ok but how do we get mamrie verified on twitter?

it’s been long enough that that sassy lady hasn’t been verified. who do i contact? there are people who work at buzzfeed with less than 10k followers who get verified but mamrie does not? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE


What an emotional roller coaster. I had to go to a whole other state, which isn’t a big deal, but shhhh. I had to ask for it at B&N. She got it from the back, and she brought out more to put out!! That book mark has 2008 on it. lol. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that wasn’t for work or college.

I’m so excited!!!!!


For day 100 of the 100 Days of Mamrie we are gonna get real. My friend girlnamedafteraflower 3wsludgemonkey classicsdoitbetter and sarahbekka gave me their fave things about Mamez. It was anything from her humor to how quick she was to her great rack (you are welcome mamrie) but, honestly she is so much more to me. You have all endured me telling and showing you my fave vids and pics and sayings but, Mamrie is more than that to me. My great friend hart2hartsquared reminding me that Mamrie once said something about not labeling yourself. She’s helped me do that and more. These past couple of months have been horrible for me personally and without Mamrie I am not sure what I would have done. She has helped me laugh when I did not want to and stand up for myself when I felt like
I could not. I know she’s done that for many of us whether you know it or
not. So, do yourself a favor and return the favor by buying her book. You will not be disappointed. And again, thanks mamrie for being you and putting yourself out there and letting us all feed off your energy. You deserve a drink and everything great that comes your way. You’re a spectacular human and I cannot wait to tell you this in person on June 3rd in Kansas.