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hi Im brendong from that one (man) band panic at the disco.
my dogs aren’t as rad as frnks and neither am i but if youre looking for sloppy seconds hit me up on gh: whosbeebo
i can be talented sometimes when I’m not busy pouring beer on my head and stanning pete wentz. buy me weed and listen to sinatra with me.
brendone with this intro. 


On this day in music history: March 23, 1985 - “Dream Into Action”, the second album by Howard Jones is released. Produced by Rupert Hine, it is recorded at Farmyard Studios in Cotswolds, UK from Late 1984 - Early 1985. Differing from his successful debut “Human’s Lib”, in which the British synth-pop musician had been a virtual “one man band”, his follow up features more outside musicians including the TKO Horns (Dave Pleurs, Alan Whetton, Jim Patterson, Brian Maurice), background vocalists Afrodiziak (featuring Claudia Fontaine, Naomi Thompson, and a pre-Soul II Soul Caron Wheeler), and The Effervescents. The album is the worldwide commercial breakthrough for Jones, spinning off three singles in the US including “Things Can Only Get Better” (#5 Pop), “Life In One Day” (#19 Pop), and “Like To Get To Know You Well” (#49 Pop). The albums’ success is such that it spins off a six track EP titled “Action Replay” featuring five remixed versions of songs from “Dream” along with a re-recorded version of the album cut “No One Is To Blame” (produced by Phil Collins). “Blame” is released as a single a year later in March of 1986, becoming his biggest US hit (#4 Pop). The tracks “Specialty” & “Why Look For The Key” on the UK version of the LP are pulled from the US edition, and are replaced with “Like To Get To Know You Well” and “Bounce Right Back”. “Why Look” is issued as the B-side of “Things Can Only Get Better”, while “Specialty” makes its US debut on the “Action Replay” EP. “Dream Into Action” peaks at number two on the UK album chart, number ten on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

ive had this list of all the steam powered giraffe songs listed in order of my favorite to least favorite in each album, but i havent done anything with it and i made the list last year. thought id might as well post it!

each song has a little blurb about that song, and the reason i like it. strictly my opinions on the songs, but i tried to include some of the technical stuff so if you hadnt heard the song before, you could get a Feel of it.

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anonymous asked:

What's Tim's fashion sense? All the fan art I see always seems really different from another.

In the comics his fashion sense seemed to always differ.

In the beginning he had hat-hair kind of hair (if that even makes sense) and wore stuff like sweaters and button ups.

As time went on he got more ‘style’ and started spiking his hair and wore letter-mans and band T-shirt. (It just seems like it was because he didn’t care about pleasing his dad as much.)

As MORE time went on his hair got longer from not caring and he got adopted by Bruce and started wearing turtlenecks and sweaters. (I’m assuming because he has to have an act of a celebrities adopted kid)

When he got control of Wayne Enterprises he started wearing suits and became a bit more neater. So he seemed more professional.

The reason why his fashion sense seems different in fan arts is because it changed a lot in the actual comics.