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The Recruit - (The Agent & The Asset Chapters) Masterlist


Mitch and Y/n begin their lives as weapons trained to protect their country, by taking down the man who set Mitch on his path of violent destruction.

Author’s Note:

These chapters will encompass several different story arcs, as opposed to The Barn and The Ghost Mission chapters which all primarily focused on one place or one overarching issue. So, the summary is only applicable to the first plot. Also, gif credit goes to @thorsodinson

  • Chapter 35 - “Day 152
  • Chapter 36 - “Day 166
  • Chapter 37 - “Day 192
  • Chapter 38 - “Day 193
  • Chapter 39 - “Day 204
  • Chapter 40 - “Day 207
  • Chapter 41 - “Day 209, Part I
  • Chapter 42 - “Day 209, Part II

The Barn -> The Ghost Mission -> The Agent & The Asset

I just got all excited because I found, like, a half-pumpkin, half-owl shaped coffee mug being sold online, like… you don’t understand, it’s a pUMPKING and an OWL at the same time.  And if that’s not enough, it apparently comes from a collection from Cracker Barrel that also includes a pumpkin owl TEAPOT, and salt/pepper shakers, BUT, GET THIS, the teapot and salt/pepper shakers ARE WEARING  W I T C H   H A TS .  I love owls and I love pumpkins so I’m already about to blow a load, but I hadn’t even CONSIDERED that a pumpkin owl could also be a witch.  So they’re clearanced as FUUUUUCK, and I’m hoverin’ over that add-to-cart button ‘bout to buy my clumsy ass more breakable stoneware than I can shake a stick at, and then it happens.
“Out of stock”

That Awkward Moment When

John Laurens x Female Reader

Requested by @cupcakequeen1999 who was kind enough to compromise, this one goes out to you girl, you’re super rad

In which the reader and Laurens are roommates and very good friends. Jealousy and smut ensues.

Words: 4,573

Warnings: NSFW! SMUT SMUT SMUT and LOTS OF SWEARING (don’t read if this will make you uncomfortable)

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Luck of the Cards#1

Keith could have sworn that the universe hated him. Everything he did that week somehow backfired and yeah, it would have been bad if it backfired on him, it would have been worse if it backfired on everyone, but no. It backfired on everyone except him.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were small things, which at first it was. For example, at the beginning of the week he had tripped over his own feet and made Pidge spill a drink as he fell on her. Later that day he accidentally brushed against Shiros galra arm, earning a look of distaste from the man. So yeah, it started as a couple small things. As the week progressed they got worse.

It went from spilling pidges drink to dropping her tablet, making it smash on the ground. It went from brushing against Shiros galra arm to absently making a comment about him getting grey hairs in reference to the white tuft on his head (you’d think that he would be over it quickly but Shiro was still mad about it.), it went from normal, average bickering with Lance to calling him attention-seeking and making him cry. Everything that could go wrong, was going wrong. Keith usually had a good filter, he could usually register what was going to make people mad and act accordingly, but not lately.

And here they were, at the end of the week, his biggest fuck-up yet. He was on his knees, hands cuffed behind his back, most of his team beside him and it was all his fault.

He had led them right into the trap.

He had seen a galra soldier stopping to drink from a river while on patrol, the man had set down his weapons and cupped into the water. Keith rushed in an effort to catch him by surprise but almost instantly he was pushed to the ground and cuffed, his teammates getting the same treatment behind him.

“Way to go mullet.” Lance had hissed through his teeth as one of the soldiers pushed his confinement a little too tightly around his wrist. “And how does the great and mighty kogane suggest we get out of this one?” Keith glared daggers.

“I don’t know, since you’re just the best one here, you figure it out!” Keith gave a sarcastic response. Unfortunately for the red paladin, Galra don’t have a sense for sarcasm and Lance was on his feet in a second, being forced towards the river.

“The best huh?” Growled the armoured man that seemed to be in control. Shiro had been quiet this whole time, examining the situation, trying to figure out what to do.

“Put him down!” Pidge yelled at the leader. “Put him down right now!” At that the leader grabbed tightly around Lances neck, making him choke out a phrase that nobody could understand, but it sounded Spanish. Keith’s eyes widened.

“Please take me instead!” He begged, trying to stand without his hands, only to be pushed back to the ground.

“Why would we trade the best for someone who’s not the best?” The galra soldier had a valid argument, “and judging by your will to sacrifice for him, he’s essential.” Lance shot the soldier a look of pure hatred.

Lance was lifted off the ground slightly, making more choked noises and disgruntled words, his feet kicking as the left the ground. Everybody watched helplessly.

Shiro, the man who usually had a backup plan for his backup plan had nothing. But still, even without a plan, had to do something. “Please!” Hunks voice was begging “please don’t hurt him!”

“Do Humans breathe underwater?” The guard asked, turning to one of his second hands, jokingly looking for an answer, “I guess we’ll find out.”

Keith launched himself towards the man holding Lance, moving too quickly for the soldiers behind him to stop him. He pushed into the mans gut, making him yelp in surprise and stumble backwards, dropping Lance. Keith had been too caught up trying to regain his balance that he hardly noticed the splash from beside him.

The galran had dropped Lance and Lance had fallen in. Lance was a great swimmer, but with no warning to catch his breath and his hands behind his back in a river that was god knows how deep. Even he might not make it out.

There was a collection of cries and yells for Lance from the other Paladins and Keith’s gut dropped. He swallowed a breath of air and swung his hands down behind him, jumping and bringing his knees into his chest. His hands were suddenly in front of him and he ran for his bayard that had been kicked from him, dodging a few attacks from Galran soldiers. He picked it up from a pile of all the Paladins bayards and quickly angled it into his cuffs, activating it and breaking them. There were only a few seconds as he put his bayard into his belt and ran to the river, launching himself in. ‘Of all the things you’ve done this week,’ he thought to himself 'don’t let this add to the list.’ He could see lances flailing legs above the surface a ways down the river and as if fate wanted him to see it, the boys back struck on a rock while his head was still underwater, making his body go limp. Keith could only pray that he had passed out and that it wasn’t something worse. He started swimming with the current, quickly making his way down the river towards his comrade.

Lances head bobbed above the surface and Keith was just close enough to see how pale he looked and how his expression was numb and slacked. The white-water flushed over itself with the current and kept pushing them roughly down the passage. Keith could feel his hip hitting the odd rock but he kept pushing on. He wasn’t the strongest swimmer but right now he needed to be. He gasped in lungfuls of air whenever he had the chance before being pushed under again. He was closed now and could see the drops of water making lances hair stick to his head. The blue paladin rolled in the water, his jet pack and neck being the only visable things above the surface. Keith launched his arm for his friend, missing. “Lance!” He called helplessly, trying again, this time gripping onto the collar of his paladin armour. He saw a rock heading for them and looped his fingers into lances waist-band so he couldn’t easy let go. He struggled to swing his feet in front of him, planting them on the rock and pushing to the shore. His free hand gripped aimlessly at roots that grew out of the banks. His fingers caught one and he shoved himself up, his ribs crashing roughly onto rocks on the bank, he tried to shift himself further onto the shore. “How can someone so small-” he grunted as he hoisted Lance up and pushed him onto the bank “be so god damn heavy!” He pushed Lance up before him, then boosted himself up, collapsing behind the Blue paladin, gasping for air.

In his last efforts he pushed Lance onto his back and tried to shimmy his chest plate off, leaving Lance in just his grey spandex under-armour and his leg protection. Keith moved his hair behind his ear and pressed it to lances chest, searching for a heartbeat that wasn’t there. The red paladin pulled away, his gut twisting with nerves, he raised a hand above his head and balled it into a fist, closing his eyes and swinging it down onto lances chest with as much force as he could muster. Lances body convulsed slightly and Keith went back down to his chest.




'Thank god’ he thought to himself, reaching for lances mouth and letting his hand hover over it to check for breathing. 'Shit’ he tipped lances jaw back slightly, plugging his nose. 'Bonding moment’ was all he could think and he internally slapped himself for it as he leaned in and pressed his mouth to lances, exhaling into the blue Paladins lungs. He pulled away and put one hand over his other, pumping on lances torso. 'Do I even have to do this? Isn’t this to keep his heart going?’ He started panicking 'what if I’m doing this wrong oh my god how many times am I supposed to do this again?’ He could feel himself hyper-ventilating as he leaned in again, plugging lances nose and giving Lance another breath.

Lance lurched and pushed Keith off, turning onto his side and throwing up water. His sides heaving. Keith’s chest was rising and falling in an anxiety filled fluster. He leaned on his knees, wanting to ask if Lance was ok and thanking god that he was moving and breathing.

Lance didn’t drown and Keith had finally done something right that week.

But now they were lost.

And most of team voltron was captured.

…to be continued…

Surprises || Peter Parker x reader

Request: Okay so like either peter x reader or spideychelle with #5 and #17 I know it’s a hard combo but?🤷🏾‍♀️ (anonymous)

Prompts: “I don’t like the way he was looking at you.” & “It was supposed to be a surprise!”

Warnings: some swearing, angst

Word Count: 2.8k of angst ;)

Summary: After learning of Peter’s alter-ego at a failed party, will you still have the courage to confess your feelings?

A/N: the middle part of this story plays into the scene in sm:h when Peter and Ned attend LIz’s party. and this is so far my personal favorite in writings i’ve done!

Originally posted by petes-parker

 “It’s just a question. What’s the harm?” Liz said in your ear as you watched him from afar. MJ was with them, reading a book and seeming to ignore then when you knew she was soaking everything up just to tell you. You sighed, placing your head in your hands. “It’s not even my party, Liz. It’s yours!” You said. “Yes, well, he’s your best friend. And if you don’t invite him, you’re uninvited.” She sassed. You rolled your eyes, “Fine. But if he says no, I’m saying I told you so.” You said, getting up from your seat and walking over to Peter’s.

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Rupert Grint Appreciation Week 2017

August 19 - Day 2: Favourite Quote(s)

“I’ve never fancied that footballer lifestyle. I suppose I could live that kind of flash life. People stereotype child actors and kind of expect you to go off the rails a bit, be a bit crazy, but that’s not really happened yet. I’ve got a big family so that helps, and they live really close to the studios so it’s just so much easier.”

Cosa Nostra (Pt. 2)

Summary: You were just a girl who took some odd jobs from the Min Syndicate to make some extra cash. When Min Yoongi himself sends a request for you to come to his mansion, any semblance of your normal life gets thrown out the window. What sort of dangers will face you once you become associated with one of the biggest mob bosses?



Word Count: 4k

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic

Preparing for the meeting with Min Yoongi was a thousand times more stressful that you could have possibly predicted. At first you had worried about how you were to pay for an extravagant get up for this so called “meeting”, given that you were knee deep in debt. Luckily for you, a random lump sum of cash had mysteriously made its way under the door of your apartment. You didn’t know what was more worrying: the fact that the Min Syndicate knew exactly where you lived, or the fact that they just so casually handed you over five thousand dollars in cash. You didn’t even want to think about how they got that kind of money.

Even with your newfound temporary wealth, you didn’t know the first thing about how to dress appropriately for a meeting with the mafia. Despite your uncertainty in shopping for a formal dress, you managed to pick out an ankle length semi-form fitting black dress. The back of the dress was almost completely cut out, the fabric ending just below the small of your back, and with a slit down the side of the dress to show even more skin. It was a little risqué for your taste, but you figured that this was the sort of thing that mafia people wore to things like this. At this point you were clueless, so you might as well look like a fucking goddess.

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Reverse Batfamily Fic

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth

Summary: The Batfamily goes trick-or-treating

“Bruuuuuuuuuuce!” Bruce immediately held his arms out and caught Dick.

“Dick, you know you’re not supposed to slide down the banister.” Bruce’s lips twitched as he tried not to smile.

“But it’s so fun.” Dick jumped out of Bruce’s arms and spun around, flinging his arms out. “Look at the costume Alfred made for me! Isn’t it the best costume ever?”

Bruce finally took in Dick’s costume and nearly scowled, just barely able to hold it back. Dick was wearing a Superman costume; he even had the signature curled hair on his forehead.

“It’s…great.” Bruce forced a smile on his face as Dick took off, holding his arms out and making whooshing sounds. Jason was the next to bounce down the stairs, wearing a Han Solo costume.

“Bang!” Jason aimed at Bruce. “You’re dead!”

Before Bruce could say anything, he heard a scoff at the top of the stairs and looked up to see Stephanie and Cass descending, each wearing the other’s costume. “It’s not ‘bang’, Jason! It’s ‘pew pew’! Everyone knows that!”

Jason rolled his eyes. “But that sounds so lame. It doesn’t nearly sound as badass.”


Bruce was ignored as Stephanie answered Jason. “Like ‘bang’ sounds any more badass?”


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{ glory and gore }

pairing: lafferson x reader

au: vampire, 1920s

t/w: cursing

tags: @ghostierawrrawr @nonbinarywildchild @ichbineinlesbisch @mizzallfamdomz @psycho-b1tch @tniki713 @dyinginside-bro @coololdsoulpoetlove @lilyofthevalley63 @patron-saintof-sluts @blu932 @laureninthewoods @an-enigmatic-avenger @humanityscoconut @glorlfy @bethbat @myselfandi56 @hanakatsumi @upinit-lovinit @lattes-and-wildflowers @sarmar29 @pls-give-me-some-sp8ce @promisesandmore @sapphire-roseee @breathingstops @obiwan824 @skipfire @tremendouslypaleangel @companionintime @scrabblesense @xdsockmonkey @juggernaut-jet @sarahgurl09 @violentsummer @evietheunicorn3-blog @adaydreaminganon @librarychild @likemyfatherbutboulder @tigerlily316 @my-mind-at-work @mythical-canary @allegedmultifandomwriter @poptartroyalty @brynnjaminthings @blu79790 @ryebreadwithaknife @imatransformersfanlol @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough @mzfirefox01 @iifangirlingii @bear-num-mom @kolelondon24 @snazzydoesthings @um—hi @shadoweddarkness @ohmystars30 @theunderstandingmomfriend

inbox || masterlist

part one // part two // part three


“I love you, sweetheart.” Ben whispered, intertwining his fingers with yours. You could see the outline of his face, could feel the scruff of his beard, felt the curve of his nose. He leaned in close, pulled you in for a kiss. It was soft, sweet. He kissed you like you were the most delicate thing in the world.

He felt real, like something tangible. Felt like he was yours again.

You smiled against his lips, leaned into his touch. You ran your hands through his hair, felt his soft tresses, could smell his musky scent. You pulled him as close as you could, craved every inch of him.

“I love you too.”

You laughed as he picked you up and spun you around. As you looked down at him, his face started to change. It became distorted, more unclear, until eventually, you saw Thomas’ face just in front of you.

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Meeting Ardyn

 Time for everyone’s favorite Gucci Hobo to make an appearance! Ardyn is such a tough character to write! 

You hardly had time to react as your felt the hand wrapped around loosely around your neck, as you immediately tense, head and eyes forward as you knew the person behind you. When Ravus had slammed Gladiolus into the car, it stunned you all, leaving you open to the grab. The only noise you couldn’t choke down was the small whimper as you felt yourself be tugged as you were dragged along with Ardyn to stand before the others.


“Y/n,” Noctis gasped in shock, noticing the horror on your face, “Let her go!”

“Noct,” You whisper softly, gasping as the red head man leaned forward, his other arm going in a loose embrace around your chest, as he had the height advantage on you, as you leaned away from him as much as possible.

“Young Prince, you seem to be astrayed. Yet I have to admit that this one is a special little treat.” Ardyn chuckled in your ear, as you turned your head away  from him, “She is actually quite the little beauty, isn’t she?”

“I said let her go.” Noctis hissed, summoning his sword, as the others quickly mimicked his moves, ready to go on the offensive.

Ardyn chuckle only seemed to get louder, as he moved his hand to grab ahold of your chin, as he turned you to face him, the arm holding you in the tight embrace moving so that he caressed your face with back of his hand, his lips barely ghosting over your own.

You flinched away expecting for his hand to feel slimy, yet instead it felt extremely hot to the touch, almost as if it was going to burn your face. “Noct…”

“Oh sweet little thing, why are you so scared, you handsome prince is right here.” Ardyn replied, as he jerked your head forward to Noctis, his other hand going back to your neck, as he begun to apply pressure to your windpipe.

“You bastard!” Noctis yelled as he rushed forward.

“Noctis, please stop!” You yell around the pressure on our throat, only for the Prince to quickly halt at your cry. “Don’t, it not worth it…” You let out a shriek as Ardyn wrapped a hand in your hair, snapping your head back.

“Smart girl.” Ardyn chuckled, as he put more pressure on your neck, as you begun to slowly feel yourself losing consciousness. “After all what good are you to me dead.”

You felt your eyes getting heavy as you whimpered softly, your eyes locked with Noctis, only to gasp as you felt Ardyn’s hand leave your throat, as he shoved your body toward the others. You somehow managed to stay on your feet, as you stumbled back to your side of the battle field. Placing up a battle front, as you summoned your weapon to a shaky hand, trying to shake the black from the side of your vision.

“Don’t think this will be the last time we meet Prince, as we are not done just yet.” Ardyn chuckled.

You all watched as the two men left just a suddenly as they came. You heard a soft gasp, only realizing it had come from your own lips as you collapsed to your knees. Your body felt so weak, you hearing went mute, almost as if your head had been dunked underwater, as you heard the others muffled call your name in concern.

Closing your eyes to stop the rush, you gasped as you felt someone pick you up, managing to crack open your eyes as you noticed it was Noctis who had picked you up, carrying you close. Only allowing yourself to drift away once you were safely in his arms within the backseat of the Regalia.


“Aren’t you the cutest little thing?” Ardyn chuckled, his hand resting on our shoulder, as his other pinched your cheek.

You made to pull away, for the hand on your shoulder to grip ahold of you tighter causing you to flinch.

“Now, Prince you wouldn’t want anything to happen to this little cutie would you?” Ardyn chuckled, as he pressed his cheek against your own, as you swallowed a gag.

“Noct,” You muttered softly, as you tried attempted to have the man follow where you were looking at Prompto who had summoned his gun while Ardyn begun rambling. Getting a soft nod from the Prince as you locked eyes with Prompto, you trusted him and you knew he couldn’t, no wouldn’t miss.

Prompto quickly took stance as he fired the bullet clearly aimed for the man beside you, shocking Ardyn to let go of you, as you brought around own summoned weapon to slash at the man, the same time Noctis rushed forward, causing Ardyn to jump back in defense.

“My, my you all know how to catch someone off guard don’t you, quite the trick you have there.”

Both you and Noctis jumped back to regroup with the others,  weapons all raised as you stared the redhead down. Glancing down as you felt a hand slide in your own, only to see that Prompto had grabbed your hand tightly, the other still holding his gun pointed at Ardyn.

A stern look over that freckled face, a look you had never seen grace the normal sunshine. He was absolutely pissed, and if given the signal he was ready to fire away.

You couldn’t blame him.

“Shall we continue this at a later date. Until then, adieu.” The man chuckled.

You all waited, as the man disappeared with Ravus, only than releasing a sigh you didn’t know you were holding, yet your nerves still shook horribly in the arm that Prompto had a hold of. The moment his gun disappeared the blonde pulled you into his arms, holding you tightly, only than did the entire situation dawn on you, as you felt yourself grow weak, happy that Prompto was there to keep you up right.

What was that creature?


“I think now you would like to hear me out.” Ardyn stated.

You recall, rushing to Gladiolus’ side after Ravus shoved him away with relative ease alongside Prompto, only to feel a pressure at your back, and then a quick pulling movement to yourself. Now a strong pressure on your throat, as your hands fly up to the pressure. Your watering eyes strained to look at the others, only to notice the shock horror on their face.

“Now, my dear don’t be so this way.” The deep voice chuckled before for you.

You made to retort, as it only came out as a  wheeze as the man slowly raised you from the ground, you legs kicking to gain purchase, as your fingernails dug into the fabric of his coat. Using all your upper body strength to avoid being strangled by his horridly strong grip.

“Drop her, asshole!” Gladiolus barked, as he moved to rush forward with the others.

You let out a short scream, that was quickly cut off by Ardyn’s hand tighten harder around your windpipe, as you gurgled slightly. “Glad…”

“Yet than again we wouldn’t want our fun to end here so soon.” Ardyn chuckled, as he pulled you close so that he could stare you in the eye. Your eyes locking with the deep red, staring in shock at the black that begun to creep across his eye. “A shield should be more sturdy, wouldn’t you think?”

You forced the words out your mouth, as you felt his hand tighten, “Fuck…you.”

“Hm, seems you still have some fight. I enjoy that.”

You couldn’t even scream as he pulled you back, before tossing you forward, only able to grunt as you landed in Gladiolus’ out stretched arms.

“Y/n, are you alright?” Gladiolus’ inquired.

You couldn’t have him worry about you now, you didn’t want him to worry about you now. Your throat hurt, but you were determined to repay Ardyn back tenfold, along with his little pet Ravus, as you summoned your weapon as the tall man set you down. Only to watch as the two men turn walking away.

“Y/N,” Gladiolus called, as he turned to you, slowly rose your head with gentle fingers under your chin, letting out a growl.

You rose a tentative hand to your neck, flinching at the pain, knowing it was going to bruise something horrible, yet you needed to stop the rage rising in Gladiolus right now, “I’m fine, I promise, all I need is little potion.”

You watched as the fury slowly disappeared from his eyes, only to feel him embrace you tightly, pressing you against his chest. The moment seemed to break you, as you buried your face into his chest, clenching tightly to his shirt, as you promised yourself you weren’t crying.


In the pull you hadn’t realized that you had closed your eyes, only when you stopped did your eyes snap open, as you realized what happened.

“Now, perhaps you’ll hear what I have to say.” Ardyn chuckled from behind you, as he twisted your right arm up and back, the pressure he was putting on it you felt your muscles scream in pain. “Should you follow everything I have to say, we can put this entire manner behind us all.”

Through the pain you glanced toward Ignis, his calm demeanor never seemed to faluter, yet you noticed the small movements only people intimate with the man would notice. His fingers flexed, as if to summon his daggers, or perhaps a spear, as his green eyes dashed around the battlefield analyzing everything.

“It would be rather fun to see how far you can get without your little nurse, wouldn’t that be fun.” Ardyn replied, as he slowly applied more pressure to your shoulder.

You weren’t sure if it was out of reflex, yet you rocked back your free left hand coming into contact with Ardyn’s cheek with a loud smack. Only to shriek as he grabbed the wrist that had dare strike his face, freeing you from his previous hold, now holding you in spot as you stared up into his eyes.

“I could end you here and now, little one without a second thought.”

“Y/n!” Noctis called, as you pulled weakly at the hold Ardyn had on your wrist. “What is it that you want?”

“Don’t give it to him, Noctis!” You yelled, “My life isn’t worth whatever he’s…” You were cut short as you felt a force against your right cheek, the pain rushing through face as you sank to your knees, wrist still within the man’s grip, you didn’t even have time to scream. He had hit you hard enough to throw off your equilibrium and causing a horrid ringing in your ears.

“Y/n!” Ignis called.

You turned watery eyes to the man, “I’m, i’m fine Iggy.”

“Perhaps next time we should have a more private setting.” Ardyn chuckled releasing you left hand, as you cradled it to your chest, checking for sprained and broken bones, at the moment it only seemed bruising. “With this I bow out, see to it that your nurse gets herself fixed up.”

As the man’s coat tails disappear from your view, you slowly stumbled to your feet, the ringing in your head still going full force. You forbid yourself from swooning, you absolutely forbid it. Yet even you knew with the strength he hit you with, he was holding back, and you were lucky he was otherwise…you didn’t want to think about it.

“Y/N!” Ignis gasped, as he appeared at your side, always on time you thought as your legs finally gave out.

“Are you okay, y/n?” Prompto asked, appearing on the other side, ever the concerning type.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, just some bruising.” You forcibly smile, despite the movement causing your face to hurt. “We should get going.”

“You’re in no shape to be walking,wrap your arm around my shoulder.” Ignis replied, as he placed a hand under the back of your knees, swiftly standing, jumping slightly, as Prompto reached out to make sure the man didn’t drop you.

“Prompto, would you mind grabbing an ice pack from the car.” You smile to the small blonde, knowing he wanted to be helpful but didn’t know how, resting your uninjured cheek against Ignis’ shoulder. “I’m not sure what that man is, but he’s not human.”

“For the moment let’s tend to your needs, my dear.”  Ignis replied, as he walked back to the car, Noctis already in the driver seat, allowing you to rest  in Ignis’ lap. The hold he had on your lower back tighten, almost to ensure that you were still there.

The dizziness was tenfold at this point, not wanting to sleep at fear of a concussion, you instead stared straight ahead, realize just what you were up against.

Another Carter?(2/?)

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff

 { This Part is a build up chapter, between this one and the next a lot will be explained about the reader!}

 Marvel Master list

Chapter 1

 /n’s POV

“Come on Tony , any fucking day now .” You mumble as you scan the sky for any sign of your uncle. I’ve managed to stay off the radar this long, how did HYDRA find me ? You finally see a jet zoom through the clouds, moving to hover over the rooftop you’re currently pacing . Tony jumps from the opening , flying down to you in his iron man suit . He lands with a clank in front of you , his mask flipping up as he does . You place your hands on your hips , sending him a ‘wtf’ look. ’

“ well hello to you too dear. looks like the cats out of the bag .” He says casually .

You shake your head, sighing while you walk closer to him . “ Can we just get out of here .”

Originally posted by thesillybus

You leap up & wrap your arms around his neck. His mask closes, he tightly holds you to him as he lifts off the roof. You spend the ride trying to figure out how anyone could of Found out about you . Your grandmother had those files sealed in a vault the second the project was complete . The only people that knew of you and your capabilities are Nick Fury, Maria Hill , Clint Barton ,Tony Stark , and your grandmother . The files are only paper copies, nothing was entered into the electronic database . As far as the world is concerned , you’re just normal y/n carter , a nurse; or so you thought ,apparently the secret slipped .

  When you arrive back the To tower , Tony grabs onto your hand before you can step out of the jet . His suit was disassembled, leaving him in his t shirt and jeans. He tugs you to him in a hug, squeezing you roughly .

“ We are going to have to explain to the team . ” he warns you, his voice taking a calming tone.

 You sigh , shoving your face into his chest .

“ On the plus side, Barton is thrilled to see you !” He says, leading you to the elevators. When you first agreed to be the subject for the program , Clint was there with you . He was a high level agent , and he became your shoulder to lean on during the process .

  Your grandmother found an alternate serum , nearly matching Steves (minus a few elements). SHIELD would only administer it to someone who fit the qualifications , which are the same ones they held in the ‘40’s ; they didn’t want someone who was a good soldier , they needed someone who was a good person  - someone who wouldn’t take advantage of the new power but use it for good . Some one matching Steve Rogers heart , loyalty and ability to do what is necessary to save others . Sure there was many candidates, but Peggy’s mind immediately went to her granddaughter. You never understood why she picked you, you honestly believed your cousin Sharon would of been a better option.

 As you follow Tony around the tower ,you continue to think back to when you underwent Project EAGLE ( they got really creative, didn’t they? So lame ) . You were 22, it didn’t take much for your grandmother to persuade you . The world was in need of another savior, That was until they defrosted the original . The minute steve was found , you bowed out . You went back to your normal life , and you didn’t mind . There was too much stress on your shoulders , the weight of the world almost literally on your shoulders . You were some what relieved that they found him before you actually had to be a hero . The fear of  messing up ate away at you, it was quite different than when you use to beat up bullies as a child . The worst that could happen then was you’d be sent home , now though people’s lives , the world was on the line . Clint kept in contact for a while , but eventually faded out the longer your stayed out of the life .

  As you walk behind tony, the glass doors of the lab sliding shut behind you break your from your haze . You look up, eyes locking with beautiful light blue eyes . Oh shit , Steve Rogers .

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Before anyone says a word, you’re being enveloped into a pair of strong arms .

 You giggle , already knowing who is swinging you around . “ I missed you too Clint .”

  “ Hate to tell you kiddo, but -”

“ yeah yeah the secrets out . I kinda figured when I woke up tied to a damn chair old man .”

  He sets you down , giving you a stern look . “ There’s no staying out of this now Y/n, if hydra knows about you , it’s time to break out the hero .”

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“ I’m sorry, but can someone please explain ” the man you recognize as Bruce Banner asks. You look around the room , sending a shy smile to all the avengers .

“ I suggest you take a seat , it’s story time !” Tony says as he rubs his hands together . You rolls your eyes ,

“ so are you telling MY story Uncle Tony ?” You question with a smirk .

  “ oh no darling , this is all you . FRIDAY, popcorn please ?”

You groan , hiding your face in your hands . Although Tony does help ease the tension ,it can’t completely erase the nerves of explaining yourself ; especially to the man that stole your grandmothers heart . You take a deep breathe, looking to everyone with an uneasy smile ,

“ so.. Any one here ever heard of Peggy Carter ? ”

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Thank You

Requested: Yes

Thor x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 700

Warnings: rude comments, protective Thor

     Summary: Thor takes the reader back to Asgard to meet his friends but they makes comments about her weight and she hears him sticking up for her.


You weren’t sure about it, Thor wanted to take you to his home in Asgard, and if you hadn’t been so in love with him, you wouldn’t have went. However, you were in love with the son of Odin so you decided to go with him. “Are you sure about this?” You ask standing outside the gold encrusted doors of the palace of Odin “Of course Lady Y/N, they will love you as I do” he praises taking your hand in his much larger one to pull you with him through the doors.

You started in awe as the doors swung open, giving way to a huge crowd of people, in everything from clothes robes to full metal armor, all drinking and laughing together, waiting for the arrival of the son of Odin and his human girlfriend. “THOR” A large man yells, setting down a frosted glass of gold colored ale on the table, causing the amber liquid to slosh over the edge of the glass rim onto the sides.

 “Volstagg, brother” Thor responds, hugging the somehow larger man in his arms with a hearty chuckle. “Is this the girl?” Volstagg asks and your boyfriend nods, taking your hand in a very Midgardian way, somewhat presenting you to his friend. “Hi, I’m Y/N” You smile, trying not to sound as nervous as you were. “Don’t scare her you big oaf” a second man says, knocking the red head over to stand in front of you.

You took in his appearance, he was much smaller, with blonde hair and a charming smile. “Lady Y/N, I’m Fandral the dashing” He greets, brushing his hair out of his eyes with his hand. It took you a second not to laugh at him, a man like this was always hard to take seriously. “The Warriors three” Thor whispers to you and you nod, realizing that these men where the same you had talked about so many times before.

“But there’s only tw-“ you start but a third man makes his way over before the words could leave your lips. “I’m Hogun the grim” A dark haired man smiles, his eyes both gentle and calm. “It’s nice to meet you all” you say, sending Thor a gentle smile from the side.

If there was one of  Thor’s friends you were most worried about meeting, it would be Lady Sif. You two had talked about Sif many times before but you weren’t prepared to meet her. “I’ll be right back” You say, heading off toward the tavern area to grab an ale from a man in silver chain. Thor kissed your cheek before you could leave and you smiled at his sweet, romantic nature.

“Thor” The man hears, and he turns with a grin to the familiar voice of Sif. “Hello my friend” He smiles only for the woman to frown up at him. “Do tell what is troubling you” He says, but it came out like an order “That’s your woman, is she not?” Sif asks and Thor nods his eyes finding the place where you were standing “She is, isn’t she the most gorgeous woman in the nine realms?” he beams but again Sif remains stone faced.

“She isn’t what I would expect” She levels and Thor gives her a questioning look “I do not understand” He says and she rolls her eyes “She is much…larger than I assumed” She alludes and finally the man seems to understand “You think she is less of a woman?” he asks attracting the attention of the warriors three all drunk by the feast

“I didn’t mean to offend” Sif assures but it was to late “Lady Y/N, will be the Queen of Asgard, and you will respect her” He says, turning around angrily only to nearly run into you. “Y/N” He whispers but you smile, your eyes filling with tears “Thank you” You respond, kissing your man in the center of the crowd.

Doctor’s Dose of Scotch

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Summary: You try to drown a bad day in alcohol, but Doctor McCoy is having none of it.

Originally posted by bilesandthesourwolf

You sat on a bar stool with a glass of dark liquid in front of you. You held the glass in your hand, swishing the liquid about. You hadn’t drunk much of it, but its presence made the sting of your bad day seem less bad. You weren’t quite aware of your surroundings, only of your own thoughts and the brown liquid being tilted around the clear glass. A man sat down beside you, though you weren’t completely aware of his arrival. He looked you up and down, that was when you became aware of him. He smiled at you when you looked at him, despite your look being less than inviting.

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Change of Plans: Part one

A/N: Okay so, this is the first part of this. It ended up getting super wordy. @themcuhasruinedme was the best and help me write this so go check her out. But I really liked writing this and I hope you guys like it. this is my first Wolverine fic so feedback is appreciated.

Requested by anon:  Hello there ! I was wondering, do you think you could write a angsty Bucky x Reader where he dumps her like trash and she ends up falling in love with Wolverine but Bucky’s also in love with her, please

Word count: 2057 words

Warnings: Cheating, a bit of angst, maybe as curse word idk

Setting down your bag on the table, you slipped of your shoes before looking around your apartment. You noticed it was a bit dirty, so you decided to clean it up before your boyfriend, Bucky got home from the compound today.

Deciding to clean the bedroom first you started by making the bed and picking up any trash that had missed the basket. Once you finished that you decided to run a quick load of clothes.

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Request: Hii, I was wondering if you could do a jack lowden imagine where the reader is a cast member, I’ll leave it up to you just anything to do with jack lowden as I bloody love him, btw live your writings

A/N: thank you so much, I’m glad you like them!


“Hey Y/N, Chris needs you to help out over on set 2.” Your assistant said, barging into your make-up tent.

“I still need to finish up on Fionn, what do they need me over there for?” You questioned, gesturing to the boy sitting in front of you.

“Apparently Max got drunk last night. The waves didn’t settle well with his hangover and he ended up getting seasick. Chris sent him home.”

“Bloody great. Who’s gonna finish Fionn? He’s got a photo shoot in 10 minutes.” You complained, looking down at Fionns unfinished makeup.

“I can finish for you. Besides you already did the hardest parts. They really need you over there, you’re the best artist we’ve got.” The assistant pleaded, making you sigh.

“Wait, Max is usually on set 3, why would I need to go to set 2?” You questioned suddenly, looking at your assistant in confusion.

“One of his guys is on the boats today, I’m not really sure why.” You still hesitated, looking down at the 19 year old.

“Oh go on Y/N, they obviously need you more than I do.” Fionn said, shooing you from the tent.

“Fine.” You told the two of them, grabbing your jacket and portable makeup bag, heading into the cold.

You had been a makeup and hair stylist on the set of Dunkirk for 6 months now. Chris absolutely loved that you were able to do both, so you mainly stayed on the beach with the bulk of his cast. You worked a lot with Fionn, Harry, Kenneth, and Aneurin, even working on Cillian and Tom for their land scenes.

Chris had never sent you to set 2, the civilian ships, because Annie was able to handle the four men, Mark, Tom, Barry and Cillian just fine. Those four didn’t really get much makeup, just slight touch ups.

Max was in charge of Tom Hardy and Jack Lowden, the two pilots in the movie. If what your assistant said was true, one of these men must be on the boats now. Maybe one of their Spitfires had gone down in the script.

Based on the fact that you had already seen how Tom’s plane went down, you could only assume you’d be working on Jack Lowden.

Jack Lowden was actually the only member of the main cast that you hadn’t met yet. You’d met Tom, Barry and Mark at a dinner party. Jack had flown home that weekend to visit family, so you hadn’t met him.

You were actually kind of excited to meet him. You’d seen his work in ‘War & Peace’, instantly becoming a fan of his.

There was a car waiting for you outside, which then brought you to a small boat. You were on the boat for 15 minutes before you arrived to where the sea filming was taking place.

Chris sighed in relief once he saw you, taking your hand and helping you onto the Moonstone.

“Thank god you’re here. That other idiot was spending all his time hunched over the side of the boat, and this one can’t do hair to save her life.” Chris sighed, gesturing over to Annie who was currently working on Barry.

“S'alright I suppose, Fionn was pretty much done. But I’m warning you, if I get sea sick I’m gonna throw you in the water.” You joked, smiling up at the man.

Laughing, Chris led you into the cabin of the ship. There was a blonde man standing there chatting with Mark, both of whom looked over at your arrival.

“Bout time you got here.” Mark joked, smiling over at you.

“Yeah, well I can’t just walk over here can I?” You asked sarcastically, sharing a laugh with the older man.

“No, I s'pose not.” Came the reply.

“Well, this is Jack. Jack, this is Y/N.” Chris spoke, introducing you to the blonde.

You both made eye contact, sending shivers down your spine. Seeing him on a TV did not give this man justice. He was absolutely stunning in person. His blue eyes were electric as he looked at you, a crooked smile lighting up his face.

“She’s the best stylist we’ve got. I’m just glad she was able to get over here.” Chris said, smiling down at you again. “Anyway, we just had Jack filming a scene in the water, so his makeup is off. I need you to redo it, and make sure his hair isn’t just sticking to his face.” He told you, before heading back out of the cabin.

Mark followed, giving you a smile and a pat on the shoulder as he went. Turning to Jack, you saw he was already staring at you. Flushing slightly at his intense look, you quickly got to work to try and distract yourself.

“Chris told me he was sendin’ ov'r a woman, he forgot te mention how beautiful you were.” Jack spoke from behind you, making you jump. Turning around, you noticed he was right in front of you.

“Alright hot shot.” You laughed, trying to force down another blush. “Flattery will get you nowhere. Take a seat over there.” You demanded, pulling out the items you needed.

“Yes ma'am!” He smirked, taking a seat like you asked him to. Rolling your eyes playfully, you moved over towards him to begin his make up. “You’ve got beautiful eyes, you know tha?” He smiled as he stared up at you, allowing you to rub on some foundation. Your eyes flickered to his briefly, a smile on your lips, before focusing back on your work. “A pretty smile too.”

“My Jack, you’re quite the charmer, aren’t you?” You teased, reaching for a different brush and toner.

“Only when I fin’ myself in the presence of a woman as perfect as you.” He winked, his eyes trailing down your body as he checked you out. When his eyes were back on yours, he was biting his lip in appreciation.

'Mother of god’ you thought to yourself, heart racing in your chest 'he’s gonna kill me with those damn eyes.’

“I’m sure you say that to all the ladies.” You laughed, finishing up on his makeup. “Alright, one thing down, one to go. I just have to fix your hair.” You told him, walking back to your bag and pulling out your comb and gel.

For the next 5 minutes, Jack stayed silent as he stared at you. Every once in a while you would squirm slightly under his gaze, but for the most part managed to ignore him.

“Wha’s a gorgeous lass like yourself doin’ working on a film set?” Jack suddenly asked, breaking your concentration slightly.

“A lass like myself?” You asked, confusion coloring your tone.

“Ya. You’re much too pretty to be hidin’ yourself behin’ the camera. They should be hangin’ your photographs in museums.” He said seriously, nearly making you pass out.

“Oh, uh, I… um.” You were stammering, an absolute mess in front of him. His smile suddenly grew devilish, leaning towards you in his seat.

“Am I makin’ you flustered darlin’?” He questioned, one hand coming up to rest on your cheek. His thumb brushed against your red cheeks, leaving you speechless.

“No, of course not.” You responded once you found your voice, looking away from his eyes. The hand on your cheek moved to your chin then, turning your head to face him once more.

“I think I am. And I think you’re just as attracted te me as I am te you.” He spoke huskily, his eyes dilating slightly. You swallowed harshly, a sudden wave of confidence overcoming you. After all, he had just admitted he was attracted to you.

“And what if I am?” You questioned boldly, maintaining eye contact with the Scottish man as you set down the comb and gel. He suddenly stood up, making you stumble back slightly. His arms were then wrapping around your waist, pulling you into him.

“This.” You had one more fleeting glance of his blue eyes, before his lips were on yours. For a few seconds, your body froze and your eyes remained wide open in shock.

A moment later, your body finally responded. Closing your eyes, your hands found their way to his muscular chest, holding onto his Air Force costume tightly. Smiling against your lips, Jack pulled you even closer as he kissed you senseless.

His teeth were suddenly nibbling gently at your bottom lip, forcing you to let out an involuntary moan. He made an appreciative groan in response, gliding his tongue into your mouth. His tongue fought against yours for a few moments, before pulling back breathlessly.

The two of you just stood there staring at one another, small smiles on both of your faces.

Unbeknownst to the two of you, five pairs of eyes were watching you from the deck.

“You owe me $20 bucks Tommy boy.”

“Shut up Barry.”

Hero Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Can I request a bill skarsguard where the reader gets into a car accident Fluff! 😍💓

Warning: Car crash

Note: Enjoy!

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

Originally posted by blisteredblue

You sighed as you finally saw it was time to get home from work. You loved your job working at a day care but it was always tiring at the end of the day and you just wanted to head home.

Despite you wanting to head home to cuddle with Bill you were always aware and diligent of your surroundings when driving. You gently slowed to a stop at the red light and let out a sigh looking at yourself in the mirror.

You looked a little tired but otherwise fine. You heard the music fade and be replaced by a cell phone ringing. You had a Subaru so you could connect your phone to the car and you were able to talk through your car when someone was calling.

You glanced at it real quick and smiled noticing the touch screen was telling you your friend and roommate Shelby was calling. You tapped on the pick up button and smiled, “Hey what’s up?”

“Nothin’ much. Are you on your way home?”

The light turned green and you continued to drive watching the speed limit and everything else well at the same time talking to your friend.

“Yeah I’m actually just leaving.” You replied.

“Okay. I made dinner for you by the way. Your favorite.”

“Really?” You asked your eyes widening.

“Yeah. I can’t wait until your home.”

“Me neither.” You sighed.

You stopped at another stop light and let your shoulders droop feeling a little tense. You couldn’t help it, you were getting a bad feeling in your gut and talking to your friend only made that feeling grow.

You bit your lip and took in your surroundings noticing a man was passing by the sidewalk. The stop light turned green and you began to pass by the intersection.

“I cant wait! I got-”


You blinked and one second you were driving in your perfectly fine car and then the next you could hear a ringing. You were dazed and confused as the man came rushing over.

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