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Crooked (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 3

Part three! ^^

Inspiration is practically flowing from my fingers today! And, also, thank you so much for all the support regarding this series! It makes me extremely happy and even more motivated to keep writing :)

Summary: He broke your heart two years ago and you left him. Time is supposed to heal all wounds, so will you take him back?

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One month had now gone by since you’d been forced to pretty much drag Ji Yong’s drunk ass out of that nasty club’s bathroom. During that month, he had not exactly decided to listen to your request about being left alone. For you, it felt like wherever you went, there he was. Every time you hung out with either Seung Hyun or Youngbae, Ji Yong decided to show up by ‘accident’ and invite himself into staying for a while. It annoyed the hell out of you and you’d started to consider staying at home for a few weeks – so that you didn’t have to meet him for a while.

Though, it was getting harder for you to ignore the tingling sensation that ran through your body whenever he was around you. At first, you’d successfully managed to persuade yourself that it was just left-over feelings from the past you two shared. But by this point, it wasn’t as easy.

Something that was also getting harder was trying to truthfully believe that Ji Yong hadn’t changed during the two years you hadn’t seen him. Every time you saw him, he seemed to become more and more like the guy you remembered falling for. He was a gentleman and also so attentive that it freaked you out a little. He also seemed to be taking his future as an heir very seriously, often showing up dressed in expensive suits and talking about all the work he had to do at the company. You didn’t want to admit it to anyone, but the suit looked very good on him and hearing him talk about work with actual interest and passion made you secretly happy.

This particular Saturday, one of your closest friends Park Ri Sae – whom you’d met through Ji Yong three years ago, one of his childhood friends – had called you and asked if you wanted to go shopping with her. Since you hadn’t seen her for a while, you accepted her request at once and she picked you up within half an hour. After stopping to get a quick lunch, the two of you started your mission of expanding your closets.

As you walked past the window of a shop, Ri Sae suddenly stopped as something seemed to catch her eye.

“What do you think about that shirt?” she asked and pointed at a grey shirt on a… Male manikin.

“I think it’ll be a little big on you”, you said and laughed a little, earning a playful glare from her.

“Not for me, for my baby”, she said as a goofy smile found its way to her face. You found it so adorable, you couldn’t help but smile yourself.

“Wanna go inside and have a look?” she asked, “there’s a section with girl’s clothes as well”


Just as you’d turned around and were about to walked inside the shop, something right in front of you made your entire body freeze for a few seconds. Walking towards you and Ri Sae was none other than the person who’d started to feel like your own shadow. Kwon Ji Yong. He looked… very classy and handsome, dressed in a suit and with his hair immaculately styled.

“What is he doing here?” you quietly mumbled to yourself, but Ri Sae was standing close enough to hear what you said.

“I called and invited him”, she said and made it sound as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“What? Why?” you looked at her like she was crazy.

“I need a birthday present for my boyfriend and out of all my guy friends, Ji Yong has the best sense of style”, she explained.

“Did you have to invite him today…?”

“I fly to Japan tomorrow, remember? After today, I won’t have time to buy a present”, she said in a tone that made it clear to you that there would be no more discussions about it.

“… Fine”, you said and sighed.

What you didn’t know was the real reason why she’d invited him. She knew very well that he was indeed a changed man; that he was his old self again. What she also knew extremely well was the fact that he was desperate to get you back and would do pretty much anything to have that happen. She wanted the two of you to get back together, since you’d been perfect together and now that you were apart… Both of you were pretty much miserable, even if none of you wanted to admit it.

The two of you walked the short distance that was left to the entrance to the shop, where Ji Yong was now waiting. He greeted Ri Sae with a friendly hug, like he always did, and then looked at you with a smile on his face.

“Hello, ____-ah”, he said.

“… Hey”, you mumbled in an annoyed tone before walking inside the shop without a second glance at him.

Both Ji Yong and Ri Sae soon followed you inside and as you went to the women’s section, Ri Sae dragged Ji Yong over to the men’s section to look at a present for her dear boyfriend. You were aware of the fact that, even if Ji Yong never minded helping his friends with things like that, shopping with Ri Sae could be very tiring when she was on missions like her current one. The fact that he probably felt annoyed and like he wanted nothing more than to get out of there made you happy. Having him suffer a little wouldn’t hurt, right?

Within five minutes, they were miraculously finished and came over to your side, where Ri Sae instantly started to search for something she could buy for herself. The rich brat was somewhat of a shopaholic.

“Found some?” a voice behind you asked. You recognized it as Ji Yong within half a second.

“… Maybe”, you said and deliberately walked over to a shelf of clothes on the other side of the women’s section, not even sparing him a single glance.

Soon, both you and Ri Sae had found a few things to try on and therefor moved to the changing area. Ji Yong made himself comfortable on a couch placed outside the changing rooms. As you tried on the first few items and stepped out of the changing room to show Ri Sae and also get a better look in the giant floor-to-ceiling-mirror outside, Ji Yong didn’t say a single thing. This made you happy, since his mere presence put you in a bad mood. If he talked, it’d just get worse.

The last thing you tried on was a dress that had caught your eye pretty much the second you entered the shop. It was really pretty and seemed to fit your body perfectly.

As you stepped out of the changing room, Ri Sae dramatically gasped and you couldn’t help but laugh at her. You turned around and studied yourself in the large mirror, feeling even more confident about the fact that you absolutely loved the dress. No matter how much it cost, you had to buy it. Ri Sae told you the exact same thing before she had to rush into her changing room as her phone started to ring. Within two seconds, you could easily establish that it was her boyfriend.

“You look really beautiful, ____-ah”, Ji Yong suddenly said and you looked at him through the mirror, with a very surprised expression on your face.

“Wh-… Uh.. T-thank you”, you quietly mumbled and felt how you cheeks started to heat up and how your heartbeat picked up.

Ji Yong seemed to realize what he’d done to you, because you could see him smirk as you glanced at him through the mirror in front of you. This just made your heart beat even faster and you soon felt that you needed to escape for a while to calm down. Therefore, you quickly returned to you changing room and, as soon as you were inside, put a hand over your racing heart and tried to take a few deep breaths to calm down. How the hell could a simple compliment from him make you react like this? What was wrong with you? You hated him! Right?

Suddenly, a ringing phone outside the changing room caught your attention and you recognized it as Ji Yong’s, after having heard it a few times when he’d ‘accidentally’ showed up when you were hanging out with Seung Hyun and Yongbae.

“You should buy the dress, ____-ah”, he said in a casual tone before answering his phone.

This comment surprised you even more and your racing heart made you feel slightly lightheaded. What was your body doing?!

After calming down and changing into your own clothes, you exited the changing room and came face to face with Ri Sae, who’d been waiting for you. There was a huge, annoying smile on her face and all you could do was sigh and shake your head – silently asking her to not say a damn word.

As Ri Sae quickly looked through the jewelry section, you went to the register to buy some of the clothes you’d tried on. Among them, you didn’t want to admit it, was the dress you’d loved so much and that Ji Yong had told you to buy. Even if you tried to tell yourself that you were buying it only because you liked it, it didn’t work. The fact that he thought you looked beautiful in it had secretly made you want to buy it even more. Dammit!

You and Ri Sae exited the shop just as Ji Yong finished the conversation he had on the phone.

“I have to go”, he told the two of you, “problems at the company”

“Aw, but I wanted to get some coffee”, Ri Sae said and pouted, making Ji Yong chuckle.

“You just wanted me to come so that I could pay, huh?” he asked and earned an instant nod from her, “it’s not like you don’t have enough money for a coffee, Ri Sae-ah”

“Well… Whatever”, she said and pouted again. You couldn’t help but smile at her actions as Ji Yong chuckled again.

“I’ll see you when you get back from Japan, okay?”

He ruffled her hair slightly, earning shouts of protests from her, before turning to you with a small smile on his face.

“I’m really happy I got to see you today, ____-ah”, he said.

“Uh…”, you had no idea how to respond.

He bid you both farewell before starting to walk towards a car that was parked by the side of the road. After he’d fished a car key out from his pocket and had unlocked the car, he got in and drove off.

“Too bad”, Ri Sae said after a while, “free coffee tastes so much better than the one you have to pay for”

“Really?” you asked her, amused.

“Of course! Wanna get some coffee anyway, thought?” she asked.


“What? Why?”

“After what you just put me through, you don’t deserve to have coffee with me”, you told her in a slightly grumpy, yet matter-of-fact tone.

She instantly seemed to realize that you were talking about the fact that she’d called Ji Yong to come and help her. After sighing, she gave you a half-hearted attempt at an apology.

“He made you heart race, though… Didn’t he?” she soon asked, a big smile on her face.

“Wh-… What?”

“When he told how beautiful you looked in the dress”

“You heard that? But you were on the phone”

“I’m a woman! Multitasking is easy for me”, she said and winked at you, which made your attempt at staying annoyed at her fail at once as a smile spread across your face.

“Don’t put me through that again, though… Please”

“But he did make your heart race, didn’t he?” she repeated her question and looked at you expectantly.

“Yes”, you said and sighed.

“So… Coffee?” she tried again, looking hopeful.

“I promised my brother that I’d meet him, sorry”, you told her, “next time?”



After having said goodbye to Ri Sae, you went over to your brother’s apartment. He lived quite close to you, so you got to see him pretty often – which made you happy, since you loved your brother very much. No matter how much like a brother Seung Hyun and Yongbae were to you, there was nothing that could beat having an actual older brother.

“So what’d you do today?” he asked you when the two of you were sitting on his balcony, enjoying the last rays of the sun that had now started to set.

“I went shopping with Ri Sae Unnie”, you told him, not really wanting to disclose the fact that Ji Yong had shown up. Your brother didn’t exactly like Ji Yong after the hell you’d gone through because of him.

However, since he was your brother and since the two of you were very close, he instantly sensed that there was something you weren’t telling him. All he had to in order for you to spill your secret was to give you a look that said ‘don’t even try, sweetheart’.

“… She… Invited someone”, you started.

“Invited who?”

“… Kwon Ji Yong”, you quietly said.

“What?” your brother asked in a loud voice, surprising you, “that asshole showed up? Did he do anything? Do I need to go find him and beat the crap out of him? I could do that right now, so that he’ll finally learn his lesson and-“

“Oppa, calm down!” you said and grabbed his hand when he abruptly stood up, ready to run out the front door and search for Ji Yong.

Your brother had been very close with Ji Yong before your relationship started to become worse and worse. When Ji Yong started treating you like crap, your brother had started to hate the man with a passion – constantly telling you to leave him, before you got seriously hurt.

“What happened when he showed up?” your brother asked once he was seated again and had calmed down a little.

“Nothing happened, Oppa”, you reassured him, “he was there because Ri Sae Unnie needed help picking out a present for her boyfriend and he had to leave pretty quickly after that, because of work”

You decided that telling your brother about the fact that Ji Yong’d called you beautiful wouldn’t really help the situation.

“Okay… Good”, he said, “at least he’s not showing up outside your door…”

The last part was, you figured, not supposed to reach your ears. It did, though, and it confused you a lot.

“What do you mean by that, Oppa?”

“Wh-…?” he sighed, “I guess you deserve to know, since it’s been two years now”

“Two years?”

“The night you said goodbye to him and left for Paris, he showed up at your place around an hour and a half after you’d left, a complete mess and absolutely panicked”, he said.

His words shocked you so much, you almost forgot how to breathe. Ji Yong had gone to your place that night? You’d always been under the impression that he’d stopped caring about you completely and that you leaving him hadn’t really affected him that much. You’d been wrong all this time?

“When I opened the door, he instantly demanded to see you and when I told him that you weren’t there, he asked where you were”, your brother continued, “when I told him that he didn’t deserve to know, he had the nerve to get mad at me… So, I lost my patience and gave him a little gift”

“… What kind of gift?”

“I punched the son of a bitch in the face”, your brother said, “he deserved it”

There were so many things that shocked you of what your brother had told you, that you didn’t know which one to focus on. The fact that he punched Ji Yong in the face didn’t actually surprise you all that much, but the fact that Ji Yong had actually showed up and had looked for you did. So he had at least cared enough about you to run after you? Why did you feel so happy about that?

Taron Egerton | The Grooming Guide

‘James Dean was a bit of a boss wasn’t he?’

If there’s a man to watch in 2015, Welsh-born actor Taron Egerton is the one to keep your peepers on. He stormed into prominence with his portrayal of Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin in ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ earlier this year, alongside acting heavyweights Colin Firth and Michael Caine, and he’s not stopped working since. Named as one of GQ’s 50 best dressed British men in 2015, Egerton’s transformation from RADA graduate to well-groomed main man means he’s truly on the Grooming Guide radar.

With upcoming roles as Eddie ‘The Eagle’ alongside Hugh Jackman, and as the enigmatic sidekick Edward ‘Mad-Teddy’ Smith in ‘Legend’ (staring Tom Hardy as both the Kray twins) Egerton looks set to continue his stellar run, wowing audiences with his ability to transform into a diverse range of characters. But we here at Grooming Towers wanted to grab five minutes with the rising star to discuss what’s in his personal grooming arsenal – and find out if Michael Caine imparted any sleek advice to the newest kid on the block!

In the last few years you’ve gone from RADA graduate to well-known actor. Do you think you place more importance on grooming now that you’re in the public eye?
Probably less than I should! No, of course I’m much more aware of grooming now – not that I really get recognised much! I would say I have learnt a lot more about style over the last few years, what I like to wear and what suits me. Gone are the days of living 24/7 in grey joggers like I did at drama school. That’s not to say I don’t go back to the trusty jogging bottoms every so often, I just keep it to round the house or when I’m working out.

In ‘Kingsman’, your character goes through a ‘makeover’ – did you pick up any stealth grooming advice from on-set?
I was lucky enough to wear some beautiful bespoke suits as part of my character Eggsy’s transformation. I now have quite a taste for them, they change everything; the way you hold yourself, they give you a certain confidence, they act almost like a second skin. Also, before ‘Kingsman’ I never really understood the importance of a good watch – now my Bremont is practically welded to my wrist, I haven’t taken it off since I finished filming! It means I no longer have an excuse for being late though…!

Working with acting heavy weights Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine, did they impart any grooming or style advice, or did they have a particular influence on your grooming/style?
And not forgetting Mark Strong! They are all very handsome gentlemen, who each have their own distinct style which makes them stand out as individuals. I guess that fact alone was quite influential and inspirational. I never quite got round to having the conversation with Sir Michael Caine about his morning grooming ritual though!

In Testament of Youth, you play a young man going to war in 1914. Did you enjoy being styled and groomed to fit the times?
You know what, there is something incredibly sharp about the classic short back and sides cut, I can see why that hairstyle has done a full circle and has come back into fashion. I loved wearing the army suits as Edward, they have a real weight to them, both literally in a physical sense and historically. It helped me a great deal with instantly transporting me to the era of the First World War.

What’s your at home grooming routine like? Do you have a favourite product/products that you rely on?
I wouldn’t say I have a ‘routine’ as such but products I do use and always make me feel fresh are Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic – it makes you feel like you’ve had 10 hours sleep when in reality you’ve probably had a lot less! Kiehl’s do an amazing shower gel that’s great and I love the cool mint FUDGE shampoo and conditioner. That wakes me up! But if nothing else just a proper thorough teeth brush!  

Do you have a favourite scent that you’re loyal to?
I wear Valentino and have done for the last few years; it feels like my smell now and I wouldn’t change it.

Have you had any grooming disasters?
I think I went through the classic ‘mum bowl-cut’ trauma as a kid, but I think that’s a right of passage when you’re young isn’t it? Even now when I see my mam with a pair of scissors it gives me shivers and nightmare haircut flashbacks!

What’s your ritual to get ready for a big event?
It is definitely a bit of a last minute jobby – probably spend too long in the shower whilst listening to some great tunes to get me pumped up, something from great new band ‘Lazy Habits’ or something a bit more old school and timeless like Stevie Wonder. Then wack a bit of product in my hair, (Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream has always done a very good job) and a splash of Valentino and a swig of something fizzy, then I’m out of the door.

Who is the one person (dead/alive/imaginary) that you look up to in terms of grooming and style, and why?
James Dean was a bit of a boss wasn’t he? Classic jeans, tee and and a leather jacket…can’t go wrong!

Looking forward, you have two very different projects on the horizon (as Eddie The Eagle and in Legend) : can you tell us a little about them and what they mean in terms of the different looks that you have to create and embody?
I have just finished filming ‘Eddie The Eagle’ as Eddie (who was the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping back in the 1980’s) and then ‘Legend’ comes out in September this year. Mr Eddie certainly had his own style going on! Over the last couple of months I’ve actually become quite attached to those iconic glasses. Not sure I can say quite the same thing about those 80’s ski suits! As for ‘Legend’, I got to wear some pretty suave 50s suits alongside Tom Hardy. Playing dress up as an actor is definitely all part of the fun and variety- I get to wear things I would never normally get the chance to.

When and where are you at your happiest?
I’d have to say whenever I’m with my boys back home in Aberystwyth. Sun shining, beer in hand with my best mates on the Royal Pier, can’t beat it.

Interview by Zoe Keys
Image: Ben Weller/Mr Porter

Entitled to What?  Thoughts on the Royalty of Jupiter Ascending

We only get three examples of the Entitled in the movie: Balem, Titus, Kalique, and Jupiter herself.  Other than that, we’ve got nothing but Caine and Stinger’s hushed whispers of the status of the Entitled.


Here is what I remember (feel free to add to this list):

  1. Entitled are among the highest-ranking in the Jupiter Ascending universe, if not THE highest – definitely above splices
  2. Being Entitled doesn’t just mean “pure human,” otherwise all the Regenex fodder humans would be Entitled as well
  3. Entitled can be royalty, and all the royalty we see in the movie seem to be Entitled.  Canon remains silent on which category encompasses the other.  
  4. Entitled status comes with certain legal rights.  When Caine attacked an Entitled, this was grounds for automatic death sentence/life exile in the Deadlands (whatever those are)
  5. You can legally become Entitled

It was that last one that caught my attention.  Caine congratulates Jupiter on “officially” becoming an Entitled – after she legally gained ownership over all of Seraphi’s property left to her as a Recurrence.  Why then, and not before?  Was “Entitled” an inherent quality, or a legal status?


This is my theory: “Entitled,” means “owner of Regenex-fodder planet.”  It doesn’t mean you’re entitled to something, it works in the more ancient sense of OWNING A TITLE.  You hold the title to this planet; you are literally referred to by a royal title.  It explains why the Abrasax family go by “My Lord,” and “Your Highness,” even though (from our point of view) they are simply very powerful business people.  

It could also explain why Balem remains “My Lord,” and not “Your Majesty” after Seraphi’s death.  There are ranks even among the Entitled.  I imagine it as a very medieval, Game of Thrones-esque type setup; you can become a lord/Entitled, but your itty-bitty planet and five tubes of low-grade Regenex aren’t going to compare to the vast, inter-planetary empire of House Abrasax.  Seraphi Abrasax was the Queen because she built this gigantic Regenex empire and maintained the sole head of all of it; even if each sibling received enough planets to make them wealthy, they couldn’t touch what their mother held in her glory. 

As far as the legal aspects of being Entitled goes: obviously, the Entitled enjoy more legal rights and privileges than anyone.  It’s like a very extreme version of the perks of ancient Roman citizenship.  Attacking an Entitled is a life sentence or the death penalty.  The Entitled can be called by royal pronouns.  The Entitled maintain the right to have any of their living property converted into Regenex at their leisure (Balem tossed one of his sargons into the stream, remember?).  I think it’s also safe to say that being turned into Regenex is legally prohibited for the Entitled (Roman citizens couldn’t be crucified).  Also, the Entitled can legally recall people from lifetime imprisonment or death row…provided that they subsequently take on the contracts of the person they released?  Did Titus own Caine after their deal?  

I don’t think the legal system technically differentiates between richer and poorer Entitled, except in that universal way that all legal systems have of favoring the rich.  Also not sure about how many planets you have to own before people go from calling you “My Lady,” to “Your Majesty;” it probably has something to do with how many millennia you’ve held onto the planets, and how much fear and awe you can instill in the people you own.   Man, the more I think about this the more I want a historical drama-style movie about Seraphi Abrasax.  

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i am desperate for fanfic so i hope this helped all you lovely writers out there