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All that comes to me is 'why is a child going to raise a child' and a majority of people are thinking the same. I mean I don't know the full context over everything that happened on stage but it seems so childish and immature. And definitely makes them look like children rather than a man band which is what the rebrand needs. All I see of the general public is the boys are immature. Louis is like a jealous ex and Zayn is so much better off. This is shoddy sabotage but it is working

Hey anon,

Yeah true and you’re right with all you said, of course who knows if the child story is even true or whether it will prove to be more bullshit in this epic year of bullshit and subterfuge.

I’m not going to link any of the videos or pics, its out there, it can be seen and it gets no less upsetting and frustrating the more you’re confronted with it.

Childish and immature are pretty kind descriptions of what happened.

They are 23 and 21 years old respectively.  With all their experiences and their close friendship with Zayn you would at least expect them to have a filter, a way of checking what they’re doing.  Feeling hyped up in a concert setting is not an excuse, and okay yes they weren’t the ones who threw it on the stage and I can’t even begin to figure out the thought process of those who took that object to the concert, but they were the ones that took that action.

Louis’ face as he stamped on it is sickening.  And Liam for sitting on it. Niall too, anyone who takes glee or enjoyment from this is missing the point spectacularly.

If this has been a rebrand at all, and there were signs early on it was possibly the case,  and if Azoff was/in in any way involved, can we please call it a gigantic fail right now?   They look awful and I can’t even begin to think of how they’re going to turn this around.  I’m sure they have plans to if this was a stunt, but its so damaging.

As for it being sabotage, whoever is best behind it and of course Modest are the clearest candidates, what happened last night was ultimately a bad case of self sabotage because for all the times we’ve lauded them for their shade, for the clever ways they’ve managed to get messages out there, for the way they defy Modest et al, if that was part of the stunt and say they weren’t happy about it, well what on earth is the point? And where was that ability to be able to resist these types of things and not look so gleeful as they did last night? It won’t be Modest or Sony or Syco or anyone else other than the lads themselves who’ll look bad.

And once again, the disappointment for me is so real because I DO think the world of them all and that’s not just for the fact that they’re 1d, its been their hearts, its been the fact that they’ve never seemed like they want to be cloned, that somewhere beneath the veneer that Modest has created over them, you can glimpse more under the surface and a potential for so much more so this isn’t about a witch hunt for me, its about them I hope recognising the errors of last night and in doing so for once, those around them need to allow it so they can work fast to correct it. End of.

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1) Whats your favorite band?
Man, no one can’t deny my love to Mocca, they are the best indie Indonesian band! (psst, half of their songs are in english)

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Eating with my bro braiding my hair, he’s practicing on hair braiding

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500 Days of Summer/Gadis Kretek by Ratih Kumala/ehhhm, I don’t really play games, but if you play PS 1 you probably remember Harvest Moon Back to Nature, there’s a girl named Karen, she’s my favorite

4) If you paint your nails, what color is used most often?
b l a c k (excuse the emo kid)

5) Cats or dogs?

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I’m so easily amused, lol, but if the bad jokes included some sensitive issues, than it’s not okay

7) Whats your birthday?
I’m April mop person :D

8) What do you want to name your first child (if you plan on having children)?Having kids is not very in the list rn, but I’m gonna go with Hazel (because it’s pretty)

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A DIY shoe rack from my high school friends :)

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I was a transfer student at high school 1st grade, it’s freaking nerve wracking because it’s already semester II and I don’t know anyone. but he just tap me in the back and say hi. until now, he is still my best friend. (funny fact, we go to same middle school but did not find out until middle school reunion two years ago)

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Name: Erin

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where i live: in like, totally, California (i dont actually talk like that fyi)

time & date: it is currently 7:30pm on July 28, 2015

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one thing that gets me ticked off: um i guess when people bash/criticize specific views and stuff or when people judge others and their enjoyments

fav drink: for some reason i really like the taste of plain ol water but other than that i like chai tea

meaning of your URL: i just took gerard way’s solo album, Hesitant Alien, and replaced the AL in alien with ray for some ray toro appreciation (plus it fit so well)

most used phrase: probably “nice/me/same” kind of things, “holy shit”, and any meme that i can say like “thats some good shit ten out of ten *does the okay hand sign thing* “, “im always a slut for___” and “ me shoving breadsticks into my purse, i have to go”

fav movie soundtrack: i dont really follow movie soundtracks but anything in studio ghibli is AMAZING! Props to you, Joe Hisaishi!

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Yes, my friends, I just got back from finally seeing Marvel’s Ant-Man, complete in my own Ant-Man Disneybound look!

The redness of my sunglasses sadly are not as visibly red in the full picture, but otherwise I’m very happy with it. The two rings on my fingers, to represent the buttons on the gloves of the suit that allow Ant-Man to grow and shrink, I made myself with tools from Michael’s, since I could not for the life of me find two cheap red rings that were the right size and shape. The Ant-Man band, as well as the awesome faux-leather-and-jean jeggings I got at Hot Topic, which I can now officially declare the mecca of all geek merchandise. Everything else I bought a long time ago and I don’t remember where I got them from anymore. If it had been cooler outside, I would’ve also worn my black leather jacket and some black gloves, but it’s already in the 80′s where I am, so I went for a slightly “lighter-weight” look. The movie was a lot of fun – I wouldn’t call it a big, epic thing, but considering I don’t know anything about the original comic, I think the movie was a nice introduction to Ant-Man’s mythology. It didn’t hurt that there were some good laughs, too!