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Miyano Mamoru

“Love Overflowing”
English and Romaji lyrics
Requested by @kurooscoffee​ 
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


My love overflows
And flows out to you
What have I been looking for?
I don’t need anything

As if I’ve fallen in love
You’re such a precious person to me
I’ll give you anything
No matter what it may be, everything

I want to protect you from everything that scares you
I’ll give you a kiss for every bit of joy our meeting has given me

When my love for you overflows
Is the reason I’m crying
Because I’m happy?
Even though I’m happy?

So that your road to hope will somehow be shone upon
I’ll devote a prayer to your shining future

What’s on the other side
Of this love?
This love
Is what saves me

My love overflows
And flows out to you
I’ll give you anything
No matter what it may be, everything


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Animage June 2011

Inazuma Heroes, 10 years later!
Inazuma GO is set in Inazuma’s world 10 years later. All of our readers sent in so many ideas about what they want Endou and the others to do!

~Picture captions~
Kidou and Fudou: ‘Along with inheriting his family business, Kidou will become coach of Teikoku! Fudou could become CEO of a successful business or something, haha.’
-Almost everyone unanimously agrees that Fudou will successfully climb the corporate ladder.

Burn and Gazel:
‘Soccer senseis!’
-Cool as a cucumber Suzuno gets glasses. They suit him!

Endou and Gouenji:
‘They want to play soccer peacefully! They both become representatives for Japan and keep winning!’
-This golden combination hasn’t changed after 10 years!

Kazemaru, Fubuki, Hiroto:
'My three favorite characters! Kazemaru - Guidance councilor for the track club! It would be cool if he cut his hair!
Hiroto - He works for the Sun Garden. I’d love if he straightened his hair again.
Fubuki - Coach for Hakuren! If he would cut his hair just a little I’d be happy! I want to draw more characters but these are my favorites. I think Endou won’t change too much…’
-There were a lot of people who wanted Kazemaru to cut his hair.

-It seems like Tachimukai will become a good man

Gouenji, Kazemaru and Fubuki: 'Gouenji - I definitely want him to become a doctor. And I wonder if Shuuya and Yuka’s Dad and Toramaru’s mother will remarry…
Kazemaru - He continues playing soccer with Endou up to high school and becomes a representative for Japan after that. If he became a track and field player, I feel like he’d be popular with girls, haha.
Fubuki - As for the almighty Fubuki, since his bond with Atsuya is in soccer he has to continue that no matter what. Personally I think he’d be great with kids.’
-You definitely won’t rule out the possibility of Gouenji becoming a doctor?

'He’ll definitely become something like an astronomer! It would be good if he still plays soccer sometimes too.’
-There were a lot of people who wanted him to do something related to astrology!

Handa and Max:
-doesn’t the suit suit you, Handa-san

-Ohh! Hiroto and the others are small! Haha.

-Our editing team is waiting for you!

High school Yuka:
-Shuuya is proud of his little sister’s growth!

-His beauty has been polished!

Chensoo, Aphrodi, Gazel and Burn:
'Aphrodi - A Korean Star - I don’t want him to marry… G&B - I want them to stay this way, together after 10 years!’
-It just feels right to give Chensoo a beard!

As for opinions about what the others will do~
Endou: A representative for Japan!
Gouenji: A doctor. If he wears his hair down and straight and wears glasses he’ll be striking (Translator’s notes: If he did this d get sick just to visit him)/When Yuka-chan gets a boyfriend he will cry out loud.
Kidou: In any case, he’ll graduate in his goggles and cape! / He’ll get full marks on his Japanese exam!
Kazemaru: He’ll happily be captain forever
Kabeyama and Kurimasu: A comedy duo!
Fubuki: He’ll continue his studies to college, and live with Someoka!/ He’ll become captain of Hakuren and play against Raimon / He’ll become a ski teacher in Hokkaido. He’ll still be as popular as ever./ What if his personality suddenly became like Atsuya?
Aki: A nurse for Raimon Junior
Rika/ Touko/ Reina: They win the Japanese women’s cup!
Tsunami: Become a world renowned pro-surfer
Natsumi: Become governor of Raimon Junior
Haruna: A sports reporter for a magazine
Fideo: An MVP for European soccer
Hiroto: Number one HOST!!!
Midorikawa: Open an ice-cream shop. Please sell matcha ice cream./ Work as nursery school teacher at Sun Garden and teach small kids soccer
Kidou-loving Sakuma will become a secretary for Kidou corp. Genda will become a handsome nursery school teacher.
Sakuma: A penguin caretaker. The penguins surely adore him.
Ichinose: His wish came true and America becomes a big soccer country! / He makes his debut as an idol!
Tobitaka: Policeman.
Aliea Top5: They continue to run Father’s company together
Aphrodi: A magazine model. He has angel wings in photos.

Translator’ Notes: I’d love to hear your opinion! What do you guys think? Some were accurate… Some not so much… Fudou climbing the corporate ladder lmao…

MC is a great shot - KBTBB Headcanon

Sorry need a little break from Lupin’s broken heart so thought to do another head canon. I know some people have already done this but since people seemed to like my soryu and mc one, where the mc saved the bidders with a gun, thought I would give it a try. Hope you all like it since the MC is a badass in this head canon!

Eisuke- You were resting in the penthouse one day and enjoying some time off work when you hear the front door open with a bang and scuffle of feet. Thinking quick you lunge back into the bedroom quietly going to the gun safe you have hidden under the bed. Hoping you were quick enough. You hear Eisuke and another guy arguing in the living room. You can hear it’s a guy asking for all his cash and as usual Eisuke is being stubborn apparently trying to buy time.

You don’t have much time to think when you hear a click of the gun being cocked and you run into the living room. “Put your hands up and off him and I won’t shoot!” You see a guy with a gun to Eisuke’s head “Oh really, and If I don’t?” You just shrug and pop one off before he can react shooting the gun out of his hand. The front door gets kicked open by Soryu and he sees you standing gun in hand with the guy kneeling holding his hand which was bleeding. Eisuke you had to admit looked dumb standing mouth wide open staring at you

You laugh and look over to him putting the safety back on the gun “Shut your mouth, you’ll catch bugs that way.” He finally shuts his mouth and look over to Soryu “Take care of him, I am going to be busy for awhile” He walks over and throws you over his shoulder causing soryu to roll his eyes and take the guy out. “You face some punishment for not telling me you could shoot” He growls sexily and true to his word you faced sweet punishment for the rest of the night.

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KBTBB Fankids ! !

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @catchthespade

Tsubasa Kisaki  (Ota Kisaki x MC Kisaki )

  • Some of Tsubasa’s friends call him TK. He likes it because not only does it has his initials, but it resembles his mother’s name. 
  • He likes to tease his friends, but at the end of the day, he has his mother’s kindness. He’s easily able to pick up if there’s something off with one of them. 
  • Tsubasa is named after his parents’ sentiment for the bluebird. As a kid, he often stared at the bluebird painting for hours. 
  • Tsubasa occasionally feels like he’s never going to be good enough. He rarely mentions it however, as he’ll only make jokes about it with closer friends. 
  • He doesn’t feel like he can live up to the family name. He has an interest in jewelry craftsmanship, but he doesn’t think it could compare to his father. 
  • Tsubasa often calls his friends nicknames! (Ex: Akiko / Sunshine,  Daisuke / Tsundere, etc.) 
  • Tsubasa has a really good relationship with his parents! He’s equally close with both. He’ll sometimes hide stuff from them though, as he doesn’t want them to worry. 

Daisuke Baba 

  • Daisuke, unlike his father, is actually quite awkward around people. He has a tendency to come off too harsh, even if he means well.  
  • He is pretty fun to tease once you get to know him. He has a tendency to overthink things. 
  • Daisuke is superstitious. He believes in fortune telling, bad luck and black cats, opening umbrellas indoors, etc. 
  • Daisuke took on his father’s job as a thief. While Baba wanted Daisuke to have a normal life, Daisuke insisted that he should. Not only does he appreciate the cause, but he gets a thrill out the heists. 
  • Daisuke tries not to stand out too much, considering his job as a thief. He’ll wear clothing that won’t stand out, like a regular hoodie or jacket. 
  • Daisuke hates having to ask people for help. He’s stubborn through and through. 

Akiko Kishi 

  • Unlike the other kids, Akiko was raised in a normal house hold setting. She didn’t grow up with extravagant riches or expensive clothing. 
  • When she was younger, she often got teased for hanging out with the others. She was told she was “out of place.” Her friends would always defend her, but it still get to her. 
  • Akiko worries about others much more than she worries than herself. She’s used to taking on the household chores, as Mamoru isn’t great at them
  • Akiko is super into baking. When she grows up, she wants to have her own café. 
  • She sees herself as below her friends. She also feels uncomfortable going with them to fancier events, as she feels like she isn’t worthy of being brought along. She usually just politely declines whenever they go out to somewhere like that. 
  • Akiko has the worst sleeping schedule. It results in her taking naps often. She’s fallen asleep at her friends’ houses on multiple occasions. 

Kyosuke A. Hishikura (Shuichi Hishikura x Hikaru Aihara) 

  • Kyosuke is more of the quiet type. He has trouble conveying what he wants to say in words, so he figures if he doesn’t speak, he can’t embarrass himself. He’s pretty soft spoken. 
  • Kyosuke’s middle name is Aihara! 
  • He has a huge interest in technology. Whenever one of the gang has trouble with one of their devices, he’ll figure it out right away. He doesn’t know what exactly he wants to be, but he at least wants a career that involves technology to some degree.
  • Occasionally, in public, Kyosuke will wear darker clothing (such as a leather jacket). Most of the time however, he’ll just wear lighter clothing. 
  • Kyosuke’s a lot more confident when he’s texting. He’s a lot better at writing than he is at speaking. He’s been known to flame the gang in a chat. 
  • Kyosuke has a ton of plants in his room. At first it was just curiosity about Shuichi’s cactus on his desk, but he soon developed a love for plants on his own. 
  • He’s not very expressive, but when you make him happy, he has the sweetest smile. He also has a loud laugh, which he’s embarrassed about. 

Saori Ichinomiya 

  • Growing up, Eisuke spoiled Saori a lot! He couldn’t help but give everything to his precious daughter. 
  • Saori is cocky and a natural born leader, but she knows when not to cross the line. She’s only rude to people who deserve it. 
  • She’s admittedly a bit hesitant about developing friendships with others. There have been people who have only befriended her for her looks / riches in the past. She trusts the gang wholeheartedly though, considering she’s known them since childhood. 
  • Saori dislikes the parties she has to go to with a passion, but she doesn’t tell Eisuke that. She feels like he’s already done so much for her, so she can’t object him. 
  • Saori developed a taste for darker colors. She’ll usually wear purple, black, or dark blue dresses. Her nails are always painted a royal purple! 
  • During parties, if she can, she’ll usually text the others about how much she wants to go home. It’s her only place to vent about it. After the party is over, she’ll collapse in her bed. She’s used all her energy for the day. 

Hideshi Oh 

  • Despite being the future leader of the Ice Dragons, a lot of people complain that he’s too carefree to run the position. While Hideshi is pretty lax, it isn’t because he doesn’t care about the organization. He just simply wants to keep his work life and his private life separate. 
  • When Hideshi wants to, he can do a complete 180 regarding how focused he is. 
  • He’s super into detective / mystery shows. He’s not too big into reading them himself. However, his dad read detective books to him when he was a kid, which he loved. 
  • He always has a gun with him at hand, much like Soryu. However, he pulls it out it out for more comedic purposes. 
  • Hideshi likes joke flirting with his friends. He also loves being playful with them. He’ll often spin one of them around by surprise or pick them up from behind. Either way, it’s a surprise each time.
  • Hideshi isn’t a morning purpose in the slightest. He gets really cranky if he has to wake up early. 

Kyoko Oh 

  • Unlike Hideshi, Kyoko comes off as pretty cold. She has the same glare as her father! 
  • She’s super awkward when it comes to talking to people. She gets anxious in social experiments. However, that oddly goes away when she’s in a fight.
  • She inherited a lot of her father’s awkward traits. She’s horrible at cooking, she has a resting glare, and she’s horrible at talking with cute girls.
  • Aside from being in the mafia, she’s a bit of a goody-goody. She’s all about following the rules and being honest. She never breaks a promise.
  • Kyoko will have her hair tied about half of the time. The other, she’ll just have it down. It’s pretty short; as it will be a regular bobcut.
  • She really likes myths and fairytales!! Her favorite are chinese and japanese myths, and western fairytales. She can get super passionate when talking about them. 

Charlotte Foster

  • Charlotte, unlike her father and aunt, isn’t as spacey. However, she still has the same love of collar bones that her father does. She also carries around anatomy text books. She tries to hide this at all cost though, as she doesn’t want to freak people out. 
  • Luke calls Charlotte princess! He treats her like one as well. Charlotte is incredibly close to her father and gets upset when people insult him. 
  • Charlotte loves animals. She owns two cats and one parrot! 
  • She has trouble deciding whether she wants to become a vet or if she wants to become a doctor. 
  • She really loves tea and sweets. She’s fine with eating, but she just forgets to on occasion. (She’s a vegetarian!) 
  • Charlotte wasn’t with the gang from childhood. She was born in Japan, but spent a good couple of years abroad. She wanted to befriend them, but she was worried she was interfering with their friendship. Of course, once they got to know her, they accepted her whole heartedly. 
All characters revealed.


Apparently this team is not Raimon Eleven but Inakuni Raimon Eleven? 

FW (2nd Year) - Inamori Asuto (CV: Ayumu Murase)
FW (2nd Year) - Kozoumaru Sasuke (CV: Yuuki Kaji)
FW (3rd Year) - Goujin Tetsunosuke (CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi)
GK (2nd Year) - Umihara Norika (CV: Ai Kayano)

DF (2nd Year) - Hiyori Masakatsu (CV: Yuka Terasaki)
MF (2nd Year) - Okuiri Hiro (CV: Natsuki Hanae)
MF (3rd Year) - Michinari Tatsuya (CV: Ryouhei Kimura)
DF (2nd Year) - Bansaku Yuuichirou (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)

DF (2nd Year) - Iwato Takashi (CV: Kenta Miyake)
MF (2nd Year) - Hiura Kirina (CV: Souma Saitou)
MF (2nd Year) - Hattori Hanta (CV: Haruka Tomatsu) 

Inakuni Raimon Eleven Coach - Chou Kinun (CV: Yuuichi Nakamura)
Raimon’s Queen/Empress? - Mikado Anna (CV: Rie Takahashi)

Seishou Academy FW (1st Year) - Haizaki Ryouhei (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya) 

Outei Tsukinomiya FW (2nd Year) - Nosaka Yuuma (CV: Jun Fukuyama)

                     ~Greatest Forward Combination~

Hakuren FW - Fubuki Shirou (CV: Mamoru Miyano)
Hakuren FW - Fubuki Atsuya (CV: Mamoru Miyano)

So many great seiyuu.

missredherring  asked:

Thank you so much for all of your Sailor Moon content. I am loving all of your posts, esp the meta and the manga edits. I love SM so much and it thrills me to see it discussed so seriously with evidence and research to back it up. In your Day 2 response to the Crystal Tokyo Challenge, you said that your Mamoru wouldn't be the same without SeraMyu; could you expand on that please?

Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Oh, I did say that! So lemme be clear that the context of the post was about which canons I draw headcanons from, so I was rambling about the mishmash of sources that inform the way I like to imagine certain parts of the story and the characters and stuff. I’m literally talking about my own brain here, and I don’t really expect anyone else to share my headcanons.

(I have also, apparently, written about this a lot, so in the interest of trying not to beat a dead horse too much, there are some very old posts of mine on the topic here and here.)

So, Mamoru. There are lots of great Mamorus. Anime Mamoru has his own sort of dorky charm. But my favorite Mamoru is really manga Mamoru.

I just have this immense fondness for skinny nerd Mamoru, who’s kind of a sarcastic snob and yet also just barely managing to hide a sensitive interior with his cold exterior persona.

Before Crystal aired, most versions of Mamoru riffed on his anime version, so manga Mamo always felt like kind of an outlier. Most fanworks involving him were anime-based too, so it was hard for me to articulate my love for this character that was very different from the version everyone else knew. But then the early 00s brought us Shirota Yuu’s Mamoru in Seramyu, and suddenly it was like manga Mamoru brought to life.

He was actually the right age. He played a quiet and low-key Mamoru who was fully capable of humor and self-awareness when the time was right, and he wore Tuxedo Kamen’s uniform like it was made for him (instead of, like some earlier actors, like he wanted to be anywhere else).

My headcanon Mamoru was fleshed out quite a bit by Yuu’s Mamoru. He’s quietly sarcastic, deeply emotional, a very serious nerd, and occasionally capable of being a huge goofball. And sometimes he’s very cool.

Originally posted by kaleidoscopekingdoms

Of course, now we are also blessed with Yamato Yuuga, but she feels like she’s on a higher plane of existence that mere mortals cannot reach, but long before the current Seramyu run, when I was just starting to write my own fic and stuff, Yuu became a huge influence for me.

KBTBB Fanfic: Bidders find out that MC has a large dog

This was requested by an anon. I’m so sorry it took a while and I hope it was worth the wait!

You were paged to go to the penthouse and when you arrived all of the bidders were hanging out in the lounge area. Baba and Ota sitting in the couch watching tv. Soryu sitting in a chair near Baba and Ota cleaning one of his guns. Eisuke sitting on another chair in the living room with his laptop on the coffee table. Mamoru standing by the doors that lead to the terrace puffing a cigarette.
“Hey guys. You paged me?”
“Coffee.” Eisuke says without looking up from his laptop.
“Should I make coffee for all of you?”
They each nodded their heads and you headed towards the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.
You returned to the living room with 5 cups of coffee made how each of the men prefer.
“____ you need to run an errand for me today.” Eisuke says as he’s sipping his coffee.
“Oh I’m supposed to get off of work pretty soon. It depends when you need me to go on this errand.”
“I don’t hear a yes or ok. Did you forget how things work around here?” Eisuke says in a firm tone.
“Eisuke I think you can let this one slide. I have a personal errand to run today after work.”
“What do you need to do that’s more important than picking up my suit from the dry cleaners?”
“I could pick up your suit on the way. I have to–”
“Get me a pack of cigarettes. It’s a pain to get those.” Mamoru says out of nowhere.
“Eww I don’t want people to think I smoke.”
“Quit whinin’ kid. It’s not a big deal.”
“Ugh fine…” You sigh.
“So what’s your errand pretty lady?”
“I have to pick up my dog. The place that watches my dog during the day is closing early so I need to pick him up.”
“Koro you have a dog?”
“I would’ve guessed that you’re a cat person.” Says Soryu.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing.” He says looking away from you.
“Heh…_____ with a dog. You probably have one if those annoying dogs that never stop barking.” Eisuke chuckes.
“Aww I can imagine _____ with a Pomeranian or something small and cute like her.” Baba winks.
“I should be on my way. I don’t want the little guy waiting too long.” You almost coo as you head towards the door to leave the penthouse.


You arrive to the penthouse but before entering you peep your head inside.
“Here’s your suit and the cigarettes.” You hand the items to Eisuke and he starts to walk away slowly.
“Is it ok if I bring Coco inside for a little bit?”
“Who?” Soryu and Eisuke ask at the same time.
“My dog.”
Eisuke nods and Soryu just shrugs.
“I want to see your dog!” Ota says enthusiastically.
“As long as it doesn’t touch me then sure.” Mamoru says.
“Don’t the cops have dogs that sniff out drugs?”
“What they have dogs that do that?” Baba joins.
“I ain’t work with no dogs. I don’t work in that department.” Mamoru says scratching his head.
“Ok here he is!”
“Whoa ____ I thought you owned a dog not a cow!” Eisuke says stepping back.
“You’re kidding right? This ain’t your dog. How can a kid like you handle something like that.” Mamoru tries to laugh off his slight discomfort of being in the same room as the massive dog.
“Koro is this a Dalmatian?”
“No Coco is a Great Dane.”
“Do you ride it like a horse and sit on it like a princess?” Baba asks.
“No of course not.”
“Ok ____ you need to get that out of here. The hotel doesn’t allow horses or zebras or whatever that is inside.” Eisuke says trying to hide his shock and fear of the dog.
“Guys he’s a really sweet dog. He doesn’t bite. I promise” You gesture towards the dog so the bidders can pet him. Baba places his hand on Coco’s back and rubs slowly and begins to get comfortable.
“This is nice.” Baba smiles.
“He is really nice. You’re not like my old dog but I still like you.” Ota says to the dog as he scratches the dogs head. Soryu joins and pets it’s neck.
“See I told you guys, he’s nice. Good boy Coco!”
Eisuke pats the dog on the back but remains stiff. Mamoru slowly approaches the dog. Coco starts sniffing Mamo’s jacket and Mamoru jumps a little.
“You’re fine. He probably just smells the smoke on you.” You say sarcastically.
Mamoru reaches to place his hand onto the dog’s face to scratch it’s cheek. The massive dog jumps up and puts its paws on Mamoru’s shoulders and licks his face.
The other bidders step away making faces of disgust and also trying to conceal their laughter.
“Mamoru you’re fine he just licked your face. Don’t freak out or he’ll get excited.”
Too late.
Coco is all riled up and starts to run around the lounge area knocking things over with his tail and runs into things. The bidders flee like pigeons in a park. None of them are in the lounge area.
“Wow who knew they’d be scared of you. My little baby. Yes you’re my cutie.” You start calming down the dog and cooing at it.
“I totally forgot to tell them that I haven’t gotten you neutered. That’s why you got crazy.” You kiss its head and walk out of the penthouse and head back home giggling to yourself remembering what just happened.
“I should bring Coco more often.”