Mamo Blog - 2016.09.28 (Eng. Translation)

「Tempest」Short Version

「Tempest」’s Music Video(Short Version)

It’s, publication I haven’t talked about it yet huh(>_<)

How was it???

ビッチョビチョのマモは( ̄+ー ̄)(笑)
Dripping Mamo( ̄+ー ̄)(lol)

濡っれ濡れのマモは( ̄+ー ̄)(笑)
Mamo’s drenched wetness( ̄+ー ̄)(lol)

Since it was「Tempest」,

We tried to make a「Tempest」!!!(lol)

There was a tremendous amount of water,

It was a rigorous video shooting,

Like an actual movie, doesn’t it look like a beautiful work of art was made???(o^^o)

The full version also,

By all means,

Please look forward to it!!!!!!!\(^o^)/

And so,

Tomorrow morning,

There will be a short animation of「Mezamashi Television」

「紙兎ロペ 笑う朝には福来たるってマジっすか!?」 
「Is it really true that smiling Paper Rabbit Rope will come in the morning bearing good fortune!?」

In it, I Miyano Mamoru,

Acting as Amemiya, will appear once again♪

「Paper Rabbit Rope」× Miyano Mamoru Collaboration Episode「Sequel・Tone of Voice」

By all means,

ご覧くださいませm(_ _)m☆
Please watch it m(_ _)m☆

Japanese TV station NTV will be showing three Lupin films this October, as part of the 1971 green jacket series’ 45th anniversary celebration.

“Lupin III VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE” will show on October 7th, “The Castle of Cagliostro” on October 14th, and the very first Lupin film, “Mystery of Mamo”, will show on October 21st.

We were at first a tad disappointed on NTV’s choice of films here, as there are many other Lupin flicks that rarely get any time in the spotlight. Still, we cannot deny how classic Mamo is, or how iconic Cagliostro is, or how much loved the (still) ongoing Case Closed series is in Japan. Maybe these picks aren’t so bad after all!

[Source: NTV @ Twitter]

Sorry, not sorry for my rambling coming up.

After watching the short version of the music videos of ‘The Tempest’ and ‘The Birth’ I fell in love with Mamo all over again. I love each of the music videos so far and I think the full versions will be even more amazing.

And sure some saw some similarities between ‘The Birth’ and scenes from a certain anime and even it might have been inspired by it I see it as complete different things.

I honestly think Mamo did a damn good job with his acting in that music video even though you couldn’t hear him laugh or anything because it is an music video. I think he has approved as an actor because acting where people can see you is a lot harder than just recording your voice with only a few people seeing you. And we all know that Mamo is a damn good voice actor.

And I’m so proud to see him grow as a musician and as an actor and I know he’ll keep improving. I really love that guy.