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Imagine: Being a famous Assassin (pt 2)

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Imagine: Being a famous Assassin and having the houses fight for your loyalty and your strength.

Part one 

Warning: None

Word Count: A bit longer than the last part 

“Will they come?” you ask your Maester softly waiting in an open field near the Starks base camp. 

“Sansa Stark sent a raven many moons ago confirming there will be a meeting, she is very excited to meet you,” he says as he smiles at you. 

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Group portrait of the Native American (Sioux) delegation that traveled to Washington D. C. to negotiate Indian rights. Identification on back reads: “TOP ROW, 1. Zaphier, 2. Hump, 3. High Pipe, 4. Fast Thunder, 5. Rev. Chas. Cook, 6. P. T. Johnson, MIDDLE ROW, 1. He Dog, 2. F. D. Lewis, 3. Spotted Horse, 4. American Horse, 5. Maj. Geo. Sword, 6. Lewis Shangreau, 7. Bat Pouriea, BOTTOM ROW, 1. High Hawk, 2. Fire Lighting, 3. Little Wound, 4. Two-Strikes, 5. Young Man Afraid Of His Horse, 6. Spotted Elk, 7. Big Road."  - 1891               

I stopped by the Crazy Horse monument on my way to my new job. It should be spectacular in 1d4 centuries when more than just the face is done.

There’s some debate among the Lakota about whether it’s even a fitting tribute to begin with seeing as the man explicitly forbade anyone to mark his grave or make a monument to him. I also can’t help but wonder if he might have preferred that his name be translated a bit less oddly as “His Horse is Crazy”.

Still, some folks had it worse. For example, the Oglala statesman called Young Man Afraid of His Horse.

As you might expect, that’s not what his name actually meant at all. It’s SUPPOSED to be more like “Young Man Whose Enemies Fear Even His Horse”. So they pretty much got that completely backwards, turning his name from a boast to a weird insult. What’s more, even sources which explain the mistake and give the correct version often revert to Young Man Afraid of His Horse anyway- or even sillier things like treating Young Man Afraid as if it was a separate first name.

Young Man Whose Enemies Fear Even His Horse was a remarkable fellow, both a skilled warrior and a shrewd diplomat. He fought in Red Cloud’s war, which was perhaps the only war against native Americans that the U.S. ever lost. Afterwards, he struck a moderate diplomatic stance to try to protect his people’s rights without starting an unwinnable second war.

But instead he’ll probably forever be known as the guy with the silly name.


I Will Wait

Session host: “First session track is gonna be "untitled.” Is that because it does not have a title yet?

Marcus:“yes, its a new song we haven’t got a new title for. I’m really trying to get it called ’Man afraid of his horses.’

Ben Lovett say: "It’s not gonna happen.!" 

1:18 Into the vid—Toad Session 2010