mammoth hunters

Another commission in the books!

Mamoswine and Gammoth.
First time ever drawing a Gammoth, so I felt like I had to wing it. I hope I got it at least looking decent. Its whole design is a bit confusing to me.

But Mamoswine loves trunks. Oh boy, does he love trunks.

Commissioned by @dalamadummysnake
Mamoswine © GameFreak
Gammoth © Capcom 
Artwork © @merciresolution

Time Taken: Not Recorded
Layers: 39 (haha, what’s compression?)

You’ll be seeing another Monster Hunter release coming from @ginder-factory | Capcom very soon.  Here’s a sneak peak of Gammoth/Gamuto.

I think it would be really cool if Capcom can start a line of MH figurines based on my artwork.  Agree? :)

Here is Gamuto from Monster Hunter X.  This one is probably my favorite flagship monster out of the four.  Mammoth type creatures are just too awesome :)

Next one is Raizex to finish up all 4 flagship monsters.

Finally finished my book last week! It was also the last book in the series. I have been reading the series for the past year, and come to love all of the characters. I’m sad its over, but now its time to move onto my next series.

I’m reading the Hunger Games now!