man did i cry


The story of my life told in Castiels

Cas is the only character I’ve been passionate about since the very begining of my art adventure and, oh my, did he change! At least 4 times haha
#OncetrashforCas #alwaystrashforCas


                                                                                              ♥  h o m e  ♥


This started as an excuse to draw Hunk in a pretty dress and it kinda got out of hand….

(don’t tag as genderbend)

Alright, it was pretty cute.

# tom reading A MAN CALLED OVE is everything

Listen,.,, I know Sir Gawain of The Round Table wasn’t like…, the best knight ever.. bUT HE WAS THE TRUEST FRIEND AND HE DESERVED THE WORLD
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I’m here to promote my shitty Victuuri fic…

It’s that Victor speaking French fic I know everyone has been asking for, since it was confirmed that he is fluent in French. They just didn’t ask me but I delivered. Summary, according to everyone in the comment section: Poor Victor.

Please give it a read, if you want to overdose fluff and see them being gross, that is.

I’m still kinda insecure about my writing. If you think it’s good (or bad) please let me know, so I can decide if it’s worth writing the next fic or not ;-;


i got my tarot cards today!!!! i’m so hype about them, you have no idea
i ordered a custom majors-only deck from labradoritelion on etsy (link here!) and i told him to make it dgm-themed ❤️
they shipped really fast and i love how they look so much omg
the cards are really beautiful tbh and i haven’t done a reading with them yet but i’m so excited~ i might post reasoning as to why i choose certain charas for certain cards later too
if anyone ever wants a small reading with this or a larger reading w/ my other tarot deck then i’m up for that too! i love doing readings for people ❤️

another bday gift for another very sweet friend of mine hh

stairwayblues  asked:

Excuse me how is your art so beautiful??? Like whoa a++ 2 good for my eyes, god dang

how ironic. because i look at your art and i feel struck by the peace of a man who has fallen asleep to the rolling sounds of the ocean for fifty years. your art is too good for MY eyes, gosh darn. so maybe,, we’ve reached a crossroads… maybe you should… fight me.