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“It could be the hidden side of you; I think making movies is a great way to release that. I think it is important to be honest with that, and have fun with it.”

Happy Birthday, Ang Lee!

Ride The Tiger: A Parable of Fear

by Samsaran

Many years ago in a kingdom the jungles of southern India, there was a man-eating tiger named Akashi. This was no toothless rogue but a powerful animal who acquired a taste for human flesh. Akashi was taking a villager a week, a child here, a woman there or a hunter in the forest.

The king’s son was a valiant young man and he vowed to kill Akashi and end his reign of terror. The young man entered the forest to the wails of the women who were sure he would never return. So, for ten days the young prince stalked the tiger not knowing that the tiger was stalking him. Then one day as the prince waited in a cane break there came a rushing through the cane and the tiger pounced!

The bow was knocked from his hand and it looked like the end of the brave young prince but as quick as a flash the young man leaped upon the back of the great beast holding on by its ears. The tiger roared with indignation and fury and took off through the brush bucking like an unbroken horse but try as he might he could not shake the young man, For one full day and night the tiger roared and bucked tore through the jungle until exhausted the great tiger surrendered and became as tame as a kitten.The prince rode the tiger into the palace to the cheers of the people and from that day forward Akashi acknowledged the prince as his master.

Thus it is with fear. When the fear comes we do not resist it. We ride it out not resisting but not giving into it either. In time the fear will also exhaust itself and in this way we master fear.

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hi! i love your writing, and i was wondering if i could please request a scenario where dazai remains in the port mafia while his s/o works for the detective agency. however, they are both oblivious to the fact their partner works for the enemy organization and one night during a mission they run into each other. how would things go down?? sorry if this sounds confusing!!

Don’t worry, nonnie! Your request wasn’t confusing at all and I have to admit that I loved writing for it! Although, I hope you don’t mind that I made a teeny-tiny change where Dazai does, in fact, know that his s/o works for the Agency, because I don’t think he would blindly enter a serious relationship with someone without knowing their background or line of work – even when he’s just fooling around with them.

Osamu Dazai

Your eyes scanned over the dimly lighted street as you walked alongside Kunikida, searching for anything that’s out of the ordinary or anyone that seems the least bit conspicuous, since you and the idealist had been assigned a job to hunt down and capture the so-called man-eating tiger that’s known to ransack multiple warehouses and instill terror into the hearts of civilians. There were many recent reports that the wild beast had been sighted around this part of town so you and the uptight blonde-haired male decided to investigate the area in hopes of gaining a clue or a lead to the creature’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, your luck finding the weretiger were slim to none, as there was no trail of the beast anywhere to be found and you’ve hit another dead end yet again.

You let out a heavy sigh and peered up at the tall man, exhaustion written all over your face and your pleading eyes begged him if you both could put a pause on the investigation and head home because it was already late into the evening and your chances of catching the beast tonight wasn’t looking so hot since you were practically drained of your energy from the endless walking searching for any signs the weretiger may have left behind.

Kunikida caught a glimpse of your weary appearance – slumped shoulders and a gaze that was filled with a distant longing to be cuddled up in bed with your warm blanket and an inescapable desire to drift off to a sound sleep to revive your spirit and body before the next morning comes around. He only cast a “don’t give me that look” your way for a second, then breathed out a similar sigh shortly after registering the same exhaustion you were feeling and the unpleasant aching pain in his joints that were slowly but surely killing him.

“I’ll give Ranpo a call and find out the exact location of the man-eating tiger so we can finish the job quickly.”

“Ugh,” you groaned and rolled your eyes to the back of your head at Kunikida’s annoying determination to complete the mission, but you didn’t bother to put up any kind of protest and chose to willingly go along with his decision instead. “Fine. Go and do that.”  

Ranpo’s trusty Ultra Deduction ability led you and Kunikida straight to a warehouse where you were certain to find the weretiger, and the highly praised detective was right, but the current hibernating ferocious man-tiger wasn’t the only one you ran into at the designated place. No, because someone else had beat you to the scene and amidst the menacing men in black suits with firearm clutched in their hands readily pointed at you and Kunikida, your gaze met with the same chestnut brown orbs you saw only a few hours ago. 

Your features contorted into a look of pure confusion, and you could see it on Dazai’s face that he was just as startled and surprised as you were. Your mind was in complete shambles with his presence being here and you had so many questions that you desperately wanted to ask Dazai, but before you could utter a single word to him a mafia member interrupted you before you could say anything.

“Boss, should we dispose of those two?” said an intimidating man dressed in a cleanly pressed suit, and the others repositioned their machine guns at you and Kunikida to ensure that they wouldn’t miss their targets once the permission was granted. 

Kunikida abruptly shoved you behind him to protect you with his body in case bullets were to be fired and the sudden movement snapped you out of your daze and your eyes strayed to a young boy with platinum hair on the concrete. You took note of the awkward position that he was strangely in – his rear end oddly tucked in the air while his cheek was pressed flatly to the ground. You then deduced that the boy had the supernatural ability to transform into the man-eating tiger that’s been rendered immobile by Dazai himself, otherwise he wouldn’t be here at present.

“If you so much as harm one hair on her head, I will fucking kill you,” Dazai immediately threatened the mafia member, and you almost flinched at the harsh tone in his voice as if it had been meant for you. The man simply nodded at the fearsome executive and retreated his steps, appearing tenser and visibly shaken up than he was mere seconds ago.

Who was this Dazai? Was this really the same man you met with to have coffee this morning? 

He seemed almost unrecognizable to you, but he held the same appearance of the man that you had hopelessly and madly fallen in love with, and it was hard to believe that someone like him would be part of the Port Mafia. You couldn’t help but wonder if his cheerful and flirtatious demeanor he displayed around you was just a facade and he was only using you for information. Then a series of disturbing thoughts began to penetrate your mind after the initial realization. Was your relationship with him even real? Did you mean anything to him at all? Or were you just a simple tool to him that didn’t even know you were being used this entire time?

“Do you know that man, (name)?” Kunikida asked in a low whisper, his calculating eyes sweeping across the bunch of men in black suits and the vicinity of the warehouse for a possible way out. You swallowed thickly at the question and didn’t say anything for a solid moment.

“No,” you said firmly as you came into Dazai’s view and looked at him with darkened eyes. “I guess I don’t.”

Hey hey hey! Thanks for requesting 😊 Hope you’ll like these! 


  • It’s like the coin is now flipped to the other side. Dazai’s serious side is revitalised as he acknowledges the threat
  • If he could retrieve his ability, he would definitely use his mental capabilities to try. To him, his ability was one of his greatest assets after all.
  • If there was no way of returning his abilities, he would be slightly happy about it. His ability was one that was made to disintegrate, to destroy, to render someone useless in seconds with just a single touch. He thinks something like that would be better off gone.
  • Without his ability, he can’t be the Dazai he once was, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t still beat you with nothing but his mind.
  • He’ll bounce back to his usual self & tell everyone he’s fine as if nothing had happened after he has perfected his master plan to retrieve was formed in his head. But if it was impossible to retrieve, he would whip out the excuse of dreading over the lost of his ability to skip work, even when it has passed some time ago.  


  • He’d be devastated that his ability was no more. He would end up in a slight depression thinking that he was nothing more than a simple petite mafia now.
  • He would try his hardest to retrieve his ability. It’s top of the list in his priorities right now. He would not stand to be down graded any longer.
  • He’d fear that his executive position in the mafia would be revoked
  • Even without his ability, he’d still be the Chuya he is – Best martial artists and a strong sense of fashion. Just without him walking on the ceiling whenever he pleased. He’d come to realise this after some time and would come back to his senses again.


  • He’d be a complete wreck without his ability. His life depended on his need for his ability. Without Rashomon, he felt that he didn’t have value. He’d have no where to turn his pride and would definitely avoid clashing into Dazai lest he found out.
  • He will retrieve his ability back, no matter the cost.
  • He’d be really grumpy and angry during the time of his lost. He wouldn’t let anyone break through his walls to calm him down and assure him. Many would say he was lost forever, but only a few would stay and wait for him to come back to his senses.
  • If his ability is forever unattainable to him, he would be a very very different akutagawa compared to now. I wish I’m wrong about this, but I think he would have suicidal thoughts.


  • He’s thinking should I be worried or relieved that the man eating tiger is no more? The poor kid was terrified that he was known to terrorise people, destroy crops and possibly have eaten someone in the past.
  • But he realises that he can’t lose his ability even if he had to give up the chance of living a normal life. So he’d try his hardest to retrieve his ability as well.
  • He’d be sorry that he couldn’t do much to help the agency for the time being so he offers to help out with paper work, which everyone strongly agreed to let him help with that.
  • If his ability was forever lost, he would rethink his worth towards the agency and possibly try to run away again in hopes to lessen the burden. Once he realises he’s not going anywhere even if he wanted to, he would fit right in again with ease.
so apparently dazai is bsd's batman

atsushi: just found out he turns into a man eating tiger under the moonlight and probably is about to be arrested, has nowhere to go, very sad

dazai: I’m just… taking him into the agency… so yeah….

kyouka: arrested and about to be executed, has nowhere else to go, very sad

dazai: I don’t like… have a problem… I’m not adopting them… I’m not… just lemme…

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If ya don't mind me asking, what're the Chowgarh Tigers? I can't say I'm familiar with them.

The Chowgarh Tigers are a pair of real life man-eating tigers that ran rampant in India during the 1920′s before they were killed by Jim Corbett.  My dad had a book about famous man-eating big cats when he was a kid, and he shared the stories with me and my siblings when we were growing up, because that’s the kind of dad I have.

We had a foster grandfather-type who used to shoot man-eating tigers, and he took us to the only cinema that existed in this little town — and they showed only one film every Sunday morning, and that was Doctor Zhivago. So the contrast of Siberia with Omar Sharif and the heat of tropical India was palpable and memorable and made me want to tell stories.

Mira Nair

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You know what I liked about Too Short to Ride. There was a moment where Peridot was being unintentionally rude again, but Amethyst totally saw past that and was like, "Okay. What's REALLY wrong?" And that was a big improvement from Too Far where she sulked for half the day because of what the green dorito said so, GOOD JOB!

Yes! It’s something I discussed in this post back when the episode came out, and I think it merits a revisit.

The thing about Peridot is that what we perceive as rude is how she relates to other people. She makes jokes about them, rips at them relentlessly, all the while being really unapologetic about it. That’s Peri. And of course there’s a line between understanding that’s how Peri works and being hurt by her words. 

Too Far showed us that Peri should attempt to understand how others are feeling as well. In the context of the series as a whole, that episode was one big example of how Peridot had to keep adjusting to everyone else, when at that point she was already the one worse-off; she had no enhancers, no Homeworld, and no escort. She was hurt, poofed, bubbled, and being physically restrained. She was scraping by with whatever the CGs were giving her. And I think most of all, no one was explaining anything to her. Not a word on why they were so against Homeworld’s rhetoric. No attempt at telling her why the things she said were the most hurtful things that happened to hit each of the gems at a sore spot, which is what made the latter scenes in It Could’ve Been Great so disturbing.

And I get that someone like Peridot does have to try relating to others a little more sensitively because those she cares about can’t always not be hurt by what she’s said, but I don’t think this baptism by fire was the way to do it.

But Too Short to Ride, we see a reversal. Amethyst, who took Peri’s comments most personally (and who also has her share of saying things she doesn’t mean), went beyond that initial hurt and asked Peridot what was really wrong. 

That being said, Peridot and Amethyst’s relationship still has a long way to go. We can’t forget that Amethyst was the one who tossed Peri’s limb enhancers into the ocean, and nearly did the same with her tablet. And in the same post I linked above, I talked about why finding out she had metal powers is not nearly enough a consolation.

Peridot’s limb enhancers allowed her to physically keep up with the other gems. With them and her wits alone, she evaded capture for who knows how long. More than that, they made her feel capable. And feelings matter. The enhancers serve a real and tangible purpose, the same way the tablet and the can-platforms do. And now they’re gone. The thing is, Peridot can’t do all the things she wants to do and is supposed to be able to do. That’s why many times, I’ve called those enhancers assistive technology, because that’s the function they have.

Metal powers don’t make up for that. Her powers are weak at best and unreliable at worst. Moreover, what about things she wants to lift that aren’t metal. Just from that basic standpoint, we can tell it’s Peridot’s desperation, with absolutely no resources left, that led to her finding those powers in the first place. And yeah, I guess if you threw a man-eating tiger behind someone and they started running faster than an Olympic sprinter, you could say that you pushed them to their limits and at least now they know they’re fast runners. But that trauma is unnecessary and I really wouldn’t want to risk getting mauled by the tiger.

Benedict Cumberbatch joins 'Jungle Book' for Warner Bros

Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book has landed its first voice lead, and it’s elementary. 

Benedict Cumberbatch will voice Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger who is the villain of the classic tale of a boy named Mowgli who is raised by jungle animals.

Andy Serkis, the motion capture king after pioneering motion capture with such roles as Gollum and Caesar, is making his directorial debut with the movie,

Jungle Book is based on the more-dark-than-you-think short stories written by Kipling and centers on Mowgli, an orphaned boy raised by wolves who befriends Baloo the bear and Bagheera the black panther. The tiger Shere Khan is a lifelong enemy of Mowgli’s, with each vowing to slay the other.

Callie Kloves wrote the script. Her father, Steve Kloves of Harry Potter fame, is producing.

Warners’ Jungle Book is competing against Disney’s adaptation, which is fully cast with Jon Favreau directing. Idris Elba is voicing Shere Kahn in that version.

Cumberbatch, who is up for an Emmy next week for his work on Sherlock, appeared with Serkis in The Hobbit movies. Serkis directed second unit for Peter Jackson’s trilogy adaptation and also appeared as Gollum while Cumberbatch voiced the dastardly dragon Smaug.

Cumberbatch next portrays code breaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, the period drama that will unspool at next month’s Toronto International Film Festival.

He is repped by UTA and UK’s Conway van Gelder Grant. [x]

Reign 3x01 – “Three Queens, Two Tigers” Initial Thoughts

So finally we get the first episode of season 3 and I have to say it holds a lot of promise. I’m still keeping my expectations down a bit so as not to rile myself up into a frenzy when the writing just goes south, but I had very little to complain about this episode. Hell even the whole Frary lovey dovey scenes, despite the fact that Mary had an affair weeks-months before without consequence didn’t bother me as much as I though. Or maybe I just don’t dwell on the matter since Frary is really not the life of the show for me since the beginning.

But anyhow…

Frary is back!

Yes we all gushed at their scenes together. It felt like season 1 again (finally!) I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t screw it up again, though I doubt that they will because the huge crushing blow will be that Francis is a dying man and they’re going to let him have his happy moments with Mary before biting the dust. Yes folks, it’s sad, but I’ve steeled myself since the last episode of season 2. We’ve known it was coming and I for one am not too upset by it. It seems inevitable since they’ve alluded to it far too many times in seasons 1 and 2. I think to drag it out even further would just be cruel and unusual punishment. Let’s just savor Tobey while we have him around shall we?

Greer and the Pirate!

I’m a little sad that Greer is not a madam anymore. I thought she had the most interesting story line when she was scrappy and independent. They’ve thrown her back into bagging a husband to say the least. But I did warm up to the charming pirate for a bit. It’s safe to say that Leith is put behind her which I find ok since it shows that you can move on from your first love. But I’ll never forgive the crappy way they ended Greer and Castleroy. It still stings like a bitch. I’m hoping Greer retains her scrappiness and shows the pirate a thing or two for messing with her heart and being a womanizer. She should be adapt to handle men like that since she ran a brothel house.

Catherine and Elizabeth duo!

The tag team scheming queens are quite fun to watch. I especially love Elizabeth because she’s not shown to be 1 dimensional but someone who can be tough, insecure, and unsure of herself like the rest. Especially since this is early on in her reign before she found her stride. I found it realistic to an extent. Of course she is the antagonist on this show to Mary, but I found her to be very sympathetic in trying to manage her court, managing a rift in her country between two religions, and unable to be with the man that she loves. And thank you wardrobe department! It seems you listened and put the frazzle bed hair to rest and dressed her up in a more queenly fashion.

Catherine is still Catherine. And it’s always fun to watch her scheme, plot and manipulate. But the last scene of Frary dragging her ass back to France once they found out what she was up to, was HILARIOUS. And shoving her in a cage with a man-eating tiger next to her was icing on the cake. Hey for everything I love about Catherine, I don’t fault Mary for locking her up next to a tiger and letting her sweat it out a bit after plotting to bring Mary down. I have to give Mary some props for her guts.

Last but not least. LORCISSE!

I literally gushed and fangirled at every single scene they had together. This time they’ve flipped the script with Narcisse being the prudent gentlemen and Lola being the seductress, which brings it all back to why I absolutely love this coupling, because they can bring different aspects of their personalities out like no one else. And that always makes for interesting relationships.

I also want to note that despite how much I want them to get together, I love that Lola is still calling out Narcisse’s bullshit from last season. It creates a certain awareness on her part about his actions that she is not comfortable about, which I appreciate. And even though Narcisse makes fun from time to time, he doesn’t make excuses about it and takes her criticisms in stride. The fact that Lola is honest about why she’s so hesitant to be with him is refreshing. You don’t often see couples being extremely honest and open with each other especially on Reign. There’s always secrets. But with Lorcisse, Lola makes it known right away that he scares her, on the things he’s done and what he would do if she’s with him. And Narcisse is extremely honest and open about his true intentions to court her even going to Francis to formally ask for permission.

They’re dynamic is not the typical love at first sight type romance. They started out on opposite ends of the spectrum. Hell they’ve schemed and backstabbed against each other. It’s made clear in this episode that Narcisse was planning to just seduce Lola at the very beginning, but changed his mind as he grew to like/love her. And now this time its Lola’s turn in trying to seduce him because she’s conflicted. She wants him (I mean c’mon she’s totally eye fucking him and enjoying his dirty letters to her throughout the episode), but fears being hurt again in a long term relationship with a man known for his ruthlessness and womanizing ways no matter how much he tries to tell her he’ll protect her. I love seeing them argue. I love seeing them work things out. I love seeing them appreciate each other, especially when Lola was actually defending Narcisse from Francis’s anti-Narcisse stance. And I do love that despite Lola practically throwing herself at Narcisse for a “clandestine” relationship he had enough self-respect to turn her down and call her out on her own bullshit towards him. And even after that, he had enough belief in his love for her to wait until she sees they’re right for each other like he does. That was a small knight-in-shining-armor moment for Narcisse.

I hoping and praying that they keep this dynamic up. They are by far the most interesting “adult” relationship in the show. But I understand that they’re going to throw a few hurdles along the way (not too much I hope) And now that Catherine is back in France, Lola is going to be more paranoid then ever. I’m aching to see more of Narcisse’s dedication to her and his promise to protect her. Lola manage to chip away Narcisse’s armor in season 2 now it’s Narcisse’s turn to make Lola believe in love. And after being through the runner with 3 “boys” Can we finally see Lola get some happiness with THE MAN?

Minor nitpicks:
Kenna is missing from the episode. We know when last we saw her she was shipped out of the country to have her illegitimate child. But you certainly feel a hole in Mary’s circle of ladies. I really hope they bring her back at some point.

Bash’s weird story line with Delphine hasn’t really drawn me in. It was pretty dull to say the least. Although personally I was never into the supernatural aspect of the show. I’m biting my nails to see how this plays out.


@idriselba & @Lupita_Nyongo set to star in @disney’s Jungle book! 

This year’s “most beautiful” person, Lupita Nyong’o (pictured), will be joining Idris Elbaand Scarlett Johansson for the upcomingmovie adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. The Disney movie is envisioned to be a live-action/CG hybrid version directed by Jon Favreau.

According to Hollywood Reporter, “Nyong’o is in final negotiations to play Rakcha, a mother wolf who adopts Mowgli.”

Johansson is in earlier stages of talks to voice the character of Kaa, the python who eats other animals by hypnotizing them. Kaa is the movie’s second villain after Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger being voiced by Idris Elba.

The part of Mowgli has not been set yet.

Justin Marks wrote the script which is set to release October 9, 2015.

Nyong’o is quite a busy woman these days. We continue to await news on whether she will get a rolein J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode 7, or if she will star in the adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah. 2014 has been an amazing year for the young actress so far. Looks like we will all just have to wait and see what’s next!

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