it’s been two years since the camp takota announcement!!! 

Maybe The Warmest Feeling

Watching someone meet gracehelbig, mamrie, or mydrunkkitchen in person. Seeing how elated/excited/nervous/slightly-awkward-but-in-an-endearing-way (if that’s not a URL already, DIBS) this person is & seeing how delightful & lovely & kind & genuine Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart are around their audience is just such a rare and beautiful sight to me.
They make so many people feel happy and beyond whole, myself included, and even if they never see this, I hope one person does and can relate to this feeling. 🌻☺️
In short, a thousand thank you’s to all of you. :)

The Ideal Auguest

My ideal Auguest (in no particular order):

1. Troye

2. Joey

3. Superfruit

4. John Green

5. iisuperwomanii

6. Connor

7. Dan

8. Phil

9. Hannah

10. Grace

11. Zoella

12. Mamrie

13. Caspar

14. Marcus

15. Sawyer

16. Ingrid

17. Colleen

18. Miranda

19. Ricky

20. Ryan Higa


“and the answer to that question is…” here’s to another amazing movie