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131029 Siwon Weibo Chat (Mamonde Event)

Fan: Were you happy when we went to the airport for your arrival?
SW: I am very happy, thank you all.

Fan: 10 years since debut, what’s your greatest challenge and how you overcome it? What was the most meaningful gift you have given to Hangeng? Yesterday was my roommates birthday can you wish her happy birthday?
SW: I had doubted myself when I turned to be an actor from a singer. Singing is totally different from acting and I was working with some very good actors so I had to work extra hard. Language is a barrier for me when I film overseas, I took 6 months to learn Chinese, although it was a hard process, I have gained alot from it.

Fan: What do you like about China?
SW: Steamboat~

Fan: When will you come to Shanghai for Mamonde events?
SW: I am really happy to participate in this event in Beijing. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to meet the Shanghai and fans from other cities in events like this.

Fan: There are many rookie male groups in Korea, do you have any advice for them as a senior?
SW: The competition between male groups now is very strong. I feel that you have to stick to your own style. At the same time, you must treasure each fan’s love. Because their love for artistes is sincere and unconditional.

Fan: Will you focus more on work in China?
SW: Hopefully there will be more chances to come here to see everyone~ I like China :^)

Fan: Are there chances for you to come to Taiwan for filming?
SW: I would like to go there very much if there is a chance.

Fan: Siwon Oppa, it’s my birthday today!
SW: Happy Birthday^^

Fan: Master Choi, what kinds of roles do you want to challenge?
SW: There are many roles that I want to challenge. If there is a chance I want to try a role that is very different from my personality.

Fan: What’s your secret to keep being energetic and in good form?
SW: I will give myself enough sleep when I don’t work and working out is also a habit I’ve had for years. It’s also important to choose skin products which are suitable for yourself. Like I chose to use products from Mamonde. :)

Fan: Where will you go to recharge yourself if you have holidays?
SW: I had a chance to go to Jerusalem this year, it was a good feeling~ If I have holidays, I would like to go there again.

Fan: SJ has debuted for almost 8 years. Thank you for the special memories through these 8 years. Love you all forever. Will never change!
SW: I love you all too :^)

Fan: Siwon has shared many thoughts and philosophy on Weibo. Why do you have such deep thoughts at such a young age?
SW: I want to share with everyone the good quotes that I read~

Fan: Oppa, I will have my exams soon. Cheer for me!
SW: Fighting~~ Asa Asa fighting

Fan: Oppa do you have any recommendation for touring Seoul?
SW: I recommend Myeongdong because there are lots of good food and fun stuff. And many cosmetic stores. Remember to visit Mamonde~ kekeke.

Fan: You have participated in many charity events. How do you see the relationship between being an artiste and these charity events?
SW: I feel honoured to participate in the big charity events here in China. I hope to help more people to the best I can.

Fan: Oppa, we are writing Chinese. Can u understand?
SW: I have a translator with me, so I can understand.

Fan: Oppa, I am a student attending lesson now. Give me a response and I will go back to my lesson, please!!!
SW: Listen to the lesson well! Fighting~ Asa!

Fan: Siwon, do you like the fans who were at the airport? What are fans to you?
SW: I thank everyone who always welcome me so warmly when I come here. Because you are here, there will be me, there will be Super Junior.

Fan: Mamonde cosmetics are female based. What advantage do you have (as a handsome man) to endorse for female products?
SW: Men nowadays take care of their skin too and I also want to share the products I like to everyone. And I also have more female fans so I want to become prettier together with fans, to become more perfect.

Fan: Sigh, I think you won’t reply me….
SW: Why???

Fan: Oppa do you still want funny photos of SJ? We have Heechul’s.
SW: Send them to me if you have. Hahaha.

Fan: I have a weak body, do you have any suggestions?
SW: Have enough sleep and exercise more~

SW: I am happy to participate in this Mamonde event today. It’s interesting to chat with so many fans through Weibo interview. I hope everyone can come to the event tomorrow at Chongwenmen, 3pm! See you tomorrow!

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Translated By: Mikolah @Luv_Opera
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