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A while a go I posted a blogpost and youtube video about the Sailor Moon X TMDJ Pop Up Store I visited in WTC More, Hong Kong.

It was really exciting! And I dressed up since I am always Sailor Moon at heart hehehe XD

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Mamoru Vs. Fashion

Sooooo… there’s tons and tons of post on tumblr regarding Mamoru’s VERY questionable 90s attire… Which is why I decided to make a different Top 10 now, cause truly, Crystal has redeemed his fashion sense, I think. Given him back some of his Manga style.

So here goes!

10) his summer school uniform

It’s simple, but so, so tasteful. It says reliable and somehow elegant but still BOYISH (cause, thank you, Naoko, for making him a High Schooler - IT’S SO MUCH SWEETER THAT WAY) Also, I like it when he looses the tie later in the evenings, cause because.

9) Endo’s cream colored cardigan

This, strictly speaking, isn’t Mamoru’s, I know… but, let’s just imagine he got it out of Mamoru’s closet, shall we? (Except for the cow print, obviously, that one’s… well…) Again, another basic, basic esemble, white button-down, grey slacks, cardigan… but it’s so so HIM, isn’t it? A little buttoned up, a little good-boy-next-door?

8) The dark button down

He wears that a lot, and again, this is such GOOD BOY ATTIRE IT’S ADORABLE. (Also, Bonus: Asanuma-chan in that green cardigan is also pretty sweet!)

7) His Intro Outfit

I like this outfit so much, I drew him in it (though I realise now that I fogot the tie… ah well xD). Also, he wears his glasses, and they make him even dorkier.

6) Tuxedo and glasses

Yes, I realize it was entirely and extremly ridiculous for him to run around with that in public, during the day, just hanging out on the street… but with the sunglasses, I really kinda like it. Which brings me to…

5) Tuxedo Mask attire without mask and top hat

cause really… it might be awfully fancy for combat, but the way it’s drawn in Crystal IS JUST SO PRETTY?! The way his cape tends to flow, the accessory… I like, I really, really do.

4) This promo outfit that actaully never starred in any Act but I still adore

because vest and slippers. I really, really like him in a vest. Which directly leads to…

3) Him in another vest

plus little necklace? Love it.

2) Endymion’s armor

I loved it in the 90s, and I love it even more in Crystal. It’s stylish and funtional at the same time, it has Tuxedo Mask’s cape, and I adore the way the chest part is drawn. It’s Naoko’s beautiful style through and through, and it manages to be a period piece and not ever look outdated.

1) His school uniform

I’m boring, right? xD But I love this outfit the most. He wears his glasses, the color of his jacket almost matches his hair, the cream colored slacks break it out of being way too over the top for a school uniform, imo. And, it serves to remind me, time and time again, that Mamoru, in his original design, was always meant to be a smitten little awkward High School boy.

(Also, be proud of me. I screencapped the naked-torso-restless-sleep scene for this, but…. Even I realise that doesn’t strictly pass as an outfit, so I stayed strong ;) )

Поскольку Рио по сути своей - прото-Мамору, я сделала логичную вещь, и КТО БЫ МОГ ПОДУМАТЬ, ОН НЕ ВЫГЛЯДИТ, КАК ПРИДУРОК

Since Rio is basically proto-Mamoru I did a logical thing and WHO WOULD’VE GUESSED HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A FUCKING DORK

Mamoru Chiba Week Themes!

Ok guys so I finally managed to get suggestions from @floraone​ and @neoma2​ to get some theme ideas going! I can’t take all the credit though; these themes were brainstormed by @floraone​ and I and we used the suggestions from @neoma2​ to tie it all in together. So we have:

·         Mamoru Strikes Back: Give Mamoru a voice regarding all those pesky arguments against him; those that infuriate or even amuse you the most.

·         Parallel Universe Mamoru: What is his life like? This can be either Naoko’s “official” Parallel Sailor Moon Universe, or any other you’d like to see him in.

·         Mamoru vs. Fashion. You know what this one means, his questionable fashion choices, anything from PGSM to the 90s - or dress him up, even! 90s Fashion Disaster to Manga Hipster Role Model, it’s your choice!

·         Birthday Boy: This can be about Mamoru’s past birthdays or future ones, or even wishful-thinking birthdays!

·         Masked Vigilante: This is about Tuxedo Mask! How did Mamoru get his alter ego; what was his first “gig” like, how’d he discover that thing with the roses; what was the moment he felt most powerful or even weakest, in any canon, in any form.

·         The Once and Future Mamoru: The guy has a past, and a future. But it doesn’t even neccessarily HAVE to be King Endymion, but can include any number of alternative futures - anything you ficwriter/fanartists/headcanon genius and creative folk come up with!

·         Free Day: Let your Creativity Run Wild! Anything goes, on all of this. Fanart, Drabbles, Ficlets, Fanfics, AMVS, photo sets, Doujins, Headcanons, Rambling Thoughts, heck, put your action figures in position. ANYTHING GOES!

I gotta give @floraone credit because she helped me brainstorm these ideas! So, I don’t want you guys to feel pressured to do a certain theme a certain date, but if you are a person who wants/needs organization then here is the suggestion for what day to do what theme:

Sunday July 30th: Free Day

Monday July 31st : Mamoru Strikes Back

Tuesday August 1st: Mamoru vs Fashion

Wednesday August 2nd : Masked Vigilante

Thursday August 3rd : Birthday Boy

Friday August 4th : The Once and Future Mamoru

Saturday August 5th: Parallel Universe Mamoru

Also, I decided (With help from @floraone) to do a question per day with each theme day. This question doesn’t necessarily reflect on the theme of the day but rather Mamoru. I’ll post this question each day and you’re more than welcome to submit your answer to be shared or if you’d rather post your answer simply tag it #MamoQuestion or with the week tag itself, which is #MamoChiba Week or #Mamoru Chiba Week

So, you got the themes, you have the drabbles, lets work it up moonies and I’ll see you at MamoChiba Week!