man how is your face

  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah

Idk why people always portray Alfred as such a righteous and selfless guy like guys I need a fic where he is willing to sell out his friends just because someone gave him a shit load of money. I NEED A FIC WHERE AT FIRST HE SEEM LIKE SUCH A GOOD GUY BUT THEM THIS HANDSOME BUT VERY BAD PERSON COMES UP AND SEDUCES HIM and not with his good looks but WITH MONEY

Romelza FACE 

Home, Part One

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: mild language, fluff. about 3k.

A/N: This will be two parts with a possible epilogue. Wanted to thank @thebeasthasentered for reading my first draft and giving me some really helpful feedback. 

Summary: Your best friend in the whole  galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?  

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Epilogue

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anonymous asked:

RFA meets a little sister of MC that looks like a mini MC. MC might be jealous a bit of how much attention they give mini MC. (Maybe you can somehow work out Saeyoung saying "MC Shrunk!?! Omg, I didn't do it!!!!") Please and have a lovely day!

Such a cute request! Hope you like it! ^^

RFA react to MC’s little sister who looks like her


  • I mean, if you weren’t already adorable enough…
  • He’s always waiting for your family reunions just so he can see her, he likes to play with her and give her piggy rides
  • He even lets her braid and do piggy tails in his hair! Which… he never let you… no! you’re not jealous of your little sister, that’s ridiculous!
  • But look at them, he’s even taking selfies of him with his hair like this! Ugh… okay, you’re jealous.
  • When you confront him, he laughs because you look so embarrassed for even thinking like this. You know how pathetic you’re being, blushing and looking away like this.
  • So he keeps teasing you, but on a more serious note: “I like hanging out with her because she looks like you, but has my personality, babe, she’s probably like our daughter is going to be.”
  • Well, he was trying to be serious, but couldn’t help but chuckle when he sees you blushing hard.
  • He loves to see your flustered face, that’s something not even your sister can pull it off so adorably.


  • You keep telling him his sister looks a lot like him, but this is on a complete different level.
  • He’s always very shy at your family reunions, but he always loosens up when your sister is there.
  • She makes him play with her dolls and he doesn’t even flinch, he doesn’t look flustered or uncomfortable. Why is he not like this to you all the time too?
  • He’s talking so much while he comes up with stories for Barbie and her friends,. When he’s alone with you, it’s so hard to make him speak his mind, what he wants, what he needs from you…
  • You know you’re being ridiculous, especially when you apparently hurt him by telling him all this. Shit! She’s just a kid, why does she make you feel like this?
  • He apologizes a lot, and you have to reassure him a million times you’re the wrong one here. “I’m sorry, MC. I’m just trying to show you I can deal with children really well, you know… because I… I… we… gonna have a baby one day and… ahh! Pretend I didn’s say that!”
  • You knew how much he wants a kid with you, but it’s the first time he says it that clear and loud.
  • Like, really loud, your whole family is staring at him, but he looks determined… oh wow!


  • She’s a little scared, how is that even possible?
  • You thought she wasn’t really fond of kids, well, apparently you were wrong, she plays along whenever your sister grab her hand and take her from the adults table.
  • She draws Jaehee, you, an alligator, a flower… so much draws! And Jaehee draws too, you thought she only drew at coffee foam…
  • It’s not that you’re jealous, you’re just intrigued. You’re seeing a new side of her you thought it wasn’t really there. Why did she never show you before? She doesn’t trust you enough?
  • No! You can’t jump in conclusions like that just because she’s drawing with your freaking sister! Pull yourself together!
  • She asks you what’s wrong, and you don’t feel like lying to her. She’s… intrigued too, your mind work in a very weird way.
  • “Well, I don’t know what to tell you, I just play with your sister because I’m still trying to be comfortable around your family, I know some of them are judging us… me, and… she doesn’t judge. Kids never judge.”
  • Congratulations! You’re the worst brat alive! She comforts you telling you’re very cute being jealous of a mini-you.
  • “I’m not jealous! And we don’t even look like that much!” oh my… you two even pout similarly!


  • Could you be any cuter? Okay, it’s not really you, but… you probably looked like this when you were a child, right? Lovely
  • He’s always so stiff and formal around your family, but your sister appears and he’s a completely different man.
  • He reads her stories and encourages her to create her own, she can say the weirdest and craziest thing, he’s laughing and telling her that’s really creative!
  • He’s laughing! Not smirking, not chuckling, he’s LAUGHING! The only time he ever laughed with you, he was drunk! HE’S PRETTY SOBER NOW! WTF?
  • You don’t have the guts to confront him over something so silly and kinda crazy, but he notices the way you glare at him.
  • When you finally tell him, he just nods and apologizes. Now you’re feeling guilty, he was having so much fun before…
  • “I’m sorry if it bothers you, my love. It’s just your sister reminds me a lot of you, she’s very creative and smart, I’m just encouraging her to be her best self, just like you already are.”
  • HOLY SHIT! Is this man even real? You feel your face on fire, how can he say things like this and look so stoic while you’re a blushing mess?
  • But you manage to calm down when he laughs before giving you a little peck in the lips.


  • A pocket version of you! Yay!!!
  • Forget your family, he just says a quick hi and goes straight to your sister. Who’s the kid here? It’s hard to tell…
  • He runs around with her everywhere. Piggy rides, hide and seek, he even lets her wear his glasses. Not too much, because she can have a headache and he… needs them to see.
  • You think it’s adorable, but he completely forgets about you the whole day, it’s all about mini-MC. You’re starting to miss him, even his bad puns and silly pranks…
  • You know how much he would tease you if you brought up something like this, so you don’t say anything.
  • And you keep saying anything even in your way back home, he just assumes you’re tired. “I’m tired too, mini-MC couldn’t give me a rest!” he sighs “It’s so nice, right? See kids being kids, being able to have fun and go crazy…”
  • Oh… you know what this is about… stupid brat! Of course he would like to hang out more with a kid, he never had the chance to be one! His childhood was hell, of course he would compensate a little being an adult!
  • Ah…  he’s gonna be such a great father one day and… wait! Are you really thinking about this? Right now?
  • “And she looks so much like you! Do you think our kids will look more like you or more like me?” “We’ll only know if we try… I-I’m ready!  You… do you feel ready to try?” the way he brakes the car and smiles at you can only mean “yes”.

You can see Saeran and V here~

Let Me In

     After Jerome died you didn’t know what to do, your will to live was ripped away from you. That was until you realized that it left you with another. One month later you found out you were pregnant with Jerome’s child. You were ecstatic that you were having his child but also sad that he couldn’t experience it with you. Months pass and you learn that you are having a sweet baby boy. Whenever you and Jerome talked about having children you both always said you wanted a boy. Now you are finally having one and you couldn’t be happier. After finding out the gender you got to work on the nursery, filling it with cute plushies, soft blankets, and furniture you were contempt. You sat back on your couch rubbing your stomach lovingly.

    “You would have loved your father, I did. He was the most loving man in the world. Well to me that is, but I’m sure he would have loved you even more. He was pretty funny too, always had a witty comeback whenever I told him to clean something. He didn’t want kids at first, then he came around after seeing me with your cousin. He wouldn’t quit talking about after that.” You told your son. You felt tired and slowly drifted to sleep.

    Five months later you felt like you were going to pop any minute, well you were. Your son would be here any day now and you couldn’t wait. After a few days, your water finally broke, you were in the middle of drying a plate when you felt the liquid leak down your legs. You quickly put the plate down and went to your room. Changing your pants and grabbing your baby bag you called your best friend and let them know it was time. They quickly drove to your apartment and picked you up.

    After two long and painful hours baby Jack was finally born. The nurse handed him to you and you cried tears of joy. He had dark orange hair and green eyes, he had your nose and lips, the perfect mix. He looked at you and smiled, the nurse took him away to clean him up. You watched until you couldn’t keep your eyes open for much longer and fell into a much-needed sleep.

     Three months later you were living with your son Jack. It was the end of the day and you and your baby were watching TV when the channel cut off. A breaking news heading made its way onto the screen, a man following soon after. Something was odd about the man, he was wearing someone’s face. You watched interestedly in what he was saying.

     "We are all Jerome!“ He exclaimed. Your face went pale and you felt sick. Finally realizing who’s face he was wearing. He was wearing Jerome’s face. You quickly turned off the TV and grabbed your son. You put him to bed and went to your own room. A million questions circled your mind, and you had no answers. You wanted to know how that man got your lovers face. You knew there was a cult dedicated to him but didn’t know it would go this far. Beginning to feel dizzy you went to bed.

     The next day was spent by you caring for your son like normal. After laying him down for his nap you turned on the TV. What you saw brought tears to your eyes, Jerome was on TV with the man that stole his face. It looked like he stapled on his face, he was talking but you could only focus on his appearance.

    "I’m coming home Doll.” He said before laughing and walking away. Snapping out of your daze you looked around, he was alive and he was coming for you. You didn’t know whether to be happy or scared. He died, how is he alive, he looked completely different. What if his mindset is different as well. What if he doesn’t want Jack, what if he doesn’t want you? You asked yourself afraid to know the answer. There was a pounding at the door making you jump.

    “Little pig little pig, let me in.”

To be continued


Marks (Steve Rogers x Reader Soulmate AU)

Originally posted by luvinchris

Request: Hello ! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Steve Rogers and a soul mate AU?? Like the one where the 1st sentences of our soul mate is written on our wrist or a little symbol which represents our s/o is somewhere on the body ?? Thanks !

A/N: I hope you like this! There’s so many different possibilities with soulmate AUs that I wasn’t really sure what else I should add. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,063

- Written by Brie- 

The past year had been a whirlwind of change. You’ve heard stories before about what it was like to meet the one who was made just for you - your soulmate, as most people call them - but until it happens to you, you don’t know what it truly feels like.

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You could say things became heated.

Hello, Love bugs! 

George X Reader 

Warnings- smut, swears. 

Kinky smut with George? Sorry- JE (Why are you sorry?? If anything I should apologise for the sins I write.)

You were staying over at the burrow for the week break. The home happens to be very full with the golden trio, yourself, and charlie. You had been put into Ginny’s room along with Hermione so it happens to be the tight squeeze for the three of you.You could hear your new roommate breathing lightly as they seemed to be able to fall asleep easily. You, on the other hand, seemed to be in a different situation. Damn George had started staying the night in your bed since the beginning of the school year and you had become so used to it that you couldn’t sleep without his body heat beside you. Just as you were considering how to sneak out you saw the door crack open to see a familiar face poke in. He smiled as he caught your eyes after searching the room for you. Lifting the covers slowly you spun your legs to the side of the bed to tip toe your way to the opened door. 

Once you made your way out the door George’s hands were around your waist lifting you up and kissing your cheeks like it had been months since seeing each other and not hours. 

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Finding Home (Part 2)

Steve x Reader

Modern Day AU

Summary: US Army Capt Steve Rogers has never had a family of his own, but after receiving a random card while on deployment - he suddenly feels like he has one. Sometimes home can be a place, sometimes it can be a person, and sometimes it’s a place you’ve never been. A story of love, family, and home.

*based on the movie The Christmas Card*

Finding Home MasterList

It took Steve longer than expected to recover, after a month of being stuck between the hospital visits and his apartment on base, he was ready to jump on his motorcycle and begin his month of leave in Mayfield.

Mayfield had become almost a dream like place to him.  Bucky had warned him that it may not be what he expects, and told him he should just come stay with him and Nat.  He had built the idea up in his head so much, he wished he had taken Bucky’s advice.  As he drove down Main Street, he found it was exactly like his dream, it was perfect.  A small red sign holding the name ‘Maria’s’ attracted his gaze almost instantly.

Steve parked his motorcycle in front of the diner and placed his black helmet on the seat.  He took a deep breath, and was shocked to find his heart racing.   This was it, Maria’s, a place he had imagined meeting you in thousands of times.   He made a move to go inside, but something stopped him.   What if you were in there?  What should he do or say if you were there?  He took another breath and shook his head a bit, he came too far to stop now.

Stepping inside the silver door he took in the red and white booths and bar wrapping almost the whole way around the diner.  A pretty woman with long brown hair smiled at him, shouting at him, “Sit wherever ya like!”

He made his way to the far corner of the diner, as far out of the way as he could and took a seat at the bar.  Maria walked over to him quickly pulling a pencil out from her apron and gave him a small smile.  “What can I get ya?”

Giving her a small smile, he looked at the menu posted above the bar for only a second.  He already knew what he was going to order.  It had been on his mind since the day he recieved your letter.  “I’ve been told your burger and fries are the best.”

“You’re right they are.”  She gives him a wink and set off to put the order in.  Steve places his jacket on his chair and moves to look around the room,  he doesn’t see anyone that looks like you at all.  A troubling thought hit him, what if you had moved, or got married, or were married!

Getting up from his chair he rushed to the bathroom, turning on the water he wipes his face quickly, looking at himself in the mirror he studies himself.  He really was crazy. He was chasing some dream girl all because she sent a card.  He should have just went to see Bucky instead of coming here. Taking one last look in the mirror, he decided he would eat and leave.

You had just got off of work and were craving Maria’s fries like crazy.  You had called ahead telling her you would love your usual and you were on your way.  Walking into the diner you see your usual order of a burger and fries a with chocolate shake waiting for you at the end of the bar.  You were so excited, you rushed over plopping in the seat and grab a fry moaning in pleasure at the taste.

“Excuse me Ma’am those are actually my fries.”  You freeze for a moment and turn to find a very tall, very handsome man standing beside you.   You turn in the chair and you feel your hand hit some fabric.   Realizing quickly in your hunger you had missed the jacket draped on the seat, you feel the embarrassment rise up throughout your body.

“I’m so sorry!  I always sit in this seat and Maria usually just has it ready for me and I just thought it was mine I’m so sorry!”  You ramble as you struggle to get up not meeting the stranger’s eyes.  In your rambling, you hadn’t realized how silent the man was or how he had frozen after seeing your face.

Steve was at a loss for words after he had seen your face when you turned to look at him.  While he watched you ramble and struggle to stand quickly, his mind was exploding.  There you were, the woman that filled his head for all those months.  You were perfect.  You looked exactly like your picture and he couldn’t believe it.  Out of everywhere for you to sit you pick his chair.  It was almost as if it was fate.

As you got up to leave, a streak of fear filled Steve, he didn’t even get to talk to you, before he knew what he was doing, he had gently taken your wrist in his hand, “Don’t go. It’s fine, we can even share the fries.”

He watched as a small smile broke out on your face, sitting in the seat beside his, you looked down trying to hide the growing smile on your face.  Before you could say anything Maria walked over carrying your plate of food and placed it and your drink in front of you.  When you met her eyes she glanced at the man giving you a wink.  It dawned on you that she hadn’t stopped you when you sat in the seat.  You’d give her a talking to later.

“So where are you from?”  You ask after a few minutes of silence as you both were eating your food.  He looks up at you and has a slight smile on his face.  You sound just like he imagined you would, he can’t help but take a glance at your hand.  No ring.  At least you weren’t married.

“I’m in the Army just got home, well not home, just back in the states.   Don’t really have a home.  Is it that obvious I’m not from here?”  He gives you a small sad smile.   He hated the fact he didn’t have a true home.  He was only ever stationed from place to place, and his only family was really Bucky and Natasha.

You give him an understanding smile and laugh a bit at his last statement. “Mayfield is very small, like microscopic small.  Everyone knows everyone.  I guarantee by tomorrow everyone will know who you are.”

Steve laughs and holds out his hand, “I’m Steve by the way. I don’t think I’ll be here that long though.  I’m actually going to leave tomorrow.”

You take Steve’s hand, and give a little disappointed grin to him, “Y/n.  And you should think about staying, next week is the Peach festival, it’s tons of fun, with more peach flavored things than you can imagine.  But if you insist on leaving tomorrow, have breakfast here first.  I promise it will be worth it.”

You give him a smile and finish off your burger, you collect your things, not really wanting to leave but knew your parents were expecting your help on the farm. “I promise no one will steal your breakfast tomorrow.  Bye Steve, I hope you find home.”

Hiding his disappointment as he watched you leave, he looked down at his plate finishing the last of his fries.  After throwing some money on the table, the voice of Maria stopped him as he put on his coat. “She’s single, in case you were wondering.”

He looked at Maria’s smiling face and gave her a nod before heading to the hotel in town that he had booked for the night.  Maybe he would come back for breakfast tomorrow.

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secrets of the ostentatious | 03

pairing: junmyeon x reader, chanyeol x reader, mentions of other members
genre: sugar daddy!au, angst, VERY DARK 
summary: money, diamonds, gowns, were they really worth it when they served as a facade to the strict system corrupted by secrets and lies?

p.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4

A/N: lol :)))))

Originally posted by daenso

Baekhyun roughly pushed Jongdae’s legs off the table in a bout of anger. Being caught so off guard, Jongdae’s hand loosened around his goblet of wine. The liquid swirled around the beautiful glass before spilling onto his unbuttoned white shirt that cost an absurd amount. Once his feet thumped onto the ground, he hissed out a slew of curses before throwing the goblet to the side. 

It smashed on the concrete floor, gaining the attention of everyone around him. Violence always perked the interest of people around here. The chatter fell to a complete silence, everyone anticipating what would happen next. 

Jongdae intently stared at the way the dark liquid absorbed into the chalk coloured shirt, how it slowly expanded over his chest before its wetness caused the material to cling onto his skin as if he had just been shot or stabbed in the chest and his blood was dripping down his body. 

Prodding his tongue against his cheek, he slowly turned his head to stare at Baekhyun who was stood up and staring at him with a look that would warn anyone of his volatile state. But Jongdae didn’t know fear. 

“Apologise before I get mad.” For a man who felt his insides burning with boiling anger, his voice was calm, unwavering. 

Baekhyun threw his head back and let out a humorless laugh before running his tongue along his teeth as he squinted at the man before him. Questioning whether he had just said that. Jongdae’s expression remain stiff.

“To a bitch like you? Maybe if you beg on your knees I’ll think about it,” Baekhyun’s tone matched Jongdae’s. They both knew each other well enough to say exactly what the other hated. It was a sick game to see who would react first, who would pull out a gun or a knife. To them it didn’t matter what happened as long as they showed off that to them respect was all that mattered. 

Standing up and kicking his chair hard enough until it toppled, Jongdae stood close enough to Baekhyun so his wet, stained shirt brushed against his array of long necklaces. “I’ll give you five seconds before I force my knife into your chest and leave you to bleed out, I’m sure your little money whore won’t miss you.”

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dem tomato faces :U

so… since i am the unofficial official Tomato Biologist™ i thought i’d make a quick post about them tomato-faces.

with all their tomato glory *-*

Originally posted by gostatisfy

*sigh* let’s just get this done.

The facial features found on Sith Purebloods can be categorized into one of three* things:

  • Ridges
  • Spurs
  • Tendrils

*Brow-Stalks are also a thing, but those are technically a subcategory of Spurs.

In the past, the ridges and spurs would have been bony and their shape could be seen in the individual’s skull. However, after hybridization, there is no true “bony facial structure” left. Instead, the Sith have excess cartilage that define and shape their facial features, which won’t be seen on their skulls.

Ridges: Indents, grooves, lines, or whatever you wanna call them. Common in males and females, can be on brows, cheeks, chins, necks, foreheads, nose, etc. Ridges can either use a cartilage base under the skin, or simply be a result of the epidermis hardening and folding onto itself on top of the dermis. 

Spurs: Hardened, pointed edges that protrude out of a Sith’s face. Usually common on the chin, cheeks of males, or on brows in the form of stalks. Spurs always use cartilage as the base for its structure and support, and can be pressed and bent in the limited ways human ears and noses do.

Note how the spur turns into a ridge as it goes up, along the side of the face.

Tendrils: Found almost exclusively on male purebloods. They’re fleshy, they dangle, and are very sensitive to touch when compared to spurs and ridges. Because tendrils are fleshy and soft, they are filled with blood vessels and nerve endings. This means that you can either cause a great deal of pain or pleasure to the individual with tendrils… depending on what you do… obviously.

The tendrils are distinct from the spurs since the spurs are hard and immobile while tendril can be voluntarily moved by the individual.

Brow-Stalks: The brow stalks are technically another form of spurs. However, they are different in that the Sith can voluntarily move them. The movement of these brow stalks function much in the same way humans use their eyebrows: to aid in spoken and unspoken communication via facial expressions. This means that the cartilage in the brow stalks are much softer and more flexible than the ones found in other spurs.

The “spurs” on the brows can and will be moved at the individual’s whim, the spurs on the chin cannot.

It should be noted that brow ridges are just another form of ridge and do not fall under the brow stalk category. And although the brow ridges can also be moved to signal facial expressions, the ridges are formed just the same as every other ridge and does not protrude out of the face in a pointed manner.

Quick! Quiz Time!

Name the Facial Features on the Sith!

If you answered:
Ridges and spurs
Ridges, spurs, and tendrils
Ridges and spurs

Then congrats! You are now a tomato face expert! :3

rival | one

— mafia au

— warning: vulgar language, light mature scenes in future chapters, mentions of blood and violence

Growing up training how to do self-defense and getting rid of bad influence was a part of your life. To eliminate the people who did illegal business. Older women on your clan pitied you, knowing you were to be put in whole life training and getting taught that no matter how many people you kill, you aren’t the bad guy. Although you were an orphan, people in your gang looked after you like their own family, treated you like their own kind. And you were to be forever grateful for that. As an exchange, your loyalty will be forever in their hold; to never betray them.

At first, life seemed hard just for a young person like you. Your desire for freedom never ran out of your veins, it was always there. They always told you that freedom wasn’t an option to take freely, you fight for it.

“Please! I don’t know where their hideout is!” A man cried out, thrashing on the chair where he was tied. One of your clan barked out a laugh, then he kicked the chair angrily. The man on the chair fell down, hitting his head, continuous cries left his mouth and all the people around him could only give him a stare of anger and disgust. Your leader, whose name remained unknown, walked over and placed the man back on its original position before questioning him once again.

The man coughed out blood from his mouth, before he weakly glanced up and sighed. “Alright, alright, I’ll tell you. You know the bar that always blasts rock music? Next to it is an apartment, and if you look closely there are stairs that led to an underground place. Please don’t tell them I told you! I was told to never ruin their trust on me!” You crossed your arms and walked over to man, tipping his chin up to face you with your pistol.

“How can we tell you’re telling the truth? You could be lying to us for all we know.” You stared down at the man, before continuing. “Nevermind, we all know someone will have your head off if you’re lying .“ You shoved his face off.

“I think I know what he’s talking about.” One of the females who you recognized as Booyoung spoke up, directing her gaze at the man before clearing her throat. “It’s a bit far from where we are actually, we’ll have to take a car.” And it turns out that the underground place was on the other side of the city, where thugs and drug addicts mainly lived.

Your leader instructed you to dress yourself extravagantly, but was also told to hide a gun and a knife underneath your facade. They were sending you first to the bar alone, but several would follow you behind; they wouldn’t leave you out of their sight since you’re an important person to them.

The bar was surprisingly a bit deserted, apart from the men that scattered the whole place. You strode further inside, placing yourself into one of the stools. A short man raised his eyebrow as soon as his eyes landed on you. “What can a fine lady like you be doing in a place like this?”

You bit your lip and shrugged. “Just tired of going to the same place in my area, gets boring if you ask me.” He merely laughed, nodding sincerely.

“What can I get you?”

“Give me your best drink!” You watched him turn around before you reached up to touch the earpiece attached to your ear, hearing muffled voices.

“Are you in?” Your eyes scanned the men that was near your spot, making sure no one was getting suspicious of your weird actions.

“Yes, are you getting in now?” You tilted your head down, as if to fix your dress making your hair cover your whole face. So no one would notice you speaking out of nowhere.

“Yes.” The doors opened, revealing your gang. One of them made an eye contact with you, dropping it immediately as soon as the bartender returned with a glass of colorful drink. You smiled at him, nodding in return but you didn’t say anything when you saw a faint bubbling in your drink and that’s when you knew he had put a drug in. You pretended to yawn, purposely knocking off the glass, letting it fall on the floor and break into pieces.

You forced a gasp and gave the bartender a look of feigned sadness. “I’m sorry! I accidentally hit it! I’ll pay for it!” You placed a bill on the table before you ran off to the rest room, purposely bumping with one of your fellow mates. p>

You entered the rest room, the flickering lights and white rusted tiles was the first thing you noticed. Your hands reached down underneath your dress to take a hold of your gun before a voice broke you from your mid-actions.

“I know what you’re up to.” A man stood on the doorway, his arms crossed as he stared you down, trying to somewhat intimidate you as he stood on his ground. You shifted your position and stood straightly as you stared back at him, pursing your lips together. “You’re part of them aren’t you?” He scoffed, shaking his head and taking large steps towards you.

Even though he was somewhat pleasing to look at, with his cat-like eyes’ gaze staring you with much intensity as you did with him and his crimson lips, he was also someone you shouldn’t accommodate yourself with. He was an enemy, a person you should have shoot as soon as he took a step inside the restroom. But your arms remained frozen on your side as you watched his next sudden actions.

“You shouldn’t waste your life away like this.” He tsked and snickered, keeping a two feet distance away from the two you. You glanced from his shoulder and pursed your lips tightly once again as you clenched your fist, continuing to remain silent as your other hand prepared itself to get ahold of the gun attached on your thigh.

“Why don’t you talk? Are you mute, perhaps?” You took a step forward and shoved him slightly, your eyes remained eye contact with his as he chuckled.

“So you’re not? Hm, but why don’t you want to talk to me? It’s getting tiring talking by myself, you know?” He didn’t miss the glance you made down on your legs, as soon as you got a hold of your gun and pointed it right in front of his face, he also had a gun pointed in your face. Letting out a laugh to himself. “Isn’t this funny? Us pointing guns to each other? I don’t want to die this way, just saying. I’m sure you don’t want to either.”

“You never shut the fuck up, don’t you?” You hissed, catching him off guard for a moment and you took it as an advantage to shove him roughly, making him stumble backwards on the floor. Kicking his gun away from him, you straddled him as you pointed your gun right in front of him.

“You do talk! You never warned me that your voice was that sexy.” He purred. You raised your other hand and brought a fist on his face making him shout in agony. His face scrunched up in pain as he held his face, before he looked up at you with a sickening smile.

“You’re so aggressive, I like it.“