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Anime loving-Jughead headcanon: He always wanted to cosplay Tuxedo Mask (aka Mamoru) from Sailor Moon and was always very vocal about wanting that

i feel like he loves tuxedo mask bc he literally. does nothing like every time he appears he’s just “you can do it sailor moon!!”, swooshes his cape and fucks off again
jug just wants a swooshy cape and to put in no effort

MC is a great shot - KBTBB Headcanon

Sorry need a little break from Lupin’s broken heart so thought to do another head canon. I know some people have already done this but since people seemed to like my soryu and mc one, where the mc saved the bidders with a gun, thought I would give it a try. Hope you all like it since the MC is a badass in this head canon!

Eisuke- You were resting in the penthouse one day and enjoying some time off work when you hear the front door open with a bang and scuffle of feet. Thinking quick you lunge back into the bedroom quietly going to the gun safe you have hidden under the bed. Hoping you were quick enough. You hear Eisuke and another guy arguing in the living room. You can hear it’s a guy asking for all his cash and as usual Eisuke is being stubborn apparently trying to buy time.

You don’t have much time to think when you hear a click of the gun being cocked and you run into the living room. “Put your hands up and off him and I won’t shoot!” You see a guy with a gun to Eisuke’s head “Oh really, and If I don’t?” You just shrug and pop one off before he can react shooting the gun out of his hand. The front door gets kicked open by Soryu and he sees you standing gun in hand with the guy kneeling holding his hand which was bleeding. Eisuke you had to admit looked dumb standing mouth wide open staring at you

You laugh and look over to him putting the safety back on the gun “Shut your mouth, you’ll catch bugs that way.” He finally shuts his mouth and look over to Soryu “Take care of him, I am going to be busy for awhile” He walks over and throws you over his shoulder causing soryu to roll his eyes and take the guy out. “You face some punishment for not telling me you could shoot” He growls sexily and true to his word you faced sweet punishment for the rest of the night.

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KBTBB Fanfic: Bidders find out that MC has a large dog

This was requested by an anon. I’m so sorry it took a while and I hope it was worth the wait!

You were paged to go to the penthouse and when you arrived all of the bidders were hanging out in the lounge area. Baba and Ota sitting in the couch watching tv. Soryu sitting in a chair near Baba and Ota cleaning one of his guns. Eisuke sitting on another chair in the living room with his laptop on the coffee table. Mamoru standing by the doors that lead to the terrace puffing a cigarette.
“Hey guys. You paged me?”
“Coffee.” Eisuke says without looking up from his laptop.
“Should I make coffee for all of you?”
They each nodded their heads and you headed towards the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.
You returned to the living room with 5 cups of coffee made how each of the men prefer.
“____ you need to run an errand for me today.” Eisuke says as he’s sipping his coffee.
“Oh I’m supposed to get off of work pretty soon. It depends when you need me to go on this errand.”
“I don’t hear a yes or ok. Did you forget how things work around here?” Eisuke says in a firm tone.
“Eisuke I think you can let this one slide. I have a personal errand to run today after work.”
“What do you need to do that’s more important than picking up my suit from the dry cleaners?”
“I could pick up your suit on the way. I have to–”
“Get me a pack of cigarettes. It’s a pain to get those.” Mamoru says out of nowhere.
“Eww I don’t want people to think I smoke.”
“Quit whinin’ kid. It’s not a big deal.”
“Ugh fine…” You sigh.
“So what’s your errand pretty lady?”
“I have to pick up my dog. The place that watches my dog during the day is closing early so I need to pick him up.”
“Koro you have a dog?”
“I would’ve guessed that you’re a cat person.” Says Soryu.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing.” He says looking away from you.
“Heh…_____ with a dog. You probably have one if those annoying dogs that never stop barking.” Eisuke chuckes.
“Aww I can imagine _____ with a Pomeranian or something small and cute like her.” Baba winks.
“I should be on my way. I don’t want the little guy waiting too long.” You almost coo as you head towards the door to leave the penthouse.


You arrive to the penthouse but before entering you peep your head inside.
“Here’s your suit and the cigarettes.” You hand the items to Eisuke and he starts to walk away slowly.
“Is it ok if I bring Coco inside for a little bit?”
“Who?” Soryu and Eisuke ask at the same time.
“My dog.”
Eisuke nods and Soryu just shrugs.
“I want to see your dog!” Ota says enthusiastically.
“As long as it doesn’t touch me then sure.” Mamoru says.
“Don’t the cops have dogs that sniff out drugs?”
“What they have dogs that do that?” Baba joins.
“I ain’t work with no dogs. I don’t work in that department.” Mamoru says scratching his head.
“Ok here he is!”
“Whoa ____ I thought you owned a dog not a cow!” Eisuke says stepping back.
“You’re kidding right? This ain’t your dog. How can a kid like you handle something like that.” Mamoru tries to laugh off his slight discomfort of being in the same room as the massive dog.
“Koro is this a Dalmatian?”
“No Coco is a Great Dane.”
“Do you ride it like a horse and sit on it like a princess?” Baba asks.
“No of course not.”
“Ok ____ you need to get that out of here. The hotel doesn’t allow horses or zebras or whatever that is inside.” Eisuke says trying to hide his shock and fear of the dog.
“Guys he’s a really sweet dog. He doesn’t bite. I promise” You gesture towards the dog so the bidders can pet him. Baba places his hand on Coco’s back and rubs slowly and begins to get comfortable.
“This is nice.” Baba smiles.
“He is really nice. You’re not like my old dog but I still like you.” Ota says to the dog as he scratches the dogs head. Soryu joins and pets it’s neck.
“See I told you guys, he’s nice. Good boy Coco!”
Eisuke pats the dog on the back but remains stiff. Mamoru slowly approaches the dog. Coco starts sniffing Mamo’s jacket and Mamoru jumps a little.
“You’re fine. He probably just smells the smoke on you.” You say sarcastically.
Mamoru reaches to place his hand onto the dog’s face to scratch it’s cheek. The massive dog jumps up and puts its paws on Mamoru’s shoulders and licks his face.
The other bidders step away making faces of disgust and also trying to conceal their laughter.
“Mamoru you’re fine he just licked your face. Don’t freak out or he’ll get excited.”
Too late.
Coco is all riled up and starts to run around the lounge area knocking things over with his tail and runs into things. The bidders flee like pigeons in a park. None of them are in the lounge area.
“Wow who knew they’d be scared of you. My little baby. Yes you’re my cutie.” You start calming down the dog and cooing at it.
“I totally forgot to tell them that I haven’t gotten you neutered. That’s why you got crazy.” You kiss its head and walk out of the penthouse and head back home giggling to yourself remembering what just happened.
“I should bring Coco more often.”

if I was mc in kbtbb

Eisuke: coffee

Me: what about it? What about coffee

Eisuke: I want coffee

Me: then go make some

Soryu: I can make you disappear

Me: ooh you do magic tricks

Soryu: I have a gun in my pants and I have no problem using it

Me: is that a threat or a pick up line?

Ota: hey koro

Me: ………

Ota: koro!


Ota: bad dogs need punishment

Me: isn’t that animal abuse?

Baba: hey pretty lady


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Mamoru: hey kid

Me: yes great grandad?