Celluloid (2013)- directed by Kamal

*ing Prithviraj, Mamta Mohandas, Chandni, Sreenivasan

❦ αηтнι νєуιℓ ηααℓαм ηιηтє ¢нιяι ρσℓє мιηηι ναzнι ηєєℓє ριηηιℓαуαηανє ιναℓυ∂є мяι∂нυ ρα∂нα ¢нαℓαηανυм σяυ ѕняυтнι α∂нιℓ ηιяαкυкαуσ αηтнι νєуιℓ ηααℓαм ηιηтє ¢нιяι ρσℓє мιηηι ναzнι ηєєℓє…  αηтнι νєуιℓ ηααℓαм ηιηтє ¢нιяι ρσℓє ❦

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some of Mamta Mohandas' best malayalam films please ?

Sure, why not- my favourites;

  • Mayookham (2005)- a lot like A Walk to Remember. It was really eerie as well because Mamta was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma shortly after this movie was made.
  • Passenger (2009)- focuses more on Sreenivasan and Dileep but Mamta plays the bold reporter wife well
  • Anwar (2010)- I have a fair few problems with this movie but Mamta is absolutely gorgeous and the songs are brilliant
  • Kadha Thudarunnu (2010)- Mamta plays a single widowed mother in the sweet, simple Santhiyan Anthikad film.
  • Arike (2012)- Slightly pretentious *typical Shymaprasad lol* but it’s a safe departure from the roles that Dileep, Samvrutha, and Mamta usually do.
  • My Boss (2012)- the remake of the Proposal in a Malayali setting- had me laughing till I cried. 
  • To Noora with Love (2014)- one of those extremely dramatic films that are so bad they’re good. The best thing about this is the strong, independent Muslim female lead played by Mamta.
  • Varsham (2014)- the film’s more like watch a TV drama and Mamta has a minor role but I quite liked the message.
  • Two Countries (2015)- haven’t seen it yet but apparently it’s hilarious and is also one of the all time highest grossers in Malayalam cinema.