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Body hair and Body Shaming

I am a hairy man. I have chest hair, facial hair, arm hair, head hair, back hair, and leg hair. I’ve got it all.

And you know what’s funny… the very same people who share posts about body shaming and beauty being available to all sizes are the ones who most vehemently suggest that I “manscape”.

Short answer: No!

I’m proud of my masculinity, and the features that come with it, and I’m not ashamed of it. I won’t hide a feature that I was born with because pc-culture prefers men to be emasculated.

I find it very hypocritical that people who praise plus sized models are stunned by a trait that my genetics bestowed upon me. It’s just hair.

And you know what else? My Wife likes it. A lot. She likes it when I unbutton my shirts to reveal more of my chest hair. She has said that, “Chest hair is the closest men can come to having cleavage”. Her opinion, and approval, trumps that of the vapid masses. And I value that she accepts me as God made me.

Men, don’t let society tell you to hide or cover up your masculine features. Be yourself. Be a man.

This absolute gem of a photo is not seen enough on Tumblr, so I present to you once again, drunk Sebastian Stan aka the fluffiest drunk person you will ever see.