This object may look unassuming, but it is, as far as we’re concerned, one of the star finds of our Anthropology collections review! It is a flint fabricator or pressure flaker, a tool used to sharpen flint implements by flaking small pieces off from the edges. The blade is bone, and the curved handle is…mammoth ivory!

It is, to date, the only object in our Anthropology collection to be confirmed as containing mammoth ivory, and we’re very excited about it.

Scientists Sequence a Full Mammoth Genome

Beth Shapiro, author of How to Clone a Mammoth, acknowledges that scientists will never clone a mammoth. But we might be able to bring them back other ways. But she also says we shouldn’t. 

There have been many attempts to decode the mammoth’s genes, but April 2015 saw the first successful complete mammoth genome sequencing. While this cannot lead to cloning in the strict sense of the word (somatic cell nuclear transfer requires a living cell from the donor species), it may be the next step in bringing the species back. 

With parts of the mammoth genome, we may be able to determine what genes separate the mammoth from an Asian elephant. Scientists may be able to edit the genes of an elephant to make it hairier, fatter, and with hemoglobins making its blood more suitable to cold environments. However, while this is a step in the direction of de-extinction, there are many more technical and ethical hurdles to overcome before there is a chance of reviving the mammoth.


A wonderful wolf-soul woman contacted me the other day to say she had some fossil ivory for sale that her late life-partner had collected whilst they lived together in Alaska. I bought a pound of it and promised to purchase more if my creations sold.

So here’s a piece of mammoth ivory that has been left in a very natural state. It’s a lovely piece from the base of a mammoth’s tusk, and has some beautiful texture to prove it. Cost is $40.00 shipped for this piece. US buyers only, please! Contact me directly for order details and payment info.

Jimmy Buddha & Reign Collaboration: 2012 Limited


Year three of the collaboration between Jimmy Buddha Designs and Reign Custom Designs will be an extremely limited release of only 3 sets of plugs.  They will be made once and never again.  Dated 2012 they are sure to be collector pieces of the future.  With Reign not vending this year at the APP they will be displayed at the Jimmy Buddha / Diablo Organics booth and be the only Reign pieces available for sale on the floor in Vegas…..better be quick kids!!!!!


Fossil Mammoth Ivory, Stainless Steel, Brass, 2012 Limited

         Fossil Mammoth Ivory, Stainless Steel, Brass, 2012 Limited


This bone flute is at least 42,000 years old according to the latest dating. In and around the small city of Ulm, Germany there have been amazing cave discoveries of bird bone and mammoth ivory flutes as well as some ivory statuettes of voluptuous women. The caves also have distinctive decorations on their walls. With the latest dating putting the artifacts’ age at over 40,000 years old, they are the oldest surviving musical instruments. If these new analyses are correct, these small flutes and figurines back a controversial hypothesis: that homo sapiens arrived in the upper Danube region of Germany before an extremely cold phase of the ice age, around 39,000 years ago. That much earlier than previously believed.