man and his dog


This fog makes halos from streetlamps
smears the evening air
oil on canvas sky
a young man
walks his dogs
like a mirage
rippling the sidewalk
this underwater world
soft aquarium night
shifts like dream
trees are murky seaweed
undulating on damp breeze
see the rays of moonlight
diffused like tears
on the damp shoulders
of nightwalkers
pirouetting slowly down the street
as if swimming
in secret tides

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my 12 hour animation final :’)

an autobiography. 

A man who loves Sherlock Holmes novels and puns names his dog Furlock. One day, he takes his dog out to town with him and stops in a little boutique. He brings his dog in with him and tries on a shirt. To his dismay, it isn’t the right size. He looks at his dog and says “No fit, Furlock.“

*watches Yuri!! On Ice*

*sees the cute girl working at the ice rink*

There she is. There’s the love interest. Honestly, what did I expe-

*sees she’s happily married with 3 kids*

*sees no immediate female romance option for Yuri*

…Well then. You have my attention.

Don’t know if anyone else has posted this before, but the Dogblr Downunder crew were chatting about dog age in human years (also Embark does this calculation) and I had remembered reading that the first two years of a dog’s life were around 25 years in humans and then it slowed down. I did a quick Google and found this handy chart from AKC.


damn… a corgi would have been so good too. _(」∠ 、ン、)_  but their son is a pomeranian. or a menacing war machine.


imagine Chuuya is on a mission in some sleazy bar or someplace similar and some pervert in a small group of older men calls out to him like “Hey sweetheart, does the carpet match the drapes?” 

and Chuuya turns his head to look at the group of men, his expression carefully neutral, and he asks the man “Would you like to find out, hon?”

and walks over to where the guy is sitting and then lifts his leg up and rests his foot on the guy’s shoulder and the guy thinks he’s about to get laid but then Chuuya just fucking kicks him in the side of the head and then puts his leg back down and walks away

and Kouyou hears about this later and she laughs because someone said the same thing to her once when Chuuya was younger and he watched her do the exact same thing, that’s where he learned it from

What if:

A werewolf AU only it’s not a werewolf AU.

Yuuri Katsuki is a mysterious man who likes his meat rare and talks to dogs like he can understand what they’re saying. He says he has a dark past and doesn’t like to talk about himself too much. Viktor asks him what he does for a living, and Yuuri hems and haws for a moment before explaining that he monitors the tides. More than once, Yuuri crawls into Viktor’s bed smelling like wet dog. Viktor has never seen Yuuri on a full moon. Yuuri has scars on his belly that he refuses to talk about. 

“Yuuri,” Viktor says one morning over coffee, upon putting all of this together. “Yuuri, are you a werewolf?”

Yuuri sets his mug down, hard, and levels Viktor with the most astounded look Viktor has ever seen on another person’s face. “Excuse me?”

“You’re a werewolf, aren’t you?” Viktor asks, leaning far over the table. “You can tell me, it’s okay. I’ll love you either way.”

“Viktor, oh my God.” Yuuri sniffs Viktor’s coffee to make sure it’s not spiked. “Viktor, why would you think that? Werewolves aren’t real, Viktor, they don’t exist.”

“But you like your meat rare.”

“Where I come from, everyone likes their meat rare.”

“Yuuri–Yuuri, you talk to dogs! You keep telling me that you have a dark past and you won’t tell me about it! You monitor tides for a living? What does that even mean, Yuuri? I thought it was a euphemism for–”

“Viktor, I literally work at a tide monitoring station. You’ve been to the station, you’ve met my coworkers.” Yuuri drops his head onto the table and buries his hands in his hair. “The–the dark past is–Viktor, it was a joke. I thought I told you. I was talking about my–my failed figure skating career. It was–how the hell did you get werewolf from all of that? There are so many more logical explanations–”

“The scars!” Viktor blurts, even though he’ll realize shortly that it was terribly insensitive of him. “Where did you get–”

“My failed figure skating career!” Yuuri groans. “Another skater and I–we crashed into each other, his skates tore up my stomach and I almost poked both his eyes out! That’s why I don’t skate anymore!”

“Then,” Viktor announces, throwing out his trump card, “Why do I never see you on the full moon?”

“Because I work at a tide-monitoring station, Viktor! Why, why did none of this occur to you?!”

“Oh,” Viktor says softly, clearing his throat. “I see.”

Yuuri Katsuki, who is not a werewolf but merely a failed figure skater who works at a tide monitoring station and owns a dog, bangs his head repeatedly on the table.


Welcome to Trump’s America where racists feel even more emboldened than usual

(by Christin Carrega)

An Army veteran’s quiet walk with his dog in a Brooklyn park turned into a long night in jail on a false arrest — and being subjected to a pro-Trump cop’s racial taunts, a new lawsuit says.

Najja Plowden, 35, was wrapping up a midnight walk with his dog in Crown Heights’ Brower Park last August when two NYPD cops in a police van stopped and questioned him about being in the park after hours.

The park didn’t have any signs posted indicating it was closed, Plowden said, and the cops also didn’t bother a white man who was there playing fetch with his dog.

One of the officers, Nicholas Loweth, allegedly asked Plowden for identification, but he had left it at home. When the cop ran Plowden’s name, an active warrant came up — a 2013 summons for skateboarding in Union Square Park.

After Plowden told Loweth the warrant and summons had been dismissed in Manhattan Criminal Court three months earlier, the officer allegedly asked Plowden if someone could come get his dog because he was going to be arrested for being in the park after dark.

“I explained that (the summons) was cleared up. I wasn’t even in the country at the time,” said Plowden, who filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday.

Plowden — a married father who served in Afghanistan and now works as an occupational therapist for special education students — was taken to the 77th Precinct after the cops dropped off Lily Cat, his pitbull-terrier mix, at his Dean St. home.

While Plowden was in custody, Loweth, who is white, allegedly made disparaging comments to Plowden, an African-American man, that included “your culture is more problematic, more violent, more prone to crime,” and “you wouldn’t have been stopped and detained if you’d been a white guy in a park at night on the Upper East Side,” according to the lawsuit.

“I started to tear up because I’m a 35-year-old black man, a veteran, with no criminal record,” Plowden told the Daily News. “I said, ‘Please, do not do this. Why are you doing this?’

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