man i am getting lazy with this stuff

queensmaugart  asked:

your art is fab!! love that you keep the sketchy lines in there it really gives it character <3 and your doggos gots me bamboozled omg, what keeps you motivated to draw? Im quite the procrastinator and I love to hear peoples way of beating the lazy lol

This is was wonderful to hear, thank you! I’m glad you like my works ;v; <33

and OH MAN im the worst to ask this to honestly, because I have little motivation to draw in general unless it’s a commission PFBPT. I’m low on spoons constantly and it gets hard to get myself motivated to sit down even for an hour to get stuff done. It sometimes takes me a week to get the energy to work on something for 10 minutes LMAO. 

BUT !!!! the rare occasions I am able to motivate myself fairly quickly, it’s usually from watching videos, calling friends, watching streams, playing games, and finding new music! I do commissions 90% of the time since that’s my job right now, so knowing people pay me Actual Money and are waiting for my service keeps me pretty motivated ahaha. But when it comes to personal projects, it all mostly comes down to if…I feel like it essentially. I put a lot of my time to commissions, so when I have the chance, I like to not draw whenever I have no immediate responsibilities skjdslkf

Starting my new art blog off with some Haise!

anonymous asked:

idk if it was a mistake or not but you just liked my "i feel like i was productive" post right now and im??? SHAKIN' man i really was productive if u liked it sbfksdfkdfks (im 100% aware that youre gonna know who i am if u liked it on purpose) but yeah i just came to say thanks for supporting my non-lazy-today-will-go-back-to-being-lazy-tomorrow ass and its posts thanks youre the best

the fact that you still send me anon asks is so endearing :’) 

of course it wasn’t a mistake!! I go through my favorite blogs from time to time to get stuff for my queue and your post was very cute. You are hardworking and you deserve lots of love! <3

Some Stream Highlights!

I still can’t stop thinking about the awesome art stream I had last night.

I think more than 60 people watched the stream, which is ASTOUNDING. And MysteryBen and Heilos came in as special guests! …except that I didn’t even know they were gonna come at all haha.

They were nice enough to answer some questions while I drew some stuff and oh man it was so much fun!

So I might as well share some favorite moments that occurred in there for those of you who missed it! Let’s get started with this one haha.

Confession: I easily get distracted and more than 60 people got to witness this, I am so embarrassed aflsdjg.

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“Don’t be shy, ask!! Ask my name!! I am this island’s most suuuuper man!! Water 7’s other famous face!! MMMMMMMM… FRANKY~~!!

Not worth $7.35

A man pulled his buggie to my lane and had about 30 items in a 15 or less lane. I tell him he needs to go to the lane behind me because there’s people with way less than him that i need to get out of the door. (I do not have the room to bag big orders, and only do when we are swamped). He leaves half his stuff on my belt and goes to the other cashier, yelling to me about how lazy i am. And while i move his stuff over to her belt, he’s yelling at me, asking me why I’m moving it, and that since he came to my lane, that i need to check him out. Which i keep repeating to him that my lane is 15 items or less, and that he had too much for my lane. He’s ranting to the other cashier, who’s laughing, btw, about how lazy i am. And ends up demanding a manager who never comes.

I ended up ranting about it later to the bagger, who said the man was either really drunk or high, since his eyes were red.

Like fuck me for trying to do my job.