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Hong Kong Disneyland Eats - April 2017

I was out at Hong Kong Disneyland last week and thought I’d share some pics of the interesting new eats I found this trip!

Iron Man waffles with chocolate dipping sauce in Tomorrowland…

“Korean squid” at one of the snack carts…

These Little Green Men vegetable buns have been on the menu at Crystal Lotus inside the Disneyland Hotel for a while now, but it was the first time I’d had them…

They recently added the adorable Baymax pork buns as well…

You feel bad eating him…

The painstaking prep work that goes into making this Mickey Mouse scallop soup is so impressive. And it was delicious…

Tsum Tsum jelly roll desserts…

Iron Man mango and strawberry sweets…

And while not a character-based food, the golden crab dish that this crab croquette was served in was so elegant…

I love how Disney continues to push the boundaries with interesting and entertaining eats at all their parks!


~ Mauatoa Friendship, Last Teen Years / Young Adult Life, if Maui stopped to grow up, Tamatoa, as a giant crab man, was still at the very beginning of his size evolution, and, well… Let’s break your heart my dears, still young but already unable to follow Maui anymore…

10/10 big brother material.
  • (Based on my own experience as a big sister)
  • (One A.M. in the kitchen)
  • Efi: (holding blanket and stuffed animal, still in P.J.s) H-hey Lucio...
  • Lucio: hmm?
  • Efi: um.... (shivers nervously)
  • Lucio: Oh no, let me guess, you watched Hana stream of all those 'horror games' from the 2010s didn't you?
  • Efi: *nods*
  • Lucio: You're not going to sleep for the next two weeks?
  • Efi: *nods*
  • Lucio: Can't you just sleep with Orisa?
  • Efi: She's scared too...
  • Lucio: *sips coffee*
  • Lucio: Bring. It. On.
  • (Later)
  • Lucio: Okay, for the last time, there is no such thing as the T-virus or the G-virus or Umbrella corporation or Bendy or Freddy Fazbear's Pizza or Fazbear's Fright or Funtime whoever or Slender Man or head crabs or Alien. They're all made up. And, even if they were real, they'd be dead by now because they're too old. And they're only strong against those weak pop-guns they used back then, or any guns at all. We're also smarter than them.
  • Efi: if you say so....
  • Lucio: *sighs* You're not going to sleep are you?
  • Efi: No....
  • Lucio: Okay fine you both can stay in my room.

Unfaithful : Part Twelve

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife










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Warnings : language - angst.


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“Hi !“that’s right , this is your Daddy Negan! *chuckle* You know what to do! Leave your name and number and I’ll call you back! I might fucking consider it anyway! ”


“uh… hi’s me again! I know. .. I left like a thousand messages and missed calls, but…uh… I really really need to talk to you Negan! Ok?”

You sighed in frustration as you hit the hang up button on your phone screen, then you laid your head back on the chair in the waiting room of the hospital while you hugged your phone, you made sure it’s fully charged. You were awaiting for a call or even a message from Negan, anything at all.
You’ve been trying to contact him the past six hours, since you had your emotional overwhelming conversation with Lucille, well it was more like a monologue . She repeated what happened between her and Negan over and over again, and she couldn’t stop crying till she collapsed. You called an ambulance for her, and took her to hospital.
Doctor said she had a nervous breakdown because of anxiety and stress. You felt so sorry for her, but to be honest , Lucille’s breakdown wasn’t the only thing that made you call Negan, or at least tried to. But also you wanted to clarify things with him, you wanted to know why he left Lucille and whom he did it for.
You felt guilty as you knew you were a part of this, somehow. But you couldn’t be so hard on yourself, after all, if Lucille and Negan are meant to grow old together, he wouldn’t choose to be with another or at least leave her.

“Hey how is she?” Jack came your way in hasty steps.
“She’s still asleep! ” you muttered then you added “nothing from Negan? ” You looked down as you played with your phone.
“No! Tried to reach him but no luck at all! Called Arat too! She said she didn’t see him either! She said she’ll call their mutual acquaintances! ” Jack huffed in distress as he combed his hair with his fingers.


The other day, doctors said it’s ok to take Lucille home, but they prescribed few anxiety med for her.
You and Jack drove her home, she was very pale with brooding look on her eyes. The whole way home, she placed her fist under her chin as she leaned at the glass of the back seat window, she didn’t say a word while you and Jack exchanged concern glances to each other.
Once they pulled to the house, she exited the car and walked towards the door like someone walking in their sleep .
Later on , Lucille could barely say few words to you, or eat. All she did was hole up in her room and sleep all day, sometimes you just drag her out of the bed to bathe her , feed her, give her her meds or take her to the garden so she can enjoy a little sunlight. But she didn’t seem to care much.
Lucille lost the passion for life the second Negan left her. You decided that the least you could do is to stay and take care of her.
You could clearly see that she lost weight over the days, her cheekbones were getting more obvious. Dark circles formed under her eyes because of deprivation of sleep.
However ,she wasn’t the only one suffering, your suffer was doubled, you felt sorry and guilty for her and in the other hand you missed Negan so much not to mention that you were so eager to see him and talk to him so you straighten things up.


Days mixed into weeks , it was almost a month since Negan had left the house, you felt so helpless, it seemed that he just disappeared. Jack did his best to reach Negan but no luck at all. Lucille started to leave the house wether to her book club or to take a walk in the nearby woods, and she would insist to go out by herself .
One day Jack got a message from Negan, telling him that he got all the messages and that he’s sorry he disappeared like that but he had to. He reassured Jack that he’s fine and that he only wants some space. He finished his message by saying that he doesn’t want anyone of them to worry about him or try to contact him then he shut his phone off again.
Jack was hesitant about telling Lucille of Negan’s brief message , but he decided against it ,especially when he noticed she’s getting a little bit better, so he just told you.
You made a huge effort not to burst into tears once you heard the news . For a whole month, he was gone and you were worried as shit, not to mention that you were been to hell and back taking care of Lucille, getting emotional all the time, and sometimes you just can’t act normal around Jack. Then just like that, he only texts Jack like nothing happened, he didn’t even bother to text YOU after all the voice messages you left, you spent half time crying in some of them .
You felt the blood boil in your veins, and you managed to convince Jack not to tell Lucille, because it would worsen things for her and complicate them even more.

You weren’t so sure how long you’re gonna take this depressing and sickening situation but Lucille’s condition forced your hand, and you had no choice but to stay by her side. After all you were part of all what happened even if she wasn’t aware of it , yet.

One day, you were about to leave the store after you bought few things , till you glimpsed a car, and you recognized it , IT WAS NEGAN’S!! You gasped and almost dropped the groceries to the ground. Then , what you thought you’ll never see it happen, did occur, you saw him, Negan, leaving a restaurant as he held a small plastic bag in his hand. He looked different, his beard became scruffy and he became thinner. He was wearing a white shirt and black sweatpants along with gray sneakers. He placed the bag in the back seat then he took a seat behind the wheel.
The sound of his car’s engine snapped you out of your shock state and luckily for you, you saw a cab coming , you literally jumped in front of it as you held your free hand up to stop it, the driver hit the brakes just on time and he yelled.
“Are you crazy? I could have killed you?”
You took no time in getting inside the car as you pleaded.
“Please please follow that car, that black dodge NOW ! Please! I’ll double pay you !!”
Negan already drove out of there, but he wasn’t too far.
“Ok ok, crazy girl!” The cab driver cautiously followed Negan’s car.
“Don’t make it obvious please!” You said and your eyes never left Negan’s car so you won’t lose him, you’ll pay whatever price to get to him.
“Lady, this was not my first chase you know! I won’t lose him and he’ll never know I’m on his tail!” The driver blurted.
“Him?” You were so surprised he knew he was chasing a man “was it the car?!” You added.
“Nah! You women only chase men in cases like this!” He giggled “hey is he your man and he’s seeing someone else??”
You looked at him pissed.
“Just drive!”
The driver only nodded and his cheecky smirk fell off his face immediately.
It passed more than 15 minutes, till you felt the car slowing down.
“Why are you slowing down! ?” You exclaimed.
“That’s because he is!!! Why don’t you wave at him while we’re at it?!” The driver scoffed.
You rolled your eyes and shook you head in discomfort but you didn’t had a choice.
Negan parked his car behind some building, it looked old.

“What’s this place?” You whispered as you handed the cab driver twenty bucks , he caught your question.
“It’s a hotel, it’s low rated. It’s called Plaza inn. Very cheap and it’s full of whores, you may wanna tell your man to check for crabs!!” He laughed.
You made a sound of disgust and anger.
“Why don’t you mind your business! Keep the change! ” you squinted your eyes on him and stepped out of the cab.
Then you headed towards the hotel, and the second you stepped inside, your eyes scanned every part of it, it looked old and creepy. You couldn’t help but to think why would he chose to stay in such terrible place, your heart pounded in your ears at the thought that the cab driver could be right and Negan might spend his time screwing cheap whores.
“May I help you?” A voice of an old woman made you dart your eyes to her.
“Um…someone staying in your hotel..” You murmured.
“What’s their name?” She smiled at you as she checked a notebook, it amazed you that she was still using a notebook! !!!
“Negan! ”
“Oh, he just got in! I memorized his name, it’s unusual” she smiled again before she added “he’s in room 675!”
“675 !” You repeated the number after her then you held her hand “thank you!” you bolted towards the hallway.
“It’s on the third floor, our elevator is broken though!” She yelled after you.
You didn’t care much, all you wanted was to see him , you practically ran up the stairs, as you said “675 third floor” over and over, till you got there, panting.

You found yourself in a slightly dark corridor, as you passed in front of few rooms checking the numbers, you could hear moans and giggles. You also saw a hooker wearing a black robe and you could see her high thigh stockings and lingeries. Her door was next to Negan’s and you heart clenched as you couldn’t help but to imagine her riding his dick.
She eyed you up and down, giving you nasty looks but you ignored her , you stood in front of Negan’s door and in the middle of your adrenaline rush you realized you forgot the grocery bags in the cab. Fuck the bags. You thought . You just began to shake and your breath became heavier. You finally knocked.
A little while after , you saw the doorknob being turned and the door was open, Negan’s eyes widened when he saw you.
“Y/n??!! ”
Your eyes watered a little bit, and without waiting for him to let you in, you just brushed past him, literally shoving at his shoulder as you got inside.
The room was small and there was a bathroom attached to it, you immediately opened the door to the bathroom.
“There’s nobody in there?” Negan ’s firm voice came from behind you.
You turned to him then you scanned the humble room , there was a pile of empty beers on the table, you stared at the messy bed for a moment trying to process if it was made by one or two persons, the thing that eased you jealousy and pain is that there was no sign of a female presence in the room. Then you moved your eyes back to him.
“How could you??? I sent you like a zillion messages! ” you spoke in a dark angry tone.
“How did you know I’m fucking staying here?” His voice remained as calm and steady as possible.
“I have my ways. Plus, does it matter Negan? Why did you ignore my messages? !” You shouted at him
“I didn’t even try to fucking contact my wife, why would I contact YOU?” He shouted back, the veins on his neck started to bulge out .
“EX wife or did you forget you left her!!” You lowered your tone .
“Wow! The fucking nerves on you! After doing what you did with me, you have the fucking nerve to mention her!” He scoffed and shook his head huffing , he was getting frustrated with your visit.
“Is that a confession that you left Lucille because of me?” You squinted your eyes as you closed the space between you and him.
He sighed and rubbed his scruff.
“Why don’t you go back to your boyfriend and leave me fucking be! None of this , is your godamn business! ”

“Did you know that Lucille went to the hospital? Wait, of course you did, you got my messages! ” you carried on with your little persuit to discover his true feelings.
“I also know she’s ok now! Yeah I listened to ALL your messages! Quit fucking stalking me and leave ” He coldly replied.

You ignored his comment and continued questioning him, you just needed answers and you wanted a sign, that he cares about you, and to be honest, right at that moment you didn’t care the less about Lucille .
“You said you lived a lie, did you mean your marriage or your affair with me?”
“My affair? Girl, we didn’t have an affair, we just fucked! That’s it!”
You blinked at the blunt statement he made, it genuinely hurt your feelings and Negan successfully did it on purpose.

You and Negan didn’t break the eye contact, it was like some staring game, both of you were lost in the other’s eyes.
It was Negan who broke the eye contact as he fixated them on your twitching lips, he leaned a little closer, then he quickly moved away from you.
“Please, just leave!” He hung his head low , with his back to you. He didn’t wanna show you his face, his softened features would give it away, and the last thing he wanted was you seeing him weak.
You headed towards the door, a tear escaped your eye, and a little sob slipped your lips, you stopped and said in a trembling voice without looking at him.
“Just so you know, you’re wrong about one thing! You said to Lucille that the girl you left her for, doesn’t give a shit about you! Well, she does!!! And now she’s stuck in a lie she created and she couldn’t get out of it!”
You placed your hand on the doorknob, and before you could open the door, you felt Negan’s rough hand gripping at your forearm, and twisting you to face him. You suddenly melted in his arms the second his lips crushed on yours and fused in a hot passionate kiss.