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In case you missed issues B.A.P WAKE ME UP MV has touched on pt 2 cuz im trash and have been wheezing/crying the whole day fight me

Insecurities + Low Self Esteem/self-worth: shown through the girl with makeup around her and she soon tries to apply lipstick, only ending up smashing the mirror.
Murder/Shootings: The man waving his arms around as if conducting a musical piece until lights spark at his fingertips (like gunshots being fired) and then people dead surround him.
Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness: The man in the bathroom, coiled up by the bathtub as he looks at his surroundings afraid of something, only to submerge himself into the water in his bathtub.
Illness in General/Suicidal thoughts or attempts: The girl who drinks down those pills as well as some other type of liquid can represent either illness in a physical aspect or portrays the attempt to suicide.
Eating Disorders/Hallucinations: The scene with the woman chopping veggies can allude to two different interpretations. Hallucinations as she almost eats a worm or it is the symbolic representation to express eating disorder.
Societal/Political Issues: The probably most iconic scene where the man is holding up a sign “Emotion Revolution”. This is representative of public demonstrations we see on the news today to fight for equal rights and social justice. The people passing by as if its nothing represent those who are unaware of the issues that surround them.
Revolution is starting to be achieved when these people who went through their own respective life problems come together to help ‘spread the awareness’. I guess you can say they, “wake up” into new ‘selves’, represented through celebration towards the end of the MV.

This isn’t even it. The MV is very diverse in nationality and they haven’t placed labels/stereotypical roles on these people according to the colour of their skin or where they came from. Each and every person was given a role that any human being would go through in their life because every human being is a human being despite race, colour, place of birth, gender, etc.

Not only did B.A.P create a song concerning social justice but they went even deeper this time. They went into mental illness, problems that we have as individuals at a personal level rather than just ‘society’ as a group. They looked into people in their variety and represented it through WAKE ME UP MV.

B.A.P aren’t just ‘kpop idols’. You probably thought I’d say “they don’t fit in the kpop category anymore.” No. This is something far bigger than just the music industry.

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REQUEST: Sebastian reactions when he finds out that you STILL sleep with your teddy bear 😊💕😙😙 

WARNINGS: fluff 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I am not ashamed to say that I, too, had a little sleeping buddy. It was just a little pillow that I’ve had since I was like maybe 2???? But I recently threw it away because it was just… it was coming apart and there was no way of bringing it back to how it looked before lol. ANYWAY, enough about me. 


You double checked your bag and made sure you had everything in it. You were about to embark on a little trip to Europe to visit Sebastian while he filmed his new movie. 

You got a ride to the airport from your friend and then you were off. You busied yourself with a book and music as you soared through the air. When you touched down in Europe and once you got your bag off the conveyer belt you spotted a man holding up a sign with your name on it. You smiled and walked over to him. 

“Sebastian’s told me much about you.” 

You blushed. “Oh! Well I hope it’s been all good things.” 

He tucked the sign under his arm and helped you with your bag. Once you were settled in the front seat of the SUV, you two drove off to the hotel where you would be staying at. 

“Sebastian should almost me done,” the man looked down at his wrist to check his watch. “I’ll let him know you’re here.” 

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One. Zero. One. Three. Part 2 (An Adlock + Mary Fanfiction)

(Before I start, I just wanted to say that I didn’t expect I will write a second part to this, nor will I have people asking me to, so thanks so much for loving PART ONE. Thanks to battledressthemissadventurer, and thestorywelovebest for the extra motivation!)

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There was no point in arguing. 

Sherlock found himself staring out an airplane window, bound for almost a twelve-hour trip to Phuket. Beside him, Mary was reading Restless by William Boyd, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose to see under the passengers’ designated reading light. 

The detective could recall the controlled protests of John when Mary called to asked that before the wedding, it’ll be best to pay Harry a visit and stay the night. Mary passed it off as a weird, cleansing and soul-healing tradition thing that Sherlock found quite absurd, and yet his friend had bought it and agreed. 

Giving them at least two days to spare, it simply felt like an exhausting excursion, or, as Mary puts it, her preferred pre-wedding celebration in place of a bridal shower. 

Still, he could feel his entire body tingling, a disturbing sense of nervousness and excitement that sends an aching sensation at the pit of his stomach. Excusing himself from his seat, he headed to the loo to give his face a quick wash, and to replenish the nicotine patches he has in his arm since the night before. Tapping three new ones firmly over his skin, he headed back, trying hard not to picture Irene Adler’s smirk when he explains why he and Mary decided to pay a visit. 

Taking off his coat and scarf as the heat of the tropics hit him, Sherlock looked over to Mary’s grinning face with a sigh. 

“Well, go on. Give her a call.” Mary instructed, plainly going by her tone that it was an immediate order. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes, knowing that there was nothing more that he could do. He took out his phone and pressed on Irene’s number, hoping that she was still in the country and that his silent anticipation was not wasted. 

He knows that it was plain stupid for him to agree to this trip without letting Irene know firsthand that he was flying over, but all rationality was thrown to the side as he realised he would need time to prepare what is to be said regarding the matter. 

After several rings and his patience almost at the brink of expiring, Irene Adler finally answered. 

“I’m assuming that you’re calling to let me know you have arrived. I had arranged for someone to pick you and Mary up and bring you to my hotel. He should be carrying a sign. Code names in place, as usual.” Irene simply said before ending the call, and Sherlock was sure she had a smile playing on her lips as she did. 

He looked aside to Mary, whose eyes were scanning the room as if she was in sync with Irene said, and her eyes stopped at a kind-looking man holding up a sign saying William Scott and Maria Watson

“Come now, dear. There’s our ride.” Mary mused casually, tugging on the bewildered detective. 

“For Ms. Norton.” Mary greeted, and the driver nodded, gladly assisting them with their luggage. 

The soon-to-be Mrs. Watson rolled her eyes playfully at Sherlock’s continuous glare, and simply gestured that they should start occupying the backseat of the car. 

When the wheels started rolling, Sherlock couldn’t help but cuss under his breath. 

“Something the matter, dear?” Mary asked teasingly, tapping Sherlock on the arm. 

“When did both of you have the time to plan this? You didn’t even tell me you knew her already!” Sherlock hissed. 

“Oh, calm down, will you? I got her number from your easily-crackable phone, told her I was John’s fiancee, that I knew she was alive, and that you wouldn’t talk much about your relationship, making me all the more curious to meet her. She was delighted and slightly intrigued by the situation that she obliged. To be fair, Sherlock, I like her already.” Mary proclaimed, raising her eyebrows at the detective as if to say well, what would you expect.

They arrived at Phulay Bay, the hotel resort having the delightful view of the beach, and was escorted by the bellhop to one of the suites. 

Sherlock could feel his fingers twitching for an unknown reason, his mind trying hard to keep the current thoughts whirling in his mind under control. 

When the door opened, he was greeted by her, The Woman, whose skin is slightly pink than pale from the sun, wearing a sheer black cover up and a bikini of the same colour underneath. It was lost for a moment that Irene had her eyes on Mary, for the detective was still in the midst of assessing whether there had been any changes in her measurements. 

“You’ve lost weight.” Sherlock mentioned, whether it was intentional or not, even he himself was unsure. He could see Mary’s amused look from his periphery, obviously holding back a smile. 

“Is that the proper way to introduce me to your friend?” Irene mused, smirking. 

“I take it you already got acquainted before we got here.” Sherlock simply replied. 

“And seeing that he really won’t introduce us, hi, I’m Mary Morstan, John’s fiancee.” Mary interjected, reaching a hand out to Irene, which The Woman took.

“Pleasure. I’m Irene Adler… Sherlock’s… friend.” Irene greeted with a smile, the last word sounding more like a teasing purr. “Would you like some tea?”

Sherlock can’t help but roll his eyes, which made both women laugh. 

“He is quite a handful, isn’t he?” Irene mused. 

“Yes, he is… And yes, to the tea, I mean.” Mary replied with a grin, helping herself to one of the chairs. “So tell me, Irene, why is it that my soon-to-be husband thinks your dead and you seem… well, very much alive?”

Mary then nodded towards Sherlock. “Apart from the obvious explanation.”

Irene eyed Sherlock upon hearing the new information, but the detective averted his eyes. She gave a quick call to room service for the tea before addressing Mary.

“Well, now. I wasn’t aware that the good Doctor Watson doesn’t know. But it’s not much of a surprise that he didn’t tell him. Your fiance can be a little jealous at times, if I recall.” Irene teased, sitting by the bed with her legs crossed. 

“Sherlock can be, too. They have some attachment issues, but they’re both too manly to admit it. But Sherlock likes me too much to even be jealous of me, right dear?” Mary added, to which Sherlock gave a groan. 

“We made a 12-hour trip just to make fun of me, how wonderful.” he said flatly, finding himself a seat. 

Mary giggled. “If my research serves me right, London to Karachi takes about 8 hours, plus the transfers. Now, there are no terrorists to hack with a mighty sword, but this is still very exciting.” 

Irene was trying very hard to wipe the smile of her face. Sherlock, on the other hand, glared at The Woman. 

“What else did you tell her?” Sherlock hissed. 

Irene rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry. I spared all the passionate details that happened AFTER we got rid of your bloodstained clothes.”

Mary’s eyes widened, her lips forming an amused ‘O’ as she heard what Irene has to say. “You know what? I really don’t mind you telling me.”

Sherlock turned to shot his glare at Mary, but she simply gave him a cheeky smile. To the detective’s relief, room service arrived with the tea, but the feeling was easily replaced  with annoyance when he saw the bellhop eyeing Irene. 

He stood up, cutting in between Irene and the bellhop as he handed him a bill, sending the service man away with a clipped “Thank you for your service.”

Mary had her chin propped on her fingers as she watched the scene, giving Irene a small smile. Sherlock must’ve caught himself and had been aware once more of Mary’s amused look that he hurried back to his seat moodily, his expression enough to convey “Not a word”.

Irene handed each of them a cup and took her own, claiming their previous positions. 

“So tell me, Mary, what is it about me that piqued your interest?” Irene inquired as she took as sip. 

Sherlock was simply watching, tapping his finger on the rim of the cup, knowing that wherever the conversation will go, he will not have control over it. The very reason why he found himself surprised when Mary gave him the liberty to explain the situation. 

“I think it’s best if it comes from Sherlock. That’ll be fair considering I dragged him here almost forcefully.” Mary quipped. 

“Almost forcefully?” Sherlock raised. 

“Yes, dear. Almost. Because truth be told, I honestly think you would’ve taken this trip even without me to ease your nerves before the wedding.” Mary said as-a-matter-of-factly, to which Sherlock had nothing to reply. He figured that fibbing against these two women only leads to embarrassing himself. 

“Well?” Irene cut in, raising her eyebrows at Sherlock. 

As soon as their eyes locked in, Sherlock could almost feel Mary disappearing. It was a typical case with The Woman that he wasn’t even surprised. 

“I forgot to put my phone on vibrate and she heard your specialised text alert. The series of events that followed are as you expect them to be.” Sherlock explained, almost biting his tongue as he realised what he just said. 

“Text alert? You don’t mean… Oh my goodness, Sherlock. You still haven’t changed it?” Irene was grinning now, her body unconsciously leaning towards his direction. 

“Can’t be bothered.” Sherlock replied trying to sound nonchalant about the matter. 

“Oh, please! You did bother a lot considering that you obviously went through a lot of phones from when you met.” Mary teased, making Irene’s smile grow wider. 

“Is this sentiment, Mr. Holmes?” Irene purred. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Both of you are having so much fun, aren’t you?”

Irene nodded. “It can’t be helped.”

“The usual, Sherlock?” Irene asked as if on habit, looking up the dessert menu as they were finishing their dinner.

“Yes.” Sherlock replied, watching her. 

He was aware that he was constantly watching Irene, and also that Mary was observing him in amusement. But after a couple of hours, Sherlock didn’t even bother to stop himself from habits he developed when around The Woman. He believes that Mary is smart enough to draw her own conclusions and that most likely, she will validate it with him as soon as they are alone. 

“You’ve been here before, too?” Mary asked, surprised. 

“I believe it was in another hotel.” Sherlock simply replied. 

“The other hotel where we’re both banned because Sherlock insulted the manager.” Irene added. 

“He was gawking at her like a vulture.” the detective replied in defense, his voice almost too quiet for everyone else to hear. “Not to mention the idiotic words that came out of his mouth.”

Mary placed her fork down and leaned in, much more interested. “Awww, that’s sweet.”

“Oh, it gets better.” Sherlock breathed. 

“How so?” Mary’s eyebrows raised. 

“I gave the guy a good punch.” Irene announced before continuing with a joke. “Sherlock was about to get hit, but I couldn’t get to have those beautiful cheekbones cut so I was the one who got physical.” 

“She dealt with a broken hand after.” Sherlock sounded nostalgic as he said the words, and as he judged by Mary’s expression, it was obvious that she read into his meaning. 

“I enjoyed the nursing I got, to be honest.” says Irene, eyeing Sherlock. 

Mary smiled. “Now, it makes me quite curious how Sherlock slips in and out of Baker Street. None of us honestly suspects it.”

“Dear Martha knows.” Irene replied casually. Sherlock’s eyebrows suddenly knit, surprised that he’s hearing about the information for the first time.

“Mrs. Hudson?!” Sherlock exclaimed. 

“Yes, dear. That lovely woman has been covering up for you. For someone who claims to be smart, you can be naive at times. How do you imagine your brother not being able to check in your flat when you’ve gone silent for a couple of days or so?” Irene confirmed incredulously. 

“When did you even meet Mrs. Hudson?” Mary asked. 

“A couple of years ago when she went up to complain about how much noise her ceiling was making the night before, and found me in Sherlock’s bedroom. We had tea before Sherlock and John came home from a case. She was lovely to talk to.” Irene confessed, smiling. 

Sherlock sighed. “Now I know why she insisted on keeping some of her old clothes under the bed.”

Mary looked confused. “And that means…?”

Irene laughed, sipping on some champagne before replying. “Let’s just say that when Martha found me, my dress was… not wearable anymore. Kind of her to lend me some of her old clothes.”

“Scandalous.” Mary commented with a smile, taking a sip of wine. 

“You are such a joy to talk to. It’s quite disappointing that you can’t be at the wedding.” Mary sighed. 

“We’ll still have time to catch up in the future… just without your husband knowing.” Irene replied with a smirk, which made Mary grin. 

Mary was eyeing Sherlock, the detective being silent the entire time they were walking back to their rooms. She was about to make a comment when there was a sudden shift in the way Sherlock was standing, clearing his throat as he was about to make his proposal. 

“We’re leaving early tomorrow morning. Best to have some rest.” he commented, not meeting any of the women’s eyes. 

“Ah, yes. I should leave you, then. Good night, Mary, Sherlock.” Irene acknowledged, her voice having a clipped edge to it. 

Mary was about to chide in when Sherlock added, “I’ll be right back, Mary. I’ll just walk Miss Adler to her room.”

The other woman smiled at Irene, then to Sherlock, giving a nod and an expression of pure expectation and amusement. “That’s a brilliant idea. Good night, Irene.” 

The Woman nodded in acknowledgement.

As Mary closed the door, Sherlock, whose eyes are not meeting Irene’s, muttered, “Shall we?”

The tension was felt at their every step, and Sherlock could feel his own chest thrumming as they drew close to Irene’s suite. He wanted to say something to her, but was unsure what, for as usual he was unaware how she felt about this sudden visit. 

He could feel his frustration growing as he imagined every tick of the clock drawing close to when he has to say goodbye to her once more and greet his life back in London, but what else is to expect? He was used to feeling this way every time he finds himself alone with The Woman. 

He was woken from his reverie at the sound of Irene’s keycard unlocking the door, The Woman looking at his somber expression. 

“Would you like to come in?” she asked, hand already reaching for the pins on her hair. 

He wanted to say no – to retain a sense of control as Mary was expecting him to come back – but just like all of their past escapades, he found himself succumbing to his impulses.

“Yes.” he muttered, voice almost just to himself. 

He watched as Irene walked over to her bed, continuously taking the pins off her hair and letting them fall loose on her shoulders. Taking the seat opposite her, he folded his fingers together, waiting if she has anything to say. 

“She’s lovely. I can see why you like her.” he heard her as she reached for a hairbrush and started combing her dark locks. 

Sherlock nodded. “She helped me reconcile with John. Plus, she’s incredibly brilliant.”

“I can tell.” Irene replied. “But was it really that urgent that you have to fly in here to meet me?”

Carefully choosing his next words, Sherlock said, “She was curious to meet you after a certain incident.” 

Irene’s brows knit in confusion. “The one about the text alert?” 

“No.” Sherlock’s voice was now quiet, his blue eyes studying Irene’s expression closely. “My passcode.”

“And why would that pique her interest this much?” Irene asked. 

Sherlock handed her his phone. “Give it a try.”

Irene looked at him as if he was making such a ridiculous request, but she never backed down in any of their past games, and counted this as one of those. She took the phone with her eyes on him, evident that her mind was calculating the possibilities. 

Sherlock simply gave her a nod, as if he read her mind that they were both thinking of that fateful night when she almost brought the nation to its knees. Irene’s eyes narrowed as she came to an epiphany, the words “this is your heart” echoing in her mind.

Being playful as usual, a smile grew on her red lips as she stroked the phone with her finger, punching the numbers slowly. The phone unlocked. 

“One. Zero. One. Three.” Irene announced with a smirk, her eyes boring deep into the detective’s. “Karachi.”

Silence passed between them, as if one was carefully thinking their next move. It was then that Sherlock figured that just like the past, it has become tradition to consider every night as their last night.

Drawing in closer, with his eyes never leaving hers as he moved, Sherlock breathed, “Do you think Mary will mind?”

And as expected, Irene met him halfway, her voice a sweet whisper when she replied, “Not at all.”

Once all checked in and settled, everything was in full circle as Sherlock sat on his designated seat in the plane. Noticing Mary’s lack of curiosity as to how he spent the night, he simply said, “Sorry if I kept you waiting last night. Did you wait long?”

To his surprise, Mary replied with a grin, “I went straight to bed after you left, to be honest.”

Sherlock looked at her curiously. “Why?”

Mary rolled her eyes playfully. “I’m not dumb, dear. I’m sure you already know the answer to your question.”


Authors Note: OKAY GUYS THIS IS MY FIRST IMAGINE (Or fanfic or whatever you want to call it, like I said I AM NEW.) Please be gentle with me, and truly any feedback would be great! :)

You waited in line for your first “meet and greet”. You weren’t exactly sure how they worked or what was going to happen or even how much time you would even get to talk to him, but you felt excited for your best friend. Celie had loved Shawn for years, she loved to talk about how she knew about him before his MAGCON days, whatever that was. If you were being completely honest, the only reason you were actually at this concert was to accompany Celie as you watched all her dreams come true…And the fact that he was the making of a young John Mayer didn’t hurt. As the line inched up you played with your hair, noticing your horrible split ends. Celie on the other hand was wired, you could practically hear her heart beating from a mile away.

“Girl,” you said lightly touching her arm, “you better quit it, you’re gonna start to sweat off your make up.” You said to her with a light giggle.

“I know, I knoooow.” She said with pleading eyes, “But you don’t understand, I can’t believe we are about to meet him!!!”

You laughed, you loved seeing Ce this excited. You inched up in line, only noticing you guys were next because you realized you reached the red tape on the floor. Looking up you felt like you almost had the wind knocked out of you. Your eyes widened staring straight ahead.

“Is that him, Celie?” You said half pointing over at probably the hottest guy in the room.

Celie rolled her eyes, “Yes Y/N, come on now, I’ve showed you soooo many pictures and videos!” She wasn’t lying, she had shown you. But it didn’t do him justice.

“Common, you’re up!“ the bald man shuffling girls along said to us.

The room started spinning. I took a deep breath and felt my body walk forward. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. I watched him turn around to face us, his dark brown eyes locking with mine immediately as Celie ran up to him giving him the biggest hug I have honestly every witnessed. God his eyes looked like chocolate, I thought to myself. Celie squealing brought me back to real time.

“SHAWN. I’m Celie. Wow, I’m sorry I can’t believe I’m meeting you. I brought my friend along as a witness, she knows how long I’ve waited for this!” Celie said jumping up and down as she spoke. It felt like Shawn and I hadn’t taken our eyes off of each other since I walked up to him.

“Aw hey, so nice to see you Celie!” Shawn said breaking our eye contact looking down at her. Then he looked back up at me again, GOD those eyes made me melt, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” He said to me, making my heart skip several beats.

“Y/N, nice to finally meet the guy my best friend is always gabbing about.” You say playfully bumping Celie with your hip. It was something about him that made your jaded heart go thump again. You felt so silly, like a 6 year old fan girl, not that there was anything wrong with that but…about SHAWN? Common Y/N, you said to yourself. You just got out of a horrible and scary relationship, maybe it was just the attention from a kind male that got you hot and heavy.

“You guys excited to hear what I got for you tonight?” He smiled with his stupidly perfect teeth, not breaking eye contact with you. Him staring made you feel compelled to answer, even though Celie was already rambling off about her favorite Shawn songs…

“Beyond.” You said tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear, flashing back a smile. “I have a couple favorites off the new album. It’s practically on repeat in our apartment.” You said to him with a laugh. Wow, this boy was really doing things to you…

“Alright ladies, smile!” The photographer said forcing you three into a picture pose. Shawn wrapped his giant arms around your waist resting a hand on your hip. Goosebumps immediately surfaced on your arms which made you blush as you half smiled for the camera. He let go of Celie, then slowly slid his hand to your lower back.

“It was so nice to meet you,” he said looking at you, “And you too, Celie.” he said looking over at your best friend. He said something else to Celie but your head was spinning from his hand still resting on your lower back. Was that on purpose?

“Well, we will see you soon! We have SECOND ROW tickets!!!” Celie said to Shawn matter of fact-ly.

“Amazing,” He said turning back to me with a little grin, “Soon then?”

“Soon.” You said back, hoping there was more meaning to this.

You listened to Celie ramble about Shawn the whole walk over to your seats, “Yeah, he was pretty amazing Ce. So genuine, and sweet.” You said to her still in a daze. He couldn’t have meant more by ‘soon" right? That’s silly. Your head is in the clouds. He’s not going to like a girl he met at a meet and greet. You repeated over and over in your head.

“Y/N,” Celie said grabbing your arm, “as much as I hate to admit this, and it sounds a lil crazy but he seemed a liiiiiiittle bit interested in you, girl.” You snapped out of your daze hearing this.

“Celie, don’t be ridiculous” You said with a half hearted laugh. “I- no, there’s just no way. He probably does this with every girl.” You said shaking your head.

“Hey, I just calls ‘em how I sees 'em.” Celie said shrugging.

So, it wasn’t just you? Celie saw it too? You guys arrived at your seats, wow they were really REALLY close. It was inevitable you would really see each other again. The lights dimmed and the concert stage lights went nuts flying over the crowd showing everybodys faces. Shawn stepped out, looking just as handsome as you remembered 30 minutes ago. Your heart pounded as he began to sing

“I won’t lie to you…..”

Shawn sang as you listened and sang along lightly, but mainly just listening to his voice. Everything about him seemed to be special and unique to you now. His eyes panning the crowd, a huge grin on his face the entire time. You wanted him to look down at you so badly, but he was 500% in the moment and you actually loved that too. He cared about his music and his fans, he really did.

Shawn announced the last song and you felt your heart sink a little, partly because you knew this was going to give you post concert depression and also partly because the little Cinderella story you created in your head never really came true. You quickly snapped out of that though, you were at an amazing concert with your BEST friend having the time of your life.’ Live in the moment, Y/N.’ you said to yourself. You began dancing with Celie, and right before the lights went down you sore Shawn looked at you. The concert ended and everyone shuffled out of the venue. Some girls still screaming, some crying, some wearing their newly bought concert t-shirts. You and Celie walked outside letting the cooler air hit your flushed skin, it felt amazing.

Walking down the steps of the venue you felt Celie grab your arm,  "Ummmm, Y/N….“ She said pointing with her other hand at a man holding a sign that read 'CELIE + Y/N.’ You stared at him with confused eyes, had somebody called you a car? Your mom and other friends knew you drove but that was the only logical thing you could think.

“Uh, hi, we’re Y/N and Celie.” You said walking up to the man holding Celie’s hand.

“Oh, perfect! So glad I found you girls!” The man said, like everything was perfectly normal. “Follow me please.” He continued folding the side and walking back to the venue.

“Wait what? I’m sorry who are you and what’s going on?” You said to the guy squeezing Celie’s hand, a little excited and a little scared.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you girls knew!” He said with a chuckle. “Shawn has kept the venue rented for the night, it’s one of his good buddies, Geoff’s, birthday and they’re throwing a bash inside. There’s a bunch of bounce houses, dancing, you know what all you kids do.” He laughed, “and he said he would love if you could join. I know it’s bizarre but he said you guys were cool.” He shrugged looking between the two of us. I was beside myself, was this really happening, my head went dizzy again.

“YES. WE ARE SO DOWN.” Celie said squeezing my hand practically cutting off my circulation and then yanking me closer to the man almost pulling my arm from it’s socket.

“Sounds good…” I said smoothing my hair and looking down at my outfit. You weren’t sure if jean shorts and a white crop top with converse was appropriate gear for a birthday party but hey, live in the moment. You two ran inside after the guy passing girls who were staring you down, seeming to know the guy who was leading you back into the venue was.

You walked back into the arena, which looked totally redone in the 40 minutes you were outside. There were balloons EVERYWHERE and a good amount of people ages 18-28 hanging out, running around, drinking, playing in the bounce houses, and doing the obstacle courses. It looked SO fun, you were immediately happy with your decision.

“Ahhh, here’s the birthday boy!” the man said grabbing another guys hand pulling him into a hug, “This is Geoff. Geoff this iiiiis…….” he looked down at the sign, “Celie and Y/N, they’re Shawns guests.” He said patting Geoff on the back, “Have fun!” He walked away over to another group of people.

“Celie and Y/N, eh? Nice to meet you two. I was beginning to think I was Shawn’s only friend.” He joked.

“Well, we are very new friends if that counts.” Celie said with a laugh touching Geoffs arm. “Hey, what do ya bet I can double bounce you higher than you can double bounce me….” She said eyeing Geoff.

“Whoaaa are you challenging the birthday boy?!!” He said throwing his hands up, “That’s mighty bold of you Miss. Celie.” He joked. “You’re on.” he said tilting his head towards the bonce houses.

“C'ya later, Y/N!!!” Celie said running over into the sea of bounce houses.

You gave her a half hearted sarcastic wave standing alone in this giant arena. You stood looking around for a minute before you followed your nose to the cotton candy stand. You grabbed a pink tuff, examining your cotton candy you took a fluffy piece in between your fingers. Smiling you put it in your mouth as you swiveled around running into someone, “OH, shit sor-” You said looking up. At Shawn. Fuck.

“Didn’t know 'soon’ meant you trampling me down, cotton candy in hand!” He joked running a hand thru his mildly curly hair. You didn’t remember it being this curly earlier, but you loved it.

“Well, I didn’t know I would be here….with you….eating cotton candy.” You said looking down at the giant pink fluff ball you were holding. He picked a piece off and popped it in his mouth. “Oh yeah, thanks for inviting us by the way. Totally gets you cool points in my book. Especially for having a bounce house. Haven’t seen one of those since…..maybe 5th grade. Shame honesty.” You said snapping back to your sassy sarcastic self.

“Well, you must lead a boring life, Y/N.” Shawn said raising a brow. You couldn’t help but notice the quick up down he gave your body. It made you bite your lip, and pull your shorts down feeling a little self conscious.

“I want to know about you…” Shawn said smiling down at you. 'WHOAAAA!!!! You thought, where is this coming from? Why me? Is he being serious? Is this for a show, there sure are a lot of cameras here. Was this a joke?’ were all questions running thru your mind. He touched your arm, bringing your mind back to reality, “Is that okay with you, Y/N? I know it seems, well, out of left field, but it’s something about you, I dunno. Sounds corny. I know.” He said with a huff looking at me with sort of embarrassed.

“I used to bite my nails?” You said lightly, looking up at him. THAT was the only thing that you could think of, ugh. The two of you started to laugh, “I’m more exciting than that….I swear!” You said trying to revive yourself. There was so much you could tell him about, but your nails? You couldn’t have said your favorite color Y/N? UGH. And the only other thing that was on your mind that month was your past relationship…'That is NOT something you bring up the first time meeting someone. Especially since your ex is well…..terrifying.’ you thought to yourself.

“So tell me….” He said walking over to the stands patting the seat beside him. You looked up followed and sat down looking into his eyes. It was that moment where you just knew this boy was going to change your life forever.


Ke Kali Nei Au

“Cry for the gods, cry for the people
Cry for the land that was taken away
And then yet you’ll find, Hawai'I”
Hawai’i 78’ -Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

for @itsaconquestofimagination : Hello my lovely mutual! May I request a drabble or hc’s (whichever you prefer) of Kylo and reader going on their honeymoon in Hawaii?

Warning pure fluff ahead!

Kylo found himself nervous once again for the thousandth time in a span of a few days, he still couldn’t comprehend that the woman he had loved for so long was now his wife and shared his last name. Now you two were in line for security at the airport early in the AM, about to start your lovely honeymoon in Hawai’i. It was a gift from his parents, and though he didn’t really want to have it coming from them he couldn’t help but be excited.

He had never been to Hawai’i and after hearing and seeing pictures from you he really wanted to go (you had some relatives there). He ran his thumb over your hand, smiling when he felt your wedding ring, you were his and now you were about to go to one of the most beautiful places in a world, he had to be dreaming.

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How Many Times-3

(1) (2)

Sam pressed his ear against the door, he could hear the music playing in her room. It had been playing for the last twenty-four hours, he was worried about her. It had been almost twenty-four hours since she had come out of her room.

Dean had tried a number of times to get her to come out, but she ignored his attempts. He tried all her favorite foods, but she wouldn’t even open the door. He had called and sent her texts, just asking if she was okay.

Dean was ready to go kick the door in after twelve hours, but Sam convinced him to leave her be. Now at the twenty-four hour mark, Sam found himself just as worried as Dean.

He knocked softly on the door. “Baby, please open I need to see that you’re okay. I’m worried about you. So is Dean, Cas, and Crowley…” 

 There was nothing, no movement, just music playing. There was movement behind him. Turning around, Cas stood there looking worried.

“She’s warded the room.” Sam’s eye’s widened, he stepped back, kicking the door in.

Rushing inside to find (Y/N), he came out with tears in his eyes.  “She’s gone.”

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The Last One

Reader x Yoongi

Summary: BigHit Entertainment was supposed to be the start of your producing career, and when Bang Si-Hyuk assigns you to work with the popular group BTS, things don’t go according to plan because of the hot-headed, perfectionist: Min Yoongi.

Rating: NC-17

Status: On-Going

Originally posted by bfjoonie



As you got off the airplane, you made your way to the baggage claim, and waited for your stuff to show up. You suddenly felt your phone vibrate, and checked it only to receive 20 missed calls from your mom.

“Did you land safely in Korea yet?” Your mom asked.

“Yes, I did. Don’t worry.” You sighed.

“Okay then, text me when you’re at your place. Bye, sweetie! Call me if anything happens! I miss you already.”

“Mm. I miss you too, Mom.”

This wasn’t the first time that you were going to be away from home because of work, but it was the first time you were going to another country. Although you were excited, you couldn’t help but feel nervous. After making it big in America, you were scouted by many companies. You had chosen Big Hit because unlike the other companies you were offered a three-year contract, given an apartment and studio to work in, and you weren’t limited to just working with Big hit, which meant you could work with other companies under Big Hit’s name. After months of paperwork, you were finally able to work and stay in Korea. Although you knew much Korean, Bang Si-Hyuk assured you that there were many Korean-English speakers to help make you comfortable.

You quickly found your 3 baggage and headed to the front of the airport, where someone was waiting for you with a sign. You looked around and noticed a lot of the signs were written in Korean. Luckily, you finally found a tall man holding a sign with your name, written in English. You walked towards him and smiled.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” You smiled.

You showed him your passport and I.D and he escorted you into a sleek, black car. As you made your way to Big Hit, you couldn’t help but photograph all the scenery you drove past, smiling and enjoying your three-hour drive to Seoul.

“We’re almost there. As for your bags, they will be put into your apartment for you.” The man said.

“Okay, thank you.”

You gathered your things back into your backpack. After another 10 minutes, you finally arrived in front of a building. The man opened the door and as you got out you noticed how big and tall the building was. You noticed the “Big Hit” logo and it finally hit you. You were here, you were here in Korea. You made your way inside and was greeted by two ladies in the front. You smiled, and bowed.

“Hi, I’m y/n, the new producer. Do you know where I’m supposed to go?“ You asked them.

“Yes, we’ve been expecting your arrival. Welcome to Korea. They are all waiting for you in the meeting room. If you take the elevator to floor 2, you will find it straight ahead of the hall.” She smiled.

You nodded and headed to the elevators. You could feel your heart-beating and palms sweating. You had felt so confident before, but now that you were facing reality you couldn’t help but feel light-headed. You heard the elevator door ring, and walked out. You followed the lady’s words and headed straight down the hall like you were told to. You finally found the room, and stared at the door before entering. You tried to calm and relax yourself before entering. You felt more nervous than you did in the elevator. Before you made your way, the door had already been opened, revealing a large group of strange faces.

“Oh, there she is.” A man standing in the center said, “Welcome to Korea and Bit Hit Entertainment, Y/N. Come in.”

You bowed and made your way to the center of the room. The man stuck out his hand and smiled.

“I am Bang Si-Hyuk, it’s finally nice to meet you.”

You shook his hand and smiled.

“You can take a seat, we’re just waiting for some other producers to show up as well.” He said.

You took a seat near the front and checked your phone. You texted your mom that you were at the company, but you would call her back at home. You looked around the room, the lights were off and the curtains covered the window. You could barely see any of the faces around you, which was fine because that meant they couldn’t see yours either, plus you had a bad habit of biting your lower-lip when you were nervous. 

After 15 minutes of waiting, a couple of people finally came and the lights finally turned on. Bang Si-Hyuk made his way to the front and everyone stood up and greeted him. 

“Today’s meeting consists for three things: our upcoming projects, our upcoming auditions for 2017, and lastly our newly hired staff. Everyone, this is the new maknae-producer, Y/N. Treat her well, she isn’t from Korea, so help her if she needs it.”

You smiled and bowed to everyone in front of you.

“Nice to meet everyone, I look forward to working with you all.” You said.


AND that’s it for the prologue! Sorry it’s short! I just wanted to introduce her character first, just so you know her backstory. And I know I didn’t mention the members, but don’t worry most of them will be making their appearance in the next part! Let me know your opinions on this series, I’m open to any changes or opinions! It won’t hurt my feelings! Lolol! But if you like it, please continue to support me! I’ll try to post an update twice a week for now!

chapter 17.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2605 (long chapter ye boiii, read well my loves)

Warnings: none :)

note: and we’re back! this chapter tho omg. i tried to make it not as boring as it already is… so i’m sorry ahah (i think it’s boring tbh) i’m posting consistently for the next few days because I don’t want to write while studying for exams. also… guess who’s sick? -admin 

two years later


“Thank you for the fantastic show, Miss. (Y/N). Your collaboration with Chanel was absolutely phenomenon. Bringing back the more chic, simple and sexy styles was a great idea. Keep up the good work and hope all goes well in opening your store in Korea.” The host of the New York fashion show praised me. I smiled at him, giving him my thanks before wandering around the building full of models.

Ever since I’ve moved to Paris, my life has changed completely. Not only did I work under famous companies but my work was recognized by many designers. As time went by, people have finally encouraged me to open my new line of my own clothing designs and it managed to be very successful. When I first opened my store in France, I didn’t know my clothing line would become very popular. Even Chanel wanted to collaborate with me and I worked with them, creating a new line of clothes. Soon, a high demand of my line of clothes was wanted in the USA and the UK. I made a plan to open my stores in cities like, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto where line of fashion was most popular. After opening a few stores in those places, my team and I planned to open a store in Korea which was where I left my past two years ago.

“(Y/N)!” My assistant, Rose, called from behind me. I turned around to see the strawberry blonde girl, whom was also my best friend, running towards me with a worried look on her face.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her as I scanned her face for answers.

“You’re late.” She breathed out, trying to catch her breath from the running she just did.

“For what?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Your flight!” Rose exclaimed, waving her arms around. “The flight to Korea! You’re suppose to be at the airport right now.”

I cursed under my breath as I grabbed Rose’s hand and dragged her along with me, “Get a car for me and I’ll run and grab my bag. Meet me in the basement parking lot, I’ll try to be there as soon as possible.”

“I really hope we can make this flight.” Rose sighed, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

“If we don’t make the flight, we could always take the next one. At least we have each other.” I noted, smiling at her as reassurance.

“You’re right. The two troublemakers stuck together. ” Rose laughed as she smiled back. “Stop talking to me and quickly run to get your purse. We’re late.”

“Whatever you say, boss.” I joked as I turned my back and ran to find my stuff. The amount of people in the room made it hard for me to find my purse. With people congratulating me on the successful show, it was hard to maintain on task. But finally finding my purse tucked away in the corner, I grabbed it before pushing and running my way through people. I met up with Rose in the parking lot as we made our way down to the airport. We both sat in silence, on our phones, as our driver quickly tried to get us to the airport.

“Do you have any friends in Korea?” Rose asked, looking up from her phone and breaking the silence in the air.

“Well…” I started to say, trying to form a sentence in my head. To be honest, I didn’t have any friends in Korea. I lived a lonely life back in Korea until Jinyoung came into my life. I fell in love with him until Jaebum came into my life. The two men tugged my heart and messed with my feelings until Jinyoung decided to marry a girl whom his family set him up with. Then, I figured out that Jinyoung knew about the debt my father and hid it away from me. Finally breaking it off with him, I fell in love with Jaebum. And he was the one that made me feel empty for a year when I lived in Paris. But I forgot about him, since I was busy with my own work, until now.

“You lived in Korea for a little while. Or at least that’s what you told me.” Rose said, interrupting my thoughts.

“I did live in Korea for a few years. But the people I knew probably have forgotten me because I have forgotten about them too.” I sighed as I looked outside the window, observing the beautiful city of New York.

“(Y/N),” Rose chuckled, “Can you please stop being so dramatic?”

“What can I say?” I said, turning my head to look at her. “It’s probably true. I haven’t been back in Korea for more than two years and I haven’t contacted with the people who talked to me.”

“That’s so sad.” Rose pouted. “I bet they were really nice people.”

“Yeah,” I huffed out, “They were great people…”

Finally, we landed in Korea where it was bright and sunny. Getting off the plane, Rose and I went straight to the bathroom to fix our outfits and looks before heading out the airport. As a fashion designer, we always have to look our best no matter where we’re going. But lacking from sleep, I put on a pair of sunglasses to cover my eyes and headed out.

“Looks like you have fans here.” Rose noted as we stepped outside the terminal. Looking around, I see a few people with their phones out following me and Rose out to the parking lot.

“I didn’t think I was that popular.” I started, waving at the people with their phones out.

“Well you’re a fashion trender, I think people who admire your work are your fans.” Rose chuckled, grabbing my arm and pulling me out the door. We spotted a man holding up a sign with my name on it as Rose dragged me towards him.

“Miss. (Y/N). Welcome to Korea. I’ll be your personal driver for your stay so please feel free to call me whenever you need me. I’ll take your bags as you ladies can hop onto the van.” He said before grabbing our suitcases. Giving him a nice warm smile, Rose and I hopped into the car while Rose’s phone rang out loud.

“Hello?” She picked up, closing the car door behind her. I took off my glasses and gave her a concerning look as she talked on the phone. Although it was unclear who was on the phone with Rose, all I knew that it had to be important.

“Who was that?” I asked after Rose hung up her phone.

“You have a client.” Rose replied back, not really answering my question.

“What? I justed landed in Korea and I already have someone who wants to get fitted?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Well Declan just called and he said that someone demanded to get fitted by you and wants you to create a personalized dress.” Rose explained to me. “Apparently, you’ll be getting very good money since this is the wife of a famous company in Korea.”

“When are we meeting her?” I questioned Rose, slightly yawning from the lack of sleep.

“Now, she demanded to see you after we landed.” Rose stated. “I’ll tell the driver to take us there immediately.”

I leaned back on the chair and closed my eyes. Who would want to see me after I just landed? Rose mentioned I would get paid well meaning this lady is married to a rich man. Also, she is very high demanding since she requested to see me immediately. Do people realize that I needed rest? I just finished a show in New York and flew down to Korea to open a store, not to see people who set me back on my work. Yes, I do fittings for people but not when my schedule was full. Today, I planned to meet with people who helped build my store. But apparently not.

“We’re here, miss.” The driver said. “I’ll bring your stuff to the hotel while you work.”

“Thank you sir.” Rose politely smiled. “I’ll give you call when we’re done.”

Rose and I exited the car and entered a modern building. Although it isn’t the suitable place for a fitting, it’ll still had what I need to do my job. I followed a lady, who greeted me at the front desk, as she led us into a big room where my client sat on a white couch. Looking around the room, I noticed that it looked more like a fancy living room than a place where companies held meetings in.

“She’s here Ms. Im.” The man standing by the door said.

It was like my whole body froze as I watched my client stand up from the couch. Watching her every move, my heart pounded and my hands started to get sweaty from the amount of nervousness building up from inside. My client turned around and revealed a strikingly familiar face. At this moment, I never thought that I would meet Jaebum’s mother in a different circumstance.

“(Y/N), my dear! What a surprise!” Jaebum’s mother beamed at me, as she recognized my face as well.

“Ms. Im! What a surprise indeed. You still look the same since I’ve last seen you. Beautiful and healthy.” I brightly smiled at her as she came over to give me a big hug.

“Look at you.” She cooed while grabbing the side of my face. “A beautiful sunshine. I can see why my Jaebum fell in love with you in the first place.”

I completely froze up when I heard the name Jaebum. When Jaebum took me to that Christmas party, we were never an official thing. But he still introduced me to his parents as his girlfriend. Thinking back then, I wondered if he ever did love me. After all we’ve been through, I remembered that time in the shower where he comforted me about Jinyoung. He told he had found a girl but she was too oblivious to notice him. Was that person me?

“Let’s not waste time, Ms. Im.” I said, changing the topic “We have a lot of work to do and I want you to look your best. Let’s get started.”

“I’ve always thought you were a sweet girl, (Y/N). I’m so happy that we met today.” Jaebum’s mother happily said as I led her to the middle of the room.

“Thank you.” I politely said, not really knowing how to reply to that statement. “Just wait here, I’ll go get my supplies.”

Smiling at Ms. Im again, I quickly ran to the corner of the room to meet with Rose, who gave me a dirty look. The room didn’t have very many people in it, so it wasn’t loud which meant Rose heard my conversation with Ms. Im.

“You know her?” Rose hissed at me with her arms crossed.

“It’s a really long story.” I huffed out, trying to calm myself down. I’m pretty sure Ms. Im will tell Jaebum that she met with me today. But what was I going to do? And why was I feeling so anxious over a small meeting? I couldn’t help but think about Jaebum’s reaction. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him and I certainly can’t face him now.

“Wait is this the guy yo-” Rose noted as she started to piece together the information.

“Yes, it is. And I’m slightly regretting my decision to come back to Korea because situation like this can happen.” I hissed at her, slowly starting to freak out.

“Okay, calm down. You’re not going to meet him. It’s just his mom.” Rose stated, grabbing my shoulders and shaking me slightly.

“But she’s going to tell him!” I cried, trying to keep my voice down. “Can you imagine if he figures out that I’m here. After two years… two years, Rose! Can you imagine what he thinks of me?”

Rose looked at me worriedly and grabbed both of my hands, “It’s going to be okay, (Y/N). Nothing will happen. I prom-”

“God, do you know how frustrating people are mom? They get the order wrong for our food and I ended up staying at the restaurant for more than an hour just to receive the right order. Are they deaf? Can they not take orders through the phone?” Someone angrily barged into the room, interrupting Rose.

Rose and I turned around to face the man himself walk in with two bags of food in each hand. The famous all black look with his hair swept up, revealing his forehead, and the leather jacket he always wore sending off the bad boy vibes. His handsome features were striking, making me wonder if he changed his look ever since I left. But god, he was so good looking. He looked even better than when I last left him standing at the airport. And it made my heart race.

“Holy shit, is that him?” Rose softly cursed under her breath. Jaebum hasn’t noticed us yet, since we were tucked away in the corner crowded by a whole bunch of people that worked for me.

“Oh my god,” I finally breathed out, feeling very nervous to the the point where my hands were shaking, “Rose, I can’t do this. Holy shit, I can’t breath. I need air.”

“Shh,” Rose whispered in my ear, “You stay shielded behind these people and I’ll take care of this.”

I watched as Rose made her way through people and went over to greet Jaebum and his mother. I was silently praying in my head that Rose wouldn’t mess this up. My hands were getting sweaty and my head started to spin. Looking from afar, I noticed as Jaebum was into the conversation Rose had started.

“Here you go, miss.” Someone from behind tapped my shoulder. “Your supplies.”

“Ah, thank you.” I breathed out, trying to remain calm.

“Please, miss. Could you do the fitting? Ms. Im and her son have a meeting to attend soon.” Someone else stated, as they tried to get me to move out of the corner.

“Yes, just give me a second.” I franticly said, grabbing my supplies. I ran my finger through my hair, fixing my frantic look and prepared myself to look professional in front of Jaebum. This can’t be happening. Not now.

“You have an hour, Ms. Im. If the fitting does not finish today, we can schedule another time. Miss. (Y/N), please work as efficiently as you can.” The man said out loud as people created a path for me to walk through.

It was time stopped. Slowly turning around, I could see Jaebum’s face fall into recognition as his eyes landed on my face. His smile suddenly turned serious look as his eyes scanned my face. At this moment, I froze in place, staring at Jaebum’s face. My heart was beating so fast to the point where I felt like I was going to faint. It’s been so long since I’ve seen his handsome face. And my fear for the past twenty four hours was his reaction when he saw me.

It was a quick movement of his lips. And I swear I saw him say something under his breath. He knew I could read him well since we’ve spent so much time together. And the word he mumbled out of his mouth ran through my mind. His exact tone in his voice rang through my mind even though it was barely audible.


my favorite things from the Women’s March, D.C.
  • little girl holding a sign that says “dear theodosia we’ll fight for you”
  • people cheering when you got off the metro
  • someone was dressed as a middle finger
  • my 52 year old mother: “look at all the pussy hats!”
  • the not one, not two, but three mothers who were breatfeeding their children as they marched (the most metal thing i’ve ever seen)
  • “if you get arrested we aren’t bailing you out” “why are you only talking to me” “olivia, look at you”
  • the little girls (like 6 or 7), chanting “show me what democracy looks like!” and their father responding “you are what democracy looks like!”
  • the same little girls high fiving passing marchers
  • this exchange between my mom and brother, on how long it takes to move half a million people: mom, “this must be what moses felt like for 40 years” brother, “well he only had to deal with a gold calf, not a golden shower”
  • the fact that there were SO MANY women that we all decided to use the men’s bathrooms as well as the women’s bathrooms
  • starting a chant of “love trumps hate” as we marched past the trump hotel
  • really all of the chants though
  • “can’t build a wall / hands are too small”
  • (women) “my body my choice” / (men) “her body her choice”
  • passing a big portrait of obama and everyone shouting “thanks obama!”
  • some people were bouncing up and down (for warmth, idk?) and one guy said “think about it: if we get everyone to do this it’ll be the world record for most number of people doing this”
  • the number of old ladies in attendance
  • a man holding a sign with a downward arrow that read “angry feminist dad”
  • “we shall overcomb”
  • the federal mint has harriet tubman’s face on a big banner right next to washington, lincoln, and hamilton!
  • honestly there were so many moments i probably can’t list them all

reblog and add your own faves and the city you were in!!


This photo of a Texas man taking a stand against Islamophobia is going viral

An image of a man holding a sign saying “You belong” outside the Islamic Center of Irving — the Irving, Texas mosque which had been the site of a protest by armed anti-Islam activists — has gone viral. The gesture of inclusivity and goodwill follows a horrific Islamophobic incident in California this week.
melbourne gothic: the dandenongs
  • you are on a belgrave train. the next station is ringwood, change here for services to lilydale. the lights outside rush past so you know the train is moving, but it has been three hours since you left flinders st. the sun starts to rise. the next station is ringwood. change here for services to lilydale. the sun sets. the man sitting across from you was just a boy when you first sat down.
  • you are driving home and you slow down for the car in front. they are going thirty kilometres under the speed limit. they are going forty kilometres under the speed limit. they are going fifty kilometres below the speed limit. they stop. they get out of the car and approach you. they open their mouth to ask a question but there are so many teeth, so sharp, you can’t make sense of the words.
  • the woman beside you comments on the wasp problem this year. you nod and swat away the wasp circling your head. another wasp appears, and another. soon, there are too many to count. you turn to the woman but there is a cloud of wasps where she was. the dress she was wearing has crumpled to the ground.
  • puffing billy crosses the bridge as you stand and watch. the steam spells out the letters there isn’t much time left. you blink, and the steam is just steam again.
  • there are roadworks on monbulk road. we just need to clear some trees, the man holding the stop sign says to you. he says something into his handheld radio. the cars pile up behind you. you comment that this is the reason for the roadworks last week. and the week before. the man only smiles. when he eventually lets you pass, you hear his pockets are buzzing.
  • the farmers market is a hive of activity. everyone buzzes as they move about. organic berries? a woman says, offering you a punnet of small stones. they’re half price, she says. you shake your head no and continue on your way. the buzzing gets louder with each step.
  • you are trying to sleep. there is a possum somewhere outside. the screaming gets closer, the possum’s breathing is louder. soon the possum is right outside your window. it whispers to you secrets you have told no one.
  • there is a bus. it is not the right one. you wait an hour and there is another bus. it is not the right one. five days pass and as many buses. eventually, you get on the bus, although it is still not the right one. they have been waiting for you.
The Nanny Ch. 2

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: Flying to Seoul

Warnings: None for this chapter, perhaps later

Author’s Note: This scenario will be multi-chaptered, hopefully updated at least once a week. I’m very new to this fandom, so please be kind! <3  (For the time being, I do not take requests.) Also, if the Korean is wrong, I blame Google. lol

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.

Chapter Masterlist

Last call for flight KAL122, from _______ to Seoul. Now departing from gate 5.” the voice echoed across the airport speakers. You raced through the terminal, trying to make your flight. Due to some incredibly stupid people, security checks had been backed up, resulting in your almost being late. You finally made it to the ticket counter & breathlessly handed the attendant your boarding pass and passport. As she scanned it, you took a moment to collect yourself. Making sure that your uniform was in place & tucking stray strands of hair up into your hat.

“Here you go, Ma'am. Enjoy your flight.” the attendant said as she handed you back your papers.

You quickly made your way onto the plane, politely declining the stewardess when she offered to help you store your bag in the overhead compartment.

“I’d like to keep hold of it, thanks.” You told her with a smile as you slid it under your seat.

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Bad Dreams.

I wept at miabicicletta‘s story Every star a sun, then I got to thinking about parent!lock in general and the tropes included in it and why I personally love those tropes. Then I got to thinking about how they could perhaps be subverted and to put a story short— AU where the Moriarty message never happened and I’m so sorry.

The door creaks open, the hallway light a slice of yellow against the dark and the stars in the sky still glitter. She turns her head, her hands tucked underneath her thighs. She outstretches one towards her little man. He grumbles, fingers on the doorknob and his other hand pulling at his curls. It’s the same old dream. She sees it in his face.

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P1: Business Trips

A/N: Hello🍓 this is my first ever fan fic please let me know what you think. I’m not sure where I’ll be taking this one but let’s see! Feel free to ask / message me what you think should happen. I’ll also be taking requests through this blog as well! (BTS scenarios and preferences of course) I hope you like part 1 of this fan fic and I’m sorry if it’s bad 😭



WARNINGS: none in this chapter

As an Internet personality you’d been asked to do many things before. Go on the radio, introduce celebrities at festivals and award ceremonies, you’d even been invited to fashion shows and premieres, but THIS was something else. You had a YouTube channel, mostly a hobby until it started paying more than your boring 9-5 that you hated. You’d often express your opinions on your channel, you had many popular uploads revolving around body confidence and feminism as well as makeup tutorials. You’d gained a crazy amount of followers almost overnight - and every single one of them knew how much you loved BTS. You were crazy about them and spoke about the members and their music on a daily basis. 

 And today was the day. 

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anonymous asked:

Part two of Vegas, baby is one of the best imagined I've ever read!

Oh, my gosh.  Thank you so incredibly much!  Really and truly.  I hope you like Part 3 just as much…because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

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The airplane ride over was a relief.  The two of you were in completely different aisles, and you felt you had a little more room to breathe and process the day’s events.

Well, as much breathing room as you could have by the plane lavatory.

Spencer, trying to be a gentleman, had offered many times to take the lavatory seat so that you could sit in the emergency aisle, having a little more leg room to move.  But, just as many times as he had offered, you had declined.  You didn’t want anyone to have a first class seat to your show as you pressed your head up against the window, tears slowly trickling down your cheeks.

Jolting awake, flecks of dried up tears left over from your episode, you feel Spencer shaking your shoulder, his brow furrowed with concern.  “Come on, Y/L/N, the plane has landed.”

As he studies your face, he chooses not to comment on the dried streaks you were so desperately trying to hide.  You didn’t want to talk about it: the drunk wedding, the insults in the hotel room, the damn vineyard where your dreams had been crushed…

You didn’t want to talk about any of it.

As Spencer escorts you off of the plane, you weave your way thru one of the biggest airports in the country, finally coming upon the sight of a man holding up a sign that says, “The Reids.”

“Guess that’s us,” you mutter, walking over to the man with a plastered smile on his face.

“You must be Mr. and Mrs. Reid,” he says with a happy spring in his tone.   “May I say, congratulations on your vows.  I hope you find your stay enjoyable where you are going.”

“Thank you,” you squeak out, your hands trembling as you start to load your stuff into the car, refusing to let anyone else do it for you.

You were a woman, not a porcelain doll.

Sitting down in the car, you lean your head against the window.  You took a few deep breaths, trying to steady your racing heart, and as Spencer climbs in beside you, he drops something in your lap.

A fruit salad.

“I see you eat them every morning at work,” he says, unwrapping his breakfast burrito.

Staring down at your colorful salad, tears prickle the back of your eyes again as you take your shaking hands and gently open it up.

It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for you.

And that fact made it both endearing for Spencer, and pathetic for you.


Blindly eating your salad, you finally pull up to the all-too-familiar BnB.  As Spencer gawks at it, he makes some off-handed comment about the cost of this…but you didn’t catch it.  Your eyes were on the hill.

The crest of the hill.

The tree on top of the crest of the hill, to be exact.

Feeling the door beside you give way, you steady yourself as you unbuckle your seat-belt, thanking the driver as he helps you climb out.  Hearing the trunk pop, Spencer grabs both your bag and his, and as you go to protest he shoots you a look and says, “If he can help you out of the car, I can carry your bags.”

Sighing, you nod slightly as a grin crosses your face, trying to find a way to make the best out of this entire scenario.  Walking into the sprawling estate, a quiet woman with a nice smile greets you at the front desk, and you catch Spencer staring a little too much at her in her glasses.

Nudging him and shooting him a look, he clears his throat and says, “Ah, yes…Reid.”

“A king size room?” she asks, looking up at the two of you.

And as you go to confirm the room, Spencer butts in, “Would it…erm…well, is there another room open at all.  One that one of us could use?”

As she cocks an eyebrow at the two of you, you shuffle on your feet as you take a deep breath.  You might as well throw the poor boy a bone. “Vegas wedding…lots of drinking…you know,” you say, casting your glance up as a smile broadens on her cheeks.

“Oh,” she says, looking down and adjusting her glasses as Spencer shoots you a thankful nod.  “Well, um…yes, there is another room a couple of floors up.  A king size room…” she trails off, looking slyly up at Spencer.

Seeing Spencer’s face flush, he sets the bags down as he puts both hands on the desk.  “Sounds perfect,” he smiles.

“Alright,” she says, typing quickly on the keyboard.

Rolling your eyes, you cast your gaze over to the tables behind the front desk, a lone table in the corner up against a half-curtained window, looking out over the sprawling vineyard.

And that damn tree.

“All set,” she says, her voice light and quiet, “Here is your room key,” she hands to you, the original honeymoon suite.  “This room, be warned, is going to have rose petals and a chilled bottle of wine…as well as chocolate-covered cherries.”

“And…what will mine have?” Spencer asks her playfully as she places the key to the room in his hand a little too slowly.

“I…um…,” she drifts her gaze down to his messenger bag, “I see you like books?  I could have certain genres sent up to you if you’d like,” she muses, adjusting her glasses.

“Well, here…let me write some down, then,” he says, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper.

Moving over slowly to the table, you watch her lean in and whisper, “You could add your number…you know, if you’d like.”

She was a shit whisperer.

You turned your attention slowly over to the table, your body guiding you to it as you sat down in the lonely corner, with the lonely window, and the lonely tree…on it’s lonely hill.

“What will it be, ma’am?”

“Huh?” you say, looking up at the gentleman.

You realized that Spencer was gone, and the front desk woman was fingering that piece of paper a little too fondly.

“Would you like anything to eat?  Or drink?”

“Do you have alcohol?” you ask, stupidly.

“It’s a vineyard,” the older gentleman smiles at you.

“I mean, other than wine,” you say, turning your gaze back to the view.

“I take it…something strong?” he asks, a little more sympathy in his voice.

“Yes,” you say, “…and keep ‘em comin’.”


Four drinks and an empty stomach in, you clutch on to your bag as you steady yourself, taking a deep breath as you try to walk up the steps.

“There’s an elevator,” the quiet, flirtatious, stupid front desk woman says, “…over there,” she points with her pen, grinning at you with her stupid glasses and her stupid books and her stupid little nose.

It was a cute nose.  But a stupid, cute nose.

Nodding in appreciation, you gingerly walk over, pressing the “up” button as you look down at your room number.


Hearing the elevator ding open, you get in and press the button for the third floor.  All you wanted to do was drink and sleep this entire week away. No food, no baths, no problems.  Just you…some alcohol…and a big, sprawling bed.

As the elevator doors open, you emerge from the encasing and turn down the hallway, only to see Spencer standing at your door.

Sighing, you slowly stumble up to him, trying your best to act sober as you stick your room key clumsily into the door and rip it up, trying to get the door to open.

“Hey,” he says gingerly.

Ignoring him, you finally get the light to change to green, throwing the door open and tossing your bag into the room.

“Y/F/N?” Spencer says, a little more sheepishly.

“You know,” your words slur together a bit, as you sit down, missing the bed and hitting the floor with a crash.

Spencer rushes over to help you, but you brush his hands away, pulling yourself up and tumbling on to the bed.  “You know, if you wanted to get your dick wet with Miss Sexy Pug Nose downstairs, you could have at least waited for the flirting to strike up after your fake wife had left the room.”

As he looks at you with pitiful glances, you lean yourself up, looking him dead in his eyes, “Don’t give me that pitiful stare, Reid,” you spit, venom rising in your throat, “I know you she has the hots for you, it was practically dripping from her petite little mouth,” you hiss, feeling your emotions bubble up again.

Fucking alcohol.

“And here I am, in this disgustingly beautiful place for the second time in my life, and yet again!…the man that I am with decides there is someone here better than me.”

As Spencer furrows his brow, he takes a deep breath, “…a second time?”

“Yep,” you say, popping the “p”.  “I was here once, you know…in college…with a wonderful man.  Smart, funny, not pushy about sex, wonderful cook…beautiful eyes…”

As you get lost in his memory, Spencer stands there, absolutely stunned.

“And then I realized why a man as beautiful and smart and perfect as him wasn’t pushy about sex,” you rolled yourself over and tried to climb to your feet.

“I got to walk in on him,” you throw your arms in the air as your words continue to slur, “…and some big-boobed, red-lipped, curly-haired bimbo spread eagle in the middle of our king-size bed!”

As Spencer’s mouth hangs open, his eyes widen as he finds his voice.

“I’m so sorry,” he mumbles, reaching his hand out to touch your arm.

“And do you know what!?” you yell, throwing your hands in the air as you see his hand approaching, “That was after he proposed to me!”

Spencer, rooted speechless to the ground, looks upon your fragile state, both in horror and pity.  “Yeah!  Don’t look so shocked!  There was actually someone out there that wanted to marry me.  Actually marry me!” you say, taking off your ring and throwing it at him, missing his body as you hear it bang against the door.

“But tough nuts for the virgin,” you mock as you climb into bed, drawing the cool comforter against your skin.   “Tough nuts for the ugly duckling…”

And as your mumbling turns to light snoring, Spencer picks up the ring you threw his way and puts it in his pocket, slowly closing the door behind him so as to not wake you up, as one lone tear falls slickly upon his cheek.

@theghostlydoctor here we go ;3

 The train hissed quietly when it stopped. Elene was almost sad to get up from her seat - the trains that traveled between big cities were always so quiet and comfortable. Not to say she didn’t love the personality in the smaller trains in the countryside, but she preferred longer rides on a seat that did not shake around every second. She got up and cracked her neck, which made her feathery earrings brush her shoulders, making her giggle. They were tickly. 

She flowed out in the stream of people, pulling her large luggage behind her. The station was big and full of people, but she was able to see over the crowd in her tall heels, and spotted the sign with her name - Elene Mardas. She made her way to where a white-haired man was holding the sign, and waved to him when she was still a small distance away. “Doctor Von Ghost? I’m Elene Mardas. Pleasure to meet you.” She reached out her hand for a handshake.

Unexpected Arrival

Request: a Will Poulter imagine? so you and Will met from Twitter and you would only contact him through DMs and Skype and soon you begin dating him and you get upset bc your flight to see him in London for the first time gets canceled so Will surprises you by flying to LA to see you at the airport and you kiss him?

You were sitting at the gate for your flight to London, waiting patiently for the arrival of the plane. You had a hard time at security (your necklace set off the metal detector), your order was wrong at the airport restaurant, and you were exhausted from a long day of preparation for this moment. Nothing in the world could go wrong at this point. You texted Will, letting him know about your safe arrival at the airport.

Y: Finally here, and I’m safe! Just waiting for the plane.

W: Wonderful :) I’ll be waiting for you when you get here ;)

Y: At baggage claim, right?

W: Yup. Are you wearing that cute dress I sent you?

Y: Of course! Just for you, darling. <3 XOXO

A woman’s voice came on over the intercom, “Attention passengers of Flight 1603 to London: The flight has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We are sorry for any and all inconveniences, and you’re welcome to come up to the kiosk for travel points and a free flight the next time you travel. Thank you for choosing American Airlines.” Your heart dropped when you heard the click of the CB turning off. You called Will on your cell phone’s Skype app right away.

It took a few minutes before he answered but he saw the tears on your cheeks right away. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked, somewhat alarmed. “Oh, Will!” you practically shouted from distress, “The flight’s been cancelled!”

“What? Why?" 

"I don’t know! They won’t say. ‘Unforeseen circumstances.’”

“Sweetheart, please don’t cry.”

“But I want to see you. I want to hold you.”

“And I want to hold you. We’ll get to hold each other soon.”


“I’m not sure. Let me call you back, okay?”

“Okay,” you mumbled, watching the screen fade.

After a few minutes, you stood up slowly and walked over to the kiosk, standing behind an angry woman who was yelling at an airport employee. “Cancelled flight?! My daughter is in the hospital in London! I have to get there today!” she screamed. Everyone’s just getting let down today. You thought. Your attention was pulled away from her as your Skype tone went off. You walked away from the kiosk and answered.

“Come back to the airport first thing tomorrow morning. Be here at 5 o'clock. I booked you a new flight,” Will said before you had a chance to say “Hello”. And he was gone just as soon. You were relieved that he managed to get you a new flight, but how were you going to pay him back?


You arrived at your hometown’s airport two hours early the next day. You wondered how in the world you were going to get to the gates, when you spotted a man holding a sign that said, “Y/L/N”. You walked up to him and asked, “Are you supposed to help me get to my gate?”

“No, my name is Thomas Kipman, and I’ve been given special instructions to take you to baggage claim." 

"Oh, o-okay,” you said, quite confused. You followed the young man to baggage claim, wondering why he was taking you there and who told him to. 

You spotted his short hair first, darkish brown with a mix of honey color. Then, you took in his height. You scanned his face and you stopped mid-walk, awestruck at the sight that stood before you. It was Will, and he had flown to Los Angeles to meet you. “Will!” you exclaimed.

He smiled at you, his suitcase already in hand, and he dropped it as you ran up to him. You couldn’t help yourself as you crashed into him and he spun you around. “I booked a flight out here as soon as I could. I had to pull a few strings to get out here today,” he said. 

“Oh, Will, you’re amazing,” you breathed. You couldn’t stop smiling up at him, your cheeks hurting. You turned around to thank Thomas, but he was gone. You turned back quickly, and wrapped your arms around Will’s neck. “I’m so glad we’re finally able to see each other in person,” you said, and you stood up on your toes and kissed him. He put one hand on the back of your head and wrapped the other arm around your waist, kissing you back lovingly. “And I’m so glad to finally be able to hold you,” he said back, between kisses.