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a bunch of Minerva stuff and some first stuff of her parents too! Deborah and Ark, mrs and mr Gyo! I love Minerva but getting her face look as it is sometimes is super hard, is a balance between those bulgeos eyes and puffy lips

I also super duper love her parents, Deborah is just too beautiful and good for this world and Ark is a giant harpy man that doesnt even botehr to pretend being a human dude ahhhh!!


Introducing a new birb friend! 
Meet Tangier, or Tang for short! Sun conure harpie from the high Stratos Islands!
Tang likes on walks on the beach, exotic fruits, and the color yellow.

He is also mostly deaf.

Your Man

Request: 25. No shit, Sherlock. 15. Nothing but you. 18. Can’t stand that bitch. With Juice

Being with Juice was fun most of the time. Sometimes it was trying. But you still loved him no matter what. So, when you saw the newest pornstar rubbing up on your man, you had to calm yourself down. You worked for Luann as a book keeper and most of the time, your Old Man came with you. You didn’t mind that he watched the action sometimes, other times he was engrossed in his phone or computer beside you.

Today, there was a new pornstar that apparently didn’t know when to back off. He had shrugged her off multiple times and could not take a hint. He kept taking glances at you, as if to make sure you weren’t charging up for murder. I was sitting down at the desk, glaring a hole into the back of the chick’s head, wanting to make her brains explode. After a couple of minutes of this going on, you felt a presence lean up against the desk beside you.

“That cumdump is hitting up your man.” Luann’s voice whispered into your ear.

“No shit, Sherlock.” You said as you forced yourself to look back down at the books.

“Can’t stand that bitch.” She said. You laughed at her.

“Then why did you hire her.” You asked the woman next to you.

“She’s new pussy. She can bring in new viewers.” She stated, as if it was obvious.

You laughed at her. Luann was always able to make you laugh, no matter the situation.

You looked back to Juice and saw that she wasn’t giving up this time. His face was scrunched up in disgust as she kept talking. You sighed as you decided to save your Old Man from the harpy.

You pushed yourself from the desk and stood up. You looked at Luann. “I’m gonna go save him, before he makes himself hyperventilate.”

“No marking the merchandise.” Was all she stated before going over to some monitors.

You then made your way to Juice and the new ‘Star.’ Casually walking up them, you heard her talking in an almost whiny type of voice that sounded like a small dog, begging for attention.

“Hey, I don’t think my Old Man likes your hoochies rubbing up on him.” You said as you stood behind the bitch.

She turned to you, with an insulted look on her face. “And who do you think you are?” She said as she stood up and tried to square up to you, failing in the process. She was so much smaller than you, it was like she was a 12 year old. You stared at her and raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘Really? That all you can do?’

You heard Juice sigh in relief when she finally backed off him and turned to you. You smiled a fake smile at the child that decided now was a good time to rub up on your man. “I think I happen to be his Old Lady. So I think you best be going now.”

You could see her face drain of any color as she realized just how bad she screwed up. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I swear.” She stuttered out as she backed up towards one of the sets. You smirked as she backed up faster and waved at her before she turned around and almost ran to what you assumed to be her dressing room.

Laughing, you turned to Juice. He was looking up at you from his seat on the couch with a dazed and dreamy look on his face. You giggled as you sat next to him and wrapped your arms around him, waking him from his daydream.

“Babe” He paused. “That was so hot.” He grinned. “I’m glad I got you as my Old Lady. Nothing but you.” He leaned over to you and pressed a hot kiss onto your lips. You smiled into the kiss before leaning back and stared him in his eyes.

“Nothing but you, baby.” You said.

Everybody’s freaking out about warren rn, but like, we always are? Every single one of us is always worrying about Warren. Like, this entire fandom has a freaking spider sense/PTSD hybrid about when Warren’s about to do some stupid shit. And for good reason too? Like, it’s a miracle this man is alive. Fighting harpies? He gets poisoned. Fighting monkeys? Why, he loses all his shit. Went to a dangerous temple by himself? This silly goose turned albino. Literally doing nothing in a backpack? Burned and trapped inside it for months. This man could be spreading butter on his blueberry goddamn pancakes and would be concerned for his safety. And don’t even get me started on the rest of the Burgess’s. Moral of the story?


Sneaking Out, Getting Laid, Normal Teenage Things: A Solangelo Request

Okay maybe sneaking into his boyfriend’s cabin wasn’t the best idea since his siblings were all nosy as fuck, plus the harpies man.

Will was smart.

But he was also stupid.

Like most teenage boys are.

But really, he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t seen Nico in a month since he went to go visit Hazel at Camp Jupiter, he was only supposed to visit for a week but ended up getting delayed by a visit to his father. And when he finally came back, Will and him could barely get any alone time. They barely even got a hug out of each other before Nico was pulled away by Jason and Piper who were visiting this summer, they had wanted to catch up. And then all the younger demigods convinced Nico to give them an impromptu sword lesson, while Will himself was pulled away to deal with some stupid camper who had somehow ended up with a fork in their ass.

So needless to say, Will was frustrated.

He was frustrated with the lack of alone time he got with Nico. So of course it was only logical for him to sneak into the Hades cabin from the open window which happened to be beside Nico’s bed.

The younger demigod woke at the thud that Will had caused when he fell on the ground and nearly turned the son of Apollo into a shish kabob.

“Woah! It’s just me!”

“Will? What in the Hades are you doing here?”

“Visiting my significant annoyance.”

“…..I’m alseep aren’t i?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because there’s no way you’re stupid enough to risk getting caught by the harpies just to be stupidly romantic and come see me.”

“But I am that stupid!” Will protested only to smack himself in the head. Did he really just say that.

Apparently he did because Nico was laughing and helped him to his feet.

The two said nothing as they lazily smiled at one another. It was a cozy silence.

But that silence was interrupted by the dark haired italian that whispered a heart felt, “I missed you.”

Will wrapped his arms around Nico, holding the smaller demigod to him, “I missed you too. I missed you so much.”
He murmered into his hair.

They stood there like that for what felt like hours until Will pulled back and leaned down for what was supposed to be a short, sweet kiss.

It quickly turned into something more.

What did you expect? Will hadn’t been able to touch or kiss Nico in a month and three days. Yes he had counted.

Nico buried his fingers in Will’s golden locks and tugged gently on them as their tongues danced together, while Will’s hand settled with one on his hip, and the other on the back of his neck. Will was pleasantly surprised to feel that Nico only slept in his briefs tonight.

As the kiss carried on, Nico walked backward till he felt his knees hit the bedframe. He broke the kiss as he fell back, knowing that Will would catch himself. And he did. He hovered over the son of Hades and let one hand trace his scars and the other played with his hair. He captured his lips once more in a fiery passion.

He had no idea he was this desperate? Sure he knew he missed Nico, because of course he did, but he didn’t know he had missed him in this way, this much. He was already hard for Zeus’s sake. He would have felt embarrassed if Nico wasn’t just as hard.

“Guess we really missed each other huh?” Will whispered against the other’s soft lips. Nico let out a breathless laugh.

“I guess so.” He whispered out before he flipped them around and straddled Will. He slowly began to grind their hips together as he bit his lip to suppress a whimper.

Will tilted his head back and let out a soft groan. “Nico….I-I don’t think I have the patience.” He admitted with a blush as he looked up at his beautiful boyfriend, cloaked in moon light. Any other day he would love to take his time, make Nico his the way they both loved, but right now he just needed to be buried inside his lover.

Nico nodded as he quickly, yet somehow gracefully stripped out of his briefs as Will stripped out of his clothes. Will rummaged through the beside drawer to find the half used tube of lube and promptly poured about a third of its contents onto his fingers at Nico laid himself on his bed with his legs spread wide. He squirmed when he saw Will’s hand approaching his entrance. Will nudged a finger in and then another and then another. He stratched and prodded and prepared for as long as he could before he pulled his fingers out prompting Nico to let out a high pitched whine that went straight to Will’s aching erection. He poured some more lube onto said erection and lined himself with Nico.

“Ready, Angel?”

“M'ready…” Nico panted out.

The Italian’s held tiled back as his eyes fluttered close and his mouth hung open in a silent moan as Will pushed himself in. They stayed still for only a moment till Nico rolled his hips and moaned. “Move.”

They had set a pretty fast pace right off the bat that had Nico whining, whimpering, gasping, and moaning continuesly. Will abruptly paused his thrusts which made Nico growl.

“Why did you stop?” He asked between whines asked pants.

“ You need to be quite Angel. We wouldn’t want to wake anyone up.”

“But I don’t think I caaaaaaaaaan!” He said as Will gave an unexpected thrust.

“Then bite on this.” Will purred as he placed his shirt in front of Nico’s kiss bruised mouth expectantly.

Nico blushed as he bit onto the cloth, once he did he did not have to wait long for Will to resume his rapid thrusting. He even threw on of Nico’s pale legs over his shoulder to get a better angle. Of course this had Nico moaning louder, at least it was muffled.

They continued this motion until Nico spit out the cloth, a string of saliva connecting them, “Will! I’m….I’m!”

Will let out a shaky moan as he nodded. “Me too!”

His thrusts became faster and much moan more sloppy as they both came closer to their climaxes.

Nico came first with a cry of Will’s name as he covered his chest. Once Will felt the younger demigod tighten around him he couldn’t last much longer and also came with a cry of Nico’s name as he filled him.

They were both trembling and panting, trying to come back down to earth, come down from their Elysium.

Will slowly pulled out and placed a soft kiss to Nico’s forehead. “Love you.” He muttered sleepily as he laid beside Nico and pulled him to his chest for cuddles.

Nico softly chuckled ad he felt just how tired he really was. “ Love you too….dork.”

Harpy/Merman AU Part 3

(The last part of the series for @pass-the-pencil ‘s wonderful au)

It had been a week since Pearl and Finn had hatched and to say Harry and Louis were worried was an understatement. They knew that it could happen any time now but there was also this slight worry, the tiniest possibility, that their third baby was dead or that there was no baby at all in the last egg.

They had waited a week now and they did not have any food left. Louis was already starting to get a growling tummy and he had to go and hunt, for their babies’ sake. So he went, kissing his three baby’s foreheads as well as stroking over the last eggs shell.

“I love you”, were the last words that both of them exchanged before Louis flew away again, excited but also worried. He did not want to leave his babies at all.

Harry spent a lazy day from then on, only occasionally kissing his two little angels who were sleeping after playing with Louis all morning. He was trying to teach them how to fly. Pearl was doing great but Finn was obviously better at swimming.

They were being interrupted in their lazy day by a huge wave hitting the usually so silent bay.

“Oh… fuck”, Harry mumbled when he got pulled under water. His arms kept holding onto the two babies who simply gurgled in protest at being pulled away from the warming sun but the egg slipped away from his tail when he had to get them back over the surface. He really didn’t want them under water for too long, knew that they could swallow some of the water at this early age because they were not in full control of their lungs and breathing yet.

As soon as their heads were over the water again he looked around to search for their little baby but to no avail, the colorful egg was absolutely nowhere to be seen. Panic started to boil in Harry’s chest and he looked under water to see if the egg maybe only landed there after the wave hit them but it was not there either.

He looked everywhere he could imagine but even after searching for what felt like hours with the two babies still in his arms and tightly pressed against his chest he did not find the round object.

Tears started to prickle in his eyes when he came back to the shore from a longer searching action only to find Louis sitting there.

“Harry what is happening?”, the harpy man asked as soon as he saw the man swimming towards him.

“I… I lost it Louis”, he started causing Louis to frown in confusion before he realized it and pulled Harry as well as his little merpy babies into his arms.

“Sh, love. I know you tried your best. I bet it was a wave huh?”, he whispered and kissed his forehead.

“I… I tried. Tried to get it back. I searched everywhere… But Lou! He… or she will hatch and… and will be all alone. Without a daddy or a papa”, he whispered which caused Louis to break into tears as well.

They stayed like this until their babies began to fuss and had to be fed. They did this while they were in some kind of trance. It was way too dark to look for their little baby egg and too dangerous, a storm was coming up and Louis could not fly when there was much wind.

It was when they were done with feeding Pearl when Harry had to look up because he had heard the voice of his little fish friend.

His head turned slowly, he obviously did not want to talk or play but once he saw what the fish had been pushing he gasped.

“Louis!”, he all but shouted, thanking his friend before he picked up the egg, their egg. He checked it for any kind of injury and there was only a slight crack on its side that meant it was hatching!

“Ha-? Oh!”, Louis said and rushed over to hug them. “Oh thank you”, he told the little orange fish before he went back to cuddling Harry with happy tears filling both of their eyes.

This went on for a while, the tears streaming down their faces while their hatched babies floated around them. The colorful egg needed lots of help to hatch but finally, once the sun began to rise again, they were holding their baby boy in their arms. He did not have a tail but wings the same color as Louis’ ones.

“Our little fighter”, Louis mumbled.

“Our little Tommy”

Part 1 || Part 2

steve rogers: tumblr king of 2k15

So Steve Rogers doesn’t actually become a Tumblr icon overnight.

There are those in Tumblr, ancient and wise and bearing scars from all the infamous fandom wars, who still shudder at the mention of He Who Must Ever Be Named in Ever Changing Variations of Benadryl Cabbagepatch or the Great Apocalypse of Misha, for example.  And of course, there are other celebrities and personalities who are regular fandom favorites.

So, over the decades, there’s always been this generation who sees Steve Rogers out of the Captain America helmet/cowl and realize, Holy shit that is one good-looking hunk of American roast beef straight out of Howard Stark’s hottie machine (actual quote). 

Before Tumblr, Steve’s pictures, especially the ones of him in regular Army dress uniform, were carefully kept in locker rooms, pressed in textbooks and notebooks and wallets. 

Naturally, this being Tumblr, that’s how it starts - Steve’s old pictures being posted and reblogged.  Once he’s discovered and rescued from the ice, then it’s the newer ones and once more, America falls in love with its Oldest Sweetheart. 

It’s not just the pictures of Steve being all big and handsome that are popular.  There is a very significant part of Cap’s fandom that is all about bitty Steve Rogers.  Someone - actually one of Jim Morita’s many grandchildren - found a rare photo of tiny Steve with his crooked grin, in khaki, white shirt and suspenders and posted it.

(The picture had been taken by Bucky Barnes and he’d left a couple of copies behind that were found later.  He’d taken one into war, wrapped in plastic and tucked carefully into a shirt pocket.)

Pictures are one thing - there’s a lot of celebrities and well-known handsome and beautiful personalities out there.  What really gets things going are the stories.  Not fan fiction, but actual anecdotes about Steve Rogers.

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Kereea’s Recommendations for FREE ENTERTAINMENT!

Well it’s summer now and that means more free time for a lot of people. Or people who are working their tails off for the rest of the year and might want something free to do while they save money. Have no fear, Kereea is here! I’m going to recommend some of my favorite works that cost you nothing to access!

Key: Italicized titles are a few hours or so, a * is a bit longer than that, bold titles are long runners worthy of an archive binge.

Holy Musical B@man by StarKid is available on YouTube and is, imo, the real Batman vs. Superman. A cheerful sendup of superhero comics just brimming with fanservice and dudes wearing their undies on the outside, HMB boasts such marvels as singing, dancing, musings on friendship, and the most impressive performance of candy puns you will ever see in your life! PG-13

Twisted: The True Story of a Grand Vizier is also on Youtube, by the same group. It gives the “Wicked” treatment to Jafar of Aladdin and has an amazing ensemble number with other Disney villains. However it is very raunchy at times and deals with some dark themes. On the upside, the metaphor for Disney and Pixar’s relationship was amazing and I loved the ending. PG-13, but on the higher end of the rating.

Just a Random Tuesday is my go-to Harry Potter fanfic for the giggles on A very long Tuesday in the life of Minerva McGonagall during the reign of Umbridge. Best part? It slips seamlessly into fitting with canon. You can headcanon the whole thing without affecting canon at all. GLORIOUS. PG.

Girl Genius is an amazing gaslamp fantasy webcomic that stars Agatha, an incredible girl as she makes several important journeys. I will admit, the Strumhalten arc did throw me me a bit as it is made of confusing, but it is important overall. Also one of the tales that treats an OT3 as a legit possibility! Incomplete but with years and years of pages and updates thrice weekly (MWF). PG-13

Order of the Stick is a webcomic that was a D&D spoof that eventually just got BIG. It’s now an epic fantasy dealing with the fate of a word and the ethics of a party as gods, men, mortals, and pure evil try to shape the ending to their own liking. The characters are all wonderful and it’s funny, tearjerking, heartwarming, terrifying, and awesome all in one. Incomplete but has over 1000 sunday-strip sized strips, updating around once a week. PG

Grrl Power* is a superhero webcomic that warms my heart while making my howl with laughter. Join nerd Sydney as she becomes part of a superhero team that is treated realistically, but not in the “rrr so dark and gritty!” sense. The jokes are very good and there’s a lot of amazing strong, fleshed-out female characters. What’s not to love? Incomplete, updates twice weekly (MTr). PG-13

Harpy Gee is a fantasy webcomic about an elf who comes to a small village. There she meets a boy who wants to be a knight, a witch doctor who is actually a witch and a doctor and a shopkeeper, and a prince with a secret. The comedy brings its A-game so well that the drama may blindside you, but it’s a great story so far. Incomplete, updates weekly (Mondays). PG.