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How do you think Gabe was to Sally? Like, behind closed doors? What was their first date like? When did Sally decide she just HAD to merry Gabe to protect Percy? Was there a build up? Just curious what your headcannon is.

Yo I’m just going to do their meeting and the beginning of the abuse because I had so many head canons it was getting too long

  • When Sally met Gabe, it was at the point she was growing desperate - Percy was growing older, his aura becoming more radiant, his smell stronger, and attracting enough danger that even he was starting to realize something was up.
  • Not to mention the fact that she was a single mother barely making enough to cover the rent, much less take care of a growing boy with anger issues and a tendency to get kicked out of every school he’s enrolled in.
  • They’re walking down the street when she sees the monster coming the other direction, sniffing wildly, eyes narrowing suspiciously on the two of them, and Sally takes Percy by the wrist and drags him into the nearest store - an electronics mega mart.
  • She’s panicking, dragging Percy down the aisles and praying the monster won’t walk in. And because the world has been anything but gracious to Sally Jackson, she sees the monster walk through the front doors, eyes searching.
  • That’s when the smell hits her - it’s pungent, disgusting, and is positively the worst thing she has ever smelled in her entire life.
  • The manager walks around the corner and as he nears the smell only grows worst. He’s a pudgy man, balding, and Sally reads the name Gabe before he talks to them
  • “Welcome to Electronics Mega Mart, how may I help you?”
  • And Percy, in all of his seven year old glory, replies “You smell like moldy garlic pizza. Wrapped in gym shorts.” 
  • Sally reprimands Percy, apologizing to the man, and is about to excuse them when she sees the monster at the end of the aisle.
  • Fear crosses over her face and as the monster stalks towards them something strange happens - as the monster grows near, his face falters, a look of pure disgust forming, and she can’t believe it when the monster turns on its heel and leaves.
  • And that’s when the idea sparks. She glances at the putrid-smelling manager with a sense of appraisal.  It couldn’t be that simple could it?Then she puts the warmest smile she can on her face.
  • Sally Jackson knows she’s attractive. (She had Percy when she was only nineteen, and now at twenty-six she’s more than capable of utilizing her appearance to her advantage.)
  • Gabe’s helpless really.
  • They date for two months before she gets the ring on her finger.
  • And that’s when the switch goes off.
  • Gabe Ugliano had been a suitably nice man for the first two months she knew him. Someone who was disgusting - but someone she could tolerate and even like at times. 
  • She feels guilty at times for faking her half of the relationship - but when she sees monsters give them a broad berth on the street and purposefully move out of their path, she knows the relationship is going to be her savior… Percy’s savior.
  • But when they move into his apartment after their engagement, everything changes. 
  • Gabe’s always had a short temper but it now flairs at every single little thing that irritates him.
  • Percy and Gabe disagree over every little thing and just pick at one another, and Sally has to remind herself that this is all for Percy when her child comes crying to her, begging her to leave Gabe.
  • She notes how there are weird sections of discoloration on his wall - almost like holes had been punched in them and then haphazardly plastered over… she doesn’t realize how obvious the warning signs were until it’s to late.
  • The first time Gabe hits her it’s because she told him she wanted to keep her last name. It’s an argument that quickly grows heated, and she says that it’s the last connection to her family (not to mention she doesn’t want to take the name Ugliano but she doesn’t say that to him) and that’s when his hand meets her face.
  • She crumples to the floor, her mind trying to sort through the confusion and the reality of the events that just happened. And while he’s stands over her, heaving in anger and his hand still outstretched, a sick sense of dread begins to grow in her stomach because she realizes that it’s only the beginning. 
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Archimedes finally got to go out for a field test with some of his own special weapons he crafted up during training. It consisted of a customized pistol, a mini sword and some health liquids he stored in his goggles. They also worked well to see through buildings.

He was doing pretty well and now that he had the ability to respawn at his home base, he felt like one of the grown up’s. Like he was now a man! Fighting and being tough and fun!

He had yet to actually die yet however, for the most part he was partially spectating and watching his team mates backs. To be honest, he was a little nervous to be down there but he was determined.

After several seconds, one of the soldiers cleared 2 snipers on the enemy base top floor. It was an opening. Archimedes decided to go right for it and make himself a part of the action. He got lucky and had a clear path right into the intel room.

Archimedes rushed down the stairs as quietly as he possibly could, racing around the corner. This was weird, it was like they were all over in the other base. A pleasant surprise that made him all the more excited and confident.



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The Snake and The Kitten: Part 1

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a fanfic. But I’ve had an idea as too how Stan and Jimmy would’ve met… in shipper trash form XD

Under read more due to sheer embarrassment and unforeseen length.

Part two

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(OQ Week, Day 1: Masquerade Ball)

Robin Hood knows how to mix and mingle. His upbringing as a young earl-to-be did not, despite his father’s frequent and many admonishments, go to waste. Tonight, he will rub shoulders with the highest echelons, the creme de la creme of the kingdom. He’ll compliment ladies and boost the egos of men, and maybe - probably - he’ll even dance a tad. It is, after all, a ball, so it’s all part of the deal. And he does need to appear as innocuous as possible.

The royal ball is invitation only, of course, and Robin presents his at the entrance (granted, it was originally addressed to some baron or other but Robin pinched it fair and square, so it’s his now). The guards take his bow and arrows as is customary, jesting about and congratulating him on his costume.

The fanfare blares somewhere beyond the walls; the ball is being opened just now, and Robin is still stuck cracking jokes with the guards. It’s probably for the best. In his line of work, the less he’s seen the better. Still, the hold up irks him some. The kingdom is loud with praise of the queen’s unparallelled beauty and he wouldn’t mind seeing for himself.

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