man bod

Day 1 - Victorian England

It’s phantom blood week y’all!! 

originally I just had jona in this flexin’ like a proper victorian noble man with a bod does but he looked lonely so in goes the lovely erina! (also can you tell my vector style sucks with jona and erina lmao)

real talk tho I’m so glad theres an entire week for my favorite part like god

also I might not be able to do a lot of the days bc Imma be with family during it but I’m gonna try! gotta show my phantom blood love lmao!


A broken blade board is more than enough for the likes of you!

Just a hecka quick sketch of Pool Party Riven. She can have fun too u kno  ヽ(・∀・)ノ

also that feel when u bitch slapped someone so hard ur board broke lmao

anonymous asked:

I like to think Spy has a bunch of scars he's gotten over the years from his work as a spy. No matter how good you are sometimes things just go really bad. Sometimes you have close calls and sometimes those are almost fatal.

Oh I definitely agree. I mean, I think every merc has an array of unique scars, but spy would definitely have a larger number. 

Here’s the thing though: I bet Spy HATES his scars

This is mainly due to his emphasis on looks and being a gentlemen. How can he be a handsome rouge of man if his gorgeous bod is covered in scars? As much as I personally think scars are kick ass, he probably doesn’t appreciate them. It’s possible that he may have used some sort of concealer to hide them from people (esp those he slept with since they’re probably the only one’s seeing him in the nude). 

anonymous asked:

Gil had a dad bod no questions about it. I love that dad bod man~

! he DOES. is this before or after the kids. both? maybe a little more after the kid’s born and he spends all his time laying around with them, looking up at toy mobiles and reading stories and napping but definitely before too because why not

this is a good message anon. keep up the great work