i ahve exams in 7 hours i have to be up in 5 and i cant sleep but i thought of a cute mamoterushuu hc and i want to psot it before i forget what if the three of them are spending a week at one of their houses and theyve just been sharing a bed because its big enough for all of them but anyways somehow aphrodi gets a cold and doesnt want to get the other two sick so he decides to sleep on the couch but they cant sleep without him it just feels really cold even when they cuddle and endou gets the brilliant idea of trying to sneak on the couch to sleep with him and gouenjis so tired he goes along with it and it doesnt go well and aphrodi wakes up 

they think hes going to be mad but he laughs and goes back to the bed with them the next morning when they wake up hes 100% healthy and the other two are coughing like crazy

aphrodi takes a lot of selfies w/ endou and gouenji sometimes he’ll sneak up behind them w/ his phone and kiss one of them on their cheek and then take a picture real fast while theyre still looking confused