man do i know this feeling

Jisung: *breathes*


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I love your ocs so much they have such unique designs!!! But I gotta ask, do you ever think you're designing too many? Or like, you feel like you don't give the ones you have enough attention? Because I sure do.

oh hell yeah man i ALWAYS wanna make new ocs but i know if i do i wont use em at all


but i do it anyways. cuz i suck.

ever see me draw Reese or Atlas? even know who they are?? my two recent ocs who i was obsessed with for the first 3 days of their creation and then POOF GONE WHO CARES 

but if u like making characters you should totally do it anyways. if it makes u happy and u aint hurtin anyone do it 

so not to be that person bc i swear i try and stay out of it but im angry so lets do a fucking recap shall we (like im not hating, im not trying to start drama. and it’s a small majority but sigh im just going for it bc i keep quiet every week whilst people shit all over my fave ok lets go)

  • jasmine tries to help her patient
  • jasmine tries to shield serena from info she may feel impacts her treatment of said patient and also upset serena
  • tries to comfort serena with the idea ellie is helping someone and living on
  • tries, again, to save her patient, but is overruled by a senior doctor as is protocol

pls tell me again how any of this is her fault? there’s no way she had any sway over a consultant. as hanssen said to sacha, as senior doctor on the ward, the book stops with matteo and serena, NOT jasmine, this is not her fault. and whilst we’re here telling someone they should be dead is actually disgusting tbh. 

i understand and appriciate serena is grieving, but that doesn’t excuse everything. I also understand the writers are pushing her to the rooftop, but can we all please acknowledge the casual cruelty that is being ignored here? the writers are making a point with this story not only about the effects of grief but also about the struggles faced by younger workers who are experiencing bullying from authority figures and it does a disservice to the story and the actors to only focus on one part of the story. even if jasmine isn’t your favourite character like she is mine, even if you don’t like her, i find it hard to believe people think she somehow deserves the blame in this situation and it’s getting hard to see it on the tag every single week, even on her character tag.

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Imma ask you a question because I'm bored af and want to chat. What is your favourite Bones quote and why? TOS or AOS doesn't matter. <3

You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him, because you’ll never know the things that love can drive a man to… the ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, and the glorious victories. All of these things you’ll never know, simply because the word “love” isn’t written into your book.

 - Leonard McCoy

I think we often forget that this man is the heart of the show, and this quote is a good reminder. 

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cheating is NOT a mistake and he isn't obligated more chances from her. obviously it wasn't working out, each year they're little reunions declined and the interactions get worse. the! relationship! is! over! and how would you know who she loves? you don't know her or her feelings sis, you're just a jelena stan that only likes selena when she's single or with justin. sit down.

1- Girl,who the fuck you think you are to come here ,in my blog, and say to me sit down?Lmao,bitch you  have nerve,huh.You’re the only one searching me here,girl,not me.

2-Yeah,cheating is horrible,everbody know this.But so what?Do you want Justin death for it?I mean,what is done is done.Justin at least was man enought to admit him mistakes.Something that a lot of people can’t do.
Justin is a survivor,everyone was enjoying and making fun. about seeing him fall.But he found the power to fight ,and now he is here,in the top of industry.

3- Yeah,Selena have the right to deny another chance to Justin.But she have too the right to  give another chance to him if she want,without Selenators dragging her.

4- Of course they relationship was not working out,I mean,did see how people is all over them?Media is unfair and make money using Justin and Selena.
Relationship is already hard,now put money,fame,media and hate of fans together and you discover why is hard to Selena and Justin make the things work.
All they reunitons are because they miss one another so much,that the mess and media and the hate is not strong enought to stop them.Just imagine love someone but can’t stay with her.It’s sad.

5- Girl,please.Selena still write songs about Justin.Do you think she do it for fun?Do you thing this is a concidence?No.She write about Justin because she still think about him.I mean,did you know that Selena a few time ago was lurking in a jelena page on IG and liked a jelena photo?C'mon girl,do you think that this is a accident?Lol.

6- Jelena is over you say.Hm, really?Well, so why Selena is still on Justin’s wrist?Why they keep writting songs about each other?
Yeah,Jelena are not together right now.But over?Oh,girl please,you know that’s not true lmao.

7- Yes,i’m Jelena stan.Lucky me,huh?At least i stan a REAL ship,with REAL history and love.Too bad that some people can’t relate lol.  

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Mr Micro seems to have temporarily moved onto slamming Bonny, Tim, and Sam the vegan. What do you think about those guys? I know they looked up to micro man a lot in the past. Must feel good for you that people are finally working out what a pathological liar he is.

Yes of course! That’s what he does. Anyone watching can see his pattern of behaviour clearly and if you can’t then I don’t know what to say other than - WAKE UP. If you reject him (like I did) or you disagree with him in some public way then you become like the devil to him. You become the target of his vicious bullying and slander because he is just so darn insecure about who he is as a person that he can’t handle ANY opposition. He starts to lie constantly and manipulate the truth to try to make you look like some fake money-obsessed asshole on the internet. Yep someones projecting yet again. 🙄 Always keep note of who talks about money/socialblade/status ALL THE TIME and who is constantly pushing ebook sales in responses. Actions speak the loudest. 💰

When you step back it’s pretty crazy that he can’t actually see how he behaves, the pattern he repeats with EVERY person… like seriously, is he blind?? Does he think his viewers are that stupid?? …Apparently some are but I think many  are just holding onto the hope that the old Harley returns from years ago, the Harley who seemed to be really passionate about helping others NOT slamming others…  

I like Bonny, Tim & Sam. Tim is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and we’ve all had some awesome laughs together. Sure we don’t agree on everything and probably never will but that doesn’t mean I’m going to slam them all over the internet! I’m not obsessed with view and $$ to the point where I will throw good people under the bus for my own selfish gain. I think most people can see his tactics now and are just watching him for meaningless distraction and entertainment. I’m just SO happy not to be associated with his attacks on others anymore. 

Below comment sent to me (before it was deleted) kinda says it all


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i grew up very christian, like my parents took me to church every week, & recently i've become pretty sure that i'm 100% gay. & like deep down i know there is nothing wrong with that!! but i can't help but feel really guilty bc even though i don't consider myself religious at all anymore, my parents are constantly in my head!! like bashing my lifestyle & quoting the bible. how do i get over this

the bible literally says mor about how its bad to eat shellfish than it does about being gay and what to refers to as gay in the historical context was like an older man with a younger man type dynamic, tbh im not religious but a god who would make u gay and then condemn u for it sounds like an asshole and if i was religious i wouldnt want that to be the god i worshipped

Counting down the days now, you guys.
Saturday I’m getting the key to my apartment, I’m so freaking excited. Still need to do so much packing ;A;

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8, 10, 12, 14 - summer

Hey girl!💓 

8) Righthand Man - Who would you ride or die for?

My best friend Brianna, we’ve been friends for 10 years so…

Also my friends on here, like I value y’all so much and it makes me feel silly but I love y’all. (I’m gonna tag them bc i’m feeling mushy @imaginebeinghamiltrash @diggs4life @gratitudejoyandsorrow @a-schuylerr @helplesslylins @reducereuserecycle @burninglaurens ❤️❤️)

10) Helpless - Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not really? Lol at least not for myself, like that could never happen to me

12) The Story of Tonight (Reprise) - Do you want to get married?

It’s not an absolute goal of mine but if I met the right person then absolutely 

14) Stay Alive - Has anyone ever stood up on your behalf?

No particular time is coming to mind right now but I want to say yes? I feel like it’s happened.


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i've been struggling with my sexual/romantic identity for a few years now. everyone close to me thinks i'm a lesbian, but i don't think i am? i literally can't tell who i'm attracted to (that might be weird). I think i MIGHT be on the ace spectrum but idk for sure??? and i don't know what my romantic orientation would be. i can't see myself ever being with a man, i hate them, can't relate to them, don't trust them. i feel like the only thing i can do is date to experiment (part 1)

buddy, this hit me like a brick wall, because i know that feel, and i know it so well. while i don’t know the details of your situation in particular, and i don’t know what would work best for you, i can tell you what i think?

i think the best way to avoid using someone like that would be to fully disclose how you feel. i’ve been on both sides of that ordeal, having been the “user” and the usee. i’m not proud of having been the “user” – things are resolved now in that regard, but it was a mistake i’m not proud i made (and i cannot emphasize enough that it was a huge mistake made by a younger, stupider me), and if i could go back in time, i would’ve taken a good look at myself and how i felt and said, straightforwardly, that i wasn’t sure what i wanted, that i like this person a lot but i’ve not had much luck with relationships in the past, so i’m just going to try things out if that’s okay. that way the person knows what they’re getting into and can decide for themselves if they’re ready to be in that position, so if it doesn’t work out for you they’re not as surprised. maybe they’ll be sad, or however they’re prone to feeling, but knowing something might be coming can take the edge off a breakup, and they’ll have consented to it. being the usee does very much suck, but if i’d known i was entering an experimental relationship with someone, it wouldn’t’ve sucked as much, or i could’ve avoided it altogether if i wasn’t comfortable with it.

of course, what you define as the best case scenario depends on you and your feelings, but it could be you’re demiromantic, like me. it takes a while for me to hit my stride in romantic relationships. the one i’m in now had a kind of regrettably rocky start, but now i wouldn’t hesitate to refer to my girlfriend as my soulmate, and the love of my life. publicly declare it, in fact, which is sort of what i’m doing now :p all that aside though, really the only way you’ll be able to discover more about that side of yourself is by experimenting. i don’t think you should be afraid to go out there and try things to see what works, but i stand by that you should make sure everyone you try things with knows what it is you’re doing. it’s unethical in any field of science to experiment and study with/on people who don’t know what they’re in for (unless that’s a part of the experiment in which case it gets complicated). you may end up deciding you’re not down for relationships at all, which is fine. you may end up with someone who you create a real, lasting romantic relationship with – just also keep in mind that good relationships are more than just feelings. you have to work, communicate clearly, solve problems, and know yourself and your partner in order to really make it work.

i’m only recently 19, but even i can say for sure that at 21, you’re still pretty young! i don’t think you need to be stressing about not having been in a relationship before. there’s nothing to be ashamed of for moving at your own pace, according to your own comfort. no one knows you, or what you feel ready for, like you do. trust your gut, and don’t measure yourself against other people your age for what they’ve done that you haven’t, because you’re an entirely different person from them, with different experiences and different levels of comfort.

so to sum it up, i don’t think it’s weird, i don’t think you’re weird. go ahead and experiment with relationships, just always be sure to clearly communicate your feelings and intentions with the people you choose to experiment with. trust me – don’t make the mistake of not doing that.

hope everything goes well, and i hope i could help somewhat!!

The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has been out for a few hours, and I am ecstatic. And while I have yet to come across any anti tony stark reactions (and I’m trying to keep it that way), I have noticed that many people feel that this trailer spoiled the film.

First of all, no one knows that. It didn’t reveal much more than the first trailer, aside from maybe the part where Tony asks for Spider-Man’s suit back, but that’s just giving us the outline of the movie. Tons of trailers do that. We won’t know until we see the final fucking movie. We did this same dance with Civil War and Batman V Superman, and we were proven wrong both times. Yes, we knew the general outline what would happen, but we didn’t know everything, including each film’s big surprise at the end.

Second of all, so what? Like, let’s say that this trailer, or even the next trailer, spoils the movie, that shouldn’t effect your enjoyment of it. Going back to BvS, 90% of the people who saw the 2nd trailer (me included) thought the Doomsday reveal gave away too much. That hasn’t stopped people from enjoying it. Partly because it turned out Doomsday played a pretty minor part in the grand scheme of things. But mainly because the people who enjoy it enjoy it as a good movie. Not because of how it ‘surprised’ them. And while a lot of people did find problems with the film, Doomsday being spoiled in the trailer was not one of them.

Hell, everyone and their mother knows that Superman will come back to life in Justice League. If the ultimate reaction to Superman’s return in JL is ‘oh, I wish I didn’t know this going in.‘ it won’t be because the marketing gave too much away. It will be because the movie didn’t earn Superman’s return.

Basically, a movie should be good, or at least entertaining, even if you know everything that’s going to happen. Yes, including movies where twists are supposed to be a big part of the experience. Because if a movie is only good if you don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s not a good film. It’s just surprising. There’s a difference. Movies that only work once don’t tend to last long.

Latest Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer...

A lot of people in the comments are saying they feel like they’ve seen the whole movie or that the trailer gives too much away

I don’t feel like I’ve seen the whole movie, but I do feel like there’s a specific action sequence in this and I know exactly how it’s going to play out. Way too much of that sequence was shown and I do think it spoiled some things that would have been nice surprises in movie.

The movie itself, however, has not been spoiled, just the sequence that I’m talking about. I’m sure those who’ve also seen the trailer know which sequence I’m referring to.

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uh idk if this is a good time to ask, you don't have to respond rn, I've just been really confused and wanted advice. This is kinda a personal question, but how did you know you were for sure your gender? I think I might be genderless, but how would I even know for sure? I've never really felt like my gender, but maybe I'm just butch? everyone laughs about this stuff at school, and I feel upset by it, so maybe that would mean I am genderless? Are there like requirements to be nonbinary?

the joke of the nb community is kinda we dont? i mean like i have a concept of my gender i kno i do not feel at all connected to male/female femme/masc woman/man any of that and Maverique was coined by like … vespercat or something idr and the description was the same so…thats how i knew like idk if ur not at all connected to the binary i feel its more like u kno what ur not rather than what u are but thas jus me
(if followers or mods wanna add…)
-Mod Virgil

for me it was kinda like, welp dont feel that and dont feel that, so this seems like it fits well enough. and then u get used to that enough and say ur it anough times and u start to believe it lol. but ya no ones rly 100% certain its kinda like “what do u want to do with ur life” i mean…. i think this and this is cool but who tf knows

but ya theres no requirements in fact thats kinda the whole point. non-binary is super vague and umbrealla-esque on purpose


The way I figured out I was nonbinary was that I knew I didn’t feel like I was just a man or a woman, I just kinda felt like something in between.
And like the other mods have said, there’s no requirements to being nonbinary!
-Mod Kasim

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I feel like I'm that one follower who /knows/ where the line between cool follower and crazy stalker is and doesn't wanna cross it But one day something crazy happens and they step WAAAAAYYYY over the line in accident and just wanna curl up and worry about things like kittens and raddical Because honestly ily ok Have I overstepped my boundaries here Do you need some space (pun fully intended) T e l l m e Wait That sounded aggressive I'm sorry Tyt

duede i get you so hard…………youre fine man i totally understand and im really flattered?!??? but i get you and its cool ( whomever u are )

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do lords get depressed often, if even at all? im asking this as a lord myself, wondering if its normal or not. I feel like im just losing hope

Anyone can get depressed, man, classpects has nothing to do with it. Although each Lord would have a very personal thing to overcome. It’s like any class progression, except pretty specific faults that seemingly make the aspect unattainable. To deal with external things you have to conquer the internal ones, you know?

Caliborn, with Time, had a learning disability. How can you finish and close if you can’t even start?
With me and Rage I have bipolar and a pretty twisted negative mental attitude

Depression could just be part of the personal challenge

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Can I ask something? What do you think about Yoshida coming back for VRains? I know we still have the director and everything, but he had similar roles in other spinoffs. I guess he at least got better somewhat, if we compare the second half of 5Ds and ZeXal?

I had such a strong feeling someone would ask me this lmao. Especially after I found out he was gonna handle the series composition for VRAINS.

This might sound completely uncharacteristic for me to say, given my past comments about the man, but honestly … I really don’t mind that Yoshida’s returning to the anime portion of the franchise. 

Yes, the second half of 5D’s was a disaster, but, to be fair, there were so much executive meddling and quite a few people who left (or were forced to leave), that, really, it’s difficult to pin the trainwreck on one individual. Plus, Yoshida wasn’t brought to the series until after the Fortune Cup arc and he just had notes to go by regarding original plans for the series. Add that to strict deadlines and you just have a mess.

I ain’t saying Yoshida’s blameless (especially in the female characters department, even tho bad female character treatment happens regardless of whether Yoshida’s handling the series composition or the script or not.).

But honestly, it seems to me he’s actually a decent writer if he’s handling an aspect of the series from the very beginning. He has good ideas - it’s just they never get fully developed and are often rushed when he’s not in charge from the get-go. 

With that in mind, even if ZeXal does have a lot of “filler” episodes, I’m actually very impressed with how smooth the storytelling in ZeXal is. Some developments for some characters are a bit shaky, but for the most part, the plot progression is hands down the best I’ve seen in this franchise. Which goes to show if you leave Yoshida alone and bring him in from the start, (and I’m not sure if any of the ZeXal staff left i.e. 5D’s. I don’t think so.)  he’s a decent writer.

So, honestly, I don’t have that much of a problem with Yoshida handling the series composition for VRAINS. It does make me a bit nervous for the females in the show (especially since I remember reading something a while back about Kotori’s VA having to fight to have more lines), but really, it’s not anything to freak out or give up on VRAINS completely over.  

The Hacker’s Ultimate Confession (Part 1)

So, uhhh, we’re all alone. What did ya wanna talk about, Chihiro?

Well, Mondo, I wanted to ask you something first. I’m just not sure how to put it is all, though…

Kid, you know you can ask me anythin’. I’m not gonna bite yer head off for somethin’ that’s harmless.

R-Right. Okay… *takes a breath* Mondo, how do you really feel about me? Be honest this time. Be very honest!

I wanna know exactly how you feel, Mondo. Because that has to do with another thing I’ve been meaning to finally tell you after all this time.

(Fuck, he’s onto me! Abort mission, Oowada, abort miss–!)

(Actually, y’know what? No! I ain’t pussying outta this one! It’s time ta act like a man and finally fuckin’ say it! No more runnin’ away like a scared little kid anymore!)

Oi, Chihiro, you remember when I gave ya honmei for White Day a few weeks ago, right? Well, obviously, I wouldn’t just make and give that to just anyone! It was fuckin’ special an’ I worked hard on it!

Yeah, I know it was honmei. You told me and it looked a lot differently than just regular old giri-choco. My question is, though…

Mondo, did you give me honmei because you have a crush on me? Please tell the truth, and I can take whatever.

Well, that’s usually a guy’s reason fer givin’ someone honmei instead ‘a just giri, ain’t it?! ‘Cause he’s got a crush on ‘em?!

S-So, what I figured was really true then… Y-You actually–


What?! Oh, no no no! Mondo, you’re not getting it! Please don’t be nervous, that’s related to what I wanted to tell you!

And how’s it related, eh? I’d honestly love ta know what th’ fuck you’d have ta say after that! Go on, spill it! I’m waitin’–!

I like you too, okay?! I feel the same way about you even though we’re both guys!

Wha– wait, you actually–?! What… what…

!!!!!! What?! Seriously?! (Chihiro likes me back?! But I thought– it ain’t– SHIT!)