mammoth unbound

Six for Six

Mammoth Unbound’s Main Park is serviced by Chair Six, a high-speed quad that takes only two minutes and forty seconds to ride. Just enough time to fire off a handful of questions to the many pros who come through during the season. 

What is your name? Michelle Parker

What do you have going on this season, any big plans?

 This season, I’ve got plans to film full-time with MSP. I’ve never had a full season dedicated to filming so I couldn’t be more excited to be on board with them! I’m also looking forward to the Redbull Coldrush in Silverton and shredding lots of pow!

What do you think of our new rail design?

The new rail designs are awesome! I love the subtle addition of the leaves. It’s nice to have some artwork incorporated into the park.

What is your favorite feature in the park right now?

My favorite feature in the park right now would have to be the jumps, but I also am stoked to be able to ride park here in general. I always appreciate the effort in getting a park opened up early in the season.

What is your biggest pet peeve of park etiquette?

My biggest pet peeve of park etiquette is when people hang out in the landings of jumps and rails oblivious to what is going on around them.

What are you most thankful for today?

Today, I am most thankful for good health, my family, my friends, and to the Benchetlers for making my time in Mammoth amazing!


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