man do i know this feeling

Here’s the thing. Most singers do need an image, so that people feel like they know™ them and they connect to them. Some stars like to build this alter ego, because they either aren’t too “quirky” for the industry (they are boring just like the rest of us) OR because they are shitty people. 

My problem is Louis doesn’t need that. He is so interesting as a person. He is smart and funny and amazing and when his flamboyant self shines through the giggles and the comebacks, he is the most mesmerizing man in the world. I came in this fandom because I was pulled by Louis’ personality, before he went through the heavy media training. I am here, because I see this personality here and there. But I am sure if the world could see the person we all fell in love with, they would stand no chance. 

I blame his team. They created this boring, uninteresting character. People like relatable but they also like their celebrities untouchable, a dream. I love that he is staying true to his roots, but like… it’s one-dimensional and no one wants to stan someone who reminds them of themselves. They want to follow someone who made it big, who inspires them to be like him. 

Louis IS famous, he IS rich, he GOES to parties, he HAS celebrity friends. When he dismisses that for “I only know two people and me bird” people are bored. This might be the first time I’m seeing a team hiding the glamour with dust instead of the other way around. As always they go too far. A person can be both. Like Ed. He is a celebrity but he is still relatable and “one of the boys”. That’s what Louis’ image need. A balance. 

Forelsket - Part Six

Characters - Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes

Word Count - 1408

AU - Soulmates

Warnings - Language, Cliffhanger, Implied depression

A/N - I’m bringing this back and I’m taking it easy so it won’t be on a daily schedule. I still don’t know how it’s going to end tbh.

Forelsket Masterlist

Nat found herself in her usual spot, leaned against the kitchen counter with a hot mug of coffee in her hand. Blowing at the steam, she peered over the rim of her cup as Steve slipped out of your room. He squeezed the door closed behind him, being sure not to make too much noise for fear of waking you up. His hair was shaggy, his beard was lush and in need of a touch-up, and there were bags living beneath his eyes.

“How’s she doing?” Natasha asked in a hushed whisper as if the sound of her voice would disturb the stillness of the apartment. “I see you go in and out but feel like I haven’t seen her in days.”

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“I never feel like I’m not where I’m supposed to be, you know? No matter who I’m with, I’m always still doing my own thing. I can’t remember the last time I was in a club or somewhere and felt like, Man, I’m not supposed to be here. I’ve been kind of doing it for so long I feel like everybody I’m friends with, everyone I know just knows I’m all about the music.”

Lana Del Rey for Complex Magazine, 2017

okay it’s about to be 2am and i just thought about how uma probably makes the crew find some edible food for gil and then when he’s just having one of those times where he feels less appreciated, she shows up and gives it to gil because she hates seeing him eat rotten / trash food and he gets all happy ajskkddk

and im crying at the thought bc uma would really do anything for both harry and gil cause those are HER boys and she knows they deserve the best, man

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I am a 19 year old girl, who honestly has never done anything intimate with the opposite gender. I want my first everything with the man I'm married to. At the same time, I'm so nervous because I don't know how to do anything and I'm shy as hell with guys. Am I screwed for life or will this pass by

At the beginning everyone feels this way, absolutely everyone! It will pass

Secrets Kill 10

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x OFC Jessica; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Close friendship)

Warning: Swearing, Drinking, Cheating, Lying, Near death, Secrets, Angst, Drama, Heartache. (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

They say innocent flirting never hurt anyone, clearly they were never in your situation. Being apart of the Avengers was everything you had asked for, and more. Getting close with Steve Rogers was an even bigger plus, that little crush you had on him, became something you couldn’t resist anymore. When you decide to admit your feelings for him, your best friend Jessica announces she’s going to ask him out. You can’t stomp on your best friends happiness for your own selfishness. Could you? But what if Steve doesn’t feel the same for her? Can you convince him to play along? Can you box away your own feelings for Steve to let your best friend find some kind of happiness? How bad could this go, you were a trained spy hiding and lying was a key part in your training.

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D.Gray-Man Context Analysis

Let me first start off by saying that THIS IS NOT A THEORY. A theory, by definition, is an idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action. An analysis, by definition, is the process of separating something into its constituent elements. (So, basically, a theory is putting elements of a subject together to prove/make sense of something, and an analysis is taking one thing and pulling it apart to break down and further understand the contents it contains.) Got it? Okay, good.

The second thing I want to mention is that this particular subject I’m talking about is controversial and I will most likely lose a lot of you in the process. But, I ask you to hear me out and keep an open mind. The point of a literary analysis is to make you think in a way you never have before. It’s a more mature way of reading. Got it? Okay, good.

With that out of the way, the specific scene in D.Gray-Man that I will be talking about is, arguably one of the most iconic moments in D.Gray-Man, when Allen and Tyki truly meet for the first time. (I’m talking about after Suman disperses into a bunch of Tyki’s flesh-eating butterflies moment.) Now, I know what you might be thinking: The context of that moment is pretty straight forward. Tyki was introduced officially in the series as another antagonist, was confirmed he was assigned to kill Allen, Tyki shows Allen what he can do because why not? He’s going to die anyway, he removes his arm, destroys his innocence and puts a hole in his heart because he wants him to die slowly. Sound about right? I think it does; but, what if it’s not? Let’s take the world and logic of D.Gray-Man out of context and then see what we have. A man looms behind a fifteen year old boy in the middle of an isolated forest. The boy doesn’t run away, not like he could, so the man approaches closer. The boy’s in no state to fight back; he wishes he was stronger. As the man talks, he tells him that he doesn’t touch anything unless he wants to touch it. He then proceeds to grab at the boy’s heart. The man then asks the boy, “What if I told myself I wanted to touch you, boy? Without making a cut into your body?” The boy is shocked and grows more anxious. “How do you think that would feel?”  What about now? What does that sound like to you? Answer honestly, because I literally just copied this off of that particular scene in the manga and just removed the names and plot from the story. Does it sound a bit…off? Like, you know and feel something is going to happen, but you know it has nothing to do with murder, but you know it’s equally just as bad, or worse? If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m surprised, because I’m laying it on pretty thick. (That, or you just don’t want to think that what I’m implying is what I’m implying.)

Allen was raped by Tyki.

And this is where you say I’m crazy and disgusting for even relatively thinking like this. Let me re-phrase it then.

Allen was metaphorically raped by Tyki.

I just lost you, didn’t I? Allow me to explain.

In a book called, “How to Read Literature like a College Professor” written by a college professor, there are two chapters entitled, “It’s All About Sex…Unless It’s Sex.” In the first chapter, “It’s All About Sex” he mentions many metaphors in classic literature that so clearly references sex and or sexual desire. (The one he mentions so often in that chapter is a key and a bowl.) In that chapter, he also discusses that not all metaphors for said subject implicate that it was wanted and or legal. (He then proceeds to mention Clockwork Orange.) And that, my friends, is why this thought came to my sister and I’s head. (Yes; after reading that chapter, we both thought of this specific scene from D.Gray-Man.)

So, now you probably see why I thought of the idea in the first place. But, now you’re probably thinking, “Why this specifically? How does that possibly lead to rape, or just sex in general?”  Both are great questions. After all, we clearly see that it wasn’t sexual, right? We see the pictures, it’s a manga after all. However, I would like to point out that Katsura Hoshino has done something like this before. What do you mean? I mean that hiding a deeper meaning under something visually obvious is not that uncommon of her. For example, the first few manga covers, 1 - 7 to be exact, are picture riddles. (You heard me right. She stated so in an interview.) And also, what about that time where she had Allen’s akuma seeing eye become injured, and Allen found himself terrified of the people around him. Because he simply couldn’t see which one was dangerous or not. That in itself is a much deeper, and realistic meaning than it seems at first glance. But now, back to the subject at hand. In the literary world, it isn’t uncommon for authors to hide what’s really happening in context. Like I said in the beginning, it’s highly controversial; so, they make it so that people can make what they want of it, and therefor taking some of that controversy out. Why would that not be the same here?

Let me first start off by saying that Tyki is the Noah of Pleasure. The word has a multitude of meanings, sure, but that also means that all the definitions apply. Including the to give sexual satisfaction to one. Allen says that he is vulnerable and cannot defend for himself in the state that he’s in. Tyki impales him. (Okay, yeah, he has intangibility, but the implication is still there.)  Tyki says that he doesn’t touch anything unless he wants to. (And stating that out of context sounds sexual enough as it is.) The first thing he grabs is Allen’s heart. Sure, it’s literal, I know. But, the heart is a very common symbol in the romance area, even if it’s not wanted. However, this piece right here is the big one. This is the one that makes you think.

Tyki stole, and destroyed, Allen’s innocence.

Take that out of context, and you know what you get? The option to translate innocence into virginity. BOOM. Got you now, don’t I? Good, because we also can’t forget that Tyki wanted Allen to suffer. He didn’t flat out kill him, he left him there in pieces and broken to die slowly and painfully. But, we also can’t forget that when Allen does regain his innocence, his innocence is more protective over him. That says a lot to me. You know what else says a lot to me? The fact that after that Allen considers himself inhuman and just a tool used to be used in the war. Who knows if he thinks that now, but when he was told he couldn’t fight because he still hadn’t regained his innocence he thought that. (Lots of things that could hint towards sexual assault, if you know what I mean.)

Of course, there’s one thing that could very much disprove everything I’ve just said: it’s a manga.

It’s not a regular book where what you read is up to the imagination. The images are given to you so you have a visual of what exactly is happening. That, and the story is mainly told in dialogue. Not exactly narrated by something capable of using metaphors to give a visual; there is a visual.

BUT, more so can be used to FURTHER PROVE THIS. Art can be analyzed just a deeply as words can. Angles play an important role in the visual aspect, as well as the expressions on a characters face, the contrast between the black and white outline, the shading used. They give you what they want you to see. So, what I’m going to do now, is show you pieces of that part of the manga, and you’re going to be thinking of all the things I just told you. Really take into consideration the format of the panels.    

Now, do you see it? Did you just have an OMG moment? Even just taking away just a little bit of the pages gives you a different outlook. The parts where it’s heavily shaded can be interpreted differently. Don’t even get me started on the angles.

Of course, this is DEBATABLE. I’m not saying this is what happened. I’m saying it’s a possibility. But, it really changes the way you think, doesn’t it?

its nice to know that if i ever feel the need to have a good cry i just have to think about ‘cmon peter, cmon spider-man’ for minimum .7 seconds and all hell will break loose on my tear ducts

we need more positivity for lesbians who had a really hard time accepting the fact that they’re lesbians. lesbians who tried every label from mogai to avoid calling themselves lesbians. lesbians who had a feeling they were lesbians, but pushed that feeling deep inside them so they could keep being “normal.” lesbians who couldn’t bear the idea of not ending up with a man because of coercive heteronormativity, so they ignored their sexuality. lesbians whose compulsory heterosexuality made them feel like they were going insane because they could never tell what attraction was real or fake. lesbians who clung to men because it felt normal and they didn’t want to lose that sense of normality. here’s to lesbians who did and still do these things. i know it’s hard, and i still struggle with being a lesbian, but we will get there. we’ll be comfortable calling ourselves lesbians someday. we’ll be okay with letting go of a future with a man. soon compulsory heterosexuality and heteronormativity won’t hurt us as much.

Oh please
  • Harry: Awww how sweet, you finally admitted your feelings for me. Yes I do care for you but why should I shout if need you? I'm a wizard Draco, I can get myself out of any situation.
  • Draco: Um... I was just singing. I didn't mean any of the words I said, I was just singing this great song by Ju-
  • Harry: Oh please, stop trying to change the topic. I know you love me too... you can stop pretending and just accept the truth that we are meant to be together.
  • Draco: what the heck. Man, I should stop singing muggle songs whenever I'm around him.

Alrighty, y'all, I’ve done it again, I basically couldn’t stop thinking about ohmtoonz, hehe, what’s new? And I wrote another drabble, I have the easiest time writing and posting my fanfic if it’s short, haha~ this is another title-less fic, I hope y'all enjoy, also, feel free to leave some constructive criticism if you’d like~(´ ▽`).。o♡

“Hey, Ryan?”

I get a mumbled hum in response from the lump hidden deep in the comforter.

“Do y'know if we have any chicken?”

The lump begins to move and slowly, but surely, the disgruntled face of my husband reveals itself from the confines of our sheets. He shuffles around searching the bedside table for his cell, upon finding it, presses the home button and squints menacingly, as menacing as a man as cute as he is can, at the bright screen. Rubbing his eyes he turns his head to look at me, incredulously, “You woke me up at, fuck all in the morning to ask if we have chicken!?”

“Kay, first off, sweetheart,” I pause, leaning forward to kiss his forehead, “Mornin’~ Second, it’s 9:30, normal people are usually up doing normal people shit already!” I roll my eyes and smile fondly in his direction. He sighs, sitting up to stretch and looks down at me, “Morning, we do have some, why?”

“Well, I was scrollin’ thru Twitter and I saw an ad for fried chicken, was hoping maybe you and I could make some for dinner?” I look up and can practically see the cogs in his head turning, “Z'that a no?”

“I guess, we could I would have to check to see if we have enough oil,” he pauses to stick his tongue out at me, “I know some of us REALLY like chicken,” ending his statement with a giggle. I reach out to grab him around the middle, “Oh, really,” I start tickling him relentlessly.

He continues to giggle like a madman, as I take a moment to admire his beauty, this is the fucker I chose to spend the rest of my life with, his cheeks are rosy, his lashes are wet with unshed tears, and his chest is heaving. God, he’s beautiful. As his giggles subside, he begins to delve himself deeper into the mattress, “I’m so fuckin’ tired,” he manages to gasp out, reaching for my head.

“Let’s go back to bed,” he asks fingers scratching lightly at the back of my head. Moving my head to the left and right, I leave a couple of kisses on the pulsing points at his wrists, “How could I say no to you?” I lean forward again, kissing as much of his face as possible, “I love you, baby.” As we settle back into the sheets and he lays his head on my chest, I feel, more than hear, him mumble an, “I love you, too.”

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so, about kiribaku. now that we probably know that Deku will end up with Uraraka, do you think, even if is a small percent, that Horikoshi could make kiribaku canon? i mean, they are pretty nice together and Bakugou respects him, what is rare. I won't even say that kirishima remembered him when he was almost dying in the latest chapters. I'm such a trash. Please light me up.

Ahh man I honestly wish we had more material or evidence so I could give a solid answer on this!

Realistically it’s hard to answer that because I feel like most manga authors who build these kinds of relationships like this don’t intend to make it romantic, it always seems to be aimed at just purely friendship

You’re right, Kirishima is definitely a more important figure to Bakugou because of the way he respects him; when Kirishima looks down on himself, Bakugou is there to tell him he’s more that how he sees himself:

and Kirishima is the only one who doesn’t take Bakugou’s rashness so seriously, he’s always there to counter it with his light-heartedness and humor and teasing and that’s why he complements Bakugou so well:

I hope if Horikoshi gives us more and more scenes centered on the interactions of these two, it may go in the direction that we hope for them! (I hope he does something about Bakugou and Kiri talking to each other/interacting after this intense arc especially because, poor Kirishima ;_;)

Sorry it took so long for me to answer this ^^

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I'm so feeling you on those questions about Jon's behavior from the leaks. If he fucks up majorly AGAIN - after getting stabbed, charging into battle - I just can't see how I can root for his character. I mean he has to do something right for me to be like "yes, this man is competent!" Following in Robb's footsteps by doing dumb things "for lurve" is so uninspiring and corny at this point.

Hi Anon,

You know, fortunately or unfortunately, the leaks just tells us about events that are going to happen (not certain, but still) but not really their context. Just look at this sentence, Jon leaves Sansa in-charge of winterfell and rides for dragonstone. This was supposedly in the leaks. But when it happened, the way it happened and the LF choking as goodbye was so beautiful. 

So I guess what I’m trying to say is as fans, we all want our favourite character in the show to do all heroic deeds etc etc. D & D have had us rooting for Jon right from the beginning of the show, in whatever he did. Many said they won’t watch season 6 if he doesn’t come back alive. They won’t assassinate his character if they want us to continue to root for him. 

So let’s wait for the episodes to decide if we love or hate what he’s doing. Season 7 runs for more that 7 hrs. All the leaks put together is not even twenty minutes. So let’s wait and see how it all plays out. 

Plus, remember Jon’s words. The North is my home. I won’t stop fighting for it, no matter the odds. 

Thanks for the ask!! 

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2: Zodiac sign. 3: 3 fears. 10: How tall am I? 32: Someone I love. 197: How many languages can you speak? (exposed ;)) 167: How do you feel about what happens after death? 226: Which swear word do you use the most?

2. libra ayyy

3. just fish. literally nothing else im such a weirdo

10. 5′1 and ½ im small

32. def not u jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk luv u

197. just english but i can understand spanish (also,,,,rude)

167. idk man literally no one knows like anything’s possible my dude

226. f u c c

mmmmm questions yeah

okay, i’m sure Rin and San will end up together. Don’t tell me how i know, i just do. 

(no, but they end up together in the novel, they should also end up together in the drama, pls don’t change the story) 

But i also have a feeling that they will end up together in the drama because i feel like they’re pulling an SHR on us and make the girl fall in love with the second male lead first, she will get disappointed because the guy is trash and without even knowing it she will fall in love with the other guy. 

And i feel like she has a more genuinely connection with Rin than with Wang Won tbh. Rin and San are also a better fit.

Also i feel like he’s not acting on his feelings because first, i don’t think he knows it yet, and second he knows Wang Won likes her too, and he’s his friend and more importantly the crown prince, he just can’t compete with that. At the end, Rin will always be below Wang Won because of his rank, so i don’t think he would like to be on his bad side. (bUT I KNOW AT THE END HE WON’T CARE BECAUSE HE WILL END UP HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH HER AND I’M HERE FOR IT)

i just feel like the state of things in this country are only going to get worse and especially for me living in the deep south and i don’t know what to do with myself because of it every morning i wake up to the knowledge that the people in power see me as a burden and a disruption and you know it hurts a bit. to be seen that way. i have no chance of ever getting to lead the life i desire most of all, which is to live as a normal man, and thinking about that day in and day out becomes unbearable after a while

i know seth has done shitty things, but i refuse to hate the man. okay maybe his character cannot be forgiven by lots of you guys, and i get that. i am not shitting on the whole ‘abuser likeness and triggered’ stuff. i do not know how horrible that feels. i mean seth, or colby, as a person. fair enough he is a cheat. but goddamn he seems to have good political opinions. that trans tweet makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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how do i react if someone calls me a loli / lolita like???? is that a good thing??? loli's are super cute and if that's a compliment then i'll take it but like??? i don't completely know??? ...... i am so damn confused, do i be happy about it or not? like, i know i'm 16 and i literally look like im 10-12 but??? idk man, i feel kinda happy but feel guity about it because i aim to be cute but don't know if that's the right reaction to get and just- UGH

Well from my understanding a loli is a prepubescent girl. The term has been sexualized and stolen by fetishists (lolicons) as a way to normalize and categorize child pornography. I don’t really know how to feel about it either honestly??? A lot of anime fans use the word loli to describe a little girl character (entirely non-sexual) but there’s also a community who sexualize it (this includes a lot of anti-pedo/MAP blogs). I personally don’t think the original term was inherently sexual but it’s certainly adapted a new double meaning. It’s sad people sexualize it and I don’t agree with it at all but if you wanna avoid it just ask people to not call you that ^ ° ^

Small side note though: Lolita is a super cute dolly fashion too! Not sure if you already knew that and I’m pretty sure that’s not what you meant but just for future reference, Lolita fashion isn’t sexual at all and it’s just a way to describe a style! You can find it a lot on jfashion blogs. They aren’t lolicons, they’re just stylish~

PS: if anyone adds some negative accusational bullcrap to this post you’re getting instantly blocked and sent to the 7th realm of the underworld

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lana talked about cultural a.? what did she said? i can't listen it right now :(

Hey! Here’s the full cultural appropriation quote from the interview: 

“I never feel like I’m not where I’m supposed to be, you know? No matter who I’m with, I’m always still doing my own thing. I can’t remember the last time I was in a club or somewhere and felt like, Man, I’m not supposed to be here. I’ve been kind of doing it for so long I feel like everybody I’m friends with, everyone I know just knows I’m all about the music.”

You can read the rest of the interview on Complex’s website. It’s almost identical to the video interview, they only edited her words slightly: