaze wandering around, trying to locate all the garments she’s missing. Her hair is a mess and she lets out an impatient huff when it all falls over her face as she tries to retrieve her top from under the sofa.

Klaus smirks when he hears her curse, still keeping his focus on the painting he’s working on.

Perhaps he needs to add just a touch of red to make her lingerie the exact shade of crimson he’s going for, the one that reminds him of his dried up blood around her lips.

His fingers clench tighter around the brush as he remembers the heat of her skin, as he recalls her spicy taste on his tongue -

A growl of frustration falls from his mouth as the brush skids over the line, leaving a tiny red splatter on the canvas.

“Serves you right for painting me in my sleep,” Caroline says from behind him, slightly out of breath as she nearly crawls the floor, looking for something.

Klaus merely smiles under his nose. Caroline complaining about him painting her? Trying to draw his (and her) attention from the fact she’s just spent yet another night late morning afternoon in his arms?

It’s all part of their routine since she’s moved to NOLA with that pest Enzo eight months ago.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the flimsy deep red bra, caresses the delicate lace with the tip of his finger as if he stroked the swell of her breast.

Caroline’s voice is hoarse when she demands, “Give me that.” She wastes no time snatching the undergarment from his hands. “This ends now,” she says, hastily pushing the bra under her top.

Klaus hums in response, continuing with the painting.

Caroline scrunches her nose at his placating tone. “I’m serious.” She twists her arms at the weirdest angles to pull the straps in the right position.

“Uhm.” Klaus reaches for another shade of paint now. A sunny yellow.

“This was the last time, Klaus. The last time!” She dives under the table to get her purse.

This time, Klaus offers her silence, too busy contemplating which detail to work on next. But he can feel the burn of her gaze on his back, the frustration coming off her in waves.

“Ugh,” Caroline scoffs after a brief moment of fidgeting. “See you never, Klaus,” she blurts out and heads to the door, stopping - as always - by him when Klaus cranes his neck and offers her his cheek.

The touch of her lips is brief but warm.

And then she’s out of the door and he counts - one, two, three - until he hears another groan escape Caroline’s throat when she realizes what’s she’s just done.

Pecked him on the cheek to say goodbye, like old married couples do.

“See you around, sweetheart!” he yells after her.

He can’t wait for his Wednesday kiss.

send me fictional kiss prompts from this list

reaper ; ★

i can feel the ( リーパー ) close, i hear him pa c i n  g  .

★ —
               uh, oh !
               they’re gonna get you this time, jack.

“ it’s sho ! ” he shouts between uneasy gasps of breath. sho stumbles over an uneven slab of concrete, scraping the skin of his foot hard enough to make him wince. ” and no, they’re not! i always out-run ‘em ! ” koffing releases another smokescreen, following a few paces behind. bump, bump — his feet smack against the cement path of a castelia city alleyway; a rhytm, hammering in his temples, in sync with his pulse.

bump, bump —
 what’ll happen if they get ya?
      just this once. what’s worse than losing your di —

 watch out !

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ishin-denshin | 以心伝心

gift to: @sonhabem

pairing(s): Travlyn, Gods AU

warning(s): E, explicit sexual content 

a/n: so the full fic is posted on Ao3 but I’m posting the sfw beginning!!! It’s based off some art work sebbi drew and I just… I haven’t written smut in so long but I felt so inspired. I’m a little rusty.


ishin-denshin | 以心伝心

(idiom) what the mind thinks, the heart transmits

Travis, though his greenness in experience, posed a formidable presence among those in Paradise.

Some unnerved by his disinterest in politics, others by the status he was brought through and chosen, nobody could deny of how well he carried out his duties and the popularity he held.

In short, he was beloved.

Energetic, optimistic and lively, he projected everything which a god that guided the sun and brought light to all was expected to bring. Not many could figure out how Laurance found the boy, virtual nobody living in a cottage with immortal mother and a father damned away into the hells where Shad lied—but nobody can argue his choice was a sound one and those looked upon the house of Zvahl in favor with their wise choices. Travis always knew the gamble he was, it wasn’t a secret.

What many didn’t expect—even in the beginning, he felt slight doubts about—the spectacle of befriending and later, courting the goddess who held his counterpart and the seas: Katelyn.

Not all those who ruled the heavens and earth reside in Paradise—and Katelyn found comfort among her worshippers, rather than watching from above. Like Travis, she was raised on earth, close to the seas; but she wasn’t a stranger either. Calculating and cold was the descriptor he once heard Garroth give, with a small scoff, she thinks she’s better. Others, namely Laurance and Cadenza, who worked with her often, didn’t say much beyond she was quiet and cautious, but befriending her would do them both good. In hindsight, maybe they were playing a bow of love for them or maybe this were their paternal way of saying ‘Get out and meet people’—either way, he went in tentative but secretly wooed by both her beauty and mystery; he had emotions after all, and the heart wanted what the heart desired.


He desired her, in all sense of the word.

Luckily for him, feelings were mutual.

You see, though they were both guides of the sky—leading the sun and moon from their rise to their respective resting place—their time spent advancing their relationship was at a snail pace. Temples were erected before admittance of their love, for Irene’s own sake.

But Katelyn took into her own hands not to make this mistake a second time.

Full Story Here (NSFW)


The thing is… I work better alone.
I work better alone, too.


got bored at work so i tried my hand at trad art again after i saw a meme… and MAN WOW OH WOW, am i rusty af! :D thankfully, after a lot of unspeakable “maneuvers”, I managed. i think. haha

ps angelface au Smith is my favorite Smith to draw :)  ::  ||twitter||

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eehhh gomen anon i am a lazy fuck and this is way short h hh h h h h, but just for u i produced some trash < 3 333 

“Did you miss me?” Levi asks when he plops down next to Eren and hands him his cup of steaming hot chocolate, and for a split second Eren wonders if he should admit that, yes, he kind of did, even though he was gone for only a couple of minutes. Instead of doing that, though, he nudges at Levi’s knee affectionately from where he’s laying down on the floor, not yet quite ready to move from under the mountain of blankets he’s buried himself under.

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percabeth "can i tell you a secret"

Her rasping breath makes his heart shudder. He holds her shivering body closer, as if he can pass some of his own heat onto her, some of his own health and life. He would give his life right now to save her.

‘Can I tell you a secret?’ she whispers.

He wants to hush her, to ask her to save her strength, but he does not have the will to deny her anything. He holds her closer and nods.

'I never really thought I was good enough.’


'My family didn’t want me, and when I got to Camp it was like I found a new family, but they were all already better than I was. And Thalia was gone, and then Luke.’ She takes another breath and he shifts her in his arms, desperate to make her more comfortable. 'People would always leave,’ she says, 'and I thought it was because of me.’

'No, it wasn’t.’

'I know that now.’ Her voice keeps getting weaker with every word. Percy wants to save them, he wants to catch them in a glass jar and keep them close to his heart. 'And then you came along, and for a while I thought you would leave too.’

'I’ll never leave you.’

She closes her eyes and smiles, blood paints her lips. 'I know. And Percy, that’s enough.’ Her eyes open and lock with his, her hand grips his with more strength than he thought possible. 'It always has been.’

All at once, her voice hushes until it is silent, her breaths follow. And her firm grip on his hand softens until it is limp. Voices begin to echo towards them, coming to help, but Percy knows they are far too late.

Thankful. [Negan x Reader]

Originally posted by werewolvesxo

Request: Y/N takes care of Negan who is sick, as well as their child.

For: @your-silver-and-gold

Tags: fluff, swearing, short af, man I am just so rusty on writing it feels weird and I feel horrible sorry for making it so short

“Look. At. This!” Negan let out a dry cough and pointed at the pile of tissues and bottled waters, and Y/N cringes at the sound. He was sick.

“Someone just left you to be sick?” she asked with folded arms.

Negan folded his hands and tried to smile. “Best believe that it was Fat Joey that got me and our kid sick, y’know?”

She glances over at their child, who was wiping sweat off their forehead with their bare hand, half the blanket covering their body. 

Y/N kept her distanced when Negan coughed in his tissue again, likely getting rid of phlegm out of his system. But despite the numerous count of men populated in the sanctuary, she had to take care of him and their child. 

It was the only way to do.

“You’ll take care of me and our little pumpkin, right?” he says. Y/N said nothing so he adds on, cupping his ear with his hand, “-was that a yes? God, I am so thankful for you, my dear wife.”

One of your other wives, she thought.

Y/N let out a sigh. “You make me stressed, you know? We’re running low on medicine.”

“Au contraire,” Negan croaks out, tossing the tissue on the table. “We got medicine from Rick’s group.”

“Half?” She walks over to their kid and places her hand on their forehead. Hot.

“All of it!” he smiles.

She pursed her lips. “Then show me where they are and I’ll get them.”

“In the doctor’s room.”

// THE END //