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new concept for stardew valley:

polyamorous relationships

How much money do I have to pay to convince an anime studio to make a Monster Man anime where one young woman has to keep all these monstrous (and I don’t mean bishie boys with horns and slight fangs bullshit-I mean 100% monsters) creatures/demon in line and they all start falling for her and-

Basically I want a Monster Man Harem anime and I ain’t even ashamed.

So like….

I was writing a prompt for DC!Heroes Voltron on the Kinkmeme right and then it got me thinking bout time travel ‘cause i love Young Justice and Impulse

And now I may have another AU


So, imagine a Hunk and Lance that are actually from a future where the Galra conquered Earth.  Like, come one, you can’t tell me my boy Hunk can’t invent a time machine, he could totally invent a time machine.

So the plot line:  (this got long so it’s under the cut now)

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Does Taron Egerton only agree to do movies/shows that require him to be starring opposite a hot older man???

  • Jamie Bamber “The Smoke”
  • Colin Firth “Kingsman”
  • Tom Hardy “Legend”
  • Hugh Jackman “Eddie the Eagle”

I’m not angry. I’m impressed.

Hahahahahahahah Root busting in on every operation to tell people that THAT MAN IS NOT [whatever undercover alias], HE’S THE ARCHITECT OF THE FUTURE

And Harold be like “please…root no…y u gotta blow my cover”


he’s the ARCHITECT

of the FUTURE

“root pls”


TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "the Well"

An imagine about the second episode of season 7

What happens when the reader arrives at the sancuntary after Negan has taken her with him after the line-up?

Because I am following the shows storyline I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate from each other! :)

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7

(Well, unfortunately there was no Negan in this episode but this third part is for what happens in the meantime so that its no problem to stay true to the storyline that will await us in the next episode.)

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“We’re there soon, Sweetheart”, you heard Negan amused say.
You were still sitting in the car that should bring you to the sanctuary.
And you still heard their screams in your head.
They just wouldn’t stop.
In this horrible night, the man that had killed two parts of your family, had taken you with him because he thought you had a better use than just working for him like the others. 
And exactly that man had his arm resting around your body, his hand on your waist while you were nothing else than disgusted by him.
By what he did last night.
And by what you thought he was else capable of doing.
Your head were full of thoughts, full of fear and full of grief.
You worried about your brother Daryl.
Was he already at the Sanctuary? 
And if yes, what would they do to him?
Before your thoughts and questions could torture you even more you saw how you were entering the sanctuary.
“Welcome to your fucking new home, Sweetheart”, said Negan chuckling.

That would never be your home.
You would never accept this place as your home.
Your home was Alexandria no matter what happened.
And some day you would return.
At least that was what you wished for.

You snuggled your head into the soft collar of your leather jacket.
It had been a gift of Daryl. He had found it on a run while you were still living in the prison and since then it was your favorite piece of clothing. Somehow it made you feel comfortable and safe. 

“Which room does she get?”, you heard the guy say that drove the car. You had heard how Negan called him Simon and he was exactly the guy, who had also tortured the man when the saviors were trying to stop you from getting to Hilltop with the RV. 
“The closest free room to mine”, said Negan smirking, while you saw Simon laughing.
”Not the one of your wives?”, asked Simon.
Did this man own a damn harem or what?!
What the fucking hell was wrong with him?!
”Hell no Simon. She’s too good for that, you think I want her to fucking deprave?! Nah, she’s gonna be something fucking special”, said Negan with this weird undertone, so that you didn’t even want to know what he meant with special.
“Should I..” “Nah, Simon. I’ll bring her to her room”, interrupted Negan his right hand man while he winked at you.
“We’re gonna grow real fucking close”, he whispered in your ear while you felt your blood freeze. 
The car stopped and Negan pulled you out with him while you realized how weak your legs still were. Negan grabbed you by your waist as you entered the Sanctuary, The light in the floors was dimmed and cold, which made you feel even more uncomfortable.
But the light matched the picture you had of Negan, so cold as it was.
At the end of the floor you saw people that immediately knelt as they saw Negan.
What the heck was that again?
You saw Negan smirking as he saw the reaction of his followers as he pushed your body against his. 
The floor became a little bit nicer as he stopped before a door. It opened and you could see inside. It was light-flooded because of a window at the end of it and had a double bed inside. You couldn’t see more than that yet. 
“Well Sweetheart, unfortunately I have a whole lot of fucking stuff to do, but don’t worry my whole fucking evening is reserved for you only”, he said chuckling as you stepped inside the room. 
”We’re gonna have so much fun, Sweetheart”, he said capturing you again with his intense glance, as he smirked once more.
Then he left, still chuckling with his bat over his shoulder that had Glenns and Abrahams blood on it. 
You let yourself fall on the bed and looked around you. Cozy would be exaggerated but it could’ve been worse. 

Your room in Alexandria was the coziest room you ever slept and lived in.
It had this huge bed with uncountable pillows on it and the softest blanket you had ever slept in.
A thing like a bed, a simple bed that kept you warm and comfortable while sleeping had become something extreme luxurious and unrealistic before you came to Alexandria.
Of course you knew that it was nowhere safe.
You also always kept a knife under your pillow, just in case.
But no matter what, Alexandria was a home to you where you might have been not completely save but at least it gave you the opportunity to rest.
It gave you the opportunity to heal your wounds, the mental and physical ones. And only one night had ripped them all open and had given you new ones.

Your glance fell on a door, where you assumed a bathroom behind. You walked over, opened it and looked in a small room that had a shower, a sink with a mirror, a window and a toilet in it.
You decided to take a shower, maybe that would help to clear your head and at least get a little rid of the thoughts that tried to overwhelm you again and again. 

The water pelted down on you but your head just kept pounding.
A day ago everything were normal, everything were okay and everyone were alive.
It all seemed so unreal, so unbelievable. You had gone through a lot since this whole thing started, but the last night could compete with all of it.
The pictures of their smashed heads and your mentally destroyed friends just wouldn’t disappear, you felt your breath become heavier again and your heart pumped faster and louder.
Your head felt like it would explode any second.
You stopped the shower, quite contrary to what you were used to, the shower didn’t help this time, the loud down pelting water just made it worse.
You put your clothes back on and as you came into the bedroom again, you saw a basket with apples stand on a small table. For now you couldn’t eat a thing, but at least you had something if your hunger came back.

You laid down on the bed and looked out of the window that was pointing to the woods.
The trees behind the window swung slightly in the wind and somehow they began to calm you down.
You knew that you had to keep on fighting.
Thats also what Abraham and Glenn would want.
It was not in your nature to just give up and you also wouldn’t this time.

You jolted up as you heard heavy steps on the floor. For the last hours you just laid on the bed, looking outside the window, fighting your thoughts,  thinking about your friends and your brother and watching how the bright sunlight turned into the dimmed dusk light.
But now you were standing straight trying to prepare for something you couldnt prepare for.

The door hit open and you directly saw into Negans grinning face. He had bloods splatters on his cheek and you didn’t want to know if it was walker or human blood.
As he saw your shocked glance his grin became wider and he walked closer to you letting the bloody Lucille down on the ground.
You knew that this was going to happen, you knew it from the very beginning.
But you had forced yourself to not think about it.
Your problem was definitely not that he was unattractive, if you had to be honest he was actually really good-looking, but that didn’t change a thing on how disgusting you found him.

With every step he came closer your heart beated faster and your breath got heavier.
He stood finally before you and pulled you closer against his body, taking your chin with one hand and before you could even look at him he pressed his lips on yours. Before he could continue kissing you, you pulled shocked away and bumped into the wall behind you.
Shaking his head chuckling he came closer again. “Sweetheart, you’re making it fucking difficult for me and we haven’t even started yet”, he said with a big grin on his lips. He didn’t seem aggressive but you didn’t know how fast that could change. And that scared you.
His intense glance captured you again and you couldn’t let go of it. 

As he came again so close to you that not even a paper could fit between you, you had the urge to take a step back but you couldn’t.
The wall was directly behind you and there was no possibility for you to escape. You hated to have that kind of feeling and you felt panic coming up in you.
Your breath became even heavier as Negan took your head in his both hands. 
“Please don’t hurt me”, you blustered out with a slightly whimphering voice. You hadn’t  your voice under control anymore, you were trembling and you were afraid about what would happen in the next minutes.
“Listen Sweetheart, I’m neither gonna hurt nor rape you. Who do you fucking think I am?!”, he asked loud raising his eyebrows. 
Someone that laughs while he bashes peoples heads, was what you thought. You couldn’t get a word out of your mouth.
Your glance went over to the bat that was laying on the floor leaving it blood daubed. 
“Not gonna push or force you to do anything with me, just say no if you don’t fucking want to and we stop right here but let me tell you: You’ll fucking miss out on some fucking great shit. I’m gonna treat you like the lady you fucking are. You’ll fucking enjoy it”, he said grinning. 
If you would do it, came through your head, maybe you’d lower the risk that he would hurt another one of your friends or your brother. And if you wouldn’t… who knew if his anger against them would rise, doesn’t matter what he was saying now.
And having one more of them hurt was the last thing you wanted.
“Alright", you stumbled quietly. He smirked brighter before he began kissing you rough again. 
Before you realized what else he was doing you found yourself laying in the bed, Negan hovering smirking above you. 

What the heck were you doing? 
Everything about this were absurd, that couldn’t be real.
It couldn’t be real that you were sleeping with the man that killed two of your friends just several hours ago.
Why was this world so fucked up?

As the feeling of some kind of pleasure came up in you, you tried to fight it back immediately. You shouldn’t feel joy or pleasure sleeping with him. It should feel everything else than joyful. What happened here were so wrong and you began to feel even disgusted by yourself. 

He finally rolled off of you, laid down next to you breathing heavy and pulling you closer to him before you heard his breath becoming really calm and slow.
You looked at him. He was asleep.
As soon as you were sure that he was sleeping deep enough you freed yourself from his arm and moved your body slightly away from him. You didn’t need him that close know.
Slowly you began to doze off.

Everywhere was blood. 
Screams made your head pound.
Your own scream echoed through the dark as you saw your friends on the ground.
Their lifeless bodies that were surrounded by their blood.
Not just Glenn and Abraham were laying there.
All of them.
Your heart cramped together.
The urge to gag was unbearable.
And your breath was uncontrollable.
You were a sobbing mess as you fell on your knees next to your brothers  corpse.
The screams in your head became louder and louder mixed with a dark laugh.
You wanted to escape this nightmare but you couldn’t.

You didn’t know how long you were trapped in this nightmare but at some point it stopped and you got drawn in your sleep again and the screams vanished.

When you woke up you found yourself laying in Negans arms.
He had somehow grabbed you while you were sleeping and now you were facing his chest that went calm up and down as he breathed.
How peaceful even someone who kills people with a baseball bat could seem when he was simply sleeping.
You remembered the last night.
You couldn’t deny that you had felt pleasure, as much as you wanted to.
If it would at least lower the risk that someone important to you would get hurt you could live with that.
You tried to create some space between your two bodies as you heard Negan drowsy chuckling.
You froze immediately.
“Oh Sweetheart, you should appreciate that a little more”,you heard him say chuckling as he pulled you closer.
You should what?
“You should have seen yourself. Sobbing like you did over the two fucking pricks. Had a nightmare you poor thing, huh?”, you heard him chuckle.
The nightmare.
You just muttered a quiet “Yes”. 
“That was fucking intense! And you know what? As soon as you laid in my arms you fucking stopped”, He called out obviously amused.
He raised your chin so you had to look at him.
“Seems like you like me more than you show”, he said chuckling. You glared at him which made him chuckle even more. “Sooner or later you won’t get enough of me", he said grinning with his deep voice while he kept staring into your eyes. 
His glance wandered to your throat and your collar bones.
You were about a hundred percent sure that he had left hickeys there, because it seemed like he was admiring his work right now.
You didn’t want them on your body, they disgusted you.
You didn’t need something that kept reminding you about what you had done with him. He licked over his bottom lip and switched between looking into your eyes that were filled with hatred and his work.
“Well Sweetheart, I guess I’ll have to freshen that up before we visit Alexandria”, he said smirking.

part four (all other parts)

Tim pursed his lips and stared at her closed office door, the “Do Not Disturb” note tacked right above the handle. He let go of a soft sigh and decided to chance her wrath. At the very least, he needed to apologize for the nonsense that had happened during dinner last night. Yes, he had a growing interest in her as something more than just an employee, and yes his brothers clearly had the same interest as well, he just wished that there was more tact behind the whole arrangement. 

Steeling his nerves, Tim lifted his hand and knocked the door. A few seconds skipped by in silence before he heard Raven lift herself to her feet and make her way to the door. Tim waited with bated breath as she opened the door just a little, peering out into the hallway.


“May I… disturb you for a moment?”

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“So we’ve got our CFO coming over from the northeast office next week to discuss our project and the cost index you put together last week.” Dick was leaning over the small table in his office, his blue highlighter making little notes over the form in Raven’s hand. “We’re looking into what it’ll take if we push some aspects of our timeline around… so that checkpoint C might be moved up to B’s timetable.”

Raven pursed her lips and she flicked her eyes up to Dick’s bright blue stare, watching with a genuine air of curiosity as he picked up and pen and made more notes in the margins of the report, humming for a moment in the back of his throat. She propped her head up on a fist and stared at him for a long moment, wondering how long this burst of focus would last, and what brought it on.

[more under the cut]

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Virtual Reality

The Avengers is a virtual reality game. Tony’s character is Iron Man. He has a “harem” in the game, i.e. a bunch of guys who flirt with him. He thinks it’s a joke. When they meet up in real life, it’s not a joke. Up to your imagination which avengers are flirting!

The Honey House, Chapter 26

Everything and Nothing


Daryl left Rae with a map that would lead her back to Alexandria and she walked the final stretch of her journey, arriving home in the cover of darkness. She didn’t tell her people the whole truth of where she had been. Partly because she didn’t know the whole truth but mostly because she wanted more time. All she told them was not to talk to Negan’s men and not to let them inside the walls but everyone knew something wasn’t right. She could see it in the fear that began to live in their eyes and hear it in the hushed whispers that began to spread around the gardens.

Rae’s hesitation to tell Tim that Rick had been outright lying about Negan was all it took for him to believe Negan was everything he suspected and more. She thought he would say something to the others but he didn’t and for that she was grateful.

Now it was the day of Negan’s arrival, or at least the day he’d said he would arrive and Rae stood watch on the platform above the gate, worrying the wooden walkway as she paced. He’d promised her a visit in a week but that didn’t mean he would arrive on time, like all people good or bad a promise was much easier to make than it was to keep.

Tim spotted him first, “over there,” he whispered, his finger pointing to where Negan strolled through the long grass. He had Lucille on one shoulder, a shiny red gift box in his hand and he smiled when their eyes met. Rae waved, the gesture limp before she almost fell down the ladders to meet him at the gate. Her heart was pounding, fight or flight mode kicking in as she wondered if signalling for the gate to be opened was the wisest idea. It was too late. The gate cracked open and she stood on the threshold, unsure of how to hold the expression on her face as he finished the rest of his journey with a huge grin and a spring in his step.

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