man he's such a cutie


Martin Freeman + Urban Dictionary Definitions


He’s not coming, is he? Do you even like baseball? No, but… I don’t know. It’s fun to go with him sometimes. Come on. Has he ever done anything with you that you actually like? You know, like the arcade or something? I don’t know. No, all right? He hasn’t.

Courfeyrac headcanons

Always looking for new music to show his friends
Once bought 800 revision cards on impulse and has only used 11 so far
Wakes up with the worst bed head
Calls Enjolras his son
Tries to make witty puns but fails everyday
Takes good care of his skin
He was the one to get jbm together
Life models for Grantaire occasionally
Loves comic sans (cos he’s classy)
Rocks a feather boa
Gives ferre backrubs because he gets so stressed
Is generally the most fabulous person in a room at all times

I wanted to draw something for Viktor for Valentines day! He is honestly such a cutie I want to give him a big kiss!


and I did give him one!

Viktor is from the lovely game Beauty and the War by @poisonappletales

He is just an absolute cutie and I had fun drawing him and hope this lovely cutie has a wonderful valentines day

Dont let Monsieur know i drew another man, how scandalous it would be!