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But wedding rings are generally sold in pairs. It would be terrible marketing strategy to sell only one ring. I’m pretty sure Yuuri bought both the rings at the shop. Also pretty sure around 700 euros are the rough price for gold wedding bands, there’s not diamond so it does not have to jack the price up much.

not for men, they aren’t. 

and actually, i don’t know a single couple who has matching wedding bands, straight or otherwise. the women’s band usually matches the woman’s engagement ring, not the man’s band. and when they are sold in pairs, there’s a men’s ring, and a women’s ring because jewelry is pretty heteronormative. 

the price is debatable - but viktor has extremely expensive tastes, and yuuri knows that. also, yuuri might have had to pay full price for one ring if it’s sold in a pair. 

you might be right, but i think the other option is equally possible, even if it is less “real world” logical. i mean, viktor’s first routine is borderline impossible to skate, apparently, so i’m going more on show-logic here than price of gold-logic. 

So apparently the guy that made the My Brother My Brother and Me intro song made a pro-Trump song, and the chorus is:

“I’m no gun nut/But I’ll protect My Family/
I’m no Racist/But I’m Proud of My Heritage/
My Wife’s no Feminist/But she knows how to treat a man”

This is a band I listened in high school, too. I’d be surprised that a nerdy Indie Rocker is a Conservative, but I’m more surprised when over privileged White Guys aren’t tbqh.

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ham schedules a gig for the school band. band director says ham can't do that and does not accept the gig. a determined ham becomes The One Man Ham Band and plays by himself with all his instruments that night

Ham is conviced he did a good, but running back and forth between the instruments nearly killed him. But still, good job Hammy

Neck Deep//Rock Bottom

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