man dont put me on speaker crab

by the way oh my GOSH while i was at chuck e cheese this little black girl came up to me and said “excuse me, are you little red riding hood?” because of my red hijab and i said “yeah, but my grandmas on vacation so im here with my cousins” and she nodded and hugged me

and her friends were nearby and were like “?? what happened” and i had waved goodbye and was walking away at that point but then i heard “little red riding hood! little red riding hood!” come from behind me and her 2 friends came up to me and were like “are you little red riding hood?” and i said yeah and told them the same thing as i told the first kid and they all smiled at me and said “you look just like her” QvQ

in need of donations

hey hi;; my partner gabe tendergender and i still need donations and a place to stay for a while

i know that most people who see this arent in the los angeles area and cant put us up, but if you can donate even a small amount we would be really really grateful, new expenses are arising and its a really tense time for both of us

my paypal email is and literally any amount is helpful.

thank you all so much and please;;; please reblog if you cant donate

trans POC needing a place to stay in the Los Angeles area

hey everyone!! i know i made a post a few months ago about this very issue, but im afraid the leads i found at that time arent working out for me @___@

im 20 and trying to leave home because i live with my parents and things are really rocky. i cant be out to them as an lgbt person, and aside from that they are prone to isolating me and being emotionally manipulative and harmful for me in general and its become a detriment to my wellbeing

i need to leave within the next 1-2 weeks, it is crucial that this happens now while my mom is out of town its my only chance to get away while im under minimal surveillance

i cannot offer monetary compensation any time soon but i can cook, clean, and do chores; i will be looking for a job the moment i am out of the house of course but i wont have any funds to pay you if you take me in.

i need a place to stay within range of the la metro because i am attending university at least through may and can not at this point afford to quit because i cannot have any more Fs on my transcript, so i cannot live anywhere like riverside or another county

please please please signal boost this if you yourself cannot help, i would really like to get out of my current living situation and i would be very appreciative of any support

queer trans couple requesting donations

hey hi there everybody im realy sorry to be making another one of these posts

as ive mentioned in previous posts my partner gabe tendergender and i are trying to escape a really shitty and abusive living situation. we do not have any stable source of income right now and need money to feed ourselves + physically have the means to get out of here

my paypal email is ; any amount helps!! and if donation is not possible, i ask that you please reblog…

thank you all so much for your patience and generosity, we are incredibly grateful.

look you cant fucking call yourself sj or pretend youre a good person in any capacity if you dont look at your friendships critically or be responsible for who you associate with you cannot

expect people

to respect or trust you

dont pretend to be “neutral” when your supposed neutrality is just covering your ass because you dont wanna get involved or risk losing friends

because if youre fine with finding out retroactively about tumblr strangers beign bigots and pulling shit, then subsequently putting them on your shitlist, you need to be ok with doing that with people you consider friends when proof is presented to your face that your friends have fucked up and hurt people  instead of expecting everyone to hold hands and do sing-alongs just because you dont want to confront your friends like fucking bye.