Last post of the night cause it’s almost 2am here. While at the Bar/Restaurant #Dresden I was at earlier, one of the owners (the mom) gave me this little White Elephant that comes from a signature Berlin drink called #Mampe. Doesn’t seem like much but she literally just saw my elephant & gave it to me. I don’t know any German & I don’t think she knew much English but her hospitality & her offering it to me was the most beautiful thing & I’ll never forget it. #Berlin has been special & I’ll be back! Off to Paris later =) peace in your hoods!

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Buoy is a lamp that is mainly composed of a sandbag and a wooden stick, causing a tensioning mechanism.

Buoy was created in Jerusalem and is mainly influenced by the numerous amount of sandbags you see everywhere lingering in the streets. In Israel there are sandbags everywhere, most of them can be seen on construction sites. Many others, however, function as a boundary or barriers in military areas.
Such a bag offers stability and foundation but also separation and isolation. The characteristics, such as stability and weight is essential for the mechanism of my object. Through the buoy-like behavior the bag develops rather delicate characteristics that seem to be playful and let the object look easy. The object, a lamp symbolizes tensions and extremes while I was in Israel. It is an important process of my experiences during my exchange in the winter semester 2013/ 2014.

It all began with the question of „how important are sandbags and which role do they have in our society?“. I tried to find sandbags in different fields in order to analyize its main features. In the beginning I played with its organic structure and its weight. I was trying to work on a construction in which the sandback gives a significant impact. It was supposed to stay as simple as it can be and the sandbag itself should always be recognizable as a sandbag. I created many structures and prototypes in order to find the right “balance”. In the beginning I used 2-3 Sandbags to find a construction that holdes my lamp together, then I found out that sticking the stick on the sandbag supplies my contruction with the feature of a joint that always adjusts to the angle of the stick. I tried many different strings, length, and cuts of the lampshade in order to put everything as easy as it gets together. The process ended up in a very „DIY-character“ that leads now to a simple construction everyone is able to build up, or even rebuild.

The lamp consists of very basic components: Modified sandbag, wooden stick, two cords, PVC lamp shade, lighting, electric cable, rubber o-rings.

The light is primarily held together by the cords. These cords run freely through holes located at the upper end of the wooden stick. All the ends of the cords are attached to the four edges of the sandbag. The weight of the sand is holding the strings under tension. This in turn allows the user to position the angle of the lamp freely in the room: The tension of the strings presses the wooden stick into the sandbag and creates a joint. This joint always adjusts to the angle of the wooden stick and holds it firmly in position. The lampshade is made from one piece, folded and attached with the rubber o-rings. The light source is also mounted with the o-rings on the upper end of the stick. The electrical cable is running along the wooden stick from top to bottom. There its held on tension with a little leash and than connected to the power source.

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