man fur




Good morning!

Quick update:

Top photo is my new rescue pup. (His name is Groot. He’s eight weeks old!) Bottom photo is just your average Great Pyrenees adult–hanging out with his human. Adopting a polar bear and biting off more than I can chew is all part of my recovery plan😂

Looking forward to posting more about this sweetie after I pick him up in Dallas mid-July!

Happy Tuesday!

Explaining the concept of Santa to Damian
  • Damian: So you celebrate a whole holiday around an obese old man in a red fur-lined suit, breaking into every house around the world and leaving gifts for children based on his own judgments of their behavior throughout the year?
  • Dick: ... basically yeah
  • Damian: But why?
  • Dick: Because it's a beautiful time of the year to spend with family and-
  • Jason: Consumerism
  • Tim: Also Alfred makes amazing Christmas cookies