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Tybalt at some point, probably

Mercutio??? nah man what an idiot he’s so - [trips] [thousands of photos of Mercutio spill out of jacket] w-what an absolute jerk I - these aren’t mine I’m just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen just listen damnit [thousands of photos of Mercutio scatter across the floor] frick wait I’m holding them for a friend I - no they’re not mine they’re for Benvolio just listen

FYI…and that’s why reading my hashtags explain why I say the things I say when I am awake, which is all the time. Therefore I am an elf. :)

Those jokes were horrible, Barnes

Bucky x Reader

Requested by anon: hi, can i request for a flirty&teasing!Bucky Barnes x reader? (cocky bucky gives me life) but when the reader finally teases/flirts back, he gets flustered because he doesn’t expect it? there is not enough of these and i’ve been dying to read one for so looooong

Word Count: 1,751

Authors Note: oh God, I’m so sorry this took me so long :( please don’t hate me, I am but one person and school is ending soon my teachers are loading up on the projects

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The soft hum of the microwave filled the silent kitchen. Steve stood in front of it, and watched as his coffee cup spun around in circles. You sat silently at the table, scrolling through the news on your phone and munching on your cereal. The microwaved beeped, signaling that Steve’s drink was done. He quickly grabbed the steaming mug and ran to the table, setting it down as soon as he got there. A little bit spilled onto his hands and you could hear him mutter a string of curse words before licking it off his hands. He quickly rinsed off his hands, and pulled the chair out from next to you so he could sit. You slid him the other bowl of cereal that was resting on the table, and he happily began to eat it.

“Ugh,” he moaned, “nothing like sleeping in and eating a nice bowl of cheerios. I could get used to this.”

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demisexual sastiel. Sam is a big animal vet, but he takes a look at Castiel's cat anyway.

Sam stared at the black haired man holding the very fat cat. He’d just locked the doors to his clinic and turned to find the man standing in the walkway, looking terrified.

“Please, you have to help him. Something’s wrong with my cat.” He pleaded.



“Cas, the clinic is closed. All my staff is home and it’s closed.” Sam tried to explain very carefully and calmly. He was running through his brain and he was fairly certain there was a 24 hour animal hospital two towns over.

“But she might die. I don’t know what- please, can you please save Toast?” Cas held the cat out for Sam to see.

“This is a big animal clinic, and-”

“Yeah, she’s s very big cat.” Cas’s eyes were so serious, Sam would have laughed if the situation weren’t also so serious. He sighed and took his keys back out of his pocket. He’d feel like a big bag of dicks if he turned this man away and the animal suffered for it.

“Come on in. Let’s get… Toast checked out.” Sam opened the door and guided Cas and the fat cat inside.

After an examination and several questions, Sam diagnosed the cat as lactose intolerant (as many adult cats are) and told Cas to keep the milk for the humans.

“But will she be okay?" 

"Oh yeah…” Sam scratched under Toast’s chin, eliciting a purr. “She’ll just be uncomfortable until it works it’s way out. She may be a stinky cat for a few days.”

Cas sighed, flopping onto a chair. 

“Thank you, Doctor… oh, how rude of me!” Cas’s eyes widened when he realized he never got the vet’s name.


“Thank you, Sam. How much do I owe you?” Cas pulled out his wallet, only to have it waved away by Sam.

“How about dinner this Saturday?” Sam smiled.

“I can’t… I have-”

“No, it’s okay.” Sam’s face went white before burning to a warm pink and he tried to swallow the lump in his throat. “You don’t have to explain. That was forward of me, I’m sorry. Just… no charge.”

“No, I mean… I already have plans this Saturday. It’s my nephew’s Tae Kwon Do tournament. But I’m free next weekend… if you still want to.” Cas stood up, shoving his wallet in his pocket and looking up with hopeful eyes.

“Yes, definitely!” Sam’s face lit up again.

“Great. Well, thanks… for Toast. I’ll just let you… bye.” Cas grabbed his cat and awkwardly backed out the door, almost tripping down the small step.

Sam waved with a grin. After Cas left, he was locking up again when he realized he’d forgotten to get Cas’s number. He hoped the man with the fat cat would be back again before next weekend.