man conquers space

MONSTA X as SPACE {Requested}

“So can you do Monsta X in space?”

Sure, Here you go anon! :)

Shownu: Commander. Has been on multiple trips. Believes that man must conquer Space. Secretly thinks that his crew are nothing but a bunch of idiots and that one of them may be trying to kill him.

Wonho: Won’t stop turning the anti gravity air pressure on and off. Became an Astronaut because he he thought it would be a good job to reel in the ladies. Tries to to commandeer the ship and turn it around when he realizes that there is no Ramen flavor in the food paste tubes.

Kihyun: 2nd in Command. Trained years for this moment and position. Brought his degrees in his suitcase just in case someone doubts his intellect. Trying to figure out how to put a hole in the Commander’s suit so that he’ll slowly suffocate and he can take his rightful place as leader.

Minhyuk: Hoping to see Aliens. Was abducted twice when he was younger but kept it a secret so that he would pass with flying colors in the Space Program. Hoping to be reunited with his Alien Mistress and betray Earth at the same time. Pretends to be a normal functioning part of the crew as a Scientist.

Hyungwon: Flunked out of the Space Academy but his dad was the Dean so he still got to become an astronaut. Spends most of his time trying to figure out how to make his space suit look less bulky. Somehow is the Navigator but has no idea how to read the map. Steering towards the Moon and hoping no one notices.

Jooheon: Thought that Space would be more like Star Trek. Disappointed that there are no holodecks or phasers. When the 2 in Command tries to kill the Commander he sits in the back and places bets with the vain flunkie on who will win, while noodle boy tries to steer the ship back to Earth.

I.M.: Snuck on the ship. Really just a repair man. Was goofing off and playing in the space suit and accidentally got trapped on board during takeoff. Ends up being the only one who can accurately read the star map and that has tape to save the Commander’s life. Not sure if he wants to share his tape though.

By Fred Freeman, in a March 7, 1954 issue of Collier’s magazine, for an article called ‘Testing the Men,’ in a series titled Man Will Conquer Space Soon!

The article had a subsection dedicated to mansplaining:

“Reasons for Ban on Women
Women, who may beat out men for certain crew jobs, won’t go along on interplanetary journeys, where privacy will be lacking for long periods. So they‘ll take the chamber tests separately, and briefly, in preparation for the shorter flights that they will make.”