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DANCE MAJORS AU Part 1 (Part 1.5Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) Hip-hop dancer Keith in a ponytail. Everyone is just so mesmerized when he dances on stage or even just during practice. Outside the dance studio, he’s a huge space nerd who’s got a secret crush on the contemporary ballet dancer next door who he may or may have not thought of asking out… next week or next month.

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If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 19
  • Yurio: Katsudon you should stay away from Viktor!
  • Yuuri: What? Why?
  • Yurio: When the police come do you want to ruin his career too?
  • Yuuri: P-police! Why would the police come?
  • Yurio: I know what you did in Detroit.
  • Yuuri: What?! I-it's not illegal or anything. Wait how did you find out? Did Viktor tell you?
  • Yurio: Viktor is innocent in all this. I can't believe he supports you when he knows about the drugs.
  • Yuuri: The what?
  • Yurio: The drugs. Don't deny you used to sell them.
  • Yuuri: *laughs* I never did that.
  • Yurio: So you never got into contact with drug dealers?
  • Yuuri: Well I never said that.
  • Yurio: See?!
  • Yuuri: I kicked a couple out of my territory before.
  • Yurio: I knew it! ...Wait you WHAT?!
  • Yuuri: I mean they were in my jogging route and it was distracting.

Rest in peace, Jimin stans. Holy shi t.


Irish Dancer

Beats Tom Cruise Hands Down!

Frack Me!

Woof, Baby!


Scene of the Crime, uncredited artist by Tom Simpson


Hey, we beat up some dancers.