Taniyama Kishou: PEN NAME: Dazai-san ni houtai wo maite agetai -san

One day, a pink-colored bikini and a letter were suddenly sent to Uemura Yuto’s post box. The letter says “Wear this pink-colored bikini and then roam around Yokohama, if you don’t, then think of your friend’s life as good as dead.” WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO, YUTO?!
Uemura Yuto: Wait a moment…
Taniyama Kishou: Yeah, what are you gonna do Yuuto?
Miyano Mamoru: Yeah, what are you gonna do???
Taniyama Kishou: What are you gonna do? If someone sent you a pink-colored bikini and suddenly tells you to roam around Yokohama wearing only that bikini?
Uemura Yuto: Eeeehhh?
Miyano Mamoru: Well, your friend’s life is in danger you know.
Uemura Yuto: But… Well… Uhhh…
Miyano Mamoru: Who’s your number one friend?
Taniyama Kishou: Who? Celementius? *not sure about the spelling tho*
Uemura Yuto: Celenin- ehh. Celimin-… uhhh… tius
Everyone: *laughs*
Uemura Yuto: But my friend’s life is in danger right? Then of course, I’m gonna risk my life to save him. I’ll do it. I’ll wear that bikini and roam around Yokohama. Really.
Miyano Mamoru: We’ve prepared it.
Uemura Yuto: Eh?
Miyano Mamoru: It’s a lie, it’s a lie…
Taniyama Kishou: Here it is…
Uemura Yuto: Eh? For real?
Taniyama Kishou: Eh? There’s none? We don’t have it now? The staff is already wearing it.
Everyone: *laughs*
Miyano Mamoru: Who is your friend in the seiyuu industry?
Uemura Yuto: My friend in the seiyuu industry? Well, like Aoi Shouta-kun?
Miyano Mamoru: Aoi Sho-… *laughs*
Taniyama Kishou: Aoi Shouta-kun really has amazing connections, doesn’t he? He’s even close friends with Ono Kensho too!
Uemura Yuto: Yeah, the two of us go to Disney. That kind of relationship.
Taniyama Kishou: You’re giving away your secret! So it’s like that huh…
Miyano Mamoru: That’s amazing, isn’t it?
Uemura Yuto: Yes, we went to Disney Sea last time.
Taniyama Kishou: You went to Disney Sea? With Aoi Shouta?
Uemura Yuto: Yes, we went to Disney Sea.
Taniyama Kishou: It’s not like you’re dating, right?
Uemura Yuto: NO NO NO NO
Everyone: *laughs*
Taniyama Kishou: Well, we’re happy about this in our own way.
Miyano Mamoru: Let’s talk about the details later. ;)
Taniyama Kishou: Yeah, let’s hear it from the two of them.
Uemura Yuto: Okay, later…
Miyano Mamoru: Yes, tell us more about it. ;)
Taniyama Kishou: Ohh, you really are close aren’t you?
Uemura Yuto: Yes, we are. Okay, Thank you very much! Okay then-…
Taniyama Kishou: Let’s go? Next time? ;)
Miyano Mamoru: Why don’t the two of us go to Disney Sea?
Taniyama Kishou: Well, I’m the type who goes really wild you know?
Taniyama Kishou: The two of us should go to a restaurant. Let’s have dinner there. ;)
Miyano Mamoru: Should we get reservations?
Taniyama Kishou: *talks about the Disney Sea attractions*
Miyano Mamoru: That’s enough! Hahaha. The audience are a little bit turned off.
Taniyama Kishou: The two of us even haven’t been there together you know? This kid… No, these kids…

SHEIDESU’S NOTE: Sorry if my translations were hard to understand (or wrong) :D And there were parts that I did not translate anymore :))

Source: Bungou Stray Radio #1


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