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MIXING LIVE TOUR 2016 - My Wife os Also Mamo

Hi! <3

Well, let me tell to you all:
This is my first time translating something and first time translating some Mamo Intermission ><
English isn’t my mother tongue and I’m not sooo good in japanese, but I wanted to do it! So please, take it easy with me, ok? ><

Feel free to correct me if there is some mistakes and I hope you all enjoy it x3

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Miyano Mamoru Blog Translation - Sunday, January 10th 2016

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Title: Thank you, Nigata☆

The performance in Nigata for 「MAMORU MIYANO LIVE TOUR 2015-16 ~GENERATING!~」

has successfully been completed ☆

Maan~☆ It was incredibly fun~~~~☆☆☆

From everyone in Nigata, who were soooo full of energy, I received tons and tons of power☆ 

Thanks to everyone there, 

it was the best kick-off live concert ever (*^o^*)

The best opening act!!!!!!

The best transition into the year 2016!!!!!!!

Riding this energetic momentum, 

with all of you,

we’ll go blasting through “GENERATING!”ーーーーーーーーーー!!!!!!!\(^o^)/

For spending that irreplaceable time with me,

really, thank you so much (*^_^*)

And after the Nigata performance…


had a desire……

To slowly enjoy the night in Nigata☆

I was so happy~~~☆

I was able to enjoy a delicious meal there♪




Nigata’s seafood,

is the besst~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆

Extreeeemely deliciouss~~~!!!!!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆

And next..

Next is…

Besides all of these dishes…

This sake really suited the flavoors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆

Sake served from bambooo~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆

The sake from Nigata was way too goood~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆

It went down so easily, one drink after another,

it was dangerous (lol)

What was the name of this sake again?~~~(>_<)

Aww~~~(>_<) I wish I’d heard it properly~~~(>_<)

I want to drink it againn~~(>_<)

Grr~~~……What a shame……


I’ve got it!!!

I’ll just go back to Nigata again( ̄+ー ̄)☆

I’ll definitely be back!!


At that time, everyone,

let’s spend another fun time together okay? (*^_^*)