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Arachnid attack? Giant robot spider occupies French street

For a moment you might think you are watching a Hollywood blockbuster, but the scene actually took place in western France on Saturday.

The giant, eight-legged mechanical spider named Kumo was taken by its human drivers on a tour in front of Nantes Cathedral. But instead of screaming and running for their lives, the curious crowd gathered around the 38-ton mammoth creature, pointing their cameras at it.

The steel beast was manufactured by French factory Les Machines de L'Ile 8 years ago.

Mr. & Mrs. Styles Part Six

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@(Y/N): Your name
@(Y/I/N): Your Instagram name
@(Y/T/N): Your Twitter name

“Hi, guys!” I greeted as I waved at the camera. “For those who doesn’t know who I am, I honestly don’t know why you’re even here but anyway, my name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and this is my livestream!” I said enthusiastically while waving at the camera.

“Oh, the views are going up really fast. Is that fine? Doesn’t it get slower?” I asked, looking at the comment box.

“So it does get slower when there are more views and when there’s a lot of comments. As of right now, I can’t really read any of the comments ‘cause it’s moving so fast,” I pouted my lips while staring blankly on the screen.

“I guess if you guys want to ask question, I should go to Twitter and make a hashtag, right?” I asked, not really expecting any response.

“Okay, so I’m going to tweet right now of a hashtag that you guys can use to ask me questions,” I switched the tab to Twitter and began typing.

@(Y/T/N): I’m currently live at

@(Y/T/N): Please use #(Y/N)Q&A for your questions and I’ll try to answer as many as possible.

“There you go. I’ll wait for your tweets then,” I refreshed the hashtag page after a few seconds and questions immediately appeared on the page.

“Whoa, that was fast. So first question is (Y/N), where are you right now? That is a good question. I am currently in my house in the City of Angels aka Los Angeles. I’ll be spending my new year over here just to let you all know,” I answered before I browsed for the next question.

“The next question is why are you doing a livestream, (Y/N)? The answer to that is because I’m bored. I decided to take a longer break and not accept as much work as I did for the past years. Now I’m facing the consequences of not doing much or anything for a longer period of time,” I replied, making a sad face.

“I’m actually trying to push forward my recording dates for the next album, but I’ll still have to work things out,” I added, nodding before moving to the next question.

“(Y/N), where is Harry?” I asked myself out loud and answered, unsure,  “He is currently somewhere here in Los Angeles. He went out an hour ago? I’m not sure where he went and when he’s coming back. I don’t even know why he’s out, really.”

“When are you releasing your new album? I don’t have an exact date, yet. If I’m able to move the recording and production to an earlier date, then it’ll be sooner than I expected,” I replied, shrugging a little before giving a thumbs up.

“I love you, (Y/N). I love you, too,” I blew a kiss to the camera before I scrolled back on Twitter.

“Wow, there is seriously a lot of questions. Uhm, (Y/N), why are you with Harry?” I stated the question and answered, “That’s a good question. Why with Harry? The answer is I honestly don’t know why. I mean why do we pick certain things over others, right? Okay, fine. Maybe I do really know but should I share it with you guys?”

I paused a little, debating whether I should continue. “Okay, fine. I’ll tell you guys what I think the reason “why I’m with Harry.” There are millions of reasons or maybe not millions but thousands “why I’m with Harry” but I’ll summarize it for you guys. Harry has a really, really amazing personality and I know a lot of you guys who like him know that. I think that’s the main reason “why I’m with Harry.” I mean, he’s definitely good looking and well, sexy but it’s really his personality that I really love. Plus the little things he does for me,” I replied while using air quotes.

“I hope that’s enough for that question because I can go on for hours, specifying what I just said and nobody got time for that,” I added before I picked the next question.

While I was answering a question, the door opened and Harry entered the living room, where I was seated on the floor, talking to myself in front of my laptop.

“What are you doing?” Harry said behind me and I immediately turned around, surprised.

“I’m doing something,” I replied ambiguously, not moving from my position to greet him. Harry walked towards the couch before bending down to give me a peck on the lips.

“I brought food. Where do you want to eat?” He asked, holding out the take outs. “We can eat here,” I suggested before adding, “I’m actually doing a livestream right now.”

Harry put the take outs down beside the laptop and when he heard about the livestream, he immediately looked at me, “You’re doing a livestream right now? I nodded in response.

“Oh, what for?” Harry asked as he sat beside me and I moved my laptop so it showed him as well. Harry waved at the camera and said, “Hello!”

“No particular reason. I was bored and I just randomly wanted to do a livestream,” I replied, shrugging. “So what did you buy?”

“I bought some tacos and cupcakes,” Harry replied as he took out the food outside the bag.

“Oooh, Cupcakes,” I reached out for a cupcake but Harry swatted my hand away, saying, “That’s for dessert. Eat tacos first.”

I pouted and whined, “Can’t we have dessert first?” Harry just shook his head and gave me a taco.

“Should I get plates?” He asked and I nodded. “Yeah, you’re a messy eater. I definitely should get plates,” Harry teased. I looked his way with an offended look, “I am not.”

“Yes, you are. While I grab some plates, don’t eat the cupcakes. You’re on a livestream. They’ll see you grab and eat that cupcake,” Harry stood up and began to walk towards the kitchen.

“They wouldn’t know if I move the laptop or cover the camera!” I yelled to Harry’s retreating back.

I looked at the camera and said, “I just want a cupcake,” before pouting.


@MrsHoran233: I love how @Harry_Styles takes care of @(Y/T/N) and knows her eating habits. #Mr&MrsStyles

@HazzaStyles20: Thank you, @(Y/T/N) for including @Harry_Styles to your live Q&A. #Mr&MrsStyles #(Y/N)Q&A

@(Y/N)Girl27: I hope @(Y/T/N) will have more livestreams! I wonder if she’ll make a habit of it for next year #Mr&MrsStyles

@Mandies87: Am I the only one who wants to talk about that quick yet sweet kiss? #Mr&MrsStyles

@Ziambaby93: @(Y/T/N) Please convince the other boys to have livestreams again! #Mr&MrsStyles #(Y/N)Q&A


@(Y/I/N): Happy New Year from me and @Harry_Styles! *A picture of Harry and I smiling to the camera in Mammoth, CA wearing ski gears*

@harrystyles: It’s 2014. *Harry and I making silly faces*


“So what do you want for your birthday?” I asked Harry as soon as he entered the kitchen causing him to stop, perplexed. I was leaning on the kitchen countertop, my butt sticking out in the air while eating yogurt. “I thought you went out,” Harry said, still confused before continuing his strides towards me.

“Nope, I changed my mind. Got lazy and didn’t want to go out of the house right now,” I replied, turning around to face Harry before leaning my back on the counter.

“Do you want to stay and watch a movies then?”  

“Maybe but answer my question first. What do you want for your birthday?” I asked again after Harry kissed me on the lips. But rather than answering my question, Harry then turned away and went to the refrigerator.

“Is that all you’re going to eat? I can make some breakfast, if you want,” Harry grabbed milk from the fridge and settled it on the island countertop in the middle of the kitchen.

“How many times are you going to avoid my question?” I asked with a hint of annoyance.

“As long as you keep asking it,” Harry replied as he took out the box of cereal outside the cabinet.

“I just want to know, babe. There’s nothing wrong with my question,” I argued back before I began to walk towards him.

I stood beside him as he poured his cereal and milk on a bowl, “I told you for the nth time I don’t want anything.”

“What about a place you want to go to or something you want to do?” I asked once again as I used my spoon to get bite out of his cereal.

“As long as I’m with you, then I’ll be fine,” Harry replied, avoiding eye contact with me and still not answering the question.

“Please don’t make this too difficult for the both of us,” I began to say, pleading.

Harry paused from eating before he turned towards me and softly grabbed my cheeks with his hands, “Babe, what more could I ask for when I’m with you? I know I’m going to have a late celebration with my mom and Gemma after my birthday so whatever you want to do on the actual day is up to you, love. Whatever you do, I’ll be happy about it.” He then leaned forward and kissed me.

“I just want to do something I know you want,” I whispered.

“And what you want is all I want as well. Simple as that.”


@(Y/T/N): Why is it so difficult to brainstorm ideas for a birthday celebration and a gift.

@Harry_Styles: @(Y/T/N) Maybe because there shouldn’t be one.

@(Y/T/N): @Harry_Styles your opinion is invalid.

@LisaMalik23: It’s funny how @(Y/T/N) wants to do something for @Harry_Styles’s birthday but he’s not letting her. #Mr&MrsStyles

@NiallerHoran93: Am I the only one that thinks these two are such a sweet couple? #Mr&MrsStyles

@MrsHoran28: @Harry_Styles and @(Y/T/N), just get married already! #Mr&MrsStyles


E!: Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) got matching tattoos?!

Yahoo! Celebrity: Did Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) get matching tattoos in LA?

Hollywood Life: Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) spotted in a tattoo parlor today!

Sugarscape: A matching tattoo for Mr. & Mrs. Styles?

Harry Styles and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) were spotted today going in a tattoo parlor in LA. Many are speculating that the two got matching tattoos while others think that Harry is just adding another tattoo or two to his evergrowing collection of tattoos and (Y/N) just came for support. The tattoo artists would not disclose any information as to what the couple did in their shop nor what tattoo they got, but it does sound logical and cute that the two might have gotten a matching tattoo.

The two got together mid-last year and are in a pretty serious relationship. This famous couple even welcomed the new year together and are currently residing together at (Y/N)’s house in Beverly Hills! That just screams their earnest commitment in their relationship. Different rumors are already fired towards this couple, such as they are already engaged or that Harry cheated on (Y/N) last month, but these two immediately denied some of the outrageous rumors while they just ignored most of them.

Harry has already a couple of tattoos while (Y/N), although rumored to have a couple, is said to not have any. Many are excited to see what new tattoo(s) Harry and (Y/N) got and we assure Harry and (Y/N) that we won’t be surprised and judgemental if they got matching tattoos.

@AmmieS11: @Harry_Styles and @(Y/T/N) got matching tattoos?! As long as it’s not their names and they don’t break up. #Mr&MrsStyles

@ZainMalik933: It would suck if they got matching tattoos and they break up. #Mr&MrsStyles

@AlliePayne05: They must be really serious with their relationship if they got matching tattoos #Mr&MrsStyles.

@StylesHoran21: Really in love and committed or just really infatuated? #Mr&MrsStyles


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