Mamo FC Event

The event recap for Mamo’s Fanclub event became quite late. But it’s worth writing it down even just for the memories. I got to participate on day two of the event and I got there early to buy the goods. I got there by first train so there weren’t too many people in front of me but the line became longer and longer and took a snaky turn down the stairs under the bridge and around to the side of the building. As is usual for Mamo’s goods lines, the sales started an hour and 15 minutes earlier than written. Still, since it was a long wait, I wrote a fan letter in the meantime. It is not the first time that I’ve written a fan letter but every time I do so, I always wonder what is best to write in such letters.

After grabbing the goods, I got my ticket pre-checked and got a stamp on my hand. The stamp was the smile heart mascot. Cute! Then I went to Aeon to kill some time and also shopped for an additional small present.

Upon entering the hall, we were all given ring lights. Doesn’t seem like the batteries can be exchanged like the Utapri ones though.

My seat was kind of far from the main stage but relatively close to the center stage. I was really envious of the arena seats though since Mamo walked by really close.

The set up this time was a birthday party for Mamo. The bandmembers and the dancers presented various “presents” for Mamo. The conte and talks this time had references to various series Mamo came out in, including Utapri and Bungo. They were all very interesting.

As for the songs that Mamo sang during the fan club event this year, there was a section where it was singing a song from one of the previous concerts wearing the costume from that particular concert. The first place was Identity, second Magic and third Transform. I had really hoped for him to sing Identity again but apparently it was sung on the first day and he sang Magic. But it was OK because Magic is also a song I really like.

But I think the best part had to be when they announced that Mamo’s new song, Power of Love’s MV was going to be filmed directly at the event. It’s not like the audiences’ faces were going to be filmed, but we used the ring lights we got earlier as well as cell phone lights to wave them back-and-forth in the dark while Mamo was singing on the center stage. It was kind of exciting to think that we were going to be a part of the music video. Can’t wait for the actual video to come out.

Finally as a sendoff, we got to wave goodbye to Mamo on the way out. They exited the audience in an orderly fashion and because my block was the first to be exited I was quite nervous. At the previous FC event when we had the sendoff, I was so nervous that I ended up not being able to look up when I was waving goodbye. This time my friends specifically told me to make sure I was looking at him. Lol. I had a small Wooser that was attached to my bag and so I took it off the bag and used it to wave goodbye. Once again it was rather difficult to look at him in the eyes, but I felt that he had inclined his head a little bit in recognition of the Wooser that was in my hands.

Today was Mamo’s actual birthday so I celebrated it by tributing some cake to him~ Happy Birthday Mamo!

Well that’s it for now and I wonder when the next time I can see him on stage is again. I’ll definitely go to his concert this year but I hope I get to see him before that.