man 25 to 45 years

Bronze Arrowhead Embedded In Spine Shows Elite Iron Age Warrior Survived Battle

In an elite Early Iron Age burial from central Kazakhstan, the remains of an early Scythian nomad came to light.  The bones were scattered and some had disappeared over the millennia, but when archaeologists put the pieces back together, they noticed something few researchers have seen before: a metal arrowhead wedged into the spine.

When the kurgan or mound burial at a site called Koitas was excavated,  from it emerged the bones of a 25-45-year-old man, carbon dated to the 7th to 6th centuries BC. He stood about 5’9”, tall for the time and likely reflecting his elite upbringing and access to necessary resources. One of his ribs revealed a long-healed fracture, and his spine had started to show the passage of time, with the beginning of osteoarthritis. Read more.